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A mission is cut short which is fine by Bucky because now he can slip into your apartment, in full tac gear, and give you one hell of a wake up call. Until there's a knock at the door but Bucky just fucks you harder and you can't stop moaning and begging for more. The door bursts open and Steve marches in, grabs the earpiece that Bucky threw to the side and crushes it in his hand. "Turn it off next time, Christ." "Take yours out next time," Bucky growls, not even slowing down behind you.

have I told you, you’re my favourite person

Sinful Sunday™

Second Chance - Part 2

Originally posted by seabassbarnes

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: After the fall of SHIELD, The Winter Soldier slowly breaks through his HYDRA programming while on the run. As he makes his way out of America on foot, The Winter Soldier slowly rediscover himself, as Bucky Barnes. 

or, the story where Bucky decides to get reacquainted with his past his own way. 

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I have so many things going on right now so I’m not sure when part 3 will be up, but it’s coming, don’t worry. I’m not abandoning this one. 

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Morning, Darlin’: A Hectic Week Part 2

Summary: Regardless of the events in “Morning, Darlin’”, Steve and Y/N haven’t spoken in ages. Unresolved issues and arguments lie bubbling on the surface, and it’s only a matter of time before the ticking time bomb goes off. The two are unknowingly and unwillingly forced to work together one more time, although the situation is a lot more dire this time around.

“Morning, Darlin’” Part One

Chapter List


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Part Two

Monday, 18:47 PM

A few hours later, your journey took an abrupt pause. The car was silent apart from exhales and inhales, as well as the odd cough or sniff. Suddenly, a horrible clunking noise sounded from somewhere in the car, causing all of you to frown. The clunking didn’t stop, and Bucky decided to pull over before something bad happened.

You exited the car and walked to the front, where the three others were standing, bent over the opened hood. They seemed to be discussing something, but you didn’t feel the need to listen what they were talking about. Smoke poured out of the car, and you moved a few feet to avoid getting it in your face. A few minutes later, with thoughts clouding your mind, you snapped back into reality when their voices started to increase in volume. Sighing, you looked around and found a large rock a few metres to your right, and decided to sit down there and wait.

You looked around at your surroundings, but there wasn’t really much to see. Golden sand covered the sides of the road for miles, with the occasional cactus here and there. You quickly became bored, and decided to watch the guys do whatever they were doing. They were still arguing, and you sighed. Sam quickly raised his hands in surrender and turned around, trying to see where you’d gotten off to. He made his way towards you, shaking his head in annoyance.

“Scoot,” he said, and you moved over to give him room. He let out a large huff and crossed his arms, watching as Bucky and Steve continued to argue.

“What are they arguing over now?” you asked, exasperated.

“Who’s gonna get to be the man and fix the problem,” he replied, and you scoffed. Typical. Steve’s gestures were rigid and stiff, almost robot-like in precision, while Bucky was rubbing his temple in frustration. With one careless wave he seemed to have surrendered as well, and started walking to the boot of the car. Steve seemed happy enough as he leant over the car, inspecting its contents, while Bucky fetched the tool-box from the boot.

You watched as he started tinkering, trying to fix whatever had gone wrong. You quickly became very aware of the fact that every movement he made caused his muscles to become visible beneath his T-shirt, and you swallowed thickly at the sight. The heat and sweat didn’t help much either.

“You’re staring,” Sam remarked quietly, leaning over towards you as if to prevent anyone else from hearing, even though they were far away. You quickly averted your gaze and cleared your throat as discreetly as you could.

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Three times, ‘t is said, a sinking man

Anonymous said:
Episode 2x19 but with director sanvers?

 Dialogue mostly taken straight from the ep with some liberties. THIS IS PART ONE OF TWO so feel free to wait until part two posts.

Read it here on Ao3

Look on the bright side. You know how the episode ends.

Lucy made it a point to work overnight shifts at the desert base when Kara was bringing her boyfriend to dinner. Maggie was still too new to the dynamic to say anything to Kara, and Alex was still feeling guilty for encouraging it in the first place. Really, it was in everyone’s best interest if Lucy skipped those dinners, because a dead alien was just so much paperwork and hiding the body kind of went against the codes of law enforcement.

