Maybe Vocabulary List 多分

Because of the great post by @nihongokudasai and the contribution by @leplusgrandlivredumonde HERE I thought I’d (possibly) do a vocabulary list with that theme. 

多分: たぶん (tabun) - perhaps/probably/generous/many/much/great

若しかしたら: もしかしたら (moshikashitara) - perhaps/maybe/ perchance/by some chance/by any chance

若しかすると: もしかすると (moshikasuruto) - perhaps/maybe/by some chance

ひょっとすると (hyottosuruto) - perhaps/maybe/possibly

事にすると: ことにすると (kotonisuruto) - perhaps/maybe/possibly

ワンチャン (wanchan) - one chance/ only opportunity/maybe/ perhaps/there is a chance that/one-night stand

かもね (kamone) - maybe/ could be/ might

もしかし (moshikashi) - perhaps/maybe/ by some chance

大方: おおかた (ookata) - large part/ greater part/ majority/people in general/ general public/ public at large/mostly/for the most part/ almost/ nearly/probably/ maybe/ perhaps

かもしれない (kamoshirenai) - may/might/perhaps/ may be/ possibly

あるいは (aruiha) - or/ possibly

かも (kamo) - may/ might/ perhaps/ may be/ possibly

もしや (moshiya) - perhaps/ possibly/ by some chance/ by some possibility