“Well, Babe, it’s not all that complicated.

I may not look or sound it, but I’m a pretty fair hand at trickin’ Imps into thinkin I’m one of ‘em.  Had been up to that for a bit at an Imperial Outpost on the ass end of nowhere.  Funny thing: you can find a lot of shady cantinas thereabouts.  But I was getting close to wearing out my welcome (not to mention tired of stuffing myself into those stiff-at-the-neck uniforms), so it was time to go for the big prize.  I left the station commander handcuffed to a bed and used his codes to open up all their secure files.  Conveniently, even the tiny outposts have access to some very interesting data if you know a bit of slicing.

You and your unfortunate meeting were listed there, so I made a stop over on my way outta dodge.  I’m all for pissin’ off anyone who lists a savvy twi'lek broker as 'alien space trash’ in his operation notes.  And I didn’t even know how pretty you were at the time, either.”

Kleskizhae telling Luciia that he foresees her doing great things someday because that’s the kind of stupid thing he says without actually thinking about it.

Remembering that Luciia’s the one who eventually kills him.

*lies on floor*

*rolls over*