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Transparent Crystalline Solid (6)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: The battle, this is the last chapter before the epilogue! Enjoy! :) xx

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The alarms blearing has Bucky sitting up in his bed abruptly. It’s the second week after Y/N and Thor’s return, and he’s proud to say that he hasn’t had another bimbo in his bed since. The first thing he does, as ordered by Steve, is grab his comm from his nightstand and put it in his ear.

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Moondance - Cap Reverse Big Bang

Stucky, M, 30k words, A03. Canon compliant through CACW; canon divergent.

Artist:  @araniaart and on A03
Author: @flowerfan2 and on A03

Summary:  Steve and Bucky are faced with a new challenge after Bucky is poisoned during a mission; it changes his behavior and his body in increasingly perplexing ways.  Bucky struggles with telling Steve what’s going on, but when Steve finds out his secret, it seems like things will be okay anyway… until they’re not.

 Or the one where Bucky’s a werecat.  Steve thinks it’s hot, at least until he realizes he could lose Bucky for good.

Many thanks to Arania for working with me and creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this great challenge.


See Chapter 1 (NSFW) under the cut or read it all on A03.

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Recently I had been seeing rifles done in ERDL style cerakotes. Did some searching and figured out that the work is done by Sur-Tac Gear. Really wanting to send my URX 3.1 out to get it coated by these guys!

Photos: Black Wire Studio

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A mission is cut short which is fine by Bucky because now he can slip into your apartment, in full tac gear, and give you one hell of a wake up call. Until there's a knock at the door but Bucky just fucks you harder and you can't stop moaning and begging for more. The door bursts open and Steve marches in, grabs the earpiece that Bucky threw to the side and crushes it in his hand. "Turn it off next time, Christ." "Take yours out next time," Bucky growls, not even slowing down behind you.

have I told you, you’re my favourite person

Sinful Sunday™

Edward Nygma would glitterbomb people.

Imagine the police carefully opening up a Riddler Envelope left behind and … find it filled with green glitter that is now all over their tac gear, and will NOT wash out/brush off.

OR, Batman is disarming a Riddler Made Explosive and WHOOPS looks like it went off anyway and suddenly the Dark Knight is covered in Green Giltter. That’s going all over your car seats, Batman.

O R, someone trying to break into a Riddler Lair finds themselves hit first with glue and THEN green glitter directly after. Bad news, the glue dries quickly and doesn’t come off easily. That’ll teach pesky rogues to go after his stuff while he’s away.

The only one it doesn’t work against is Harley. In fact, she loves it. 

Morning, Darlin’: A Hectic Week Part 2

Summary: Regardless of the events in “Morning, Darlin’”, Steve and Y/N haven’t spoken in ages. Unresolved issues and arguments lie bubbling on the surface, and it’s only a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off. The two are unknowingly and unwillingly forced to work together one more time, although the situation is a lot more dire this time around.

“Morning, Darlin’” Part One

Chapter List


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Part Two

Monday, 18:47 PM

A few hours later, your journey took an abrupt pause. The car was silent apart from exhales and inhales, as well as the odd cough or sniff. Suddenly, a horrible clunking noise sounded from somewhere in the car, causing all of you to frown. The clunking didn’t stop, and Bucky decided to pull over before something bad happened.

You exited the car and walked to the front, where the three others were standing, bent over the opened hood. They seemed to be discussing something, but you didn’t feel the need to listen what they were talking about. Smoke poured out of the car, and you moved a few feet to avoid getting it in your face. A few minutes later, with thoughts clouding your mind, you snapped back into reality when their voices started to increase in volume. Sighing, you looked around and found a large rock a few metres to your right, and decided to sit down there and wait.

You looked around at your surroundings, but there wasn’t really much to see. Golden sand covered the sides of the road for miles, with the occasional cactus here and there. You quickly became bored, and decided to watch the guys do whatever they were doing. They were still arguing, and you sighed. Sam quickly raised his hands in surrender and turned around, trying to see where you’d gotten off to. He made his way towards you, shaking his head in annoyance.

“Scoot,” he said, and you moved over to give him room. He let out a large huff and crossed his arms, watching as Bucky and Steve continued to argue.

“What are they arguing over now?” you asked, exasperated.