 She wasn’t exactly surprised to get a text from Maggie that things didn’t go well. The DEO had the benefit of Supergirl’s sister kicking her ass in the green room to teach her at least a few protocols, the NCPD did not. And honestly, after 17 hours of negotiating just to have Supergirl blow out a wall? Lucy would be a little frustrated too.

 It didn’t even surprise her that Alex wasn’t home when she dragged herself in at six in the morning, just as Maggie was making coffee. It wasn’t unusual for Alex to spend the night with Kara after someone had a disagreement.

 What was unusual was Maggie calling to wake her up a scant few hours later, her voice tinged with panic. “Someone has Alex.”

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Can I get 30 with Bucky? 😍

this is the closest i’ve ever gotten to writing smut, so… you’re welcome

#30: “What? You think you’re the only one suffering?”

This mission is going about as well as anyone could expect. As in, you’re trapped in a morgue drawer that’s barely big enough for one person, let alone two. Of course it’s Bucky that you’re squished against, squinting in the dark to make out his face and trying not to think about the limited air supply in this thing.

“Why do they even have morgue drawers in a Hydra base anyway?” you grumble. You shift your foot and it grazes against Bucky’s calf, because there seriously is no room between the two of you. “It’s not like they’re respectful of the living, why be of the dead?”

“Can we not talk about dead bodies right now?” Bucky huffs, his breath fanning over your face in a hot rush. “There’s probably bodies in the drawers either side of us right now.”

“What happened to not talking about it?” you snapped, your stomach going queasy at the thought. Bucky grumbles something unintelligible and fall silent save for his obnoxious breathing.

Getting into the drawer was a series of unfortunate events. You and Bucky had been sweeping this floor when you found this room, and got into an argument about whether it was worth raiding for supplies or not. You didn’t see the point - Bucky, on other hand, claimed you could never have too many scalpels. That’s when the squad of Hydra guards stomped down the hall, and the only place you could find to hide in was the goddamn morgue drawer.

Well, you could think of a few better places now, but you were under pressure, ok? And besides, the damn drawer is locked from the outside so you can’t do anything about your current sandwich situation anyway. You both had to wait until the rest of the team came to bail you out.

It was getting almost unbearably hot in the drawer, made completely of metal while your body heat bounced around and made you sweat through your tac gear. You’d lost your top to a knife fight at the beginning of the mission, so you were down to your under armour which unfortunately left your arms exposed. They were stuck to the metal which was slowly getting hotter, starting to slightly burn your exposed skin.

“I’m getting fucking roasted by this thing,” you grumble, trying to peel your arm off the floor of the drawer but it was no use. You were on your side, and the only place for it to go was in Bucky’s face, which by the look of things, was not an option.

“What? You think you’re the only one suffering?” Bucky snaps, shifting so his leather tac gear squeaks against the metal. “I’m swimming in my own sweat right now. This thing is meant for Siberia, not Tahiti.”

“Swimming, really? That’s disgusting,” you say, making a face. Bucky grins, and it’s not the good kind of grin. Unfortunately, you have nowhere to run.

“Oh yeah?” Bucky taunts, and then he’s moving so he’s rolled on top of you and is in prime position to stick his sweaty, disgusting underarm in your face. You scream and try to wiggle away from him, but there’s nowhere to go. He just laughs, his chest rumbling against yours as he removes his arm from your face and grins, extremely pleased with himself. Your glare could kill a man.

Sweat drips from Bucky’s hairline and temple, down his face and neck. You follow one of the droplets, which curls over the sharp line of his cheekbone and down his nose to pool in the deep crevice of his cupids bow. It’s absurdly beautiful for someone sweating up a storm in a morgue drawer, and it makes the breath stop in your throat. Now is such a bad time to be having these kinds of thoughts, but damn, you want to lick that sweat off his lip like a drowning man needs oxygen.

A smirk tugs at the edge of Bucky’s mouth as he looks at you, like he can read your thoughts. He licks his lips, over that bead of sweat, and you feel your stomach bottom out. Pressed up against a sweaty, broad, smirking Bucky with nowhere else to go? You are so fucked.

