tackle bang

Allura twisted her wrist out of Shiro’s grasp, laughing uncontrollably at his attempts to slow her down as they raced down the long castle corridor. 

 “You can’t beat an Altean at her own game! Nice try, mithnir,” She taunted, narrowly avoiding another one of his side-swipes. 

“Who are you calling a mithnir, you mithnir?” Shiro grinned from ear to ear and his fingertips brushed her waist before she darted once more out of his reach. Allura bit off her giggle at the misinterpretation and put on another burst of speed. The two sped past the training room, where the other sparring paladins stopped short in bewilderment. 

Pidge peered out the doorway, “Are they calling each other… cuties?”

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For the oneshot thing, maybe something about young Wilford and young Dark just having a rare day where they get along and just cause chaos for random pedestrians? Or something like that idk

(So this is what happens when I watch a show about haunted houses…)

Dark tosses a dart at the picture of Mark and sighs dramatically. “I’m so bored,” he groans as Wilford wanders into the room with two mugs of hot cocoa in his hands and a lampshade on his head.

“No kidding,” Wilford mutters, handing Dark one of the mugs and plopping down onto the couch without spilling a drop. He takes a sip of his cocoa, leaving whipped cream all over his mustache and nose. “I wanna break stuff and maybe steal everyone’s left shoe. Can we do that?”

Dark pinches the bridge of his nose and creates another dart between his fingers to toss at the picture of Mark. “I’m going to need a better plan than that, Will.”

Wilford pouts before he tilts the lampshade back away from his eyes, grinning and wiggling his eyebrows. “Oh, I have an idea, and you’re going to like this one…”

Mark is in the middle of recording when all the power in the house cuts off at once. He throws off his headphones in frustration and goes to find the breaker box. He tries to switch the power back on, but nothing happens. He wanders back inside, looking around and finding that the furniture has moved into a single pyramid.

Mark backs up slowly into a hooded figure who is cold to the touch and looming over him. Mark screams and runs for his room, locking the door behind him, only to find that everything in the bedroom has been transferred to the ceiling. Something starts banging on Mark’s door, and Chica whines at Mark from her corner. “Come here, Chica. Come here!”

Chica runs over and practically tackles Mark. The banging on the door stops suddenly, and the lights come back on. Mark opens the door a crack to find that the hooded figure has disappeared. Chica licks Mark’s face until he pets her and calms down. “I don’t know what that was, bub, but I have a feeling a certain pair of Egos were involved…”

Somewhere outside, Dark throws back the hood of the grim reaper costume and Wilford cleans the super glue off of his fingers. They poof back to their house, cackling and hugging their sides.

for how hard jolyne and giorno’s hair must be, every morning:

jolyne’s hair is colored green in three different segments. Her bangs are easy but threading out the two green wefts of hairs from the rest of her black hair takes for fucking ever. and then you have to put the black part of her hair up in buns. and then you have to braid the green wefts and wrap it around the buns, culminating in a final braid at the back. total work: 1 ½ hours jotaro could have spent getting ready for work or helping her get ready for school.

giorno’s hair is simpler… at first glance. first you have to bobby pin his bangs then feather the mullet-esque part of his hair with some styling gel, then braid the back. With this easy part out of the way, now you have to tackle the bangs. giorno’s bangs would have to be far, far longer than the back of his head to accomodate rolls that thick. Bobby pin, roll, titanium hairspray, bobbypin, roll, titanium hairspray, tediously until one roll is complete and you can move onto the next. time taken: 2 hours dio could have spent freshening up, which he still has to do. giorno has an early bedtime because this. this is why

in short: PTA meetings!dads are equal parts devoted and barely sleep a wink