Capture my heart while your face is smiling so bright and your eyes are locked up at my gaze. Tell me how the beats of your heart are for me and my smile filled up your mind. Tell me that I made you the happiest and you love the way you feel for me. Tack my hair behind my ear when it’s waving in front of my face while writing in a windy day. Stare at my eyes as if you’re gazing at sky at night. Sing to me my favorite song while staring at me with a smile on your face in between the beats of the song. Slow dance with me under the bright sky in the middle of the night. Tell me I’m beautiful even if I’m crying. Hold my hand when I’m down and when my day didn’t treat me well. Buy me ice cream when it rains so my feelings won’t divert in the rain. Sing me to sleep, watch me over while I’m sleeping until you fall asleep while I’m in between your arms. Whisper me how much you love me and every beats of your heart is my name. Write me a poem and make my name as the title of it. Pull me closer when I’m pushing you away. Tell me you’re the luckiest to have me. Make me fall in love you with you everyday so it will go deeper and deeper until I drown myself with the love you give and then leave me– leave me in the midst of the paradise you made and let me drown in the ocean of love you made.
—  L., this is how you kill me

The years are arbitrary, but going by this the next stage in the discourse surrounding sex in games is elevating Anna Anthropy text game aesthetics to the standard of writing one must adhere to, needlessly queering it (yes, it is in those games, but the fluffy awkward self-aware style also constantly appears in hetero drabbles) and never seeing how it’s a tool rather than an end itself.

It’s like taking a look at bodice rippers and run-of-the-mill porn and then concluding that the former is obviously much safer and realistic because ~it has a story and that makes it more real~, never mind that flesh-and-blood humans have meaningless casual sex without a stormy romance tacked on top of it all the time. 

The fumbling, hesitant yet pure, supposedly queer style of the hurt/comfort fic with a little sauciness on top is already a rote cliché. It’s rife with its own problematic implications (if you give a shit about those, which the Walker crowd probably does). Sex as a substitute for therapy, endless emotional self-sacrifice as a sign of purity of one’s love, co-dependency, redemption for the worst of villains, tossing consent overboard in some cases (remember that Gone Home had a note in which one half of the pair of lovebirds began kissing the other while she was asleep), etcetera. 

Uncharitable interpretation: these dudes hate their own sexuality and by wording it in supposedly queer terminology/dressing it up in a cutesy aesthetic it becomes defanged and they feel less guilty about being horny. Project all problematic elements of horniness on the Other, the dreaded gamerbro. View this sexual mode as inauthentic because, gosh, it’s commodified (as if ‘queer sexuality’ isn’t its own form of branding). Nobody’s buying it, in more than one meaning of the word. 

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Do you have any headcanons for Jackson in a relationship or as a friend or just in general ?

I’ve never posted any about him but I got to thinking and I really wanted to do it, so thanks for asking!

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As a best friend: 

  • Every Sunday since you could remember, your families would sit together at church so that’s how the two of you became best friends.
  • Growing up in the nice countryside meant the two of you could go playing and running out in the open. Your favorite game was tag but he ALWAYS caught you and you two would fall and laugh.
  • He would mess with you, a LOT. Of course you don’t mind this because you like to hear him laugh.
  • When the both of you were older he’d teach you how to shoot by starting with targets tacked onto hay stacks.
  • “C’mon (Y/N), it’s not even that far away.” He’d tease you and you’d roll your eyes.
  • “That’s easy for you to say.”
  • He’d take the gun from your hand and shoot it so effortlessly, hitting the target right in the middle. He’d look at you with a smug smile and you’d grab it back, muttering “showoff…”
  • When he told you he enlisted, you were so upset.
  • You’d hug him tight and cry into his shoulder. “I don’t want to live without you, please please make it home.”
  • He’d rub your back and hold you tightly, knowing it would be hard for him to be separated from his best friend.