“Who’s gonna get to be the man and fix the problem,” he replied, and you scoffed. Typical. Steve’s gestures were rigid and stiff, almost robot-like in precision, while Bucky was rubbing his temple in frustration. With one careless wave he seemed to have surrendered as well, and started walking to the boot of the car. Steve seemed happy enough as he leant over the car, inspecting its contents, while Bucky fetched the tool-box from the boot.

You watched as he started tinkering, trying to fix whatever had gone wrong. You quickly became very aware of the fact that every movement he made caused his muscles to become visible beneath his T-shirt, and you swallowed thickly at the sight. The heat and sweat didn’t help much either.

“You’re staring,” Sam remarked quietly, leaning over towards you as if to prevent anyone else from hearing, even though they were far away. You quickly averted your gaze and cleared your throat as discreetly as you could.

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Second Chance - Part 2

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the fall of SHIELD, The Winter Soldier slowly breaks through his HYDRA programming while on the run. As he makes his way out of America on foot, The Winter Soldier slowly rediscover himself, as Bucky Barnes. 

or, the story where Bucky decides to get reacquainted with his past his own way. 

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I have so many things going on right now so I’m not sure when part 3 will be up, but it’s coming, don’t worry. I’m not abandoning this one. 

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Out of Time •P1•

Bucky x Reader


Summary: it was supposed to be easy. Grab the intel, burn the HQ, stay stealth, get out. It was supposed to be easy.

Warnings: mild language, angst

Word Count: 1861

A/N: I looked up “cute prompts” to write a fic and ended up with an angsty mission. Why am a slut for suffering? (btw this is a two-parter!) Enjoy!

“I swear to God if this mission takes any longer than three days I am retiring.” I say as I pull my jacket off the hanger. Though the statement was not directed to anyone, Bucky chuckles from a few hooks down as he’s pulling on his own tac gear.

“You sound like Clint.” he points out. I try to hide the smile on my face, giving myself a little hoorah! for making him laugh.

“Don’t tell me you don’t agree.” I roll my eyes and turn to him as I shrug into my gear. “After that wild goose chase for a program that didn’t even exist,” I turn my head and direct my words to Tony, who is running tests on his suit, to which he shrugs apologetically and winks, “I think we deserve a little break.”

Bucky nods in agreement before tucking his weapons into his belt. Once we’re all set to get off, Cap leads Tony, Natasha, Sam, Bucky, and me off the quinjet and onto the outskirts of Tarasovo, a tiny Russian village.

“We need to catch all of these guys. If any leave, any at all, they can warn their other bases. We need to keep this under their radar or the whole operation is screwed.” Steve says. “So Tony and Sam, get up above. There’s two HQs in this village, one down by the river and one in the town. Split up and watch from the air for strays.” Tony and Same launch off the snowy ground without another word.

“Nat and I are going downtown to get the formula. You two,” he points two fingers at Bucky and me, “head down to the river. Save their intel then unarmor them. It’ll be small, but don’t let them fool you. They’re ready for an attack.” All three of us nod. He brings his wrist up to his mouth. “And rendezvous in forty minutes back here. Go.”

And we’re off.

Bucky and I silently sweep the hills and trees, one in front of the other with our guns up and our guards higher. We work exceptionally well together, similar to the way Natasha and Steve do. The perfect mix of fast and strong that make us a force to be reckoned with.

Bucky runs up ahead to the next tree and looks around, before raising a hand and twitching two fingers for me to approach. He covers my left while I look to the right, and once I’m three trees ahead of him, I mirror his previous motion.

After doing a 180, I spot the glittering blue water that is our target, still a distance away. We’re uphill. We have the advantage.

I turn back to Bucky, who is a few meters away from me, looking at me for a move. I point to the river, but signal him to stay in his place and cover me. I tuck my gun away and rub my gloved hands together before jumping and latching onto the tree I’m standing at. The leaves are long gone as it’s the middle of winter, so it makes it more difficult to camouflage, but that’s what Bucky is there for.

I scurry up the tree effortlessly and perch myself on a branch before doing a 360 turn of our surroundings. The river is there, and on the shore opposite from us, there are five small shacks spaced out from each other, ten to fifteen meters. There are men surrounding them, from my count, about ten, roaming around. Even from here, I can see their weapons.

I bring my wrist up to my face and speak in a low tone.

