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what are your feelings about mountain dew pitch black? It's been my favorite since it came out in 2004

Pitch Black is such a delicious flavor, and pairs excellently with pizza. I voted and campaigned for Pitch Black last summer during DEWcision 2016, even though I actually prefer Baja Blast. My reasoning was that Baja Blast would be in Taco Bell for the rest of the foreseeable future, so if Pitch Black won, we could have both permanently. Seemed like a no-brainer!

Drunken Confessions

A/N: A request, finally!!!! I’m so excited to write this, also don’t forget to send in request! Thank you to @linmanuclmiranda for helping me edit this! She’s a lifesaver! PS: Did anyone get my How I Met Your Mother reference?

Prompt: Can I request something??? How about a Drunk!Lin confessing his love for the reader but the reader is all flustered and thinks it’s just the alcohol talking but it’s not. Idk you can elaborate more on that but I love your writing so much!! And If u have any fic recs with Drunk!Lin could u link them? Bc I really need more Drunk!Lin in my life. Thanks~

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warnings: alcohol, cursing (per usual)

Masterlist | Request!

As the costume manager for the musical “Hamilton” at the Richard Rodgers Theater, you were living the dream. You had been blessed with a love for musical theater, but cursed with an inability to sing. Costume manager was the next best thing; however, costumes weren’t  your only job. You made sure Leslie took off his wedding ring, all the mics worked, and you also made sure Anthony put his hair down to play Philip in act two which he often forgot. They had many different names for you such as: “angel in the wings,” “lifesaver,” and “the backbone of Hamilton.”

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Do you think they'll release Baja Blast for commercial retail this summer? I feel like they usually release it earlier than June, so idk

We certainly wish they would, anon, but it’s likely not in the cards for this summer. Baja Blast and Pitch Black squared off in DEWcision2016 last summer and Pitch Black won, meaning it became a permanent flavor. Baja Blast will be available at Taco Bell for the rest of the foreseeable future, so don’t worry!

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Wheeze Baja Blast taste like a sweeter version of Mountain Dew, i think they say its lime flavored but tbh it doesn't taste like that. But it tastes great as a Taco Bell Freeze. Lmao ^ same anon who came up with the Baja Blast = High/Drunk Squip Idea.