tacky leopard print


From this picture. We can observe a few things.

-This place is pretty local. We see Yuuri and Victor carrying fresh groceries (which literally imply once again, they probably live together lol). If this place was not local, I doubt Viktuuri would be shopping for gorceries there.

-Yuri is definitely DRESSED UP from his usual street fashion of tacky leopard print or tiger stripes. Similarly, Otabek, my boy, my light, is wearing such an elegant and cute sweater. Both of these boys EVIDENTLY made an effort in looking more formal than they usually do. And in the context of this situation, they definitely cared a lot about this date in order to change their usual style.

-THEY WERE SHARING MUSIC??? MY SKIN IS CLEAR??? MY LIFE IS COMPLETE??? They were probably super into it because they both look super interrupted and surprised at Viktuuri’s intrusion.

-OK LEMME POINT out how fUCKING PROUD BOTH YURI’S PARENTS LOOK? Yuuri looks so happy and looks as if is wishing Yuri a happy time while Viktor is just “man, my son is growing up and finally not that much of an angsty edgelord.”


Pretty Boy

Sometimes Yuri misses it, misses the short skirts and the cute dresses and the thigh high stockings with the garter belts, misses the way his legs look in high heels. He misses kissing boys, having his lipstick smeared all over their necks and faces. He’d never admit it out loud, and he’d never be seen in public like that, but maybe, just maybe Viktor can convince him to indulge in such things again.

Pairing: Viktor/Yuri P

Word Count:  6250

Rating: M

Please note that this fic contains non-explicit sex scenes and crossdresing kink with a trans male character, so please be aware of that. 

Written for the @yoi-shit-bang! The matching artwork was illustrated by @iron-stride and can be found here. Please give it a look! ^^

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There are many things in life Yuri loves to indulge in. He loves wearing tacky leopard print punk clothing, he loves foods which are way too high in carbohydrates, and he loves cuddling with cats, fur on his expensive black clothing be damned. Still, in spite of how unapologetic he is for his vices, there are some which burn in the abyss of his soul, never to see the light of day, and as he runs his fingers over the black pleather miniskirt on display, he is reminded of such things he yearns for that he will never, ever partake in.

“You want it, don’t you?”

Yuri jumps back, pulled away from his thoughts and attention averted from the skirt on display. He shoots a glare toward Viktor, “Don’t sneak up on me like that!” He grumbles a bit too loud. Viktor merely chuckles in response and lovingly wraps his arm around Yuri’s waist.

“Sorry about that, Kitten, I didn’t mean to startle you, but I suppose you were a bit lost in thought there.”

Despite his grumbling, Yuri leans into Viktor’s grasp, a silent apology accepted.

Still, Viktor’s not one to leave Yuri’s desires unattended to, and when his first inquiry goes unanswered, he’s quick to ask again.

“Still, that’s a cute skirt that got your attention. Do you want it?”

Yuri immediately bristles at the question, pulling away from Viktor’s arms and giving him a look, which is all it takes for Viktor to know he fucked up and asked the wrong thing.

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Both @angstgods and @yours-julie gave me the prompt of 92- You’re so clingy, I love it.

So, in typical Cat fashion, he’s some Otayuri angst. 

and @ded-i-am-just-ded - think of this as part of our angst off (;

(I’m not gonna lie, my throat feels tight just editing this- sorry if you guys were expecting fluff s: )

Trigger Warnings: Character Death, Suicide. You have been warned.

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i feel like there needs to be more appreciation for just how much of a weird character skye is despite being a garden-variety white haired pretty boy because like

  • he’s a phantom thief and although he obviously does it for the attention (calling card, uses his real name, etc) keeps saying he’ll tell you one day the deep reason ~why he steals~
  • yet never actually does
  • inexplicably has magical powers yet is a normal human being in every other way as far as we know??
  • these powers somehow only affect beautiful woman but like who even judges who is beautiful enough to be immobilized by the chick beam. is it skye
  • that seems really inconvenient if you can only freeze a very small amount of people consisting just of whom you find personally attractive
  • you can literally just seduce him with curry
  • cannot however be seduced by your dog and in fact thinks it’s kind of gross
  • clearly cares a lot about his personal appearance and hygiene, probably has an exhaustive self-care routine and would be better at applying eyeliner than you or i
  • yet exclusively wears tacky leopard-print shirts in various different colors
  • is completely and utterly nocturnal but is forced to be awake during the day post-marriage
  • acts like a suave playboy but apparently has low enough self esteem that he in no way considers that the blue feather that you have shoved in his face might possibly be for him