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Prompt: Bill is taking you to Sweden to see his family

Note: I got nothing. Enjoy. XD!

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You were nervously fiddling with anything you could find in your reach. Your necklaces, your bracelets, going on the phone, scrolling through the channels in the small tvs, anything to avoid looking outside the window.

You were rather nervous since not only was this the first time you were on an airplane flying out of the country, but you were flying to see your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård’s family. Yes, the famous Swedish family of famous and well known actors were awaiting for your arrival.

This was the first time you’d be meeting them in person, obviously your boyfriend had told them about you a lot and how beautiful and sweet and kind you are. From what you knew Bill’s parents were Stellan and My Skarsgård who had give birth to his older brothers Alexander, Gustaf, and Sam before him and then his little sister Eija and his younger brother Valter.

You were bouncing your leg making the mistake of looking out the window at the dark clouds as the air plane shook from turbulence. You squeaked and gripped onto the arms of the chairs tightly taking sharp breaths.

You felt like you were about to have a panic attack. However a gentle, assuring hand took yours and you looked over to see Bill was looking at you concerned.

“You okay?” He asked.

You gulped and nodded. Bill knew this was your first time flying and gently brushed his thumb against your tense knuckles. Half an hour later the captain announced they were going to landing soon and you sighed in relief only to feel anxiety grow again about meeting the Skarsgård family.

What if they didn’t like you?

What if they thought you were ugly and open about it?

What if they would laugh about how Bill had decided to marry an American girl who didn’t even look pretty?


“Mm? I’m fine.” You lied.

“Your nervous about meeting my family, are you?” He said softly.

“A little…” You sighed.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve sent pictures and Mum said that I picked a beautiful women…and she wasn’t kidding.” Bill said continuing to brush your knuckles.

You blushed lightly at his comments and he chuckled since he liked to make you do that a lot. Sure enough you landed and just as expected Bill’s family were standing there waiting. As soon he walked over they started speaking in their foreign language making you shift uncomfortably, especially when Bill’s father pointed towards you.

“(Name), c'mere!” Bill called.

You nodded and went towards Bill’s side. He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer to him making you feel a little comfortable.

“Hello, you must be (Name)?” My asked.

You nodded and she smiled before holding her hands out, “Welcome to the family.”

After the airport drive you and Bill were constantly asked questions about America and how your health and if you were married or a baby on the way (which really turned your face red). The whole time Bill was comfortingly holding your hand allowing you to quickly build some confidence to talk.

You finally arrived to the house and smiled when you noticed they had a trampoline and a pool with a hot tub. You wanted to jump off the trampoline into the pool but pretended not to notice them since this was someone else’s home.

It was more of a mansion-home then a house-home really. Alex was a gentleman and offered to take your suitcase which you accepted since you knew he was just trying to show off to his parents. As soon as you walked in you took your shoes off and Bill lead you around letting you know where the bathrooms and offices and other rooms were.

He finally arrived to his room and sighed as he looked at all of it. Old band posters hung on the wall, the bed was tucked and pressed wrinkle free, a computer with a desk in the corner, two walk in closets, and a beautiful view outside the window.

You walked over to sit on the bed and stare in awe at the crystal clear water in the pool that looked like it came from the Mediterranean Sea. You were in so much awe you didn’t realize Bill was kissing your cheek to get your attention.

You turned towards him and saw him smile, “Sorry about that with my mother. She’s a bit of a pain when it comes to wanting kids and being a grandmother.”

“Well maybe if you kneel down and ask the question I’ll accept.” You teased.

“Me kneel?” Bill scoffed pushing your shoulder gently.

You giggled as you two got into a play fight as he was gently trying to wrestle you to the bed. Eventually he had you pinned down by your wrists and he was sitting on your waist leaning over you.

You were giggling uncontrollably well Bill was breathing heavily from the struggle you put up. It was like one man trying to wrestle and pin down a snake.

“Does the winner get a prize?” He asked.

