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I know exactly what you mean, I often feel that way myself. I did GISHWHES last year and I want to tell you that it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I didn’t see or meet anyone amazing, but the license to be weird and have an excuse was incredibly liberating.

I went to the store and put all their Jell-O in a basket, went to the check out and when they just looked at me I told them it was a scavenger hunt and they got really curious and we wound up talking about it. It helped me learn how to talk to people. It didn’t turn me into an extrovert by any means, I still spend most of my time sitting in front of my computer, trying to write and crying, but it taught me how to pretend I was.

You get to let out all the creativity you don’t get to use in every day life. You get to roll around in Jell-O, BBQ Barbies, and leave flowers on strangers’ windshields. It’s basically a mental cleanse.

And if you really, really don’t want to interact with someone under anycircumstances, and I can’t stress this enough, you will not be a burden on the team.

There are plenty of tasks you can do at home! Or you can be administrative and help coordinate all the other tasks with the other team members and take count of what’s been completed and upload pictures and video- seriously, anyone can do this scavenger hunt.

As long as you want to put in the effort, you will be an amazing addition to any team. And if you just want to do the items you’re comfortable with, that’s what the fourteen other people on your team are for. And once you’re done with your items, if you feel you want to push your boundaries a little, there are plenty more to choose from.

I would encourage anyone to do GISHWHES. It’s good for you. And it’s fun and you get to interact and collaborate with people from all over the globe.

If you decide you want to, I’d love to have you on my team! And if you want to ask more questions, absolutely feel free to! xoxo

    gorgeousnerd answered your questionI’ve been struggling lately with settling into a…

    Work on it! The world deserves to see the funny, and you can totally write it.

    I CAN FUCKING WELL TRY! And I suppose if I fail, it’ll probably result in Bucky feels, which this fic could use more of anyway.
    mickimonster answered your questionI’ve been struggling lately with settling into a…

    … pls pls PLS finish the steve roadtrip fic- that excerpt is comedy gold and I am having the sort of semester that needs funny! PLEASE!

    I’ll warn you: it falls into my favorite category of humor fic, which is fic that lures you in with the funny and then punch you in the heart. (But everything I like writing best involves heart-punching, this should surprise no one.)
    tacitpermission answered your questionI’ve been struggling lately with settling into a…

    OMG please? I would offer you my first born child…but that’s not happening…

     That’s okay, babies are expensive anyway.  THANK YOU, GUYS. You are fucking lovely and that was exactly the nudge I needed.   

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    1) yessss 2) the post under this on my dashboard was totally a random animated GIF of a gay handjob from that blog I guess I still haven’t unfollowed 3) booze and fucks replenishing party next weekend/Friday? Not this, the next one. Post KS and post trip

    constant-instigator replied to your post

    Addendum: that was not an invitation to a drunken orgy. Those were metaphorical fucks. 

    constant-instigator replied to your post

    Additionally, if you get even any snippets down and feel like an ego boost, I promise to gush over them enthusiastically if you send me them.

    constant-instigator replied to your post

    The gushing will also be metaphorical and now I’m going to bed before I say anything else that sounds innapropriate.

    PRESERVING THESE FOR POSTERITY. Sweetie, get some sleep. Yes to party.

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    This is one of the reasons I worry that they are making Coulson a Life Model Decoy in the show. Some of the things that they’ve said about how he survived keep pointing that way. :(

    Honestly, I would have thought the same thing if not for Clark’s whole “The way Joss laid it out for me was so complex and so perfect that I was in before he finished his pitch” thing.

    ‘Oh, he’s just an LMD!’ just doesn’t strike me as all that nuanced, y'know?

    tacitpermission asked:

    Would you be willing to answer a question about your writing process? man that sounds pretentious, I'm just curious about how many hours a day you write/edit?

    Yes, totally. I love questions about craft, like, A LOT. (I finished my master’s in writing this spring, which was pretty much six years of asking craft questions.)

    How much time I spend on writing in a day depends on what part of a project I’m working on. The start of a project varies wildly - some days I’ll spend a couple of hours writing a scene I’m excited about or taking a shit ton of notes, other days I won’t write at all except for in my head. When I get my footing in a first draft or revision, I probably average between 2-4 hours a day. When I hit the climax of the story (especially in a first draft), I tend to try to get it all done in a rush, spending a few days holed up in my apartment, mainlining Dr. Pepper and working on that project 12-16 hours/day. 

    Also, I usually have at least one random day in a week when I need a break from the project and get zero work done in favor of marathoning a TV show. I used to beat myself up about it because OMG UNPRODUCTIVE PERIODS NOOOO *HUFFLEPUFF GUILT* but that break is VITAL. I get hopelessly emotionally over-invested in whatever I’m working on, so my brain needs breaks mid-project. If I try to work straight through, my emotional energy meter bottoms out and I crash around the 90% point in the story. (That happened with CFLC between chapters 8 and 9. I felt like shit for a few days before caving and watched most of Orange is the New Black. Then I was back to writing.)

    I also take a lot of break days between projects, because decompression is good. I worked on my thesis novel for 3-4 hours yesterday, but today I’m watching Dexter and giving zero fucks, and it’s wonderful. (I’ll start to get noticeably out of sorts if I spend longer than a couple of weeks on break, though. Writing keeps me sane in a very literal way.)

    1.  tacitpermission said: Thanks! I’m always curious about that. I once read a piece about Mercedes Lackey and how she did 10 pages a day no matter what, even if it took her 6 hours or 30 minutes. I’m trying to set a reasonable goal for myself as well :) thanks again

    Any time! :) I always wonder how other writers do it, too, since everyone’s methods are so different. I probably heard four or five dozen other writers describe their process while I was in my grad program, and no two were alike. WRITING PROCESSES ARE ALL TERRIBLE, FRUSTRATING SNOWFLAKES.

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    YOU DIDN’T GET THE CAP TRAILER? THAT’S FREAKING UNFAIR! DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK! Seriously they should have given you the trailer.

    RIGHT?! I WENT AN EXTRA 20 MINUTES OUT OF MY WAY AND PAID ALMOST TWICE THE PRICE SPECIFICALLY TO SEE IT AT A THEATRE THAT WAS SHOWING IT IN 3D TO SEE THE CAP TRAILER AND I GOT NOTHING!! I mean, we got to see the DoFP trailer, which was nice but the same thing that’s been online for weeks now. I know a crappy, low-quality version of the extended trailer leaked online, and I’m sure it will again, but after spending a week listening to everyone who saw it in 3D talking about it, I’m still frustrated that I didn’t get to see it on the big screen.

    tacitpermission replied to your post ”just got back from seeing Thor 2 (again)”

    oh no! that sux. Maybe it’s the theater you’re going to?

    I guess? it’s not the one I usually go to, I usually go to the cheap one that’s five minutes away and still only charges $6.75 for adult tickets, but they almost never have movies in 3D, so I ended up going to the fancy theatre that’s much bigger, much further away, much more expensive, and much easier to get to when you’re meeting people coming from all over town, but, apparently, no Cap 2 trailer :( I only go to that theatre once or twice a year but I’m still kind of pissed about it.