tacky personalities are always a no

Ashes Pt. 7 [M]

Genre: Angst, Smut, Vampire!AU

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Length: 5.6k

Warnings: Depictions of violence and gore

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“I don’t want to go downstairs. I don’t want to be social. I just want to lay here with you.” You whined as Hoseok started to straighten himself up. As he shifted you noticed the glint of something gold hanging from his neck.

You sat up, reaching for this neck and he looked at you in confusion. You took the pendant in your hand and thumbed your fingers around the edges. It was a golden sun. And you wondered how you had never seen it before. Even though you weren’t looking at him, you could feel Hoseok smiling at you, waiting for you to ask him about it.

“I never thought you would be a gold person.” You quipped as you set the pendant against his chest. You always thought gold was tacky, but somehow you didn’t mind the color when it was resting against Hoseok’s skin.

“Well, I can’t exactly wear silver.” he chuckled. “I’m not a masochist.”

You dropped your gaze, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

Hoseok reached around his neck, pulling the chain off his body. “I want you to wear it.” He told you as he placed it around you. Your fingers clasping onto to it tight, “I hope it brings you luck.”

“I think we should get married” you spat out before you could stop yourself. Your cheeks getting as hot as a vampire’s cheeks could.

He sighed, running a finger along your collarbone, “We can’t legally get married, Y/N.”

You shook your head, “I don’t care. We’ll make Yoongi be the minister or whatever they’re called.”

“I would rather go back to hell.” You heard him shout from the house. You had forgotten that he had left the door open, leaving your conversation open to the public. “And if you two don’t get down here I’m going to drag you both out by your teeth.”

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Tacky, cheap, ugly. The writers will regret the fuck out of this. If this was always the plan, it should have been done in S2, there was no need to fuck around with a wedding. They actually killed off the one person who’s absence would irrevocably alter the very foundation of the show & for what? A three second cheap twist that the audience will resent forever? Ended the best written relationship/marriage on TV right now so Jane can get back with her ex? Be miserable for two seconds before a time jump? Start from the beginning & redo the same things we’ve already seen for 3 seasons? OH, AND RUINED THE BEST BROMANCE TELEVISION HAS EVER SEEN?

Ahhhh. I can’t believe I thought Jane The Virgin was the one show that wasn’t infested with the usual CW stupidity & garbage tropes. You almost had me, fuckers.

i really hate the stereotype that autistic people are always quirky and introverted and say cute things and are just cute overall like it’s so reductive and tacky. I’ll be loud if I want, I’ll be crass if I want, I’ll come home blackout drunk at 3 am with someone else’s bra in my back pocket and it doesn’t make me any less autistic. It’s a disorder not a personality type.

The Shooting Star

A/N: Oh boy, here we go. This is my first entry one-shot for @doodledrawsthings human bill AU (which they helped edit and illustrate). For those not familiar, it’s an AU based on the Flat Dreams lore by @pengychan, basically a “what-if” scenario of Bill coming back during the Pines Twins second summer in Gravity Falls. If you’re unfamiliar with it, CHECK OUT THEIR PAGE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. Hope you enjoy this one.

part 2

part 3

“And this is the time DipDop and I were voted Best Dynamic Duo! Man, I can’t imagine not having my bro to count on!”

“Can we do something else.”


The occupant of the kitchen chair groaned loudly, burying his face in his arms. “Tell me, Shooting Star, is TORTURING ME with POINTLESS HUMAN SENTIMENTS glued onto pieces of colorful paper some kinda elaborate revenge scheme you’re executing?”

“First, they’re not pointless. I’ll have you know I worked very hard on each of them! And second-” Mabel jumped up from her chair and smacked Bill lightly across the face. The demon recoiled with an half-annoyed half-startled snarl. “You’re being a jerk! So you get a frowny-face sticker.”

Bill slowly pried said sticker off his cheek, slowly ripped it in half with a disturbing satisfaction, and tossed the remaining pieces on the floor, his eyes never leaving Mabel’s. The demon silently got up, fixing the girl with a sneer before turning to leave. Well, that could have gone better.

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65 for andreil plsss

65: “Do you ever think that, maybe, we should stop doing this?”

It happens so quickly that Neil doesn’t have the chance to get his anger back in its usual chokehold. One of the opposing team’s strikers clearly has too much momentum going into his goal, he’s gone over his step limit and he’s careening towards Andrew in goal.

Neil drops his racquet and slips his mark, watching impotently as striker, goalkeeper, and net all go tumbling into the far wall of the court, Andrew pinned under the mess and visibly struggling.

“Andrew,” Neil yells, skidding over to them and wrenching bulky arms and heavy netting out of the way. Andrew’s face is cool and closed off as ever, but sweat is plastering his hair and his breaths are shallow. “Andrew, are you okay?”

He rolls out from the weight and gets up angrily, Neil can see it lancing down his legs and shaking his balance just a little. Afraid and furious for being so. Neil wheels around on the striker who’s sitting up dumbly with the goal half pinning him.

“Glad to see you have as little control over your legs as your team does over their offence,” Neil snarls, and he hoists the guy up by his jersey so hard that it rips. He’s twice his size but Neil’s pure adrenaline, he’s a sharp cleaver on a helpless neck. “At least you’re consistent.” He shoves him back hard, and he gets a glimpse of the striker’s fearful pinched face before he gets knocked out on the corner of the goal.

Andrew has him by the neck of his jersey in the next minute, yanking him back too late.

“I hope it was worth it,” he hisses in his ear, and then Neil notices the red card being thrown up, the coach screaming at him from the sidelines. He can’t feel anything but numb relief.

It’s like the twin of Neil’s showdown with the ravens in his first year as a fox, the brutal body slam, the panic from across the court. Years later and he’d still rip his racquet or his contract with Ichirou in half if it meant keeping Andrew safe.

