evangelion quickie. im Mcfreakin obsessed with kaworu right now. FIRST THE BIG NEWS:: I AM ON A PLANE TO SEE MARY TOMORROW. ANTICIPATE PHOTOS.

okokok for those like. three of you who care i read a volume of the eva manga today and i loved how much the darkness in kaworu’s character was excentuated! he killed a kitten for gosh sakes.. that’s worse than kicking a puppy for setting you smack down in the villain category. and of course he manipulated shinji into shouldering the guilt for his own death. thats.. harsh. but i think the main reason i love kaworu is because he’s such a hope spot in the anime and in you can (not) redo.. i love that he’s the only one in shinji’s life who doesn’t cause him utter despair. that’s the main thing i love about their dynamic. so i gotta say as much as i appreciate the manga as like.. a character study or an exploration of a realm of possibility, i prefer kaworu’s role and revealed character in the show and in the movie.

Female Wardens arriving at Ostagar
  • The youngest daughter of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland, showing up at Ostagar broken and wounded with a snarling disposition and a propensity toward using threats of violence to address the lack of respect from her fellow recruits, determined to fulfill her last promise to her father, regardless of what the nation thinks of her family now.
  • Adaia and Cyrion Tabris’ daughter, arriving at Ostagar having already killed so many humans, she feels as if their blood will never wash off her hands and in some ways she never wants it to, suspicious and distrusting of every single human she runs across, vowing to show them all what a scrappy fighter from Denerim’s alienage is really capable of.
  • The Princess Aeducan, a princess no more, her identity erased, her title stripped, showing up at Ostagar with her head held fucking high, not caring if she has to look up to meet the glance of all the cloud heads she meets, speaking in a stern voice that commands authority and respect, staring down those who would challenge her with a withering glare.
  • The huntress Mahariel, arriving at Ostagar clinging to life, a fever raging in her blood, but on her own two fucking feet, stoically bearing the pain of Blight sickness with a quiet strength so vast even her human healers can’t help but be impressed.
  • Brosca shows up, eyes sharp and deft fingers twitching, already sizing up every person that crosses her path as a possible opponent, or even a mark, eager to get on with this whole Blight business and ready to knock some Darkspawn skulls together, performing a duty with more honor than the feckless nobles of Orzammar could ever hope to achieve.
  • Surana arrives with her swishing robes and wide eyes, feeling raw and hurt from recent betrayals, but an insatiable curiosity propels her to swallow her fears and explore the wide world around her, secure in the knowledge that lightning and fire can be called at a moment’s notice into her soft, uncalloused hands.

Female wardens, arriving at Ostagar–whether they’ve always known the world was cruel or whether they just discovered the fact, their spines are already made of steel.

The alienage walls hid many things. It hid the terrified faces of children as strange men took them away to dimly lit rooms, hid the lines of people coughing, wheezing, dying - the distraught doctor who could not give anything because there is nothing to give. It hid the screams of a girl as her groom was gunned down in front of her on her wedding day.

She often wonders what would have happened if the walls were not there, if more people could just see.

One thing I love about the Tabris origin is the implication that when Tabris says they’re going to beat the crap out of somebody/commit murder, everybody around them takes them at face value.

When Tabris goes “Let’s kill him”, Soris’ reaction isn’t “oh cousin, you’re so funny with your jokes” it’s “Oh Maker no, not again, brb gonna get help”

No child of Adaia Tabris makes empty threats. Nope, you’re gonna get your shem ass handed to you.


Dragon Age: Origins | Tabris {City Elf Origin} “Perhaps the day will come when the humans come and try to take the alienage from us, too. If that day comes, I swear they shall regret it.” [♔]

“All elf/human babies are human.” Hah. Ahahahha. HAhahahahha.

Let me learn you a thing. (Long genetics post to follow, the following should also apply for elves/any race capable of producing offspring.)

The above statement refers to the fact that all elf/human (50/50) offspring appear to be human in appearance. This is called phenotype: a term used to describe the physical manifestation of genetic traits. Phenotypically, such offspring would not display ‘elven traits’, which we will assume refers specifically to pointed ears, because things like being shorter of stature, having a genetic predisposition to a smaller body type, larger eyes etc are all traits potentially possessed by humans in Thedas as well. 

With this in mind, we also have a few other facts: all elven children have tapered ears, it is a racial trait. They are genetically similar enough to procreate with humans and produce viable offspring. We know the elves’ ears cannot be linked to 'magic’ as many have lost the ability over the years. The only explanation for all 50/50 elf/human children appearing phenotypically human, and all elven children regardless of origin having tapered ears is that the gene for having pointed ears is recessive. This means that for it to express visually, two copies of the gene are required. All elves would have two copies of this gene, all humans would have none. In all 50/50 crosses, the elf parent would pass on one copy of the gene to the child, who would appear outwardly 'human’ in all cases.

However, if this child was to reproduce with another elf, or another 50/50 cross, there is the potential for their offspring to have the gene for tapered ears. If a 50/50 cross and an elf reproduced, their child would have a 50% chance of having tapered ears. If two 50/50 crosses reproduced, there’d be a 25% chance of a child with tapered ears. It would also explain why if any 50/50 children continued to live as a human and had no contact with elves people might assume they were simply human, because without coming into contact with the gene there’d be no way of knowing. It also means that five generations down the line two 'human’ parents could have a child with pointed ears and look at each other nervously.

So yeah, if any of those Suranas, Tabris or Mahariels had kids with Alistair? Yeah. Incorporate this into your headcanons ;)