“Opposite riverbank. Five separated shacks. About ten guys, all with Soviet made sniper pistols.” I wait a moment for Bucky’s voice to correspond.

“Any way to cross the river?” he asks. My eyes scan the area and catch something.

“There are stepping stones downstream.”


“Coming down.”

Once I reach the ground once again, we’re on our way in the opposite direction of the shacks to get to the stepping stones. It takes about five minutes, and we’re in open space once we reach them, so Bucky is tense as he covers me while I jump over the frosted stones. The river current is strong and I can feel the freezing cold water even through my boots. I’m careful and steady and it  doesn’t take long for my feet to land on the opposite bank. Once Bucky is over, we keep low and head up the river to the shacks, trying our best to stay out of sight. We can’t see our opponents from here, so instead, we turn to our teammates for help.

“Who’s up above?” Bucky asks into his wrist. We take cover behind a stray fence.

“Right here.” Sam responds.

“What do you see, dodo-bird?” I say.

“There are two guys coming your way. They don’t see you.”

“How far?” Bucky says, trying to peek above the fence.

“Not far at all. Move now or you’ll lose advantage.” And with that, Bucky and I dash uphill and come face to face with the two men, who we easily wipe out. We’re in open view of the rest of the guards now, but none of them have seen us. We stay low and run to one of the shack walls.

“Do we even know what’s inside these?” I ask.

“Communications. Data. A whole lot of bad stuff.” Tony chimes in.

“Whatever you say.” I raise an eyebrow and peek on one side of the wall while Bucky looks at the other.

“Three more just left a shack down there.” Bucky says to me.

“We need to lock down each one. One at a time, so they don’t get a chance to communicate.” I point out. Bucky nods and we slip to the door of the shack, knees bent and guns up, and push through it swiftly. A millisecond long scan of the room shows seven different men perched on well developed tech, each holstering sniper pistols. Before they even spot us, we’ve shot the first four and I take down a man trying to alert the others. Bucky easily punches the remaining two into unconsciousness as I plug in the first USB into their systems. After shooting through a few firewalls while Bucky stands guard, I leave the USB to do its job while we go finish ours.

On our way to the next shack, a man turns the corner, and Bucky has his arms around his neck while I go ahead. After reaching another and repeating the same procedure, sticking a USB into the systems and leaving, Tony speaks through the comms.

“Widow, where are you?” Bucky and I continue our prowl and reach the third shack. “Cap, you got eyes on Nat?” Tony says again. We silently knock out all the guys in there, once again leaving a USB and getting out.

“No, I lost her a few buildings back.” Steve whispers, followed by a grunt of effort.

“Sam, cover my spot, I’m going in after her.”

“Copy.” Sam says.

On our way to the last house, we run into three guys, who I shoot in three quick moves. My attention, as well as Bucky’s, has perked up to listen to my teammates to make sure of Natasha`s safety.

Bucky is the first to break through the last door, but is shot in the shoulder the second he’s in. I immediately recuperate with my own shot to the guard’s head and push Bucky away from the door. They’ve all start to exercise their bullets in our direction, but we exit the shack before we can be hit again.

“Son of a bitch.” Bucky hisses. I grab his forearm and turn the corner of the little shack, staring at his shoulder in alarm.

“Hang in there.” I squeeze his arm, anger flaring in me at the bastards. I stay crouched.

“You wanna play that game?” I mutter darkly. I lift my gun up to the window, take aim, and they’re all on the floor before they know what hit them.

“Come on.” I say, going back to the door and repeating the process to steal their intel. As the USB does its magic, I turn to Bucky in concern. His face is grim and there’s blood leaving his shoulder.

“Shit.” I mumble. I pull off my jacket, followed by my t-shirt.

“What are you doing?” Bucky says in alarm. I put my jacket back on and rip up the cotton material of my shirt, then use nimble fingers to form a tourniquet over the junction of his right arm.

“There.” I sigh. I look up into his eyes for a moment to make sure he’s okay, and he’s staring at me with an unreadable emotion. His irises remind me of the river, and just for a moment, I allow myself to revel in them.

“Thank you.” he says quietly. I take a deep breath and look away, nodding.

“What partners are for.” I smile and try to cover the stuttering in my heart. Do not get emotions mixed with missions, I remind myself.

The USB beeps to let me know that it’s completed its procedure.

