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Sharon Carter is an amazing human being and you know why?

where tf do you think bucky’s uniform came from all of a sudden? one minute he’s in jeans, the next he’s wearing tac gear.

When she stole that Cap pyjama and the bird costume she was like ‘nah, I can’t let Bucky have nothing, he’ll feel left out.’ Homegirl went and bought that shit from her own money, I tell you. She even cut off one sleeve for him.

Top gal.


I’ll Be A Gun (And It’s You I’ll Come For) - Chapter 1

by Archetype_ElectraHeart // pepperpottsblogs

At first, Darcy thought she was hungover. The kind of epic, dry-mouth, gritty-eyed, pounding-headache type of hangover that she could usually blame on Clint or Tony.

But then she registered the tang of copper in her mouth and the cold, pocked surface of concrete under her shoulder and an odd, metallic weight on her ankle and reconsidered.

Darcy cracked open one eye and peeked around. Concrete cell, chain around her left ankle. No windows, single door.

All she could do was wait.


The next time Darcy woke up it was because someone had opened the door, which emitted a metallic screech.

Darcy was preparing a quip about greasing palms or oiling hinges when the man (in tac gear, fully armed, combat boots) produced a syringe and pressed it into her neck.

God. Damnit.


When Darcy came to again she was strapped into a medical chair (she tugged at the straps and bucked against them and had to conclude that they were, indeed, solid restraints) in a brightly lit and sterile-looking room. There was a tray of surgical instruments (sadly out of reach) to her right and an IV bag full of some weird blue substance labeled CPH4 (synth.) to her left.

She craned her neck around to get a better view of the room and spotted the skull-octopus nonsense that HYDRA had designed for a logo (and really could they not afford a better graphic artist?) on the back wall.

Darcy thought, for a moment, through the possibilities implied by her current situation and could come to only one conclusion.

I am royally fucked.

okay but Bucky just basking in comfort once he comes home to Avenger Tower. And I mean basking. He doesn’t go anywhere without a comfy sweater or super soft blanket wrapped around his shoulder like a cape. He wears slippers. He covers his and Steve’s bed with throw pillows and the most luxurious duvet he can con SHIELD into buying for him. Natasha knits him an arm cozy for when the sight of his bionic arm sets off his PTSD, and he ends up just wearing it all the time because after decades of TAC gear, he deserves to feel soft and cuddly goddammit.

It goes so far that Bucky will even wear sweaters on missions, and there is nothing more terrifying as seeing an ex-assassin super soldier walking towards you in a fuzzy sweater covered matted with blood. Most bad guys just toss their weapons away and run because you do not fuck with a man and his winter-wear. After the missions, Bucky always complains when his sweaters get ruined, and Steve always shakes his head, and reminds him that “I told you not to bring the Charlie Brown one to the Ukraine, Bucky.” Bucky argues that it’s not the same kicking bad-guy ass without the Charlie Brown sweater, stains be damned. The rest of the Avengers just let them fight it out, half-amused, half-concerned.

Except for Clint, who’s just jealous that he’s not allowed to wear sweaters on missions.

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biospecialist “ i’m tired ”

I don’t mean no harm (I just miss you on my arm)

“Where are you going?”

Not a lot of people are brave enough to talk to Grant in that tone of voice, period, but even fewer will talk to him like that when he’s sporting full tac gear and has his ready-to-kill-SHIELD-agents face on. He’s really not surprised that Agent Simmons falls into the latter category.

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sambucky + tender

Sam’s voice is venom when he snipes back: “Why don’t you go eat a dick, Barnes?”

Sam’s tense and Bucky knows better than to touch the raw nerve, but he does it anyway, moving next to where Sam is standing in the kitchen, shrugging out of his tac gear. His teasing words had fallen flat on Sam’s frayed patience and Bucky moves cautiously, slowly, as he reaches out and places his fingers on Sam’s arm.

Sam’s eyes trail from where Bucky’s hand is, up the arm connected to it, then at his face, and his brow is furrowed with a mixture of confusion and intrigue.

“It’s gonna be okay, Sam.”

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Recently I had been seeing rifles done in ERDL style cerakotes. Did some searching and figured out that the work is done by Sur-Tac Gear. Really wanting to send my URX 3.1 out to get it coated by these guys!

Photos: Black Wire Studio

SOOOO! This is probably the silliest thing I’ve ever drawn, and probably a bit stupid too, but the mental image has been stuck in my head for about a year now, so I’m glad for the opportunity to finally inflict it upon you guys. The idea behind this is that Fitz is wearing the gravity boots from Jupiter Ascending. I think if anyone would be able to engineer those suckers on Earth, it would be Fitz. Right? So, the whole sequence where Jupiter has to hold onto Caine as they race through Chicago trying to outrun murderous aliens? Here it is, Fitzsimmons style. Enjoy! Color will be happening, but right now my drawing hand needs a damn break.