“It was,” he says confidently. He watches Andrew carefully for pain he would never communicate, tracking his easy stance, his controlled breathing.

“Your energy is misguided, as usual,” Andrew says. “You’ve killed the game.”

“I know,” Neil says fiercely. “But I couldn’t just let him—“

“Don’t confuse your problems with mine.”

“My problems are your problems, Andrew, we’re a team.” In every way.

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per the request of an anon, under the cut i’m going to show you how i make my gifs from scratch and what i do when making gif icons ! i don’t feel like there’s anything that special about the way i do it, but i hope it helps someone ? as always, please like and/or reblog if this is helpful to you ! please note: i used cs5, i assume it is semi-similar to other photoshop versions ! if you have any questions, feel free to ask ! this is my finished product:

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Repeat after me:I am amazing and fabulous for liking/reblogging/giving my opinion about/constructively criticising Jahnavi’s fics.Now go get yourself a cookie because you guys are the literal best.
Moving on,my bae-tas(wink wink)(sorry) @ghostiemakingposties and Shradicool (still insufferably in possession of her good sense) are angels in disguise(or not in disguise) that is the only explanation sorry I don’t make the rules.
This one is again,if you didn’t pick up from the title already,super sappy but bear with me.I have plans .
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Magnus Bane loves having the ability to do magic. He really does.

Nothing beats being able to get the remote from the coffee table after he’s sat down and forgotten it or being able to fix a last-minute eyeliner mishap with just a flick of his fingers.

(Not to mention, Alec gets this look in his eye whenever he does magic and when that happens, Magnus knows there isn’t going to be much talking between them for the next few hours.)

(At least not the sweet, innocent kind.)

So yes, Magnus loves being able to solve life’s greatest crises (and turning on his boyfriend) with only a small gesture.

He loves having a job where he literally gets paid just to cast a few spells.

But Magnus Bane loathes the paperwork involved.

Everything will be going swimmingly, and he’ll be going about his job, content and happy as ever, when this one customer shows up and throws a wrench in this wheel of satisfaction.

It’s happened without fail, repeatedly, from when Magnus first set up shop (figuratively, because that sounds like a super tacky thing to do and Magnus Bane is by no means tacky.)

That one person will pitch a favour at him and Magnus will agree to help even if he can’t recollect exactly how to do it at the moment; there’s no way in hell he’s turning something down because he can’t do it. He’ll figure it out, thank you very much.

Except, the figuring out bit is always harder than it seems.

The nights he spends poring over his spell books and consulting with Ragnor and Catarina see him cursing himself for ever taking up the job because What on earth is this?

This then gradually leads to him spending an increasing number of hours indoors which makes him cranky.

However, Magnus Bane never gives up.

How many ever cases like this he’s faced, he’s never not solved the problem. He’ll either find the bloody solution or he’ll die trying.

(Or, you know, he’ll fall asleep on his desk without removing his make-up which is almost as disastrous as death.)

(Plus, he has something to live for now apart from his fellow downworlder friends.)

Which is why Tuesday night sees him on his work-table, frustrated (not the good kind) and sleep-deprived (not for the good reasons).

He’s clueless, glitter-less and Alec-less and the three are a bitch of an issue to deal with separately, let alone together.

He vows to himself that once he’s done with this crap (whenever that is) he’s going to treat himself to a spa day because he deserves it, goddammit.

It’s close to the time when Magnus turns in, but he catches something out of the corner of his eye on the page which looks useful and this leads him on this whole other chase, flipping from book to book, referring to past notes and relevant facts.

His eyes are droopy and his head keeps lolling in front, but he can’t stop now, okay?

This is most solid lead he’s had in days and he’s so close and the thought of being done with this infernal crap is just so appealing and he just wants to get it over with.

He fights to stay awake but slowly, slowly his head dips and he’s struggling to keep his eyes open.

It’s a losing battle and soon, in the warm golden haze of the lights and to the calm silence of the apartment, Magnus lets his head hit the top of the book on the desk with a thud, asleep even before he can make it all the way.


The constant sounds of the city that never sleeps accompany Alec on his late-night journey from the Institute to the loft.

He’s just about done with Valentine’s bullshit and he can’t take another second at a place where there’s this constant speculation and doubt and this air of trepidation hanging around.

He just needs to get away.

Alec has a few places he goes to when he needs to crash for a break, but the loft has become his favourite safe-house to sleep in.

(Or not sleep in, whatever. It’s all quite splitting hairs at this point.)

He sees Magnus’s building and the sight instantly relaxes him.

He climbs up the flights of stairs and keys open the door.

The vision he’s greeted with makes him stop breathing for a second.

There, at the centre of his desk, lies Magnus’s head in the middle of this apparent hurricane of books and paper.

His eyes are closed and his hair’s fallen onto the table, hiding the top of his forehead.

His face is bare and he lets out soft noises as he breathes in his sleep.

Alec knows he’s been working on a particularly difficult case and he’s come to the loft at nights to see Magnus working hard, but he’s never seen him asleep at his desk.

The whole setting is so peaceful and serene and the lights throw this aura of warmness over Magnus and Alec is sorely tempted to take a picture.

(He does.)

He ends up just standing there for close to a minute, just looking at his boyfriend, before he snaps out of it.

He walks towards the sleeping warlock and gently picks him up with both hands, bridal style.

(His heart warms just a bit when Magnus nuzzles his head onto his chest.)

Alec carries him to the room and lays him on the bed. He climbs in behind him and together, they lie down, one asleep,the other almost there.

A shadowhunter and a warlock.

One hundreds of years old and the other barely at 20.

Both tangled together, pressed so close, you can hardly make out where one begins and the other ends.

They’re wrapped around each other’s bodies, unconsciously curling into each other.