“Mmm. Depends if he deserves it or not.” You replied.

Bill laughed and leaned down to kiss you. After a few seconds he let go of your wrists to lean more on his arms. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him down closer.

“Hey, I know mom wants a kid but you don’t have to listen to her.”

Bill quickly broke away to turn and see his brother Valter was standing there grinning like a cat. Bill threw a pillow towards him yelling at him to get out and his little brother laughed and said, “Alright, alright I’m going. I just came up here cuz Mum wants us down for dinner.”

With that Bills brother walked off leaving you two alone. Bill climbed off of you and helped you up before fixing your hair for you so it didn’t look like you were thinking of fulfilling Bills mothers wishes.

Bill was kind enough to lead you down to the kitchen and sat down at the table. Dishes were already served and it looked like a professional restaurant meal where the soup costs $30. Also you thought it was ironic the meal was Swedish meatballs on top of egg noddles with that light gravy.

You wanted to try Swedish food but…I guess that counted.

Definitely tasted better than the frozen boxed Swedish meatballs you can find in the frozen aisle section. When dinner was over you and Bill headed back upstairs and this time he lead you to your room which was the guest room.

It was just 3 doors down (heh, accidental references/puns :3 and wasn’t as big as his room but it was still much bigger than the normal houses guest rooms. There was a bathroom with a glass shower, a queen sized bed, a giant flat screen tv, and along with your suitcase Alex took, was a tacky shirt laying on the bed that said “I ❤️Sweden”.

You and Bill chuckled at it and you sat down on the oversized bed liking the smoothness of the silk sheets.

“Sorry about my family they’re…..strange, and just happy you had came here.” He apologized.

“Are you kidding me I love your family. I’m just happy they accepted me in.” You replied opening your suitcase.

You were just checking to make sure you had everything from your toiletries to your lingerie (that Bill was eyeing in a perverted way) and especially of course your clothes. Everything was in order and you had enough clothes to stay for 3 days as planned. Bill was lucky since he still had clothes over so all he needed to bring was a duffel bag with a few clothes and supplies.

“Well I’ll be in my room if you need anything okay?” He asked kissing your head.

“Okay.” You replied with a smile.

Later on it was midnight and you were in your guest room but you just couldn’t sleep due to that natural instinct of your brain wanting to remain awake since you were in new surroundings. You tossed and turned but you couldn’t sleep and you didn’t want to bug Bill and wake him up.

You guessed you were just used to sleeping with him at night. Grunting and groaning you climbed out of bed and trudged down the hallway trying to be quiet to not wake anyone up. You arrived to Bill’s door and gently turned it to see he was asleep snoring quietly.

You quietly shut the door and tiptoed to his bed before climbing in right next to him without trying to wake him up. A few minutes later you still couldn’t sleep and you were starting to get frustrated.

You tired that old trick of counting sheep but that didn’t help much either. When you were on sheep 236 you heard Bill’s voice laced with sleep asking, “What are you doing in my bed?”

You rolled over to face him and sighed softly before explaining, “I couldn’t sleep. I tried everything but nothing worked.”

“C'mere.” Bill said opening his arms.

You scooched over to his hug and as soon as his arms wrapped around you, you instantly felt like you were home. Sweden was Bill’s home, your home was in America, but in truth both of your homes were when you were in each others arms.

You snuggled close to him and smiled when you felt him gently kiss your forehead well stroking your hair.

The next couple of days Bill took you around Sweden to see the country. It was such a beautiful and perfect day to go to the beach and splash around in the water. You visited other famous tourist landmarks and went hiking and it was so perfect.

You even tried so many Swedish foods you never heard of before. As much as you loved it here and as much as you loved Bill’s family you sadly had to leave but you had gotten a few souvenirs to remember this place.

The plane ride home was thankfully less terrifying and shaky and you just leaned on Bills shoulder who was satisfied he had gotten his parent’s blessing to finally call you his for the rest of your life….

“Hey Bill?”


“Your breath smells like a sheep’s butt.”

