taco bell fire sauce



(also i totally laughed at taco ball, just, an entire ball of taco)

Taco salad - 96 cal

2 cups salad
¼ cup canned beans
1 tbsp salsa
½ oz fat free cheese
1 packet Taco Bell fire sauce

Combine and serve

A real actual conversation at Taco Bell.
  • Ava: Can I get a number 6?
  • Taco Bell Guy: A number 9?
  • Ava: No, number 6.
  • Taco Bell Guy: -and what would you like to drink?
  • Ava: Beef. I mean rootbeer!
  • Taco Bell Guy: Haha, I've asked for that drink before too.
  • Me: [whispers] Gaaaay.
  • Taco Bell Guy: Would you like any hot sauce?
  • Ava: Hottest you got.
  • Taco Bell Guy: Well I don't fit in the bag, but I can give you the fire sauce.
Signs at Taco Bell

Aries: covers everything in the fire sauce

Taurus: orders everything off the menu

Gemini: eats a whole giant burrito in 5 minutes

Cancer: hesitantly takes a bite of food but loves it

Leo: takes an Instagram-worthy pic of their baja blast

Virgo: refuses to eat any of the food

Libra: gets 10 dorito tacos and eats them all

Scorpio: slips fire sauce into pisces’ burrito

Sagittarius: only needs the pink starburst freeze to be happy

Capricorn: goes at happy hour for $1 freezes

Aquarius: feasts on the cinnabons the whole time

Pisces: turns bright red and cries because of the hot sauce

anonymous asked:

I'm so tired of all the "white people can't handle spice" like okay once my cousin seasoned his taco bell with almost an entire Fire sauce packet while we were on a date so all this reverse racism is bullshit. Also calling us white is racist bc we are lots of different shades of light beige. 😒

This is an emotional rollar coaster i had to read several times to fully appreciate