Alec lets Magnus’s comforting warmth lull him to sleep and as he’s about to drop off, he hears a muffled I love you and all he can do is tighten his arms around the man, pull him impossibly closer and hum in response.

Tacky Flowers

Here’s a little something for @clexaweek2017 Enemies to Lovers

“Can you believe she called my flowers tacky?” Clarke paced back and forth across the parlor waiting room. Raven and Octavia were just watching the Clarke bomb explode, hoping it didn’t get too nasty too fast.

“Clarke, she is a botanist. She’s just… passionate,” Octavia said. She knew Lexa personally thanks to Lincoln, and she truly was passionate about her plants. Octavia had seen how dedicated she was, even though it seemed a bit much. Talking to plants? Admitted, it was a little unusual, but it obviously worked for her.

“I don’t care if she’s the best damned botanist in the world. No one calls my art tacky.” Clarke stopped pacing. She had to talk to Lexa. There was no way she was going to let some flower girl  tell her how to draw plants. She couldn’t even draw. How dare she have the nerve to tell an actual artist how to draw a damn flower.

Raven and Octavia watched in horror as Clarke stormed out of the tattoo parlor. Damn Clarke and her ego. It was a bit harsh for Lexa to say her art was tacky, but she hadn’t realized the monster that was Wounded Ego Clarke. Both girls kind of wanted to go watch to see what Lexa had really unleashed, but they knew better than to get in Clarke’s way when she was on a rampage.

They just hoped Lexa would survive long enough to fill them in on the details.

Lexa had been trying to help a customer when Clarke tried to throw her shop door open. She had to bite her tongue to stop herself from laughing at the attempt. Clarke would have been successful, but Lexa had a door closer that slowed the speed of the door, so it looked like she was opening it in slow motion. It was pretty comical.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. What else did you say you would like?” Lexa tried to listen to the customer, but she was a bit distracted by Clarke’s apparent bad attitude. Her brows were furrowed and her hands were clenched at her sides. What had happened to make such a gorgeous lady become so angry?

Thankfully, Lexa had a customer to help so it kept her mind off of the beautifully angry Clarke standing in her shop’s doorway. She went around gathering the flowers that she felt her customer would be satisfied with, considering her situation. Lexa couldn’t begin to count how many people came to her trying to make up for mistakes in relationships. This younger lady was no exception.

“Here you go. I hope everything works out.” Lexa smiled and handed over the flowers. Her customer thanked her before backing out and almost running into Clarke. Luckily she realized she was in the way and moved over just long enough for the customer to leave, but then she flipped the “Welcome” sign to “Closed.”

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed, Clarke, but it’s only 2:30. I’m not closed for the day.” Lexa didn’t have time to enjoy her teasing because Clarke was already at the counter. As cliche as it sounded, her blue eyes held a storm in them. The fact that the storm was directed at her made Lexa as turned on as she was scared.

“We need to talk.” Clarke’s mouth was moving, but Lexa was too distracted. She should’ve been paying attention. Clarke wouldn’t be this angry over nothing, and it was probably something Lexa had done. But dammit, angry Clarke was kind of hot.

“I’m listening.” Lexa could tell that Clarke hadn’t been expecting that kind of answer. Maybe she had expected her to argue already?

“Who do you think you are to call my flowers tacky?” Clarke had never been one to hold back or beat around the bush. Her father had always said to just spit it out so as not to waste anyone’s time. She had thought it was an excellent piece of advice. Especially when she wanted to start arguments.

“A person who got a degree in plants and someone that runs a flower shop. Really, Clarke, I thought you knew that already.” Lexa knew she was just stroking the fire. She also knew that angry women could be very dangerous. But she deserved to have a little fun in her life, right?

“You know nature, not art.”

“Art imitates nature.”

“Art imitates feelings. It’s just a coincidence if those feelings appear in the form of nature.”

“So when you draw flowers you feel inadequate?” Lexa knew immediately that she had said the wrong thing. Clarke’s eyes narrowed while she clenched her jaw. This wasn’t going to be good. Lexa had unleashed the beast.

“How dare you call me inadequate. I’ve dedicated my whole life to my art. Can you say the same about your stupid flowers?”

“I don’t have to take a lifetime to be good at something.”Clarke’s jaw dropped. She went too far.

“Don’t act like you’re better than everyone else. You sell flowers. It doesn’t take a passionate botanist to do that.”

“Maybe it doesn’t, but it definitely takes a special kind of person to tolerate you.”

“Tolerate me? Honey, people enjoy me.” Clarke knew they were getting petty and starting to take cheap shots. She hadn’t expected this to end up so… childish. She had honestly just wanted to confront Lexa about the insult to her ego. This back-and-forth argument didn’t really help, though.

“Oh yeah? Prove it.” Lexa didn’t know what she was expecting. Maybe she was expecting Clarke to pull out pictures or a video. She could have even spurted out a story about how much fun she had had with some of her friends one time. What she hadn’t expected, though, was for Clarke to grab Lexa’s shirt, pull her close, and kiss her. And she definitely hadn’t expected what was happening soon after.

“That was hate sex. Just so you know.” Clarke hadn’t really planned on, well, doing what she did. It was just once. Oh, and it was to prove a point. It’s not like it had meant anything. It’s definitely not like she had enjoyed it. Or so she told herself.

“I’m not so sure. I think you just wanted to act out that scene from “Imagine Me & You.”” Lexa was too smug. She was very happy with what had happened. It had been unexpected, but it was definitely pleasant. Clarke was right. She did enjoy Clarke. Maybe a little too much.

“Oh whatever. You couldn’t live up to Luce no matter how hard you tried.”

“Whatever you say, Griffin.”

