Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu: Winners and Losers

Just got back from our second viewing of Winners and Losers tonight (Thursday) and I just had to note some things that happened.

Thursday-specific notes:

  • Shouri forgot to clip on his hair braids as fem!Kuroo/Oikawa’s fangirl when he first came on. They kept falling off during the performance, too. I wonder if he’ll keep increasing the comedy from that bit and if they’ll keep it in the stage play.
  • During one “off-screen” practice, one of Kousuke’s spikes hit Allen in the face and careened towards the audience. It definitely didn’t seem intentional as everyone in the crowd gasped and everyone on stage started cracking up. Allen ran off stage for a quick second and came back in time to threaten violence to Oikawa and say his next line a few seconds later.
  • Kaito carried on the joke later when the first years were gossiping about Yahaba. His weak spike hit Iwa-chan in the forehead and he said, “Déjà vu!” I wonder why… >.>
  • The hit became a light-hearted running gag. During another side practice, Sonde pantomimed tossing at Shouri’s fangirl twice and Shouri acted like he’d been hit in the forehead both times.
  • At one point, Hiroki had Kouhei and Shiota in a double-armed headlock and was alternating giving them cheek kisses. Confirmed by the multiple twittering fangirls around us.
  • The intermission introductions with Kuroo and Kenma were different. This time, instead of not understanding Kenma breaking the fourth wall, it appears he’s okay with the phone instructions but not something else? This time, a phone rang and Shouri went into the audience to find the perpetrator. Kenma picked up and I /think/ the person might’ve been asking for Kuroo’s digits.
  • Kenta added some improv during the “Good work” that Hinata says to Kageyama. He and Kazuma played charades in varying the syllables in the phrase.
  • Mart-san didn’t give Yamaguchi a banana this time before the start of the match. Kairi did some… weird impersonation that will remain untranslated.
  • When Tanaka was getting all over Tsukishima asks why Kageyama sounds like Tanaka-san, Hiroki drags him back and totally says, “Shaddap!” I think we were the only ones out of the audience who laughed at that.
  • They’re getting sillier with the dokidoki’s for each senpai when Yamaguchi comes out as pinch server. I can’t imagine how it’ll be for the DVD.
  • Takato kept snickering during the second intermission introduction. He was losing it when Shouri was talking about the other Nekoma players. This version won’t make it into the DVD but it would’ve been nice to know what was happening.
  • Kenta didn’t say “Kenma?” this time when fem!Kenma/Oikawa’s fangirl was hanging around.

Sunday-specific notes:

  • When Takeda calls Ukai to rephrase his “first sip of beer” line, Hayashi uses Ryoutarou to portray the store manager during the Keishin-chan, I’d like some mirin sake line (previously, the skit was a one-man joke). Ryoutarou took it in stride and was able to play with his part.
  • Kousuke hits Karasuno, either Ukai or Nishinoya, during that one spike (the Iwa-chan spike) that emits smoke off the side of the stage.
  • During Kageyama’s serve, Tatsunari was supposed to serve it out of bounds… but it didn’t go out! Matsukawa had to pick it up and throw it off stage. Everyone’s “It’s out!” line changed to “Was it out? Yeah, it was totally out… >.>”
  • Players with athletic tape this show: Tacchan (a single band around his left elbow), Allen, Ken-chan (one of his legs and the entire left side of his neck), and Kenshin (one side of his left arm).
  • Correction: When Suga gets switched in, he puts Nishinoya and Tanaka in headlocks and blows them silly kisses.
  • After the first intermission, Kageyama comes out instead of Kenma when Kuroo calls for the Brain during his Nekoma chant with the audience. Kuroo gets suuper confused, especially when Kageyama starts asking the audience to turn off their phones, and even more confused when Kenma comes out, tries to give the same instructions again, and pretends not to see Kageyama. A better summary is here.
    • During this bit, I think Kenma calls Kuroo “Shiro”. Which is funny because kuro means black and shiro means white, but Kuroo’s stage actor’s name is Shouri… ha, ha…
  • Ken-chan ends up rubbing young!Daichi/Nishinoya’s stomach during the baby third year flashback.
  • Yamaguchi got way close when he was practicing his kabedon with Mart-san! That was new.
  • The bag of groceries that Mart-san gives to Yamaguchi before the stage of the game contained glasses this time. So he picks it up and does Tsukishima’s “Shut up, Yamaguchi!” line.
  • Judai and Sonde stole Kousuke’s thunder during the Aoba Josai thank you’s by saying “Thank you for supporting the two of us” before the rest of Aoba Josai could finish their comments. More details on the curtain call here.
  • Ryoutarou was the only one who cried during his part in the curtain call. He posted after about it in his blog.
  • But honestly, everyone appeared to be truly crying during the ending dinner scene until the end of curtain call.  As expected of the last night.