“Okay.” I clap my hands together and pull it out of the computer. I raise my eyebrows at Bucky expectantly, and he pulls out the little metal circle. As we’re running out of the shack, he rolls it inside.We reach the other one, and a small burst of fire lights up from our previous location. We follow the same routine with the rest of the houses, grabbing the intel and setting the shack on fire.

We’re running back to the bank when we check in with the others.

“Heading back. You guys got Natasha?” I ask.

“Smartasses blew my cover.” Nat huffs. Bucky smirks, about to open his mouth to respond, but I beat him to it.

“Hey, watch your mouth. Steve doesn’t like that kinda talk.”

“For the love of God…” Steve mutters to himself. I’m about to chuckle, but am cut off when Bucky tackles me to the snow. I don’t even get angry, but immediately recognize it as a cover. I’m right, because three bullets whiz past the exact place where my head was.

“Thanks.” I breathe, his face barely an inch from mine. Bucky gets up off me and crouches behind me. I roll over onto my stomach and fire at two guys, still laid underneath Bucky.

“You gotta be kidding me.” I say disbelievingly at the multitude of men coming at us.

“A little warning would’ve been nice, Sam.” Bucky purses his lips.

“A LITTLE BUSY!” Sam yells, followed by an array of gunshots.

“Coming.” Tony says. “You guys get outta there.” Bucky pulls me up and we begin running down to stepping stones. Once we’ve reached them, Bucky takes my hand and leads me onto them.

“Go, go!” he yells, taking aim at three more men. I skip over the first two steps, but as I reach the third one, the frost slips me up, and before I can gain my balance, I’m tumbling into the freezing current.

Part Two

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Can I get 30 with Bucky? 😍

this is the closest i’ve ever gotten to writing smut, so… you’re welcome

#30: “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?”

This mission is going about as well as anyone could expect. As in, you’re trapped in a morgue drawer that’s barely big enough for one person, let alone two. Of course it’s Bucky that you’re squished against, squinting in the dark to make out his face and trying not to think about the limited air supply in this thing.

“Why do they even have morgue drawers in a Hydra base anyway?” you grumble. You shift your foot and it grazes against Bucky’s calf, because there seriously is no room between the two of you. “It’s not like they’re respectful of the living, why be of the dead?”

“Can we not talk about dead bodies right now?” Bucky huffs, his breath fanning over your face in a hot rush. “There’s probably bodies in the drawers either side of us right now.”

“What happened to not talking about it?” you snapped, your stomach going queasy at the thought. Bucky grumbles something unintelligible and fall silent save for his obnoxious breathing.

Getting into the drawer was a series of unfortunate events. You and Bucky had been sweeping this floor when you found this room, and got into an argument about whether it was worth raiding for supplies or not. You didn’t see the point - Bucky, on other hand, claimed you could never have too many scalpels. That’s when the squad of Hydra guards stomped down the hall, and the only place you could find to hide in was the goddamn morgue drawer.

Well, you could think of a few better places now, but you were under pressure, ok? And besides, the damn drawer is locked from the outside so you can’t do anything about your current sandwich situation anyway. You both had to wait until the rest of the team came to bail you out.

It was getting almost unbearably hot in the drawer, made completely of metal while your body heat bounced around and made you sweat through your tac gear. You’d lost your top to a knife fight at the beginning of the mission, so you were down to your under armour which unfortunately left your arms exposed. They were stuck to the metal which was slowly getting hotter, starting to slightly burn your exposed skin.

“I’m getting fucking roasted by this thing,” you grumble, trying to peel your arm off the floor of the drawer but it was no use. You were on your side, and the only place for it to go was in Bucky’s face, which by the look of things, was not an option.

“What? You think you’re the only one suffering?” Bucky snaps, shifting so his leather tac gear squeaks against the metal. “I’m swimming in my own sweat right now. This thing is meant for Siberia, not Tahiti.”

“Swimming, really? That’s disgusting,” you say, making a face. Bucky grins, and it’s not the good kind of grin. Unfortunately, you have nowhere to run.

“Oh yeah?” Bucky taunts, and then he’s moving so he’s rolled on top of you and is in prime position to stick his sweaty, disgusting underarm in your face. You scream and try to wiggle away from him, but there’s nowhere to go. He just laughs, his chest rumbling against yours as he removes his arm from your face and grins, extremely pleased with himself. Your glare could kill a man.