“You getting hot, sweetheart?” Bucky asks, like he can’t tell from the way your chest is heaving and your body is sticking to the floor of the drawer. He thumbs at the zipper to your under armour near your throat, his smirk turning sharper. “Need some help with that?”

“I’d be less hot if you weren’t on top of me,” you snap, but you both know you don’t really mean it. Bucky raises an eyebrow, but makes no move to get off you. Instead, he shifts so he can get his arm between you and starts to ease the zipper down your chest.

You squirm a bit as your skin is slowly exposed, the wire of your bra cutting into your skin compared to the sudden freedom everywhere else driving you nearly insane. Bucky grins as he finishes unzipping the under armour, letting it fall either side of you and grabbing at your naked waist. He shimmies down your body and, in a move that has you throwing your head back with a loud groan, licks a thick stripe from your belly button to your bra.

Bucky laughs against your skin, his hot breath washing over the cold trail of his tongue sending sparks across your body. He kisses the exposed top of your tits and then drags his teeth up your neck to behind your ear so he can sink his teeth into the soft skin and leave a bruising mark. You arch into him, fingers tugging uselessly at the zipper of his leather tac suit as he kisses over the mark he made and lightly grazes his teeth over it once more.

“Bucky,” you breathe, your voice barely a thing as you struggle for air under his weight.

Bucky takes your earlobe between his teeth and you can practically feel his grin on your skin as he hums a, “Hmm?”

You’ve had enough with the teasing. You grip his hips and grind yours up against him in one harsh, fluid motion, a moan dripping from your lips. Bucky groans and drops his head to your shoulder, stuttering his hips against yours and pressing you back against the drawer. He’s so hard you can feel him through his combat pants, and it’s that over everything else that has you stopping and giggling like a maniac.

Bucky lifts his head, grin tugging at his lips as he asks, “What?”

“Just-“ you gasp, unable to stop laughing now that you’ve started. “We’re gonna have sex in a morgue drawer.

Bucky groans, but not in the good way. He flops on top of you, a bit to the side you can still breathe, and thunks his head against your collarbone. You’re still laughing and it shakes both of your bodies as Bucky mumbles into your skin, “Why’d you have to say that?”

“What,” you tease, “Dead bodies don’t turn you on?”

“You really know how to kill a mood, don’t you?” he asks, but he’s smiling into your shoulder so you know he’s not too mad. He presses a kiss against the salty skin and says, “Probably wouldn’t have been too great anyway. Not a lot of room to move in here.”

“I think you were handling it just fine,” you grin, tugging on his hair so he picks his head up to look at you. You snake an arm up between you so you can reach his face, pressing your thumb against his full bottom lip. He smiles, tongue poking out to lick the tip, and you say, “Y’know, you haven’t even kissed me yet.”

“What, do dead bodies turn you on?” Bucky quips, grinning as you frown and play-slap his cheek. He quickly turns and presses a kiss to your palm, tongue flicking out briefly. He says, “Is that good enough?”

You shake your head, biting your lip to contain your grin. Bucky tilts his head to the side and hums, considering, before leaning down and pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose. He pulls away and you shake your head again, laughing a bit this time. You say, “Not good enough, Bucky. Try a bit harder.”

“Ok,” he says, and with barely any warning he’s pressing his lips to yours in a searing kiss. His tongue is hot and relentless in your mouth and he tastes electric. You fist your hand in his hair to pull him closer, arching your body into his. You didn’t think you could get anything closer, but here you are, seam for seam, breathing in each other’s mouths and it’s so fucking good.

So of course, that’s when the door opens and someone slides the drawer out, Bucky’s tongue still down your throat. And, of course, it’s Steve frowning down at the both of you with his Disappointed Captain America face on. Bucky looks up, using his body to cover your exposed torso, and says, “About damn time.”

My Mission (Part 9/11)

Summary: Being Tony’s niece and being the main tech builder of the Avengers is great - you love your team, and would do anything for them. And when Steve returns, bringing his ex-HYDRA assassin friend along with him, you just might end up doing anything for Bucky, too.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2300

Warnings: Language. ANGST. May cause feelings of hatred toward me.

