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@paranormal-scholar got me this book and I’m super stoked to read it! Any good book recommendations, on this sort of thing or the occult in general?

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105)You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” and 109) “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.” for Starlord/Peter Quill

Characters: Reader x Peter Quill + Rocket Racoon & Gamora

Warnings: alcohol consumption

Prompts: 105. “You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” 109. “Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.”

Word Count: 381

A/N: hope you like it !!

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“He’s smashed again, y/n!” Rocket yelled to you from across the bar. Rolling your eyes, you turned back to Gamora, who sighed loudly. The crew were all at a bar having drinks, but it seemed like Peter just couldn’t stay out of trouble.

“I’ll be right back.” you gave Gamora a look, and she waved you away.

“Take as long as you need.” she smirked, and you gave her a playful punch before rushing over to Rocket, who was perched on Peter’s shoulders. Peter was slumped in the corner of the room, his head lolling as he clutched his drink. 

“How many times has this happened already, Peter?” you grumbled as he bent down to try and lift him up. 

“He’s really out of it this time.” Rocket muttered, before slapping Peter across the face. “Hey, buddy! Stay awake!” 

“What?” Peter jerked up, looking around. “y/n? We’ve got to stop meeting like this.”

“Shut up.” you snapped, but you couldn’t help but smile. “You have a serious drinking problem, Peter.” 

Peter shrugged, taking a sip from the bottle before you snatched it away from him and gave it to Rocket, who took a sip when you turned away. Peter fumbled in his pockets before handing something to you. 

“You can’t make up for it by giving me a tic-tac.” you scoffed, tossing the tic-tac over your shoulders. 

“Hey!” Peter exclaimed. “Don’t waste my tic-tacs.” 

Hauling him to his feet, you slung his arms over your shoulders and began stumbling out of the bar.

“Let’s take you back to the ship, Peter.” you sighed, looking over your shoulder to look at Rocket. “Gather everyone else up. We’re leaving.” 

You staggered out of the bar as Rocket disappeared into the crowd to find the others. You dragged Peter over to the ship and pulled him inside, dumping him into his usual seat. Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you dropped yourself into the copilot seat, trying to catch your breath.

“Life is a highway, and I’m always drunk. So I’m not driving.” Peter struggled to sit up, and you raised your eyebrows.

“Poetic.” you deadpanned, before getting up and moving Peter to the copilot seat instead. “Remind me to stay by your side the next time you drink.”

What your Kerbin parking orbit says about you

71 km: You value efficiency more than anything. You have played KSP since the earliest versions (and were annoyed when the atmosphere limit was raised from 34.5 km to 69 km, and then again to 70 km) and have done really complex missions, and to do a Grand Tour of everything in the Kerbol system is your ultimate aspiration (or maybe you’ve already done it?). You also probably achieved the given orbit with an SSTO and MechJeb.

80 km: While you’re trying for efficiency, your reasons for picking this number are very similar to those of 100 km.

100 km: You like 100 km, as it is a nice round number. You also like that in KSP, all the planet radii are given in exact numbers in kilometers (such as Kerbin’s being 600 km). More likely than not, when you perform a gravity turn, you also turn exactly 45 degrees at 10 km, and were outraged when the atmospheric changes made this sort of gravity turn inefficient.

121 km: The 50x time warp limitation at 120 km annoys you.

601 km: Any sort of time warp limitation annoys you.

2,863 km (KEO): You’re playing KSP heavily modded, including but not limited to TAC Life Support, FAR, RemoteTech, Kerbal Construction Time and a couple of visual mods. God, can’t Squad just make these mods stock already?

Elliptical 71 km x 251 km: You’re playing science/career mode and are really just looking forward to mining all the science from Kerbin right now.

Any other elliptical orbit (including “orbits” with periapsis below 70 km): You’re still a beginner in KSP, still confused by the multitude of concepts you have to wrap your head around.

You haven’t reached Kerbin orbit yet: Either you’re completely new to KSP, or you gave up trying to reach orbit early on and are now focusing on projects that do not have to do anything with space (e.g. submarines, airplanes, ground-based vehicles). Eventually, KSP will stop meaning “Kerbal Space Program”, right?

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How about the beta kids and tic tacs?

john: doesn’t mind them, will eat them if there’s nothing else in the candy jar, but they’re a little sugary for his tastes

dave: pretends to hate them but doesn’t actually. will join in with jane if she’s going on one of her rants and calls them “bullshit coke nuggets” but it’s just because they’re so easy to rip on

rose: prepares them like a fine dish to spite jane: cooks them into cakes, makes elaborate meals out of them, has never actually tasted a tic tac in her life 

jade: has zero opinion on tic tacs and is bemused and scared by her friends’ affinities or notable lack thereof

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I am sorrowful for the men and women foolish enough to follow you. Everything you do is an affront to the gods. I am ashamed to have once followed you. Odin curse you, Thor will beat his hammer until your death, and Freya will weep as she casts you into Hel. And if we meet at Ragnarok, I will enjoy making you feel the wrath of the gods

It’s unfortunate you feel that way. You are welcome to be as negative and full of hate as you’d like. That is your choice. If you are “ashamed” to have once followed us then that is on you, my friend. May the gods smile upon you and may you know nothing but love and joy in your life.

the signs as slogans
  • Aries: "Isn't life juicy?" - Starburst
  • Taurus: "Two for me and none for you" - Twix
  • Gemini: "Gotta have my pops!" - Corn Pops
  • Cancer: "Now you're eating!" - Pizza Hut
  • Leo: "Put a tic-tac in your mouth and get a bang out of life" - Tic Tac
  • Virgo: "Think outside the bun" - Taco Bell
  • Libra: "Taste the rainbow" - Skittles
  • Scorpio: "Finger-Lickin' good" - KFC
  • Sagittarius: "They're magically delicious!" - Lucky Charms
  • Capricorn: "Nobody better lay a finger on my butterfinger!" - Butterfinger
  • Aquarius: "Melts in your mouth, not yours hands" - M&Ms
  • Pisces: "Open happiness" - Coca Cola