Common to all shows:

  • Hinata’s “Television of Oikawa’s Mind” where he acts out Oikawa’s thought process between Hinata’s “bring it" and “to me” signs. Kenta looks like he’s having a blast when he does his sultry “bring it”.
  • Ken-chan breaks the fourth wall during Yamaguchi’s practice flashback. Ennoshita is playing a female customer at Mart-san’s store when Daichi counts one of the team members on stage during the flashback. He calls to Ennoshita and the female customer/Ennoshita answers. XD

The admin for engekihaikyuu also saw the show and posted her reviews there. Go check them out, as they contain much more analysis than my impressions.

These really were three awesome performances. They make me want to start saving for a future trip to the next stage. I can’t wait until the DVD comes out!

Mail June 25th


it’s not raining
in Makuhari Messe ~(*°Д°*)yeah

took a lot of photos
with Yuuchan ~

I asked manager
to took this photo(*´A`*)↓ ↓ ↓

meeting the angels after HS event

Lot of people have come to see me
in the past 2 days of
Individual HS & Sign event in Makuhari Messe (*´Д`*)

I will embrace this feeling of gratitude
and keep doing my best in  my future activities
my fans will be my power
I will show you no matter what difficulities, I will cross it!!

thank you for everything

also …

I met these cute girls
after HS event ended (*°Д°*)

NGT48’s member
come to AKB lounge
on the break ~!!

although that I met mahohon
but I can’t bring myself to talk to her first(;q;)how cowardice…

16th gen girls is also present
I took lot of selfies with Zunchan

also I took a picture
with Tacchan (Taya Misaki chan)
for the first time …

Tacchan also subscribed
to my mobame …( °Д° )waaa

I want to talk more with 16th gen member
they’re so cute …

crave for chocolate mint

finally … finally …

finally I ate some chocolate mint …

super duper happiness ~ …(*°ω°*)


20/03/16 || a year since Ouroboros broke our hearts  

“We’ve arrived home, Tacchan”

last episode’s fav bromance moments:

  • Danno decides not to kill the man they wanted to kill for years because he’s Ikuo’s biological father.
  • Danno tries to save Ikuo by playing the bad guy and ditching him, relying on Mizuki to be with him and protect him.
  • Ikuo follows Danno and stays devoted to their purpose.
  • Danno doesn’t let Ikuo kill his father even after he’s been shot.
  • Ikuo decides he will die with Danno and rejects Mizuki and the happy life he could have with her.
  • On their way to Mahoroba they talk about the video tape Danno found with Yuiko sensei. Ikuo asks what she said about him, but Danno’s already dead after saying her name. Ikuo keeps driving while crying, doesn’t look even a moment at him (he couldn’t stand it) and says: “I can’t wait for your omurice Yuiko-sensei”
  • Ikuo arrives at their “home” with dead Danno. He sat him next to him in the kitchen, he looks at him and the last think he imagines before committing suicide is himself and Danno as kids hugging Yuiko-sensei and then happily eating omurice together.

Now plz excuse me while I’m drowning in feels

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Tatsuro: Happy Birthday for the 36 years old me!

Tatsuro: Eh no good. I’ve just made a tangled joke and tweeted about my birthday a day earlier. Now, I’ve received tweets from two real acquaintances (on top of that seniors), giving their elegant congratulation.  

What should I do? Apologize personally? Or….

Yabe Kyosuke: Happy Birthday! I wish this age to be a splendid one for you! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Tatsuro:  Thank you! The long-awaited Birthday is a rainy one, but I want to make it memorable!
Kenjiro: Tacchan! Haaapy Birthday! Ga–y!
Tatsuro: Hee?

Oku Yoshihiko: Tatsuro kun!!
Long time no see~
Happy Birthday!⤴︎
Tatsuro: Thank you! I’m grateful that I could peacefully welcome it.

Nibugo Morimoto: Congratulation! Such days are worth being grateful for.
Tatsuro: Isn’t it?

Masa Perry: Happy Bday!♩
Tatsuro: Danke schön.
Masa Perry: What the, I’ve felt in your trap, too?
Tatsuro: Bitte schön!