A/N: I told you shit was about to go down. 

Originally posted by pxggycxrters

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12 & 13 with bucky?? you're so good at writing bucky's character :3

thank you so much! aaaand as expected this got angstier than expected, but at least nobody died! hope you enjoy :)

#12. “I just want you to be happy”

#13. “It’s time to say goodbye”

Buck isn’t even looking at you as he packs, even when you move to stand in the way of his gun safe and duffle bag. He just looks at his feet and moves around you, dumping the assault rifles into the duffle and rounding back for more. You feel like crying, but you won’t - not like this, and not in front of him.

“You don’t have to go,” you say. “You can tell Steve no, he’ll understand that you don’t want to-“

“I do want to,” Bucky says, his voice flat and unyielding. The hollowness to him as he robotically packs his bag and dresses in his tac gear breaks your heart into pieces, and it’s like he doesn’t even notice, let alone care.

“No you dont!” you cry, frustration making those tears well in the corners of your eyes without permission. You move to stand in front of him again, stopping him with a hand on his shoulder. He looks over your head instead of at you as you say, “I know you, Bucky. You don’t like hurting people. There are other ways to help than this, please. Don’t go.”

“You’re wrong,” Bucky says, and wrenches himself away from you. He zip up the bag harshly, with enough force to bend the zipper in half. He braces himself on top of the bag and takes in a deep breath, staring at the bed spread. “Fighting is the only thing I can offer, so that’s what I’m gonna do.  Why can’t you get that?”

You move to him and place your palm in-between his shoulder blades, rubbing gentle circles through the leather of his tac jacket. Bucky shudders, but doesn’t pull away this time. You say, voice cracking with the effort of holding back tears, “I just want you to be happy.”

Bucky twists his head to look up at you, and your heart breaks all over again. He looks so lost, eyes swimming with all the things he wants but can’t say, and all the guilt he can’t let go of. He looks close to tears, too, as he stands and pulls you into a crushingly fierce hug, burying his face in your neck.

Against your skin, he whispers, “I don’t know how to be.”

You choke back a sob, glad he can’t see your face as you struggle to control yourself. You cling to his back and bury your face in his hair, breathing him in. Nothing in the world could make you let go, not even Steve arriving at the door with a gentle knock to say, “It’s time to say goodbye.”

You can’t help the whimper that escapes you as you tug Bucky to you closer, digging your nails into his tac jacket. Bucky presses a kiss to your neck, moving up despite your hold on him to kiss your jaw and your chin and the corner of your mouth. He looks at you, so much fear and confusion and guilt twisting his face you can barely look at him. You crusty your mouth to his, trying to tell him all the things he refuses to hear.

“I love you,” you mumble against his lips. You feel his face crumple as he holds you closer, kissing you again and again even as Steve clears his throat behind you. Bucky has to go, and it feels like ripping out a part of your soul to let him.

“Love you too,” Bucky whispers when you pull away, eyes closed like he wants to be here just a moment longer before he has to leave.

But he does open his eyes, without looking at you once again, and grabs his duffle bag. He moves around you to head to Steve, but you catch his hand before he can walk away from you. He tilts his head towards you but doesn’t look at you, and you understand it’s hard but it hurts anyway.

Almost desperately, you say through the tears that now fall freely down your face, “Please come back.”

Bucky exhales a shuddery breath, but doesn’t say anything. He just nods. And then he’s gone, disappearing while Steve shuts the door with a grim smile, and you’re alone. You don’t feel your knees hit the floor or your sobs as you hold onto your stomach, trying to keep yourself together. All you can think about is if that’s the last time you ever see him, and he couldn’t even look at you as he left.

okay but Bucky just basking in comfort once he comes home to Avenger Tower. And I mean basking. He doesn’t go anywhere without a comfy sweater or super soft blanket wrapped around his shoulder like a cape. He wears slippers. He covers his and Steve’s bed with throw pillows and the most luxurious duvet he can con SHIELD into buying for him. Natasha knits him an arm cozy for when the sight of his bionic arm sets off his PTSD, and he ends up just wearing it all the time because after decades of TAC gear, he deserves to feel soft and cuddly goddammit.