Sweat drips from Bucky’s hairline and temple, down his face and neck. You follow one of the droplets, which curls over the sharp line of his cheekbone and down his nose to pool in the deep crevice of his cupids bow. It’s absurdly beautiful for someone sweating up a storm in a morgue drawer, and it makes the breath stop in your throat. Now is such a bad time to be having these kinds of thoughts, but damn, you want to lick that sweat off his lip like a drowning man needs oxygen.

A smirk tugs at the edge of Bucky’s mouth as he looks at you, like he can read your thoughts. He licks his lips, over that bead of sweat, and you feel your stomach bottom out. Pressed up against a sweaty, broad, smirking Bucky with nowhere else to go? You are so fucked.

“You getting hot, sweetheart?” Bucky asks, like he can’t tell from the way your chest is heaving and your body is sticking to the floor of the drawer. He thumbs at the zipper to your under armour near your throat, his smirk turning sharper. “Need some help with that?”

“I’d be less hot if you weren’t on top of me,” you snap, but you both know you don’t really mean it. Bucky raises an eyebrow, but makes no move to get off you. Instead, he shifts so he can get his arm between you and starts to ease the zipper down your chest.

You squirm a bit as your skin is slowly exposed, the wire of your bra cutting into your skin compared to the sudden freedom everywhere else driving you nearly insane. Bucky grins as he finishes unzipping the under armour, letting it fall either side of you and grabbing at your naked waist. He shimmies down your body and, in a move that has you throwing your head back with a loud groan, licks a thick stripe from your belly button to your bra.

Bucky laughs against your skin, his hot breath washing over the cold trail of his tongue sending sparks across your body. He kisses the exposed top of your tits and then drags his teeth up your neck to behind your ear so he can sink his teeth into the soft skin and leave a bruising mark. You arch into him, fingers tugging uselessly at the zipper of his leather tac suit as he kisses over the mark he made and lightly grazes his teeth over it once more.

“Bucky,” you breathe, your voice barely a thing as you struggle for air under his weight.

Bucky takes your earlobe between his teeth and you can practically feel his grin on your skin as he hums a, “Hmm?”

You’ve had enough with the teasing. You grip his hips and grind yours up against him in one harsh, fluid motion, a moan dripping from your lips. Bucky groans and drops his head to your shoulder, stuttering his hips against yours and pressing you back against the drawer. He’s so hard you can feel him through his combat pants, and it’s that over everything else that has you stopping and giggling like a maniac.

Bucky lifts his head, grin tugging at his lips as he asks, “What?”

“Just-“ you gasp, unable to stop laughing now that you’ve started. “We’re gonna have sex in a morgue drawer.

Bucky groans, but not in the good way. He flops on top of you, a bit to the side you can still breathe, and thunks his head against your collarbone. You’re still laughing and it shakes both of your bodies as Bucky mumbles into your skin, “Why’d you have to say that?”

“What,” you tease, “Dead bodies don’t turn you on?”

“You really know how to kill a mood, don’t you?” he asks, but he’s smiling into your shoulder so you know he’s not too mad. He presses a kiss against the salty skin and says, “Probably wouldn’t have been too great anyway. Not a lot of room to move in here.”

“I think you were handling it just fine,” you grin, tugging on his hair so he picks his head up to look at you. You snake an arm up between you so you can reach his face, pressing your thumb against his full bottom lip. He smiles, tongue poking out to lick the tip, and you say, “Y’know, you haven’t even kissed me yet.”

“What, do dead bodies turn you on?” Bucky quips, grinning as you frown and play-slap his cheek. He quickly turns and presses a kiss to your palm, tongue flicking out briefly. He says, “Is that good enough?”

You shake your head, biting your lip to contain your grin. Bucky tilts his head to the side and hums, considering, before leaning down and pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. He pulls away and you shake your head again, laughing a bit this time. You say, “Not good enough, Bucky. Try a bit harder.”

“Ok,” he says, and with barely any warning he’s pressing his lips to yours in a searing kiss. His tongue is hot and relentless in your mouth and he tastes electric. You fist your hand in his hair to pull him closer, arching your body into his. You didn’t think you could get anything closer, but here you are, seam for seam, breathing in each other’s mouths and it’s so fucking good.

