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Mainstream Christianity is afraid of the daemonic. Daemonic – the word itself – conjures unpleasant spiritual experiences and beastly spiritual creatures that are malevolent to the human soul. Yet, Jesus the Christ was entirely open to the daemonic. He encountered it in the wilderness and rebuffed it after surviving its attempts to seduce him back into a state of egoism. Jesus drove the cacophonous Legion into a herd of swine. In fact, all we see is the darker side of the daemonic in the gospel accounts of Jesus.

There are some notable exceptions such as Christ’s baptism in the river Jordan and the transfiguration atop Mount Tabor. Paul’s encounter with the Risen Christ on the road to Damascus is also an encounter with the daemonic. The descent of the Holy Spirit upon all gathered in the upper room on the Feast of Pentecost – another encounter with the daemonic.

The daemonic is the whirlwind of the nominous that is both creative and destructive; it heals and destroys. It strips our souls bare. In our encounters with it we recreate the very nature of our being. We should be afraid of it – that is a good instinct – but we must encounter it if we expect gnosis.



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22.  Nicknames people call you?

Meg altalanosban meg gimiben a “Pedal” nevre hallgattam (jo jegyek ftw), de mostansag mar mindenki Livi/Livike tengelyen mozog hala istennek. A pidzson nev onnan indult, hogy beszivva nagyon vicces volt a gondolat, hogy a pigeon milyen szarul nez ki magyar fonetikaval leirva, es ramragasztotta a batyam :)

24. Favorite band?

Massive Attack!!!

30. Watch the movie or read the book?

Mindketto, de szeretem a konyvvel kezdeni. (nem vagyok a bigott HURR DURR A KONYV JOBB tabor tagja, mert van amibol igenis jobb a film)

32. Favorite show?

(kotelezo Filthy Frank Show plug) Clone Wars, Peaky Blinders, Sherlock, de a sorozatokat naggggyon hamar elunom altalaban

36.  Any bad habits?

Ha stresszelek, akkor ragcsalom a koromagyam, dohanyzok, es nagyon mocskosan karomkodok. :\

“Through the fall our nature was stripped of divine illumination and resplendence. But the Logos of God had pity upon our disfigurement, and in His compassion He took our nature upon Himself. On Tabor He manifested it to His elect disciples clothed once again most brilliantly. He showed what we once were and what we shall become through Him in the age to come – if we choose to live our present life, as far as possible, in accordance with His ways.”

~St. Gregory Palamas

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