It goes so far that Bucky will even wear sweaters on missions, and there is nothing more terrifying as seeing an ex-assassin super soldier walking towards you in a fuzzy sweater covered matted with blood. Most bad guys just toss their weapons away and run because you do not fuck with a man and his winter-wear. After the missions, Bucky always complains when his sweaters get ruined, and Steve always shakes his head, and reminds him that “I told you not to bring the Charlie Brown one to the Ukraine, Bucky.” Bucky argues that it’s not the same kicking bad-guy ass without the Charlie Brown sweater, stains be damned. The rest of the Avengers just let them fight it out, half-amused, half-concerned.

Except for Clint, who’s just jealous that he’s not allowed to wear sweaters on missions.

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If you're still taking prompts? Honestly, Bucky referring to Steve's pecs as tits and his briefs as panties really Does Things to me. I didn't think I'd dig feminization or humiliation, but the light way you do it really strikes a chord with me because of the way he BLUSHES, Christ; it's the edge of humiliation that does it. So I'd really like to prompt a heavy humiliation kink with a side of feminization. If, uh, that's ok.

i’m gonna give you a drunk write. i promise it is no lower in quality or content. it is simply very well timed that you asked for this at this precise moment, when i am in a perfect mindset to deliver precisely what it is everyone in this fandom needs. the title of this piece will be “MY MAMA TAUGHT ME GOOD HOME TRAININ,” as inspired by beyonce. low key feminization is life. 

Bucky kicks off his boots and toes off his socks at the door, and then he peels off his gloves and his tac gear, and lets it clatter onto the tile. Pick it up later. He runs a hand through his hair, short again on account of all the ops he’s been running – practical – and rounds into the kitchen, scrubbing at some dried blood on his face.

Steve turns to look at him, already back into civvies, just because his debrief was shorter. He’s one shower closer to normal than Bucky. “Hey,” he says, offering up a tired smile. “Got dinner in the microwave. You good?” 

“I love it when you cook, sweetheart.” Bucky drags up the tease from somewhere deep in his exhausted body; what can he say, Steve just makes him smile. “Where’s your apron, huh?” 

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fudebusho  asked:

3, 8, 14

You didn’t specify a pairing so I’m going with Wintershock.

3. If your OTPs were going to have a threesome, who would it be with?

The easy answer here is Steve, mainly because I also ship Wintershieldshock. However, I think a strong case can also be put forward for Natasha. Both Bucky and Darcy would be down for that.

8. What secret sexual fantasy might one half of your OTP hide from the other?

I think Darcy would hide the fact that she’s attracted to Bucky in his tac gear, all bloodied and mussed up from a fight. She wouldn’t mind getting taken hostage by the winter soldier, but she’s pretty sure it would horrify Bucky and so never, ever broaches the subject.

14. Does your OTP dirty talk? Who has the filthier mouth?

Darcy definitely has the filthier mouth. Bucky comes from an era where talking dirty to a woman would end in him getting slapped. Sweet endearments are his style and he keeps his cursing to the battlefield. Darcy doesn’t try dirty talk too often because he’s so inept at it.

Ask me what my OTP are like in bed


Imagine being with Skye at the afterlife and when she leaves with her dad you’re with them. But when Coulson and his team go to save Skye they find you, Coulson’s daughter.

Requested by Anon | Gifs not mine

You and Skye got split up in the hectic flight, so now you’re searching for her. You refuse to leave without her. Getting further away from the sound of gunfire, you actually get brave enough to call out her name.

“Skye? Skye?!”

Suddenly your hear her voice. “No! No! No! No! No!” She is not far away from you. You hurry up, ignoring that you’re getting stitches in your side. You see a bright blueish-white flash. That has to be Gordon transporting. All of a sudden, Skye’s scream dies down. Too fast for her to still be there.

“SKYE?!”, you holler, rounding the corner and staring at a Skye-less corridor and at two men in tactical gear. Panicking, you take a step backwards.

