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Tic Tac Toe Masterlist

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Pairing: Sam X Reader

Song Prompt: Haven’t met you yet- Michael Buble

AU: Business AU

Warnings: None, just fluff for most part ;)

Series status: COMPLETED

Summary: The reader shifts into a new city after being offered a dream job by a big firm. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect after an ugly break-up with a douche-bag Ex. But things turn out not as dreamy as she’d want them to be and the only thing that keeps her smiling is a totally coincidental game of Tic Tac Toe.

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Do Re Mi [Draco x Reader, Drabble]

A/N: wooo wrote this in about forty minutes !!

Word Count: 800+

Warnings: LOTS OF CURSING?? Badass reader?? not edited

Summary: (Name) and Draco have a toxic relationship that can’t be fixed. Finally, (Name) leaves without a care in the world. Based off of the song Do Re Mi by Blackbear.


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do re mi fa so

if i could go back to the day we met i probably would just stay in bed

you run your mouth all over town
an this one goes out to the sound
of breaking glass on my Range Rover

pay me back or bitch it’s over
all the presents I would send

fuck my friends behind my shoulder

“You’re overreacting. Calm down,” he scoffed.

And there it was. The “calm down” that only made things worse, flaring her anger even further.

But she wouldn’t let him see it. That would mean that he had won, and he would have the satisfaction of besting her.

So she send a scoff his way as well which he returned with an eye-roll. “Yeah, okay, Malfoy,” she spat. The words tasted sour on her tongue.

Their relationship was toxic. It had been this way for a few weeks or so now, the two thinking in the back of their minds that it was fixable. Short answer? It wasn’t. Draco had slept with one too many girls, (Name) had the mouth of a sailor and wouldn’t hesitate to snap at you, and both of them were two of the most stubborn people in the world.

Looking back on it, (Name) could see where it started to go wrong. It was around four months after they started going out, their ‘honeymoon’ phase over. They had started out all over each other, never being seen without the other attached at the hip.

But after all of that diminished, it started going downhill. They started talking less, Draco started staring at other girls for a second too long, (Name) only distanced herself more in hopes that he would come back to her.

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Derek Hale Story (8)

Hanging Out:

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Two days after your date with Derek You and everyone were at his loft. The supernatural beings were mostly training, which left You and Stiles. Even Lydia has been training to fight with Parrish.

You and stiles put on a movie and we’re talking, goofing off, and laughing. You and stiles were playing thumb wars. Of course you won.. a bunch of times.

“Ha I won again loser” you said to stiles laughing your ass off.

“I let you win, it’s what gentlemen do” stiles defended

“ so sure stilinski ” you chuckle at him.

“What now” you asked him.

“Another game” he pretty much shouts and adds on “ but this time I won’t let you won” he says.

You decide to play the hand game tic tac toe. You both put your hands together and start the game.

Both saying “ tic tac toe gimme an x gimme an o give me a three in a row, rock paper scissor” You picked paper as stiles picked rock. Well everyone knows paper covers rock.

“Yes” you yell with a huge smile on your pretty face.

Your yelling apparently caught some attention because Derek, Issac, and Jordan snapped their heads in your direction. You and stiles laughed giving them awkward smiles.

“Sorry” you both say at the same time.

“I can’t help it if I make beautiful girls scream” stiles says to you trying to be smooth and a little pervy while the boys are staring at you too.

Jordan chuckles at stiles ridiculous remark. Issac has no expression but feels a little awkward because you and his history. And Derek does an overly exaggerated eye roll and did not look so happy.

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You slap stiles on his arm as the boys focus back to training. You and stiles go back to playing your game.

“Alright now shut your eyes and no peeking” you told stiles. He does as told and you poke him with your middle finger.

“Okay now guess which finger i used” you said to stiles.

He opens his eyes and thinks for a moment.

“Hmm” was the sound coming from his mouth. Another moment goes by.

“ well which is it” you huff out.

Stiles eyes widen a bit in a joking manner just like you joked being annoyed with him taking forever to answer.

“Okay jeez, it was your ring finger” he finally answers.

“Nope, it was my middle finger” you say while putting up your middle finger looking like your flipping him off.

“Well that’s rude” stiles acts offended while lightly slapping your finger away.

“Now give me your arm” you say while grabbing stiles arm.

