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15 Things I Personally Want

1. Hide other players option
Name says it all. As someone who likes playing solo and taking screenshots, this is vERY mUCH wanted.

2. Seasons, weather changes
As @stormiesquall​ mentioned, bright grass in the spring with cute flowers, orangey leaves and less bright grass in the fall, etc. But since I doubt SSO will add entire seasonal changes, I’m hoping at least for weather changes per day? Like sunny days (the standard we have now) and gloomy days, or something in between. Maybe even rain or mist, though there should be an option to turn it off, and it shouldn’t show up in races or championships. + a moon at night, please. And while we’re at it, remove the shadows in dino valley!

3. Club vs. Club competitions
My idea is to have races/games you can do with your club. You could enter if you’re in a club with at least ?? 5 something members online. You finish the game-race thing together and get a score. Other clubs will try to beat that. Like daily races. OR competing against another club ‘‘live’’. This idea might make clubs more attracting for players who don’t like clubs much.

4. An existing pasture
… thus being able to visit the horses you send to your pasture. Just imagine how cool it’d be to walk around in a big pasture with all the horses don’t fit into your stables. Maybe .. just maybe .. giving the horses animations like walking around etc could be added too?? And they stop walking / galloping as soon as you get close to them.

5. Upgraded horse models
I disagree with having 2 types of models for one breed already (ex the old and new Morgan, etc), but oh well. I wish that they’d at least make the older breed models look a little better, the Jorvik Warmbloods and Fjords for example look a completely different style from the Lippizaners and all the newer breeds. Also giving them smoother animations.

6. Dressage
I know eventually SSO will add this, so I’m not going to go much into how this could work. I just want it now, lol.

7. Animations with your horse
I think the easiest would be if these animations (aka interactions) with your horse would be something like the emotions / animations you can do in chat. You’d have to stand close to your horse and then you’d be able to choose what kind of interaction you’d want to do with your horse. Just things like petting, hugging or scratching him. I don’t know.

8. Wild horse toggler in settings
It’d be nice if players could toggle ‘‘hide my character’’ in the settings so that they can easily play a wild horse instead of diving into the game files.

9. Call for horse
For when you walked far away from it. You’d be able to call/whistle for your current horse and he’d teleport somewhere near you (and walk/run towards you maybe?).

10. Character can jump
Nothing special – the SSL games had this, right?

11. More interaction with friends
A little vague, yeah. But I’d like to be able to invite friends into my stable and send them gifts. Any other ideas? I don’t see them adding the ability to ride your friends’ horses.

12. Stable diversity
I’d like if the outside of the stables all looked (at least a little) different, based on their location. I know they do at some places (Fort Pinta, Jorvik Stables). Also if there were small hints inside MyStable that point to the stable being located in [whereever your homestable is].

13. More tack
I want more western tack, damn it! Especially bridles. Also.. maybe they could add different styles of bridles?

14. More western type & show-jumping races

15. More mane styles
Short chopped or braided sort of things..

I was thinking of adding ‘‘being able to ride horse and cart’’ but it’s not something I actually want in SSO. It’d be cool for a quest or a particular race but that’s it for me.
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hashtagging that you're white in a race relations post? you are so tacky

“tacky” for disclaiming that I’m white in a post talking about race so you know that I don’t have experience with racial oppression but am just boosting the voice of those who do