Clarke looked at Lexa a little longer. She hadn’t solved her problem. She still hadn’t convinced Lexa that her art was beautiful. It was the whole reason she had gone over there in the first place. The reason she had interrupted both hers and Lexa’s businesses for the day. Well, she guessed she would just need to visit Lexa more often until the ‘situation’ was solved. Yeah, that seemed like a very good plan.


okay how about this…..what about the GOOD outfits from 2016, huh? there were A LOT of those! like of course there are two sides on the whole “rebellious bleachella phase” but there were high points too it like this courageous look

now as a person who normally isnt a fan of any sort of animal print (it’s tacky and i really wish people would stop trying to make it a thing) she hella pulled this off and the red lipstick capped it off with the poppin’ hair. you gotta admit, she did that.

she also worked the bleachella well with other looks like this one that was nice and simple. always love her open back shiiizzzzzzz

but with bleachella she also pulled off one of my fave looks and personas and that’s Boyfriend Taylor….yes bitch she came out to play and it was beautiful

she really killed it with the ripped jeans and it’s simple as hell but how can you not love when she rocks things that are actual like attainable looks? like these ripped jeans too

and even this Boyfriend Taylor look. like im not even sure if it’s from 2016 but it deserves recognition because….well……bruh


and everybody has a soft spot for taylor in workout clothes or taylor in a beanie so dont try to act like this didnt happen either

THEY’RE ALL SO CASUAL AND EASY BUT SHE MAKES THEM LOOK AMAZING! let’s not forget about her simple denim overalls either!

like y’all she truly honestly looked like a normal human being in that white long sleeve. but there were other times when Cut Throat Taylor came out to play and you couldnt deny she looked hot af. anybody remember Meredith from the Parent Trap?

and how she did all white just as easily as she did all black in heels higher than Wiz Khalifa

gaaaaaawd the all black during this week was such a fucking time like remember the unveiling of the choker phase??????……set me on fire.

she even killed the all black when she had that stacked up girls night out…..you know the one…..the transparent top one

like okay fuck it up i guess. she had some great night life looks too like let’s not forget when everyone suddenly remembered she had karlie in her life and taylor was stomping around nyc lookin like a slut for The Tall and The Fall.

but you cant get stuck on poppin’ bright looks like this though and expect them to be what she sticks with because then she snaps your neck with shit like innocent sweet baby

and even more innocent sweet baby

and of course she like easily dives into her natural instinct aka La Prep with her gentle housewife looks like when she was on tour and no, not the tour youre thinking about

you gotta admit that yellow dress with the blue shoes was one for the books fam. she strutted through the streets of rome just as easily as she strutted onto the Vanity Fair red carpet with The Look….and im truly disappointed it’s been forgotten so easily

and remember the flash tat stunt she pulled at Drake’s function?


and because this girl works out just as much as she works my nerves, please enjoy my fave simple gym looks because she demolished those too


and i had to save these for last because they were my fave date looks from a time we shall not speak of (mostly because i would like to hang onto the bit of sanity i have left)

cant forget when she didnt have on so much clothing too

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17 Good and Rational Reasons Not To Love Me.

with regards to Brenna Twohy

because I live too far away and my voice cannot be duplicated by phone.

because if I do not like your name, I will just call you by another name.  

because I will not stop talking about robots, and inviting robots over for dinner and sitting with them in the cafeteria and whispering secrets in their ears.

because I am already in love with you and no one likes to run a footrace with a cheater.

because I am too old, and I just keep getting younger, while everyone else gets older, and so we are like two trains on parallel tracks traveling in opposite directions. To love me is liking trying to leap between coaches without being able to see for sure if the other window is open.  

because I have so many toys in my room, and do not realize that they are toys.  

Because I write list poems and I do not ever intend to fix this about myself. 

Because I am probably smarter than you

because I am probably a better kisser than you.

because I am so, so much prettier than you.  

because you do not have to love me back to get me to stay.

because I am fat, and to love a fat human is to love a giant’s castle, it takes forever to walk from the dining room to the library, if you forget where you set down your keys they may be gone forever. 

because I am fat, and to love a fat person means the apartment is always too small, there is no privacy, you will always share the exact same room with the better version of me you could be loving, 

because my actual eyelids are made of actual fog and the lens flares are tacky and contrived

because I am this kind of a writer, and loving me means knowing that the story of how you loved me will be better than how you ever loved me.  

because loving me is to always be at the very tallest peak of the roller coaster, inching forward and inching forward and waiting for gravity to take hold and it never does

because to love me is to love a haunted house; the neighborhood kids tell stories and dare each other to knock on the door, but the door is already open, and inside it is just this, just an ordinary room with most of the furniture removed and all the paint faded and not even one ghost, just a porcelin vase on the kitchen counter, an ironing board in the upstairs closet,  things the previous owner had no room to carry, things they may even have wanted but did not pack for fear that it would break.  

Imagine your OCs

Highschool Edition 

(This is best done with adult OCs)

-Which group of kids would each OC hang with? (Jock/popular/hipster/weirdo/nerd/emo/punk/athlete/geek/prep/super nice outgoing kid who goes between all the groups)

-Which year would each OC be in?

-Just Imagine your OC in a uniform. DO IT

-Which one would wear crazy socks and tacky hats because they hate the uniform

-OTP BONUS- Person A breaks their ankle from tripping over. Person B is the only one strong enough around to carry them to the nurses office. As it turns out, the nurses office is on the other side of the school, and both Persons are very awkward the whole way

-which one would sneak small pets into the school

-OTP BONUS- The Classic “Lab Partner” 

-which one would always turn homework in on time

-which one would always turn their homework in late

-which OTP is the “IT-couple”

-which one studies for the exams three months in advance

-which one studies the night before

-which one is the football player

-Which one is bilingual and takes their language for an easy credit

-OTP BONUS- Person A and Person B are the only ones in detention

-Which one is bullied

-Which one leaves notes on the bathroom walls/stall door

-OTP BONUS- Person A is stuck in a locker overnight because of bullies. Person B is the first one into school the next day, and opens up their locker to find Person A

-which one puts their feet up onto their desk

-Imagine- The squad is sitting at their desks when substitute teacher shows up. sub announces that the period is free study, and then puts headphones in and plays on their phone. The rest of class is pandemonium 

-OTP BONUS- Person A is super awkward and shy, but really needs a math tutor, so they ask their friend to find them one. the tutor just happens to be Person B, their crush. 