“I win you lose now you have a big bruise” you punch stiles arm with every word you spoke. When you did you last punch stiles overemphasized saying “ow”.

You and stiles stopped playing around while the others who were training stopped and all sat around relaxing. Derek came to the couch where you and stiles have been sitting the whole time being at the loft. Derek lightly pushed stiles away from you so he can sit beside you.

“Hey I was sitting there” stiles exclaimed

“Yeah” Derek says sounding unimpressed and annoyed. Derek turns to face you ignoring everyone else’s chatter.

“How are you” he asks with a genuine smile.

“I am fine thank you, and your self” you return asking

“I am good, glad I get to talk with you, sorry for being busy up until now” Derek replies apologetically

You let out a chuckle “no no it’s fine” you reassure him

“Your amazing” Derek says and smiles

“So I’ve been told” you sass back with a smirk plastered on your face

“I bet” he smirks back.

Everyone talked for awhile. Then people started leaving shortly after one another. First was Jordan, then Lydia with Kira, Scott, stiles and Issac left all together. That left you and Derek alone.

“Want to put on a movie” you ask Than add “ or I can just go home if you want” you joke

“I really wish you wouldn’t go"Derek says while putting some of your hair behind your ear.

This made you blush which Derek was well aware of and smirked leaning in close to your face lips just touching slightly, lingering on each other. You breath in and Derek finally smashes his lip to yours. Passionately kissing for a couple minutes and then pulling away with cute smiles on both your face’s.

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Derek gets up from the couch and grabs a movie for you two to watch. He puts the movie in and sits back down beside you.

"Not that I don’t want to watch the movie, but I much rather kiss you some more” you speak nonchalantly

Derek takes that as his que.

He grabs your face pulling it close to his and kissing you just as passionate as before. The kiss turned into a full on make out session with Derek on his couch.

You end up laying on your back on the couch with Derek on top of you lips locked together. Your hands are in Derek’s hair while his hands are roaming up and down your body. Derek’s hands stop moving all over your body and his lips separated from yours. He moves his face back a few inches away from yours

“We should probably stop” Derek says

You breathe out a little “yeah maybe we should slow down for now” you agree

Derek and you cuddle on the couch watching the rest of whatever movie Derek had put on.

The movie ended and you stood up grabbing your purse.

“Let me drive you home, its late” Derek offers

You nod and say “Alright thanks Der”

You guys leave the loft and get into his car.

The radio is on and a song you know and love comes on. So of course you can’t help your self and sing along.

Derek glances your way throughout the drive to your house smiling at how adorable you look moving around dancing and singing in the passenger seat.

You arrive at home. Derek walks you to your door.

“Thank you for the ride” you smile

“Anytime babe, gotta make sure your safe” he says and kisses your cheek.

“Have a goodnight and sleep well” Derek says to you.

“You too” you say back waving at him as he gets into his car.

And here you are standing at your door watching him drive down the street with a lovestruck smile and gleam in your eye.


(gifs not mine) Ya’ll really got to hurry up and read part 7. i notice that the post saying i will be posting part 7 has got more attention than the actual part. so please read the part as well so you can enjoy part 8. I am sorry if this is short. it seemed longer on paper lol. but no worries i intend on making many long parts as well.

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In spirit of love and acceptance day I am making this post. I am gonna start out by naming 15 of my fav authors and telling you what my favourite fic of theirs is. When you receive the tag I want to ask you to please list min 5 of your fav writers along with your fav fic (series, one shots, drabbles whatever) of theirs like I did. I hope you won’t break the chain and help me keep this going in effort to show each other some love today. I doesn’t matter if the author you love is already mentioned by others. Do it anyway. Let them feel they are valued. 

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I love a lot of other authors I haven’t mentioned here and I love plenty of your other fics but those are the names that sprung to mine and the fics that sprung to mind when I thought of you guys. 

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Angelina’s Monthly Fic Recs

I read a TON of awesome fics this month. Kudos to all of the immensely talented writers that are kind enough to share their talent with us. We are the lucky ones. I know there are many lists out there, but I am a HUGE fan of lists, so why not? If you don’t like it, tell me. If you do like, tell others!

I apologize in advance for absolutely NO organization. I was just really excited to get this out. I’ll do better next month. Thank you!

