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Every now and then I’ll get a message or note “concerned about my health” because of my food posts

Do people actually assume that I talk about food I eat regularly? Why would I talk about that?

I thought all food posts were for talking about decadent horrible things you can only dream about most of the time, like pies filled with cake or peanut butter bacon tacos or whatever.

Don’t tell me there’s people who just talk about healthy things you can eat without dying. That’s ridiculous. Who would ever care.



1. Baked scrambled egg with bacon, strong cheddar, serrano pepper and breakfast sausages

2. Guac and bacon cheese crust tacos

3. Jalapeno poppers, chistorra and cheesy, buttery couli

4. Cheese crust taco de pastor

5. Bacon and pepper jack on a mug bun

6. Fathead “flatbread”, chistorra, bacon, sundried tomatoes, olives, goat cheese and almonds


BuzzFeed’s Tasty has been accused of stealing recipes from food bloggers

  • On Thursday, prominent food writer Kenji López-Alt, author of New York Times’ bestselling book The Food Lab tweeted that BuzzFeed’s Tasty general manager Ashley McCollum had capitalized on content theft.
  • Nick Chipman, food blogger at the popular site Dude Foods, also said BuzzFeed lifted his ideas.
  • He first noticed his ideas on BuzzFeed when a recipe for a bacon weave taco was eerily similar to his own original recipe, he said in an email.
  • The oven temperature, cooking time, and methods of cutting and baking the meat taco were exactly like the recipe on his blog,
  • Chipman said, explaining he noticed that the photos were credited to someone named Alvin Zhou, who Chipman said “would always DM me his food videos on Instagram to try to get me to share them on my account.”
  • According to Chipman, an editor told him that the company had no idea their freelance video developer (Alvin Zhou, who is now a video producer at BuzzFeed) had copied Chipman’s two bacon ideas and had borrowed heavily from Chipman’s recipe for Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sticks.
  • A week or so later, the company edited the page to give Chipman credit, but never called him to provide an update on the situation, he said.
  • López-Alt said in a tweet that a BuzzFeed editor also apologized to him for idea theft that McCollum later denied.  Read more

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the signs as garbage food this is real this is all true about ur sign

Aries: 6 hot pockets

Taurus: a large strawberry milkshake from mcdonalds with extra cherries

Gemini: hot potatoey soup 

Cancer: beer and corndog

Leo: hamburger helper cheeseburger macaroni

Virgo: tacos with bacon and doritos ontop

Libra: four pints of americone dream

Scorpio: a whole box of fishsticks

Sagittarius: some shitty skillet dinner with the vegetables picked out

Capricorn: three chicken bacon swiss sandwiches from arbys

Aquarius: hot cheeto fries, about 2 ½ bags

Pisces: fried pies and 11 packs of scooby doo gummies