-which one is always picked last for gym 

-OTP BONUS- Person A is really athletic, and is team captain in gym class. They pick Person B, despite their horrid athletic skills, simply because they find them super attractive

-OTP BONUS- Person A is at school, about to take an exam, when they realized they forgot a pencil. They are freaking out when Person B shows up, and offers Person A their pencil. Person A is super awkward and stutters (because they find Person B attractive) and spends the whole exam thinking about Person B. After the exam, they search the whole school for Person B, but can’t find them. They ask around, and find no trace of them. Finally, after months of tracking them down, they find out that Person B was an exchange student for the day, and Person A decides to go to the other high school several hours away just to find them.

-OTP BONUS- Person A and Person B accidentally switch notebooks/gymbags/backpacks for a day

-which one sits alone at lunch

-OTP BONUS- Person A sits next to Person B everyday because they always sit alone, but never speak to each other. One day, when the teacher catches Person A doing something bad, Person B takes the blame

-which one spills their lunch on them self (and generally knocks over everything)

-which one would do/eat anything for ten bucks

-which one throws wild parties

-which one reminds the teacher about the homework they forgot

-which one punches them for doing that

-which one defends everyone from bullies no matter how big they are

-OTP BONUS- Person A’s family has very little income, so they always have to earn their lunch money themselves. One day, Person A decides to skip lunch because they need to start saving for something, and Person B notices and insists on buying them a lunch. Every day after that, Person B leaves Person A brown paper bag with a sandwich, water and snacks, and always writes little encouraging notes on the front

-OTP BONUS- Person A walks by and hears Person B bawling in the bathroom stall, so they rush in to comfort them

-OTP BONUS- Person A has a major crush on Person B. Person A is getting on the bus one day, and cannot find any open seats other than the one next to Person B. They spend the whole bus ride to school (which is very long) in silence, but the next day when Person A gets on the bus Person B invites them to sit with them again.

-Imagine- prom night. Who goes with whom? Who starts the dancing? Who spends the whole time glued to the wall? What does each OC wear? 

-Which two OCs hardcore compete to be the top of class (bonus if it’s your OTP) 

-which person pulls the ultimate senior prank

-what clubs does each go to?

-which one starts a club

-which one doodles all over their paper

-which one is the student that everyone hears about but is never there

-which one is the super shy introvert who never raises their hand

-which is the class clown

-which is the one who says the super sarcastic comment (that everyone was thinking) out loud to the teacher (and gets detention for it)

-which one is always in detention

-which  one is always daydreaming

-which one never studies and never writes a note, and yet always passes

-OTP BONUS- Person A hits Person B with a dodgeball in the face. Person B begins to bleed profusely, and everyone is too dumbstruck to do anything, so Person A escorts them to the nurse’s office while apologizing a thousand times

-OTP BONUS- Person A (Bonus if they are the jock) falls asleep on their desk, so Person B doodles little flowers all over their paper. When the teacher walks by, they take the paper and wave it in front of the class, ranting about paying attention during lectures. Person A wakes up and looks around terrified, and then turns to Person B and blushes profusely.   

-OTP BONUS- Person A is passing a note to their friend, talking about how cute Person B is. Somehow, Person B ends up with the note instead of the friend.

-IMAGINE- OC (who is an innocent cinnamon roll), gets invited to a big party. OC is super excited and prepares cupcakes to bring. At the party, OC spends the whole time freaking out at all the bad things the other high schoolers are doing. “get off the furniture!” “does the music need to be this loud?” “why are you guys eating on the couch?!” “IS THAT ALCOHOL” (OTP BONUS. Person B is the sibling/friend of the host and is the only other sober person at the party, and they end up awkwardly helping each other attempt to stop the mess)

-which one is the clueless student who has no idea what is going on and is always asking for help

-which one looks nice, but is secretly super salty and mean

-which one is the overachiever that gets straight A’s, speaks three languages, plays every sport and is part of a million different clubs

-which one is the bad boy

-which one has never looked up from their phone before

-which one wears the same outfit every day

-which one wears a different outfit to every class

-which one is the cute dork/nerd with the converse

My Everything

Pairing: Jumin/MC

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters, all the characters belongs to Cheritz.

A/N: This is my first time writing a fanfiction, flames and suggestions are welcomed. Sorry for the bad grammar or spelling or even bad flow, English apparently is not my first language. I hope you like it.

“My love, where are you going?”

I turned my head to see the origin of the voice and see Jumin walk out from the bedroom while fixing his tie. “Good morning Jumin, I’m going to meet my high school friends for a while, remember the reunion I told you last week?” I replied.

“Oh, are you sure you can’t cancel it? You know I hate you going outside by yourself love.” Said Jumin.

I walked towards him and help him fix his tie. “Hey, its only going to take a few hours, beside, I need to do some errands for the upcoming party. I know you hate me going outside by myself, but this reunion is kind of important for me, it’s been years since I last saw my friends. So can you let it slip for this time?”

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Angel Behavior

Requested by @youandno-other. Hope you enjoy it, friend!

Summary: Cas is acting strange. Dean gets a surprise when he figures out why.

Word Count: 1800ish

Warning: One minor description of a wound, but this is mostly just fluff. What happened to me?

A/N:This has enough Destiel fluff to give you a cavity. Enjoy! Feedback appreciated.

