Actual Tenipuri Nicknames [Pt.2/?]
Being the only member of Shitenhouji who didn’t get called to the U17 Camp would be more tolerable if someone at least remembered your name.

[Part 1]

  • Kagami:Ryōma passes to Kippei.
  • Lev:Kippei passes to Ryōma.
  • Kagami:Ryōma passes to Kippei Tachibana.
  • Lev:Without surprises Kippei passes to Ryōma.
  • Kagami:Ryōma passes to- Ah, he missed his pass!
  • Lev:Kippei wasn't able to get Ryōma's pass!
  • Kagami:But Ryōma raises his arm, he seems to be happy about missing his pass, what an idiot!
  • Lev:What will Kippei do? He passes to Ryōma, he doesn't blame him...
  • - Two idiots trying to be tennis commentators.