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yooo, has anyone sent u a fandom ask yet? fukin Naruto

omg this is so late im sorr and no!!! my ask box is a GHOST TOWN but fuckin Naruto

1. the character i least understand???: mayb some back stories take me a while to Fully understand like as a kid neji’s i was like huh (i understand))???? on and im still confused on kisames motives to kill his bros?? but its not like i dislike them (not even one bit)) i’ll just be like confused n stuff

2. the interactions i enjoyed the most: theres a billion, DEF shisui and itachi’s interactions just how positive their relationship is and now much they trust each other like there is no bitter rivalry (i like those relationships too tho but this is just a nice change) 

3. the character that scares me the most: i honestly dont know? when i was lil pain was like the biggest threat in shippuden at the time, and madara being mentioned was Super intimidating but now really im so used to it all so no one does i guess??? shrugs

4. which character is mostly like you: i like emotionally relate and connect the BEST with itachi for sure, like his weakness are similar to mine and stuff. but the one im the most Like idk, i have a really old hinata print and sometimes family will be like “uhhh u look like her” (i dont it’s only the hair) i guess a lot of the chars i have a bit of relations with. probably any uchiha bc they are sad emo existences just like Me lmao

5. hottest looks character: iTACHI again lmao idk ive been obsessed w nar since i was 12 so like over time all the character like ~grow~ on me im like yall are so hot? but the HOTTEST LOOKS is def like tach, pain, madara, shi, sauce, sasori, deidara, hidan???

6. the one thing i dislike about my fav characer: at certain times how he treats sauce, like uggghhh its so unessicary and out of character for him, i know theyre moments WAY before we knew who he really was but still i look back with how i see he’s shown now and im like ugghhhhhh nooooooo

7. one thing i like about my hated character: dihfjwekfhiew sauce is my least favorite character, but his concept is really good? i prefer fanon over canon sauce a lot bc i feel like kishi has NO idea what to do with him?? bc he’s super indecisive and it can get on me nerves sometimes (but thats a kishi flaw he’s bad with plot holes and knowing what he wants w major characters))

8. a quote of scene that haunts me: the entire series is HAUNTING one fucking long bad dream

9. a death that left me indifferent: id say itachi but lbr in canon he really Had to go along with a lot of other characters it pushed the story a lot, but neji’s death imo was SOOOOOOO fucking unnecessary im still bitter

10. a character i wish died but didnt: i wish the fucking series would die 700+ imo should’ve have happened, it just should’ved ended, i dont like the ending i just think the series is a being a dead horse thats being kicked, stopping stretching shit its becoming way to ridiculous and long now 

11. im so basic but narusas tbh 

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