The thing about angels is that they aren’t humans.

Dean forgets that quite easily when it comes to Cas. Cas looks and speaks like a human. He smells and sounds human, too. And he’s Dean’s friend. Dean doesn’t want to associate him with the other angels, who are cold marble statues, and assholes on top of that. So it’s very easy for Dean to just make Cas a human in his brain. A particularly strong human, but just a human.

But the thing is, Cas isn’t human.

And sometimes, he just does weird shit.

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Seventeen As YouTubers

// bc i was super busy today and feel bad for not posting //

S.Coups: Posts videos once every two months; somehow still has thousands of subscribers??; everyone always drools all over his videos since it’s usually him playing basketball or wearing muscle tees

Jeonghan: Beauty guru; makeup tutorials + beauty hacks; hair tutorials; does the boyfriend tag with s.coups; does the my boyfriend does my makeup tag with joshua; still doesn’t get any hate on it??; vlogs at coachella

Joshua: Posts guitar covers and sings; probably teaches you some songs on the guitar; also probably teaches korean and english on his channel; is super shy but somehow still gets tons of subscribers because he’s pretty and kind

Jun: Vlogger; somehow looks sexy all the time??; and his life is so put together and interesting; vlogs at a lot of modeling shows; probably models in them too; promotes his snapchat instagram and twitter too much

Hoshi: A complete mess; posts dance covers; also does dance tutorials; there’s even gaming on his channel too; always super excited and upbeat; in every video there’s always at least one “rip headphone users” comment

Wonwoo: What even??; posts covers of him rapping + singing; which is super beautiful and what everyone subscribed for; but then he’s just talking to the camera about shit and everyone’s like??; are you high

Woozi: Hardly talks in his videos; covers for DAYS; sings; plays piano; plays guitar; dances; might post a tutorial on the chords or notes for a song if he’s feeling nice; never responds to anyone’s comments

DK: DIY YouTuber; also posts pranks; they’re all bad tbh; people just subscribe because they like the sound of his voice; his DIYs are usually tacky and he gets distracted halfway through the video; always gets caught with pranks

Mingyu: Posts cooking videos; always has to get an apple box whenever he collabs for the other person to stand on so he doesn’t have to adjust the camera; is giggling and messing up the entire time; still somehow succeeds

THE8: Pure dance covers; will sometimes do Q&As and it’s what everyone LIVES for; voice of a million gods; moves of a billion gods; has his own little fanclub; still shy when he goes to vidcon to meet subscribers

Seungkwan: Another beauty guru; tests out beauty hacks; does makeup and nail art tutorials; vlogs like a QUEEN; always looks on point; films outfit diaries; everyone LIVES for his sass in his videos; all of YouTube ships him with Vernon

Vernon: Gamer; sometimes manages to convince Seungkwan to collab with him; makes bad puns in all his videos; sometimes busts out in SICK raps midgaming; super awkward at vidcon and during Q&As; doesn’t mind Verkwan

Dino: Posts dance covers; and dance tutorials; and also gaming; sometimes collabs with Hoshi; also likes to collab with Vernon; everyone always asks him how old he is; cute cinnamon roll; all his subscribers are precious

Dating Neal Caffrey Would Involve...

¤ Going out on dates when he’s not working. Most of them being at semi-fancy to fancy restaurants
¤ Going to a museum at least once a month and Neal correcting all the mistakes in the tour if he knows it’s wrong
¤ Sometimes you walk him to and from work and on those days he’ll buy you food from a stand whether it be french fries, a hot dog, a smoothie, etc.
¤ Tying his tie on more than one occasion not because he needs help but because you want to
¤ He lets you wear his fedora every once in a while “How do I look?” “Beautiful.”
¤ Moz not liking you at first but eventually he talks to you and the two of you become friends “Did I ever tell you about the time Neal accidentally stole a service dog?” “He what?!” “Yeah! So we were…”
¤ When Peter met you he was surprised because ‘Wow Neal actually someone really good for him.’
¤ You and Elizabeth go out at least once a week when Peter and Neal are at work “You’ll never believe what Peter did the other day.” “What did he do now?”
¤ You got hurt once because of one of Neal’s cases and he became super overprotective after that but you reassured him you would be fine
¤ Him having multiple artworks focusing on you whether it be sketches, various forms of painting, or just plain photographs. He never lets you see them because he says he can’t do your beauty justice
¤ Having date nights in where you two just chill on the couch while you eat take out and watch tv
¤ Between the both of you, you guys have a huge collection of books. There’s not enough room on the shelves anymore so you stack them on the floor and some on the tables. “We need to invest in more shelves.” “We don’t have room for more shelves!”
¤ Being close with June because you hang out with her when Elizabeth and Neal are busy
¤ When you two had your first Christmas together, you told Neal you wanted to decorate a bit early prior to the holiday. He let you and when he came home from work he was surprised how nice it looked. He thought it would be over done and super tacky but it was kinda subtle. Christmas lights around the place, a Christmas tree, and some little odd and ends here and there. There was already gifts under the tree. “Do you like it?” “It’s amazing.”
¤ Whenever you talk about something you’re passionate about he looks at you like your the only person in the world
¤ Someone almost always interrupting your dates. “What do you need, Moz?” “I was wondering if you wanted to go and check out that new exhibit at the museum?” “Moz, I’m in a middle of a date.” “Well, bring (Y/N) along.”
¤ Going on late night walks through Central Park and sharing stories. “Did I ever tell you about the time Moz accidently stole a service dog?” “He what?!” “Yeah! So we were…”
¤ Neal is the kinda guy who would give you his jacket when you’re cold no matter how much you protest
¤ The mornings where your hair is as mess, your wearing one of his shirts and your making breakfast are the moments he lives for. He’ll wrap his arms around you and say something like “Morning, beautiful.” “Neal, I’m a mess right now.” “Even more beautiful.”
¤ Whenever Peter comes by to get Neal you always offer him something whether it be coffee, muffin, or simply water. He usually declines but the coffee at work isn’t the best according to him and Neal.