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Fairytale gone bad - part 2

Warnings:  swearing, smoking?

A/N: not edited. sorry for the grammar mistakes, i am too tired to edit it now.

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      It`s been 3 days since you broke up with him. You haven`t been yourself during this time. Your friends tried to comfort you but you just shook your head and told them you`re fine. You needed time to sort everything that was going into your mind and heart. You belived that you should have been happier than this because you finally  escaped that endless circle of pain and disappointment, but you weren`t. You needed to be next to him, to snuggle into his chest and be told that everything was fine.

     You shook those thoughts out of your mind and entered the Great Hall for breakfast. You sat down next to Remus, not paying attention to the looks your friends were giving you. You stared at the food when you heard a worried voice.

You haven`t eaten well lately, (y/n/n).”

  You didn`t  bother to turn your head to know it was Remus. You answered so quietly that if  Moony wouldn`t have been so close to you, he would have missed it.

…-not hungry.”

You should try to eat a little.” Lily squeezed your hand gently.

  You sighed and grabed a slice of bread, trying to bring yourself to take a bite. You hated feeling so weak. Yes, it was true, you loved Sirius more than anything, but he didn`t seem to do the same. That`s just how it was. You kept telling yourself that everything will be fine in the end.

   Out of nowhere you felt a hand on your shoulder. You could swear you almost snapped your neck from how fast you turned around. Behind you was a tall boy with light brown hair and deep green eyes. You reconized the boy from your house. He was a muggle born, same year as you.

Hey, (y/n), sorry to bother you, but can we talk for a second?” he asked a little hesitant.

   You nodded and got up from your seat. You waved to your friends and left the Great Hall with the boy.

How can I help you, Dearborn?” you asked as you two walked slowly.

I know you are not ok right now, but i need your help with something.”

  You raised your eyebrow and nodded for him to continue.

I`ve been dating Marlene for quite some time and I just can`t take it anymore. She is cheating on me and I want to make her pay somehow.”

And that is my buisness because…?

 He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

I want to break up with her. In public. I liked the song you sang a few days ago. Do you think you can help me write one too?

  You were surprised. You thought a little about it, not feeling good about doing this to the poor girl, but you never agreed with the lack of faith she had. You looked into the boy`s green eyes and smirked.

Wait me in the common room after dinner. Bring a quill and a piece of parchment.”

  He thanked you and ran away with a wide smile on his face, passing by the marauders. They turned their heads towards you who still had a smirk on your face and frowned. This is gonna be fun.


  It was already dark when you left your bedroom wearing a pair of black jeans and a (y/f/c) sweather that made your (y/e/c) eyes seem brighter. The common room was still pretty busy. You saw the boys in front of the fireplace before your eyes fell on the tall boy with green eyes waiting for you. He carried the items you told him to. You smiled at each other when you reached at the end of the stairs.

“Ready to write your overly-dramatic break up song?” he laughed at your comment.

I`m as ready as I can. So where are we going?

  You already started to walk towards the portrait hole so you had to turn around to look at him, your (y/h/c) hair flying around you.

“I`m thinking about…the lake?” You raised an eyebrow, waiting for his answer. He nodded and you two left, missing the daggers Sirius was sending the boy.

  You sat down by the lake and wrote lyrics, laughing from time to time at a silly joke or story about his soon-to-be-ex. You were having fun. It was the first time in days when you had a good laugh and you missed it. Sometimes your mind would wander back to your friends and him, but you shoved those thoughts away. 

  You kept working on the song with the boy during the time you were in the Great Hall or in the common room. You could feel a pair of eyes burning your back whenever you spent time with Dearborn, but you did your best to ignore it.


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       It was late in the night. You couldn`t sleep because of the storm so you slipped out of your bed and out of the dorms. You went to the Astronomy tower where you sat down somwhere dry and lighted a cigarette, watching the rain. It calmed you somehow.  You remembered how you used to do this with Sirius. You felt tears forming into your eyes when his smiling face came into your mind. You missed that idiot so much. He didn`t try to talk to you since you broke up with him and it hurt you. A disappointed chuckle escaped your lips.

 “What was I hoping for? Him running after me? Him asking me to come back? That bastard is too proud for that.”

   As your mind wandered you didn`t heard the footsteps approaching so you jumped a little when you hear a voice behind you. His voice.

