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Hi!, emmm sorry if I'm bother you...Are you ok? it's everything all right?? Dude, I miss your art. Hope you're fine :) :)

You’re not bothering me! To be honest I’ve been really down lately and haven’t had the energy or motivation to do art, but I’m going to try to start drawing again soon :’)))

Sorry to tack this onto my reply but to anyone that’s sent me a message in the last week or two and I haven’t answered, this is why. I’ll try to answer you as soon as I can, I’m just very tired and mentally drained. 

Thank you for your concern, anon, I appreciate it. Take care!

I like Pokespe. I like its representation of Pokemon, how it handles characterizations, and how it implements elements from the video game generation it’s based on. I don’t like “remake” or “sequel” arcs. Kusaka most likely feels the same way.

Why? Because it feels tacked on. Let me explain.

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Why Neal Should Have Lived

This post is about why Neal/Baelfire should have been the one to live, not Hook. And I will prove it with the show itself, by replacing Hook with Neal in every season since his death (S1 and S2 and S3a obviously will not be covered).

S3 finales: By this I mean the back in time episodes at the end of ths season, because Hook doesn’t do much to defeat Zelena and neither would Neal if you swapped him in. To do a quick recap, Emma and Hook were thrown back in time to the EF where they saw iconic scenes (Snowing meeting) and had to get help from Rumple. Swapping out Neal with Hook makes much more sense and makes the arc more effective and feel like less of a tack on to promote CS and shoehorn in Frozen arc. Sending Neal with Emma makes the arc more effective because they’re both going back to their native land, and they get to see their parents in special ways. Emma witnesses her parents meet, and Neal sees what his father has become after losing him. Much more effective already. Plus it would allow the characters to reconnect with each other after all that’s come between. In order to get back home to their son, Emma and Neal would have to go back to their Bonnie and Clyde style. Plus it could have a bittersweet ending with right before they enter the time portal to go back to Storybrooke, Neal telling his father that they meet again and reconcile, only for Rumple to have to drink the potion and lose all memory of it, while in the show Emma has to tell Rumple his son dies a hero, which is still a sad scene. (Sorry for the lack of specifics, I only watched the episodes once and never really paid attention because they were boring).

S4a: The Frozen arc was about self love, and indeed Emma coming to grips with her magic. Hook doesn’t do much except be a fairly supportive boyfriend (degrees of supportiveness are in the eyes of the beholder). Emma struggles to accept and control her magic, ultimately attempting to remove her magic. However, Hook doesn’t really work as well as Neal would. Emma grew up in a magicless world, and was a very down to earth, practical, skeptical, realistic woman. Of course magic would be uncomfortable to her. Hook doesn’t really know the pre-hey-everyone-in-SB-are-fairytale-characters-gotta-help-them Emma. He first met her as an enemy, then later as a woman desperate to save her son from Pan. All his interactions with her come when she’s somewhat acclimated to magical worlds and such. Neal knew her before, the lost girl who he fell in love with and planned to marry. He loved her before he knew her as the Savior, she was just a girl from TLWM at the time. So him supporting her through this arc, especially with Elsa helping as well, fits better. Plus he could help anchor Rumple, who at this point is trying to cleave himself from the dagger, and when he learns about the curse tries to get his family out with him. Neal would be much more suspicious of his father’s doings, and would definitely make the Herocrites treat him better, thus giving Rumple an incentive to help. Plus we could see StiltskinGold family interactions, and Neal’s worst self when the Shattered Sight Curse hit, which would be entertaining and create even more character depth.

S4b: I honestly don’t remember Hook doing much this arc except supporting Emma after she finds out what her parents did (almost like Hook has no role outside of being Emma’s boyfriend, hmm) and then in the finale helping Henry save her. And the Ursula episode. So if we swapped out Hook with Neal, we get a much deeper arc. Starting off with Belle kicking his father out without talking to anyone, then his father coming back with the QOD, interesting family dynamic there. And after finding out what Snowing did to baby Emma, telling her that her goodness doesn’t come from it. He watched magic corrupt his father, so he has more authority on magic altering people than Hook. And as for the Cruella episode, he would definitely get pissed at his father for allowing Henry to be kidnapped (regardless that Henry couldn’t be killed, still an asshole thing to do and Neal would definitely not like it), which is more interetring than learning about yet another person Hook wronged. And the finale…again, he could make Hook’s role emotional, as not only does Emma see the man she loves die, Henry sees his father die. Much more impactful. And of course losing Emma to the new DO…

