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I just had to make an extra post out of @ohbelieveyoume’s favourite cards! 😄😘💞
She was such a great help, as was @skittle479! ❤️😘

I decided to produce all of my cards as a test and the idea is to do something special with them. But I don’t want to give too much away just yet.

shoutout to autistics with taboo special interests
shoutout to autistics whose si’s are things like warfare, diseases (hi!), serial killers, etc
shoutout to autistics who are told their si’s are “gross” or “sick”
shoutout to autistics who get in trouble for talking about their si’s
shoutout to autistics who are afraid their si’s make them a bad person
you’re cool and your si’s don’t have anything to do with your worth or morality

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 89: Philip Sallon from Taboo. ❤️
Good lord, this one was a true challenge. 😅 Hope you like it. I am tempted to try the sack of lemons outfit too one day. We’ll see.
Next is another Barba. Haven’t decided yet, but it might be a b&w for a change.

“They have something to prove, and they want my son to be the guinea pig in their experiment.”

Through in-depth reporting, Alia Wong explores a highly controversial topic: segregated, specialized education. In her story Escaping the Disability Trap, Wong asks the pressing question: What’s the best way to prepare special-needs students for the workforce?

Historically, specialized programs faced scrutiny for separating disabled students from their peers, a practice that fueled emotional, often bitter, debates over how to best educate kids with unique and complex learning needs. Through the early 1970s, many students with disabilities were denied access to regular public schools and forced into special schools—a practice known as “institutionalization.” Broader stigmas also developed around vocational academies, which, American RadioWorks’s Emily Hanford has reported, were perceived as “a kind of dumping ground for kids who weren’t succeeding in the traditional academic environment.”

By the 1990s, the pendulum had swung in the other direction: Institutionalization had become a taboo word in special education, and “inclusion”—the integration of special-needs students into mainstream classrooms as much as possible—became the gold standard. “Regular schools with this inclusive orientation are the most effective means of combating discriminatory attitudes, creating welcoming communities, building an inclusive society and achieving education for all,” a UNESCO report on special education proclaimed. Even children in special schools, the report contended, shouldn’t “be entirely segregated.”

Specialized and completely segregated programs never disappeared completely, however—and neither did those emotional, bitter debates over inclusion. Vociferous opposition to the idea has challenged the movement since it took hold. “This is about the Special Education Department’s philosophy of inclusion,” Mary Andrews, whose mentally disabled son a Chicago high school for special-needs students, told the Reader in 1994 in response to district plans to close the school down. “They have something to prove, and they want my son to be the guinea pig in their experiment.”

(Photo credit: Grey Korhonen)

Read the entire story here.

couldbebetterforsure replied to your post:If anyone needs any Hinny or Romiione fic recs,…

I heard one of my oldest OTP’s ship names and came running.

Have you read…

(On FFN)

little0bird’s Tree House and Daisies (Romione post-war) or Burning Down the House (Rose’s birth)? For a more group assemble with the rest of the characters, there’s The First Day (what happens during the first year after the war), More Than Words (after that), and Questions and Answers (post-epilogue). 

our dancing days wrote Another Feather Falling Off My Wings (reincarnation).

Solstice Muse’s What You’re Missing (a noire-ish Ron-centric fic) also Eternal Sunshine of the Scourgified Mind (your not so typical amnesia plot) and The Railway Children (I can’t even begin to describe how good it is). And Keys (Ron forgets something special). Taboo (a twist on Ron and Hermione saving her parents) will make you laugh. 

mugglemama did Five Dresses in Hermione’s Closet (what it says on the tin). 

blackhawk13 wrote Mirror, Mirror (Ron travels to an alternate universe and holy shit). 

HalfaSlug did Out of the Fire and into the Cupboard (family shenanigans, very funny). 

Kamiangel’s Owner of the Lonely Heart (Hermione tries to pull a She’s the Man AU). 

Moonprincess92’s Shine a Light! (Hermione meets Ron for the first time as an adult), Six Goals in One Weasley Year (each Weasley kid makes a promise to fulfill, and life happens), and Adventures (Ron and Hermione have an amazing imagination). 

And Jesrod82’s Popping Buttons (when the tensions snaps in a broom closet). 


Irnan’s mischiefmanagedverse (words can’t even begin to describe how good). 

femmenerd’s Through the Mirror (time travel). 




I know that I forgot some more. Feel free to look through my bookmarks or favorites.