Well, I won`t deny it, but what was I supposed to do when you`ve putted me in my place like that?” you turned around and saw him smirking, holding a cigarette.

  You frowned , trying to figure him out. He lifted his hand.

Do you have a lighter?” He said his face becoming serious.

   You nodded and took it out of your pocket. He stepped closer to you and lighted his cigarette.

So what are you doing here alone? Where is your friend?” he spitted the last words as they were venom on his tongue.

I couldn`t sleep because of the storm. And he is not my friend. I helped him with something.” You turned your head to look at the rain again.

You seemed to enjoy yourself.”

Is that a crime?!” he started to piss you off.

No, I`m just surprised to see that you are the first one to move on. Quite easily too.” his words were bitter. 

   He sounded angry and sad, almost like he was…jealous. The thought made you smile but you made sure to erase it as soon as it appeared on your face.

Jealous, Black?!” You saw pain on his face when you called him by his last name.  “I`m surprised you didn`t come to tell me how you jumped in bed with another girl the next morning and how I never meant anything to you.” You looked him in the eyes. 

   He frowned at your words and opened his mouth to say something when he saw you shivering from the cold wind.

Are you cold?” You nodded in response. “Come here.” he opened his arms and before you knew what you`re doing, you were hugging him. You could feel him relax after a few seconds and holding you tighter.

You mean the world to me, baby girl. How could you say that I don`t care? I haven`t touched anyone else than you in a very long time.” he kissed your forehead as you snuggled into his arms. 

  It was raining and it was cold, but right there, everything felt right. You felt like you were home and if you weren`t so close, you would have missed next words because of the storm. He bringed you closer if it was even possible and whispered in your ear. 

I love you.


     The next morning, everyone was in the Great Hall for breakfast. The other marauders seemed to notice Sirius` good mood but he refused to answer what happened when they asked.

    You sat down next to Remus and filled your plate with everything you could. He laughed and shook his head amused.

“Looks like someone got her apetite back.” You looked at him, your mouth full of food and smiled.

   You heard Dearborn calling you so you turned your head in his direction.

Wanna sing it with me?” You swallowed your food and shaked your head.

“It`s your message, mate. My job is done.”

“How about you give me a beat then.” You laughed and nodded.

Say no more.”

   He turned around and called for Marlene.

   James gave you a quizzical look and you mothed the words “ wait and see.” You took a deep breath when the boy with green eyes waved his hand for you to start singing and gave him a beat.

Do, re, mi, fa, so 

 And he continued.

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh

Do, re, mi, fa, so

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, if I could go back to the day we met

I probably would just stay in bed

You run your mouth all over town

And this one goes out to the sound

Of breaking glass on my Range Rover

Pay me back or bitch, it’s over

All the presents I would send

Fuck my friends behind my shoulder

Next time I'ma stay asleep

I pray the Merlin my soul to keep, oh.

  He looked straight into Marlene`s confused eyes and you couldn`t help the smile spreading on your face.

And you got me thinking lately

Bitch, you crazy

And nothing’s ever good enough

I wrote a little song for ya

It go like.”

  You started to dance on your seat and sing with him.

Do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin’ done with you, girl

So fuckin’ done with all the games you play

I ain’t no Tic-tac-toe

Send the X and O’s on another note

I’m do, re, mi, fa, so fuckin’ done with you, baby

So send the X and O’s on another note, I’m ghost.”

  James looked at you and asked if you wrote it. You nodded and kept singing. He smiled and laughed, he seemed proud.

   When the boy stopped singing, a crying Marlene rushed out of the Great Hall. He came to you and grabbed your hand, kissing it lightly. It took Sirius all his control not to jump on the poor boy right there.

Thank you for helping me, (y/n). You are amazing. How about I take you on a date on our next trip to Hogsmade?” he winked at you and you laughed, looking at Sirius who shot daggers at Dearborn.

“That won`t be necessary, but thank you.” the boy followed your eyes which landed on a jealous Sirius. Realisation hitted him.

“Oh, so you two are back together then. Such a loss. Well, if he ever break your heart again, you know where to find me, love.” 

  You turned around and looked at Sirius who gave you his signature smirk.

“So I guess you are free this saturday?” he raised his eyebrow.