Headcanon: MI6 squad + gifts


  • Q is flooded with gifts from Bond. When he was in the process of wooing Q, Bond would bring him souvenirs from every mission (often enough it’s expensive and/or rare local tea), and the habit sticks once they’re together. Sometimes the gifts are beautiful, truly unique, thoughtful trinkets from marketplaces and antiques shops (one was very memorably nicked from an archaeological dig), and sometimes they’re the most breathtaking, horrifyingly eyesore, tacky, plastic tourist atrocities Bond can unearth. The more hideous and unnaturally coloured the better. Q hates those but he still keeps them because he’s amused by the genuine effort Bond puts into finding the ugliest tourist souvenir in the city.
  • The Scrabble mug was actually a gift Q got for himself, a whimsical indulgence when he was made Quartermaster.
  • He and Eve are both avid Agatha Christie fans, so she gave him a signed first edition of The Mysterious Mr. Quin. It seemed very aptly named.


  • Q occasionally slips him some more outlandish gadgets - an exploding pen is the first actual gift Q gives him, proper wrapping and all. And for all that Bond claims it’s Q who has the sweet tooth in this relationship, Bond has a secret weakness for Quality Street’s Toffee Pennies. Sometimes, in the mornings when he’s still tired and sleeping off yesterday’s mission (or just on random mornings when Q leaves for work before he does), Bond finds the Toffee Pennies slipped into places Q knows he’ll look: the underwear drawer, the bedside table where he keeps his watch, the toiletries shelf, beside the coffee maker, etc. Sometimes a few will be slipped into the pocket of his suit jacket. Bond never works out just how does Q know which suit he’ll pick for the day when he does this.
  • Eve Moneypenny gives him a tiny potted cactus upon his resurrection and return to MI6. She feels bad about shooting him off that train, so when he comes back to life she gives it to him to keep in his office at MI6. The tiny cactus seems to like Bond’s sporadic watering just fine. Bond likes it. The cactus is not a metaphor about his personality. It’s not.
  • his annual Christmas presents from M were the same as for all the other 00s: an expensive, classy fountain pen. The same thing, every single year. To be honest, he thinks she did it just to irritate them all. He’d always throw out or misplace his around MI6. Except for the last one, he never got around to ‘losing’ it, and now it sits in a box in a cupboard in his and Q’s flat. He doesn’t look in that box very often but he’s not getting rid of it either.

Eve Moneypenny:

  • she loves Art Deco and collects genuine Art Deco items, especially biscuit tins and perfume bottles. Q regularly supplies her collection with new acquisitions, all of them unbelievably rare and sought-after. (Q counts the purchase of a 1923 illegally obtained Lalique ‘Le Jade’ opaque green glass perfume bottle complete with silk box and ornamental tassel as one of the strangest deals he’s ever done on DarkWeb so far.)
  • her desk drawers are secretly full of little bribes that other MI6 employees (mostly the 00 agents) slip her in the hopes of having something done or getting in on something. The bribes are usually sweets (the high-end, expensive sort) or, from the more observant ones, her favourite, ruinously expensive lipstick brand. Slipping her a bribe doesn’t mean she’ll agree to do what people hope for her to do.
  • Mallory forgets her birthdays and is always mortified when he realises he’s done it. He feels he needs to give her something big to make up for it, but things like jewellery are too personal, so he settles on a very expensive and beautiful vintage desk clock. Eve is pleased.


  • the porcelain bulldog was a tacky gift from one of her (adult by then) children. She leaves it to Bond because he hates it, because it’s an inside joke, and because she wants to indulge her reluctant maternal feelings towards him one last time.
  • employees aren’t supposed to worry about buying gifts for their bosses, and Q doesn’t, per se. But she does get little gifts from him - an easy software update here, a tweaked phone there, a new idea for interactive OS there. They’re all handed to her in an afterthought-like manner, an “Oh, and one more thing…” sort of moment. She appreciates them very much.
  • her husband, a lover of poetry, once gave her a book collecting selected poems from notable writers. She appreciated the affectionate jab at her disregard for poetry, but never got around to properly reading through it. Since his death, she’s been reading and re-reading it quite often, finding that he wrote small notes on some of the pages.


  • he has a complicated relationship with Q’s way of occasionally offering up a token of loyalty. The tokens usually are bothersome politicians suddenly getting removed from office because of a career-ending scandal being exposed, etc. It’s mostly terrifying and Mallory isn’t sure what to do with that, so he pretends to know nothing.
  • Eve usually gives him scarves on his birthdays and Christmases. They’re always very high-end, which makes them appropriately impersonal, but there is a personal touch in it, because she gave him the first one after he’d caught a cold.
  • he and Tanner drink together every now and then, so when an occasion calls for it, Tanner gives him a bottle of expensive liquor.

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Your best friend Min Yoongi has known you since first grade. The way you got aquatinted was when he had spilled water paint on your dress and apologized profusely. After that you just spoke casually—including playing house together: him being the father and you being the mother. He was your first kiss, actually giving you a kiss when a fake one was planned. Although you were young, you still considered it as your first kiss. From your first year on, you were partners in crime, never leaving each other’s side even for just a moment. Now you’re in your second year of high school, not a bit has changed.

“Yoongi-ah~” you called him, lifting up your project, “Does this look creative enough?”

“It looks good to me.” He nodded.

“Thank you.” You smiled, leaving it out for the glue to dry. “So, are you doing anything after school?” You asked Yoongi.

“No, why?” He blew on a wooden popsicle stick to back the glue he applied tacky.