“…..love you too.”

Epilogue: Last of isthecomets requests are done so now I can work on the others. I love getting requests from you guys. You guys are awesome for loving Bill. And thanx for reading! =3!

Growing Up (Peter Parker)

word count: 967

prompt: Peter shows up at Reader’s apartment after a fight and Reader takes care of the wounded Spider-Man. Reader drops hints that they’re in love with Peter and the two end up talking about their future.

a/n: Because what teenagers don’t fear the future? I’m pretty sure this is the fluffiest thing I’ve written, but also it’s too real. 

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It’s Always You

@aftgexchange for @autisticminyard I hope this is okay! You mentioned an interest in canon divergence (like coffee shop aus) and wanting something sweet. This is my take on a happier, more upbeat, summery first meeting for Andrew & Neil. :)

“Neil! Hurry the fuck up! Coach wants us out in the parking lot yesterday!” Will pounds on the door of the bathroom stall and Neil bites back all the shit he wants yell and does a final adjustment of his shirt, making sure it covers everything. He takes a deep breath, reminding himself that he joined the exy team because exy is life, not for the annoying teammates. He slides the lock back and steps out. Will gives him a horrified once over.

“Uh, dude, did you miss the memo? This is a car wash.” Will’s standing there in swim trunks and flip-flops, probably to show off his athletic build. His dark skin is scar free and suspiciously gleaming. Neil wonders if he applied cocoa butter or shea butter or something because nobody’s skin is naturally glowy like that.

Neil plucks at his oversized T-shirt. It’s a thrift store find but Neil really likes it because it’s merch for his favorite team, the Palmetto State Foxes. Kevin’s team. He’s wearing a pair of black sweat pants that need to be washed anyways and Crocs, also from the thrift shop, also orange.

Will is still looking judgy, scowling even.

“Look, this isn’t a beauty pageant,” Neil snipes. “We’ll be washing cars all day. Excuse me if I don’t want to get majorly sunburned.”

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He Knows

Simon x Reader

Read Part 2

Request: “hey would you be doing requests by any chance?? If so, would you please be able to write a Simon one based off the song ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ - Shawn Mendes ft. Camilla Cabello. So basically the reader has been on a holiday recently and Simon has a feeling/thinks she’s cheated & there’s tension, endings up to you. I love your writing so much!! Thank you xxxx”

Note: This did not turn out the way I expected it to at all. Whelp. You brought this upon yourselves lol. 2950 words. [master list]

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For @thayerkerbasy – thanks for the ask! Honestly, I think Crowley’s outfit is part of his carefully crafted new demon identity. It’s a toss-up whether he’d stick as close to his usual suit as possible or he’d wear a bunch of random outfits since the black-on-black suit and tie was a demon thing and human Crowley doesn’t need to bother with it.

I’m inclined to think he’s fond of expensive and classy clothes, and wouldn’t enjoy wearing anything else (even for vacation…LOL.)

Op’s one of those nice folks who pre-emptively blocked me.


First off, those aren’t remotely the same people. Many anti-SJs are explicitly liberal. I’ll just speak for the anti-SJWs, then.

>violently angry

This sure looks a lot like something you just made u-

Oh, I get it. This isn’t actually directed at antis at all. You’re trying to sell a threat narrative to other SJWs.

>people burning the American flag

I don’t.

>scientists talking to the media

Uh…remind me who literally harassed a scientist to tears because he wore an ironically tacky shirt, claiming he’d alienate potential women in science?

> cisphobia/heterophobia/reverse racism/misandry/etc.

We don’t get angry over reverse racism. It’s just racism.

>a woman criticizing video games

Honestly, no one would give half a crap about Anita if she was a) a decent critic, b) wasn’t known for being a victim, instead of her actual criticism,  and c) wasn’t touted as the best feminist games critic evar!

>literally any protest against the government/police, no matter how peaceful

Incorrect. We don’t like stupid protests based on a sustained campaign of misinformation and premature conclusions, or some vague “women’s march” with no concrete goal.