“Don’t worry, we’re not HYDRA“, one of them tries to comfort you. Someone you would not have expected. Someone you know can’t be there. Or at least you would have thought that he can’t be there.

Dad?!” You stop dead in your track, staring unbelievingly at your very much alive father.

“Y/N?!”, he gasps, apparently no less shocked than you are.

You don’t pay attention to the other man, you don’t even register that you’re rushing forwards, all you know is that you’re suddenly in the arms of your father, hugging him back fiercly. You can’t hold back the sobs that force their way up your throat. You thought he was dead. You had mourned him. And here he was. It was like a dream, only better.

“What are you doing here, Y/N?”, your dad whispers, his voice thick, “How did you meet Skye?”

“You know her?”

“We were looking for her.”

“I met her in the Afterlife”, you mumble, not sure if you should say that.

Your father is visibly upset by that answer. “What? How- why? Y/N, what happened?”

“Afterlife?”, another male voice asks behind you and you and your father look up. A woman supports the weight of another man in tac gear, but with a bullet wound. “What is the Afterlife?”

“She can explain that later”, the second guy interrupts, “But right now, we should get back to the Quinjet. Our chances aren’t good.”

Your dad looks at everyone, his glance lingering the longest on you. “Yes. Retreating. Let’s get back in the air. And then we will have a long discussion.”

“Oh yes, we will”, you agree and follow the team.

stoatsandwich  asked:

Steve/Rumlow prompt, you say? How about the sweet blushing subby Steve you write so well being coaxed into increasingly degrading things by his We're Totally Not Boyfriends That Would Be Gay, Cap.

this went in such a weird direction. it’s really long. it’s really fucked up. no knife, but the batons are involved? 

Fuck,” Rumlow bites, pressing his forehead to Steve’s’ back. “How you stay so tight when you’re always lettin’ me shove things up in you?”

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Civil War timeline with the help of the new footage

I have to order this for the sake of the argument rather than chronological order and it’s long as fuck so sorry if it’s confusing.

To start: in the BTS footage of Bucky fighting Steve and later shooting Tony you can see Black Panther’s claw rips in his left sleeve:

Also visible here in the Super Bowl TV spot, evidently done through the jacket:

Here’s when it happens, from the second trailer (please also note Seb’s face lol):

Bucky has a backpack in the tunnel scene with Black Panther but not in this one.

TO THE POINT: no rips here when Steve helps Bucky escape from this apartment building (in Germany, based on the flag on the Police uniforms), so it is BEFORE the tunnel and fight/shooting scene:

Also, to show that Bucky’s shirt isn’t just generally full of holes lol: 

ALSO of note here, same wallpaper as the scene from the 2nd trailer where Steve says “This doesn’t have to end in a fight, Tony.” But when he says “Tony” it cuts to a totally different scene and the audio doesn’t sound smooth. I doubt Tony’s there at all. Maybe he’s talking to Bucky? This is Bucky’s apartment in Germany?

MAIN POINT, Steve and Bucky have encountered each other BEFORE the scene where they fight and Bucky shoots Tony, at least in the scene when he helps him escape the apartment in Germany. I would also suggest the tunnel scene is before the fight scene based on Bucky not having his jacket and backpack anymore (more evidence below.) Either way, people have been speculating that Bucky has been reprogrammed as the Winter soldier when he fights Steve and shoots Tony, and it happens between encounters with Steve. So how does someone get to him to reprogram him?

Back to the tunnel scene, War Machine is there, which suggests Tony’s involvement (hold onto that thought):

FURTHERMORE, based on Steve’s jacket+shirt situation:

Left side is the fight with Bucky, right side is when he hands over the shield and Everett Ross and Sharon Carter are there (so the CIA?), which I would suggest is the consequence of the tunnel scene, especially since T’challa is there too:

As to what happens to Bucky, from Empire magazine: “The Winter Soldier is taken away in shackles for ‘psychological evaluation’ while Steve meets with General Ross.” (The scene we have of Steve meeting General Ross has him in different clothing, but I doubt it’s the only one.)

Reports of the D23 footage (and a leaked photo) show Bucky distressed in a glass box/cage.

EDIT: Outfit match-up confirmed!

