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Luck Be A Daisy

Characters- Sam x Reader

Summary- A fall picnic with your dog ends up being more eventful than originally expected. 

Word Count- 1,003

Warnings- None. Just utter, devastating Sam fluff.

A/N- This is part of @idreamofhazel‘s Traits of Sam Challenge! The prompt was Sam + Dogs, so how could I pass up the adorableness of Sammy with a doggy? This is also dedicated to @jpadjackles for being the best smol a girl could ask for. She’s such a blessing in my life and a ray of sunshine. Really though, she’s the best and you really should give her a follow if you haven’t already. x

Really, it could have only happened to you.

An early fall picnic with your dog sounded like such a great idea when you had it earlier that morning, before you’d even had your coffee. Though the reality was much harsher than your 8 am brain had anticipated. Your golden retriever Daisy was very well-mannered despite her youth, making taking her out so easy. The trouble was that she was like a live-wire for some reason today.

The entire way to the park, she pulled at her leash and whacked you repeatedly with her overexcited tail. Prancing excitedly at your feet, she waited for you to settle down in a nice spot on the grass. Smoothing out the plaid blanket, you sank to your knees and sat cross-legged as you started pulling food out of your bag. Daisy waited none-too-patiently as you pulled out her bowl and food, excited to eat.

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watersport5  asked:

Any secret tips for new dog owners? I've been doing a lot of reading and everything is pretty much the same, stock information. anything interesting, not-commonly-thought of, or not-mentioned-enough that you've learnt from your experience?

I haven’t been a new dog owner in my whole life lol (we’ve had dogs since I was a kid). Uhm.. the main thing I try to tell people is that when you do the research, sit and think about what you read. Can you REALLY deal with a puppy having to go potty every 20 minutes for the first couple weeks? Can you REALLY deal with nipping until they are trained? Can you REALLY be consistent in training so the dog understands what you want? If you think you are, but don’t follow through, are you prepared to call in a professional trainer to help you? (That costs money. You will burn through money when you have a dog.) Can you REALLY not blame the DOG for not knowing what you want from them? Can you REALLY incorporate the dog into your family? They’re pack animals. They need companionship in some form. Be honest with yourself. For example, training is on-going and a few re-directions to a toy isn’t going to train your puppy not to nip. Doing that consistently over time will result in a trained adult dog. Some take a month. Some take a year. Every dog is different.

Of course there’s also the fact that dogs needs vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative, a good healthy diet, sometimes flea and tick preventative, yearly tests and exams. $$$

Be prepared to do research on the latest trends/developments in dog care too! Most books are outdated. But don’t fall into trendy traps either - get multiple views so you can make an educated decision for yourself!

If you’re looking at a specific breed, read about the breed, and assume your dog will exhibit ALL known breed traits (even though they might not). If it’s a husky, assume it will hunt small animals, dig holes everywhere, not be able to be off leash, not listen to you at all (go “deaf”), escape your yard, destroy your stuff with a smile on its face, etc. Even if yours ends up not doing these things, assume the worst so you’re READY to tackle it head-on. Some people encounter none of the above with their husky! Some only a few, some are unfortunate to have EVERY trait. But assume the “worst” so you’re prepared!

Oh and be ready for the 3 P’s - lots of poop, pee and puke! No matter what ;)

The unconditional love you get in return makes it all worth it.

There’s a ton more but that’s all I can think about to ramble on about right now lol.

Good luck with your new dog! :3

EDIT: If you were looking for specifics it’s hard to just come up with some randomly, but if you have specific questions you can also send me a message or ask and I can relay my experience with the situation! :3

Type’s Reactions To Thunderstorms

These are all real reactions I’ve seen from people after lightning & thunder storms.

ESTP, ISFP: (calling each other to notify each other) YAS YAS YAS SO MUCH YAS


ESFP: I almost died several times

ENFJ, INFJ, ESFJ: It woke up my entire family and I slept through the whole thing so I missed it, whoops.

ESTJ, ENTJ: Yes, it briefly woke me up but I ignored it and went back to sleep.


ISTJ, ISFJ: It was kinda scary :o But it’s gone now

ISTP: It reminded me I still need to fix my clapping light.

INTP, INTJ: I was already awake anyway, so I didn’t really notice.