Sometimes people are complete bell-ends about protesting while still technically being peaceful. Blocking roads does little to advance the cause of your protest, and may put the lives of yourself and those around you at risk.

People have said that an angry mob hundreds-strong that threatened cops with violence was “peaceful” because they didn’t actually attack the cops. And then there’s the old standby “well, the violent people weren’t REAL protesters”.

> anyone criticizing you when you say something bigoted

Affirming the consequent

SJWs have gone a lot farther than just “criticism”, up to and including actual crime and violence. They beat a man at a Milo Yiannopoulos talk until he ended up in the hospital.

>you can’t pick and choose when you want free speech.

See, you’re making a false equivalence here. There’s a difference between “I don’t like these things” and “people should not have the right to do those things”. 

What you lot want is generally the latter.

More rebuttals.

The Crows at the Beach

-So Kaz is wearing a black hoodie and sweatpants despite the fact that it’s about 90 degrees and sunny

-And speaking of the sun

-Wylan would totally be that one friend that is obsessed with sunscreen

-I mean he burns REALLY easily

-So every five minutes he re-applies SPF 100 probably

-Everyone finds this hilarious and teases him accordingly

-Meanwhile, Nina and Inej are the volleyball squad

-Inej wins (by a lot)

-So Nina brings over Matthias

-Inej still wins and Nina is lowkey salty about it

-But she can’t stay mad like how could Nina be mad at Inej?

-Meanwhile, Jesper is rooting through Nina’s beach bags and stealing all of her snacks

-Unfortunately, at this very moment Nina comes back

-And oh boy


-It ends with her chasing Jesper around the dunes, Jesper clutching a bag of sour gummy worms to his chest and begging for mercy

-Matthias and Wylan just sort of watch, half amused and half worried

-Meanwhile, Kaz is literally nowhere to be found

-Inej went looking for him and can’t find him anywhere

-Eventually she gets hungry so she goes out to the car for the sandwiches that Nina packed

-And there’s Kaz, sitting in the backseat in his hoodie and sweatpants, trying to escape the rays of the sun

-Meanwhile, everyone decides to go out into the ocean

-Nina and Jesper get into this huge splash war

-Nina wins


-And Inej, Wylan, and Matthias are just 100% done with their partner’s crap

-Eventually everyone gets tired out

-And they decide to go to the boardwalk

-Jesper is of course that one guy that wears tacky Hawaiian button up shirts and socks with sandals and patterned sunglasses

-Wylan hates it and acts all embarrassed

-But that doesn’t stop him from holding his hand the entire time

-Meanwhile, Nina and Matthias stop for ice cream and crab fries

-Matthias gets regular vanilla

-Nina cannot understand how he can order something so plain

-Meanwhile, she got two scoops of rocky road, hot fudge sauce, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and a cherry on top

-And Kaz and Inej lowkey hate the boardwalk but endure it for the group’s sake

-Jesper wanders off to the bathroom and comes back with a hermit crab, much to Wylan’s chagrin

-He names it “Sunshine”

-Wylan doesn’t have the heart to make him return it

-They all decide to go on the rides

-They all buy the picture that was taken when they were on the roller coaster because it was so funny

-Nina and Jesper are laughing

-Matthias is screaming

-Kaz is (surprisingly) screaming as well

-Inej is looking at Kaz with an amused smirk on her face

-And Wylan…

-Poor Wylan

-He was uncontrollably SOBBING like you could see the tears in the picture and clutching Jesper’s hand like it’s his only life support

-And ik that Wylan is really brave in heists and all but man

-He HATES scary rides

-Jesper finds it equal amounts adorable and hilarious

-Wylan is flustered and red-faced

-After that, they’re all extremely tired so they head back to their rental shore house and play board and card games

-And of course,

-Kaz wins every single one.

-(Btw, the reason that Kuwei is never in these aus is because let’s face it, after all they put him through he would never want to speak to any of them ((except maybe Jesper?)) again)