So of course, that’s when the door opens and someone slides the drawer out, Bucky’s tongue still down your throat. And, of course, it’s Steve frowning down at the both of you with his Disappointed Captain America face on. Bucky looks up, using his body to cover your exposed torso, and says, “About damn time.”

Moondance - Cap Reverse Big Bang

Stucky, M, 30k words, A03.  Canon compliant through CACW; canon divergent.

Artist:  @araniaart
Author: @flowerfan2

Many, many thanks to Arania for working with me and creating the amazing artwork that inspired me, to @perryavenue for being the world’s best beta, and to everyone at @capreversebb for running this great challenge.


Chapter 1

“Holy shit, Steve, that feels good.”

Bucky is sitting on the edge of the bed, his head thrown back and his hands clutching the mattress, while Steve kneels on the itchy hotel carpet in front of him.  He slides off Bucky with a satisfying pop and grins when Bucky quickly looks down at him, eyes blown wide with lust and one eyebrow raised.

“You gonna finish what you started?”  Bucky asks, voice low.

“I could,” Steve says, giving Bucky’s cock a teasing lick, “but I really want something else right now.  Unless you object.”

Bucky responds by grabbing Steve with both hands and tugging him up on to the bed, meeting his mouth in a fierce kiss.  “No objection here,” Bucky mumbles against Steve’s neck, starting to kiss down his bare chest. 

 Steve lays back and lets Bucky play, squirming as Bucky takes his time worshiping Steve’s pecs and sucking on his nipples.   He lets the fingers of one hand tangle in Bucky’s hair, and smiles as Bucky pauses to look approvingly up at him through his long eyelashes, then continues his ministrations.

Sure, not everything has been smooth between them since Bucky came out of cryo in Wakanda, finally de-triggered and slowly gaining confidence in himself.  But recently this – the sex – has been awesome. 

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georgiagirlagain  asked:

Kiss prompts, 17, Wintershieldshock or wintershock You're awesome!

(i went for wintershieldshock, which i haven’t written before. hope you like it!)

“Wait!” Darcy called, out of breath as she skidded around the corner from the bedroom. Steve and Bucky were already at the front door in their tac gear, on the way to answer a call to assemble. They paused at the sound of her voice, turning in unison to face her.

“Sorry, Darce. Tried not to wake you,” Steve said as she approached. Bucky looked her up and down, clearly admiring the borrowed t-shirt she wore. She didn’t know if it was his or Steve’s—their clothing had been a jumbled mess on the floor, and she’d picked up the first thing she saw—but he clearly appreciated the sight. He bit his lip then sighed ruefully, nudging Steve with his elbow.

“We shoulda known better, Stevie,” he said, grinning at her softly. It was a strange juxtaposition, to see such a loving smile on the face of a man who had a sniper rifle slung over one shoulder. “Bed too big without us, doll?”

“Yeah,” she said, ducking her head so that her hair fell forward, shielding her face. She suddenly felt shy, aware of how new it was between the three of them. Maybe they hadn’t wanted to wake her up because they wanted to talk about it, weren’t sure whether they wanted this after all—

Her train of thought was cut off by a large, calloused hand reaching forward to lift her chin. Steve stepped further into her space, Bucky crowding her in on the other side. “I can hear you second-guessing from all the way over here, sweetheart.” His hand moved from her chin to her hair, tucking it behind her ear in a tender gesture. Bucky’s arm came up around her shoulders, providing a reassuring weight on her other side. She was well and truly boxed in, and she loved every second of it. “Buck and I are all-in, Darce. But if you need some time to think about it—”

His hand dropped away slowly, but Darcy didn’t let him get far. Gripping the front of his uniform, she pulled herself to her tiptoes, tilting her face up to his. Steve obliged her, bracing a hand around her back, tangling his fingers with Bucky’s and bending down slightly to meet her mouth with his. It was a hot, filthy kiss, one more appropriate for the bedroom than a goodbye. When she broke away, they were both panting, and his pupils were blown wide with desire. “I’m all-in too, you know,” she murmured, loud enough that they could both hear her. Bucky and Steve’s entwined fingers clenched against her back, and a brilliant smile lit Steve’s face.