As a significant other: (I’m segueing the whole best friend thing into this

  • He’d write you letters while he was away, talking about how much he missed you and his mom’s cooking.
  • “It’s a different world,” he’d write, “I just want to come back to you and my family.”
  • This would break your heart because you can’t imagine the things he’s seen.
  • As the two of you wrote to one another, you felt yourself starting to fall for him. When you were together he would joke around and tease, but once you read his letters, you got to know what he was thinking and how much depth he had.
  • Little did you know, he felt the same way.
  • When he finally made it back to you, he held you tightly as you sobbed into his shoulder.
  • “Don’t you ever leave me again!” You balled your fists around his collar and kissed him without even thinking.
  • He kissed you back deeply, his arms moving to your waist.
  • After that one kiss, you were hooked. 
  • The two of you spent every waking moment together, making up for lost time.
  • Your days were spent outdoors; you even agreed to learn how to shoot again.
  • He still teased you the same way like when you were younger. However this time, he moved behind you and held you, helping you position the gun perfectly.
  • You were a blushing mess, but you finally hit the target all the same.
  • Your nights were spent on porch swings or lying in the fields you two used to play in.
  • It wasn’t long until he proposed to you with his great grandmother’s ring.
  • The two of you were married just a few weeks later and you knew you’d be on cloud 9 for the rest of your life. <3


These are awful 1 am pictures with no makeup but my Armour of the Dragon Inquisitor is done!! I did it in like…120-140 hours which tbh is wild for me and I’m dying™. Also making some last second props in addition to my (not featured) sword.

All the armor is vinyl and I just used the usual craft foam+puffy paint for the gold metal. Rather than thumb tacks I used flat head file fasteners for the faux rivets.

SEE YA AT AB ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

Hey! Long time no post, but I’m trying to help out an old childhood game of mine. There has been another post made about Horse Isle before, but I’m really aspiring to help this game.

Anybody who wants to join but is afraid to because of the economy, I am more than willing to hook all of you up with a horse and some tack, along with some funds. You don’t need to be a sub or anything to enjoy the game, but it’s nice to have some money and a horse to help you get around and start off your account.

I’d really really love if I could bring some of the star stable community into the HI2 community. The game has definitely declined over the years but it’s still a game that, in my heart, is on the same level as star stable. The game is still being updated, though they are sparse.

I’d love to have all of you as my friends on HI because, let’s face it, having friends in games makes the game so much more enjoyable. If you would like to make an account and would like to claim a horse and some cash, mail me! I am on ETERNAL as Snapdragon, so don’t be afraid to mail me!

Thank you all so much for reading this and I hope this could convince y'all to give HI2 a try. It’s a really good game that suffers from a bad economy, but it still is so much fun. 💋

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No offense to Bella I've been following her since late 2013 but as an equestrian it bugs me how she says she had dreams of going to the olympics. Every vid I've ever seen of her riding she's jumped maybe 3ft6in fences MAX when Olympic fences are 5ft+. Her riding skills were never at that caliber so I'm always so confused when articles publish about her Olympic dreams being shattered??

Its called a PR stunt. Bella’s done them, too, guys. She needed something to make her more than a model and have a sad/interesting backstory- since when she came out the only thing people knew about her was the DUI and druggie boyfriend- so they fixed that in the media and it still gets tacked on to her interviews years later.

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5. Into Shadows We Fall?

5: What part was hardest to write? // Into Shadows We Fall

This is actually easy to answer.

Chapter 4 - the sexual assault scene. It was crushingly hard to write, and for a long time, I couldn’t reread it. I couldn’t even reread it to refer back to it while answering comments for a while.

It was a mixture of the challenges of the scene itself (I worried a lot that people wouldn’t find Augus’ change of tack and his using comfort as a form of abuse valid - and honestly I did get like two or three comments/asks to that effect, though thankfully most people saw what I was trying to do and felt the impact), and also real life concerns about making the story that dark. I wanted to do it for myself, but I knew there would be some readers who wouldn’t stay through an event like that, and I questioned myself and second-guessed myself and grilled myself over it for ages.

For a long time I also went back and forth over how far things would go, too. I was pretty blocked on how much Jack should actually experience. I had to ask questions like: ‘what do I realistically think he can recover from in the length of the story? What am I trying to do/achieve? What will his PTSD look like? How will that intersect with Pitch?’ Idk, I angsted a lot over that scene, which meant I’d write two paragraphs and then have to walk away and grit my teeth over it for hours before coming back and writing another two paragraphs etc.

I reread it recently and I actually like the chapter. I mean I don’t like what happens, I just like how I executed it.


This moment from the DS9 episode Tacking into the Wind is very brief and subtle. Yet, it’s one of the most powerful scenes in the series with Casey Biggs and Nana Visitor handling it superbly. Damar is initially angry over Kira’s words. But then she shows regret on her face. And he opens his mouth almost as if he’s about to say something but stops. He just gives her a tiny nod of acknowledgement. And I always interpreted that as Damar understanding that given Cardassian history and his personal history, he really hadn’t been all that different than the Dominion.


HITS Winter Circuit by Turn the Barrel