Michi (Pikanchi Half version)

In my mind, I call it ‘Michi Half’ haha.

I took a long time debating over the pronouns used. I do know that usually when referring to one’s own self, they’d omit the ‘watashi’ but for some reason, I didn’t feel that the lack of pronouns in the lyrics was due to Nino using 'I’ or 'me’ etc. I felt that he was referring to all of them, so there you go. Yes, I used feelings to translate instead of literal translation haha :x

Note: The sound might be a bit too soft. Please raise your volume~

[arashi-moments] [video post]

oh yeah before i go (to…bed…)

warren has his vita as usual and he’s looking at my tumblr at the bar

and he sees the ‘top 5 OTPs’ ask i got and he’s confused about my syntax?

in that i was all 'i…g…uess….’ and he’s like 'shouldn’t it just be i…guess’

i tried to explain that i’m typing it like how i’d say it in reality and that some tumblr kids just fucking do that but he still didn’t really get it

this is the same guy who nitpicks p4(g) dialogue all 'it says “it promises to be a fun afternoon” but i wonder if it really was’

i’m pretty sure it fucking was

warren’s stupid he doesn’t want to see the hobbit

ok im gonna lie…down…for a while

Hardenshipping playlist

{Just a few songs I thought fit this pairing, so enjoy~!}

Too Little Too Late (Barenaked Ladies) x
And I could be good, and I would–If I was understood
And it’ll be great, just wait–or is it too little to late?

Jaded (Aerosmith) x
My my baby blue
Yeah I’ve been thinkin’ ‘bout you
My my baby blue
Yeah you’re so jaded
And I’m the one that jaded you

Fever (Adam Lambert) x
There he goes
My baby walks so slow
Sexual tic-tac-toe
Yeah I know we both know it isn’t time, no
But could you be m-mine?

Seventh Heaven (L’Arc~en~Ciel) x
Ware ni tsuzuke saa ikou
Karadajuu no kara wo yaburi
Sarakedasu ai wo tsunagou
Dakishime ai tashikame ai
Yurameku rakuen made
Shissoku shinai matcha kurenai
Tsukamitotte yaru sa tabun
Stairs to the seventh
Running up to heaven, yeah!

(Follow me, come on, let’s go
Break out of the shell of your body
And connect to the love that’s exposed
Confirming by making love
We won’t stall out til we reach that flickering paradise
It won’t wait
We’ll get it - probably
Stairs to the seventh
Running up to heaven, yeah!

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