With one last peck to his lips, she turned to meet Bucky’s heated gaze. He grinned down at her, waiting. “You need a reminder of what’s here waiting for you, Buck?” she asked, reaching for him. He didn’t hesitate. Stepping forward, he bent and lifted her completely off the floor, prompting her to wrap her legs around his waist. Steve stepped up behind her, bracing her between them, but her eyes never strayed from the man in front of her.

“Like I could ever forget, doll.” But he still leaned forward to press his mouth against hers. It was sweet and tender, like he intended to carry it with him on the mission, tucking it away for when things got tough. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pouring all the feelings she couldn’t say out loud—not yet—into the kiss, and he returned in kind.

They broke away reluctantly when Steve cleared his throat. “I hate to do this, Darce, but we really gotta go.” She dropped her legs to the floor, stepping away so they could all gather their composure. With a chagrined grin, Steve stepped forward to press one last kiss against her mouth, then headed to pick up his shield where it rested against the door. Bucky did the same, brushing his lips against her mouth and then her forehead, eyes closed against the storm of emotion she could see swirling through him.

“Try to get some more sleep, Darce,” Steve said. “We’ll be back before you know it.” He hesitated, wanting to say something else, but decided against it and opened the door. Bucky followed his lead, throwing her one last half-hearted wink as he headed out the door.

Maybe it was best to follow Steve’s advice, she thought. She had a hell of a homecoming to plan.

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Inktober: Warmth

[A/N: Special thanks to @mysenia for beta reading this and all of the Inktober prompts for StarkSpangledWinterHawk Month!

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Bucky scooted closer to Steve. The chill of the cave fought through Bucky’s tac gear, and he hugged Clint tighter. Clint sat in Bucky’s lap with Bucky’s legs braced on either side. He shivered and snuggled into Bucky’s chest.

Bucky watched as Tony fiddled with the wiring in his Iron Man gauntlet. The Avengers had gotten word about a few hidden Hydra bases, and had gone to investigate. Tony with his technology had been able to pinpoint three bases on the icy mountain, and the team had split up.

There had been jokes about Steve wanting to keep his boyfriends close, and Bucky had even razzed Steve for his ‘strategic’ groupings. The groupings had remained the same though and Bucky was grateful for that. Hydra had managed a surprise attack against the four boyfriends. In the attack, Tony’s repulsors had been damaged. One goon had gotten a good shot on Steve (whose shoulder was currently bandaged but still covered in blood). Then to top it off, the four had retreated into a cave, only to be trapped inside by an avalanche.

Bucky probably would have lost it if he were trapped with anyone else.

Cold, snowy places put him on edge, and being trapped in a cave doubled that. Having the three people whom he cared about most with him, lessened some of the stress and fear. Their physical warmth acted like an anchor and a balm. It kept him from spinning out of control and treated his emotional wounds.

Bucky closed his eyes and rested his forehead against Clint’s head. His nose touched the nape of Clint’s neck.

Clint reached up behind him and clutched the hair at the back of Bucky’s head. “I got you.”

Bucky smiled, Clint’s words giving him just as much warmth as his physical presence.

“You okay, Tony?” Steve asked.

Tony had taken to pacing the cave as he worked on fixing his gauntlet. “The heating systems in my suit are fine.”

Steve’s brow furrowed. “I wasn’t asking about the heating systems.”

Tony stopped pacing. He took a deep breath. “I’ll be fine. I just need to get my repulsors fixed. Then I can blast us out of here, and blast anyone who might be waiting for us on the other side.”

Steve nodded. His lips were pressed firmly together, and worry wrinkled his brow.

Bucky reached between him and Steve. He laced their hands together. They shared a look.

Bucky wasn’t the only one among them who hated caves. Tony wasn’t the type to admit to weakness, especially while in a crisis. It would only make matters worse if Steve or Bucky tried to draw a confession out of him. So Steve and Bucky nodded in understanding.

They’d let Tony pace as much as he wanted while he worked on fixing his gauntlet. If it looked like he was about to spiral, they’d bring him over into their nest of boyfriends and calm him down as best they could. Whether that meant offering physical comfort or promising that they would escape.

And they would escape, there was no doubt in Bucky’s mind about that.

My Mission (Part 9/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2300

Warnings: Language. ANGST. May cause feelings of hatred toward me.

A/N: I told you shit was about to go down. 

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