Looking through my collection of the “Musical Touken Ranbu” in “Shibuya no Oto” photos and dying of amusement at their adorableness xD

Featuring the dynamics and backstage antics of Team Sanjou with Kashuu Kiyomitsu as told by:

Kuroba Mario (that time when everyone joined Mikazuki for his daily tea)

Sato Ryuji (that time when Kiyomitsu’s fixation with his hair infected everyone else)

Kitazono Ryo (that time when Kogitsunemaru decided that everyone needed to know how to do the fox hand sign)

Sakiyama Tsubasa (that time when everyone was actually properly prepared for battle, which may or may not have anything to do with Ishikirimaru’s purification)

Saeki Daichi (that time when everyone was caught up in Iwatooshi’s infectious energy)

Ohira Shunya (that time when Imanotsurugi managed to rope everyone into playing the Daruma-san ga Koronda [1] game with him)


[1] Daruma ga Koronda - Also known as “Statues”, “Red Light/Green Light” or “Grandmother’s Footsteps”.

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If your schedule permits and of course if you want to, can you schedule a liveblog next week on January 20th? I (and I think many others too) can use a distraction from the hellscape that is Trump inauguration. Whether you can do it or not, thank you because you're always kind.

Oh anon, thank you for such a nice compliment. 

I’m checking the calendar now and it looks like I AM, in fact, free that day. 



Under the mistletoe

Honoka and Tsubasa enjoy Christmas with their child and for the first time in months get some private time. TsubaHono

Word Count: 1857

[Ao3] [FF.net]

AN: This one is for @seigus for being a blessing to the TsubaHono fans. I wanted to write this for a month but just now managed to get it written.

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…Now to the boyz…X3

So they actually claimed that they’ll be going through ‘renewal’ and yeah, they really weren’t joking about it…This episode, outside of the three remaining three super dorks, is so different than before!! XD

And they seriously are renewing the old corners too. I actually found it weird that they suddenly introduced a new corner in KiraBR twitter called “Konshuu no Spotlight” (This week’s Spotlight)…since my first thought was “They’re bringing ‘Spotlight ga Mabushikute’ corner back??” And they just confirmed it that they’re bringing old corners back…with that corner and new corner “KiraKira☆Otome Juku” (Sparkling☆Otome Cram Course)…and the mafia corner which replaced normal jingle, where Boss will once again become “Boss”, put out a question and they must answer at the same time. Whoever reply different will be the “traitor”…XD

For those who don’t know, “Spotlight ga Mabushikute” (The Spotlight’s So Bright) is their very first corner in the old radio (aka the oldest corner of this radio) where listeners will send in letters about any lighthearted and positive episodes they have and the three will vote on them. Also, during around episode 20-45-ish, there was also the corner “Kirakira☆Otokogi Juku” (Sparkling☆Manly Cram Course) which the listeners will send in letters of what they think are qualities of being the true man to Jukuchou (principal), which for some reasons was originally Egu, and they might try it out (like with the Helium one that I’ve previous uploaded)…As for the Mafia corner, not sure, but was that supposed to originate from G-men corner? XD

BUT!! Most importantly, THE DORKY TRIO JUST GOT A NEW TOY!! They got kinda like a button pad with different sound effects, and they seriously played with it so much it’s so funny! Boss just won’t stop shooting at Egu…XD (Now it’s just the matter of time before KimuYona duo record Egu’s usual tsukkomi, like “CHOTTO!!” “USO DESHOU!!” “IINDESHOU!!” “I just maxed out my card!!”, and just press those instead of calling Egu to the radio…X3 )

In defense of Sakura’s scheme in Infinity, the “kill anyone with stronger magic” curse placed on Fai was to get rid of Tsubasa the moment the kid needed to use magic to win that battle. And the only way to get rid of that curse is to activate it. Sakura took it on herself with a contingent plan to keep herself alive, whereas if it had been unleased on Tsubasa the kid would have certainly been dead. Is it ruthless bordering on cruel on Sakura’s part to the family (especially given Fai’s history)? Yes. Is it absolutely necessary? Heck yes. Sakura said it herself to Watanuki that she knew she hurt her family by keeping secret (yes, to even Fai), but that was something she had to do to keep the family alive, in defiance of her vision of the family that Fai’d kill Tsubasa and in the fallout both he and Kurogane likely would die too (and you know, if it’s a vision, it’s 99% it will happen - Greek tragedy style). If they had known, Kurogane and Tsubasa would try to stop her to protect her, which would lead to the ticking bomb remaining in Fai at best and her vision becoming real at worst. Because hello, strong as they are Kurogane and Tsubasa are no match to FWR with respect to magic or foreknowledge. Kurogane likes to talk tough but he knows nothing about the stakes of their situation or the solution. The reason they got out of Ceres more or less intact (ha) at all is a combination of pre-planning by both Yuuko (Mokona’s earring) and Tomoyo (the protection spell placed on Kurogane she calls a curse to stop Kuro from killing + the conveniently timed dream).

(Yeah, “I know better than you and you don’t need to know this” is really irritating but imo Sakura’s hands were forced in this specific case. She was aware what she did wasn’t 100% OK too.)

P.S. There is a discussion to be had about how in TRC Kurogane was always kept in the dark about the stakes of the situation by his allies and only informed of the way out in absolute emergency (like with Ceres). Fai doesn’t count because he is in the beginning on the other side, plus his own traumatic situation with Ashura. Tomoyo basically bluffed to Kurogane about the real purpose of the spell, as well as exactly why he was sent to the journey (for his own self-improvement, but also to, you know, keep the universe whole and to defuse the time bomb of a powerful and traumatised wizard). Yuuko is Yuuko. He is really the Witch’s Pawn, brought on to act but no need to tell him anything.

SQ Official Twitter: 10 September 2015

translated by kodawarii @ tsukipro-en

A Sequel ① ☆

Shiki: Someone very important scolded me during Tsukifes, telling me I should promote our CD more, so we had a plan to insert the promotions in between the talk, but…
Tsubasa: Ah, that “SolidS Vol. 2 goes on sale May 29!” thing, right? Shiki said it so many times the audience memorized it and I even saw it on my timeline (laughs)
Shiki: I’m thinking of saying something new soon

A Sequel ② ☆

Tsubasa: Ah, it’s because the next release is a double-release
Shiki: SolidS Vol. 4 and the visual book both go on sale on October 30! Please do check them out!

# There’s a bonus if you purchase them at the same time!