“I was wondering if you could come over.” You felt a little sense of risk when you asked, it made your heart skip a beat; you always got nervous when you were alone with Yoongi.

“U-Uh,” he stuttered, “yeah, I can.”

“Good,” you smiled, “my parents are out of town and you’re the only person I can have over.”

“Oh, I thought you just wanted to hang out…”

“I do, but it’s by choice—not because I’m lonely; I enjoy your company.”

There was a light pink brushed upon his cheeks and soon enough you felt your cheeks burning lightly, “Thanks.” he laughed, “Movies, video games, and pizza?”

“Only if there’s junk food.”

“Of course.” He nodded, “It wouldn’t be a sleep over without it.”

“I’ll meet you at the school gates?” You asked, noticing only a few minutes of class left.

He set his project to the side for Monday and gathered his things, “I need to get some clothes before I head over there, I’ll pick up the food on my way there too; just head home.”

“Okay,” You pulled your backpack on and opened your arms, “Bye, Yoongi.”

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and you both stood there for about a minute just holding each other closely, “Bye, (Y/N).” He mumbled in your hair.

As you began walking out a girl you casually talked to came behind you, “You and Yoongi are finally an item?!” She squealed, “You guys are so cute together!”

Before you could clear things up she ran over to her group of friends to gossip. Although Yoongi was a sweetheart with you, he was the most popular kid in your grade; ever since sixth grade, actually. Everyone questioned him why he would ever hang out with someone like you, not understanding the fact you two had known each other practically your whole lives and there was nothing in the world that could break you two apart. He’d smile and change the subject, knowing they would tell him to ignore you. You were the quiet and reserved person, the one that no one paid attention to and barely knew unless they asked Yoongi who you were but quickly forgot afterwards. You walked to your next class thinking about what that girl could have been telling her friends and how fast it would spread that Yoongi was your boyfriend.


Before Yoongi had gotten to your house you showered and got comfortable on the couch. There was a knock at your door; it was Yoongi. When you opened the door he was smiling his beautiful cave smile he was know for as he held something behind his back, “(Y/N)~” he sang, “I got you something.”

“What is it Yoongi?”

“Well, have you seen social media lately?” He asked as you went back to the couch and he closed the door.


“Check then, it’d be a lot better if you knew about what happening before hand.”

Yoongi’s attitude was extremely ecstatic, he was never this happy and confident before; it was adorable and a bit sexy. You grabbed your phone and began to scroll through the social media source most popular in your school: everywhere there was posts about you and Yoongi going out and how ‘cute’ you two were. “Oh…” You felt you cheeks burning up.

“So, I gotta ask…” He started, “Do you like me? Because I sure like you—for years, (Y/N).” He confessed, he sounded as if it was a weight lifted from his chest. “I really do,” he laughed, “I never thought I’d build up enough confidence to tell you, but now since this rumor is going around…” he knelt down on one knee in front of you, “(Y/N), why don’t we make the rumor true?” He pulled out a bouquet of roses from behind his back and held them out to you. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You felt the heat travel to your entire face rather than it just being focused on your cheeks now. “Y-Yes.”

“Really?” He stood up, “Thank you so much.” He held you tightly in an embrace, “It means the world to me that I finally get to be with you the way I’ve been thinking about you for so long.”

“I’ve liked you for a while too, Yoongi.”

He smiled and cupped your cheeks as he leaned in to give you a soft and sweet kiss upon your lips. It was like sugar, so sweet and so nice. He was now yours and you were now his: the most popular couple in school with a long history behind you two. Yoongi cuddled you the whole night and fell asleep spooning you as you watched a movie after you ate. There’s nothing like the warmth of the person you care for the most as you sleep; Yoongi was your cute teddy bear—a big, popular, and wise teddy bear that’s just perfect for you.

anonymous asked:

Why you say Hınata worse than Sakura? what are the reasons? Sakura's not useless but a very very weak character with simple and plain appearance and abilities compares to Hınata (pretty,stronger,independent, confident than Sakura). It's always NaruHina then SasuSaku, never SasuSaku then NaruHina. SS is just too plain. But I wanna know your reasons.

Kishimoto’s female character design ranges from tolerable to lazy and tacky. When I look at Kishi’s female character design, I’d be like “dude, open a fashion magazine for reference once in a while”. Hinata has the most plain and lazy hair style, her eyes look like she’s warging (if you watch game of thrones), her clothes are tacky and provincial. Her design is not appealing, she looks like a background character.

Sakura at least has a personality, she’s sorta entertaining when she’s bitchy in part 1. Hinata is just bland and dull. I’d rather listen to Sakura bitch about her chipped nails than listen to Hinata saying “Naruto kun”. 

Hinata is “strong, independent, confident”????? I’m lost. I think you’re confusing the fanfic version with the canon version. She’s useless. She lost all her fights. Everytime she tries to do something, she fails. She tried to attack Pein, got one-paneled. She tried to run to Naruto, tripped over a rock. She didn’t even advance to jounin. She’s the failure her father expected her to become; mediocre, unambitious, lacks the backbone and sense of responsibility to lead a clan. She’s such an embarrassment. All she wants in life is getting a man, or by someone’s side, that’s the opposite of “independent”. I don’t think she’s confident. She might show some reckless bravado when she made a confession, but it just made her even more obnoxious. Characters who revolve around their crushes are disgusting.

“It’s always NaruHina then SasuSaku, never SasuSaku then NaruHina. SS is just too plain.”

I’m pretty confident at this stage, your fandom is even more insular than SS, and the majority of your fandom never read the manga. Sakura is the character who’s canonically referred as pretty. For as long as I’ve been in this fandom, SS is also the ship who’s frequently said to be most tolerable aesthetically out of the big 3. 

For real tho, If appearance is that important to you, why ship naruto characters? most of them are pretty ugly. There’re loads of anime with way better character design.