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I saw your answer on someone's q about a horse that's chewing like mad on the bit and my horse does that too but just when I ask her for some contact... (the bit fits, her teeth are ok, if I don't touch her mouth she leaves the bit alone). Especially when I try to bend her towards her "stiffer" side... idk what to do anymore and the barn owner said i should just wait it out and let her work her "frustration" out like that... I hope you have some advice for me... have a good day 💕

How does she bend in a halter? If she can’t flex left and right off a halter, she won’t be able to do it in a bit. If she can do it in a halter, I’d recommend a full cheek with a gentle mouthpiece, and let the lateral pressure help her out there.Y You can also hang the bit, keep the halter on, and work on those bitless flexions with the bit in her mouth. I also like this video on bitted flexions. He has another on lateral flexions tho I haven’t watched it recently.

But yeah work bitless, get her soft and flexible without the bit (and I don’t mean forcibly in one session a la Clinton Anderson, I mean gradually over the course of a few sessions, with gentle wiggling pressure, immediate release at the tiniest try, and never asking for more than she’s physically comfortable with), do the same bitless exercises while she’s bridled, and then the same exercises but off the bit.

That and general lunging/in hand/stretching work to make sure she’s relaxed and able to bend overall. If she’s stiff all through one side, just fixing her mouth won’t do anything.

Anywayyyy hope that helps?

Look at this monstrosity. Also, ever seen a center link like that? Looks… interesting.

TMFCK: It’s called a lifesaver! It’s a shitty pressure point right in the middle of the tongue. Great stuff. And by great stuff I mean it’s garbage. Especially on what looks like a wire wrapped mouthpiece. Can you say owwww


This moment from the DS9 episode Tacking into the Wind is very brief and subtle. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful scenes in the series with Casey Biggs and Nana Visitor handling it superbly. Damar is initially angry over Kira’s words. But then she shows regret on her face. And he opens his mouth almost as if he’s about to say something but stops. He just gives her a tiny nod of acknowledgement. And I always interpreted that as Damar understanding that given Cardassian history and his personal history, he really hadn’t been all that different than the Dominion.

things my daughter has said - a sentence meme

“I don’t want to love anyone. I just want to love dogs and youtube.”
“Look at this bunny! Look how fucking cute it is!”
“I have to eat all these cookies. I’m counting to thirty-seven.”
“If I was going to kill someone, I would poison them on Taco Tuesday because no one expects tacos.”
“Capitalism made the minions.” 
“If there’s no chicken nuggets, I don’t want to go.”
“I’m not afraid of blood. I see it all the time.”
“The floor is fine. I’ll stay here.”
“Oh, boy, here comes reality!”
“My least favorite piece of clothing is socks. They’re like pants for your feet.”
“There’s so many girls…”
“If I can’t hug a ghost, what’s the point?”

“I’ve only hit a guy once but I could do it again.”
“This smells like happiness and ketchup.”
“But is Dr. Phil really real?”
“I want to be a rock. Rocks get to lie down as much as they want.”
“I noticed a strange thing. Mostly when you say ‘maybe’, it’s in a pattern. A pattern of ‘no’.”
“I don’t understand but I’m angry about it.”
“I’m in love with you because you bring me food.”
“I’m going to kill everyone.”
“Oh, right in the head!”
“The world is going to keep going even if you don’t like it.”
“I would go to jail for you.”

So I’ve noticed

Most of this dumb site talks about girls like ‘uwu soft. beautiful. flawless. goddess. must hug and kiss. you’re ethereal diamond beings every single one of you!! girls gotta stick together! god yaaaass girls!!!’

But girls get older, and when they do, all that praise for girls becomes ‘racist Karen let me see the manager haircut Sue shitty brownies at the bake sale Helen rude racist screaming entitled Cathy gotta own this crusty old bitch Barbara’

Do girls stop being girls when they hit 30 or