S5a/b: (Reminder that no matter how crappy I think an arc was, I am only inserting Neal into what happened with only necessary changes (like the Ursula backstory ep changing because Hook would no longer be there). Emma becoming the DO was emotional for everyone, but Neal would feel it deeper. His gf just became the DO and he knows what that leads to, his father is in a coma and may die, and of course he’d want to protect his son from seeing his mom go dark. It makes it more interesting because he knows how the DO changes, and so he can help her family out with that, and worry over his father, especially when Emma takes him, which sets up conflict. Of course top it off with the arc’s crappy twist: he’s a DO too. This is where the arc would really change for the better rather than “Time to send your family to Hell…wait let me die a hero” and then everyone is off to the UW, it suddenly gets much more psychological which is want most people wanted from this arc. Neal has issues with his father, and the DOness would certainly bring those up, I can’t imagine him fighting his dad to send his son and his son’s family to Hell. It is way too OOC, Neal would never harm his son, much like Gold never hurt him. So it boils down to two people who love each other, have a son, and have a crapton of darkness in them. They have issues with themselves, each other, their families, and have to deal with the darkness amplifying those while trying to free themselves of the darkness. Of course, this could still lead to the UW arc, as Neal could decide to take on all the darkness and die so Emma can be free and Henry can have a non-darkness filled mom. Rumple of course would take the darkness, and down we go. But now we have a better reason. Emma has lost Neal before canonically (shot by Tamara) and in this swapverse add two more (Isaac’s AU and sacrificing himself for her) obviously she’d feel guilty because he died for her and she doesn’t want to lose him again. Also, he is her son’s father, and Rumple’s beloved son. More characters are invested, making the arc more believable and investing for us.

Note: Neal’s arcs have him as more than just Emma’s boyfriend.

Plus, he could get excited for getting a baby half-sibling and he and Emma could talk about having 30+ years younger siblings. And he could help Rumbelle by taking them both to task for their marital issues (both sides screwed up). All in all, Neal makes much more sense in the plot than Hook. I apologize if there were any errors or if it did not make sense. I have begun planning a fanfic for this though, so when I get that started I will post.

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Reading your post the thing that baffles me is: if Nanami's little hopeful class rep story is so important to sdr2 how is it that it isn't even averagely alluded to in the game? Especially by Junko? It's so blatantly clear it's clumsily made and tacked onto the lore it's kind of hilarious, it's like watching something made by someone who's idea of the plot/characters comes from a tumblr powerpoint post

You’re definitely right. The people responsible for DR3 Despair are trying to overwrite what really happened in DR2 without actually overwriting it. Every character except maybe Hinata was pretty much ignoring Chiaki the entire game until chapter 5. She died, but the class plowed forward anyway instead of falling into their forced despair tirade. This just isn’t lining up at all. It was obviously only done out of manipulation of the audience because their favourite waifu is now super important.

Gosh, I’m glad Komaeda, Naegi, and Izuru escaped this kind of shit.

It’s a miracle that Ford survived Weirdmageddon

Because Ford was already injured from the spaceship crash

Then, on the same day, he was nearly blown to bits in an explosion

Then only thee days after that he was severely electrocuted

This man went through physical hell but managed to stay alive. If that isn’t absolutely incredible, then I don’t know what is.

“And I slept. And slept. And slept. Until it was boring. And then I talked. Yelled. Screamed. And kept screaming. And I screamed and screamed. Someone would hear. Right? Someone would help? But… No one came.

And the screams… Started screaming back.”

I’ve been thinking about HOW the transformation took place? Was it gradual? Was he like that when he appeared in the anti-void? Or was it like an infection, slowly transforming parts of Sans until he wasn’t the same anymore?

Error!Sans (And the dialogue) belongs to @loverofpiggies and of course Undertale belongs to Toby Fox!