So, Tony’s involvement in the situation:

Steve’s wearing the aforementioned outfit and Tony is wearing the same ensemble from Bucky trying to shoot him.

Bucky gets reprogrammed somehow during the ‘Psychological evaluation’. But by who? Hydra still inside the government? The government accidentally says some reset code? Sleeper programming? SPUTNIK??? 

EDIT: I was having trouble placing the scene we have of undercover Cap:

With the help of today’s Sharon images, it looks like this won’t all go down in one continuous sequence but over at least a few days. “Are you saying you’ll arrest me?” sounds like things are going south already.

Left: Sharon when Cap hands over the shield; middle: Sharon fights Bucky when he’s attacking Tony and Steve; Right: Sharon slipping Steve some insider info outside of the building all the other scenes have taken place in. Before or after Bucky fights everyone? Is she telling Steve what they’re actually doing to Bucky? That they’e going to take him away in that helicopter?

Looks like Sam is there undercover in the same place Steve meet Sharon. “Consider all our options.”Shit’s not going well!

EDIT: They are still in Germany:

Anyway, Bucky at some point attacks Steve and Tony. The government tries to take Bucky away in the Helicopter, probably to this helicopter-only access prison we saw (that Tony’s shown at, btw):

Steve stops it, losing his jacket and getting his shirt dirty here:

See, it’s dirty. lol

Note the claw marks on Bucky’s sleeve again.

So Steve and Sam rescue Bucky from the helicopter and go on the run. They trap Bucky in the vice themselves to ensure he’s safe for them to be around. That’s why Steve asks if Bucky remembers him when they’ve already interacted, to make sure he’s kicked the recent reprogramming.

So the “Buck, do you remember me?” scene is NOT Steve and Bucky’s first encounter in the movie, Mackie has said the scene is about halfway through the movie. Bucky’s not getting his jacket and backpack back after this and Steve’s not going to wash his shirt, hence the tunnel scene being before the Steve and Bucky fight scene, and every scene featuring Bucky in a jacket and stuff being BEFORE this one, which previously seemed like it might be Bucky’s first appearance in the movie.

From here on is when Bucky changes to his new tac gear and gets a gun etc., and everyone starts actually beating the shit out of each other instead of talking in meeting rooms because Steve has explicitly gone against the government.

I swear this is like 80% solid but it’s hard to keep it clear over such a long argument.


And Many More

Written by Praemonitus_Praemunitus


Summary: It’s Danny’s birthday, and just because the universe hates him, it’s turning out to be a day from hell.  To top it all off, Steve – his supposed best friend and, as of a few days ago, perhaps something much, much more as well – seems to have completely forgotten all about Danny’s special day.  Or has he?


Danny is not a vain person.  He truly isn’t.  But today is his birthday and some recognition of that fact from his partner and supposed best friend should not be too much to ask.  Really shouldn’t.   Especially, since said best friend has recently become something a bit more, something neither of them were quite ready to either define or even properly acknowledge just yet.  It had only happened that one time after a long and difficult case when they were both physically exhausted and emotionally wrung out.  But it was real, whatever it was.  Real enough that every time he closed his eyes he could still feel the sizzling, tender touch of Steve’s fingers along his naked skin, could see the burning desire in the dark blue eyes inches from his own, hear his own moans as Steve’s lips traced a trail of nerve-searing, mind-numbing wildfire down the length of his body…  Neither of them has mentioned it since, but Danny has seen the odd, mournful glances Steve threw his way whenever he thought Danny wasn’t looking.

Yet Steve, who was supposed to show up to pick him up this morning, texted to say that he was running a bit late and that Danny should go ahead to the office without him.  And nothing else.  No “Happy Birthday, buddy”, no “How you doing there, old man?”, no acknowledgment whatsoever.  

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dogmatix  asked:

fic prompt: Kit stuck his fangs cautiously out of Tin's helmet into the acrid, smoke-filled air.

{{ This was going to be short and cute and then I had to mention I was watching NCIS and someone decided to take that and RUN with it… *taps foot grumpily*}}

Fic under the cut, because it is hella long and *STILL NOT DONE*


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