taboo special

Raúl Esparza drawing Nr. 89: Philip Sallon from Taboo. ❤️
Good lord, this one was a true challenge. 😅 Hope you like it. I am tempted to try the sack of lemons outfit too one day. We’ll see.
Next is another Barba. Haven’t decided yet, but it might be a b&w for a change.

shoutout to autistics with taboo special interests
shoutout to autistics whose si’s are things like warfare, diseases (hi!), serial killers, etc
shoutout to autistics who are told their si’s are “gross” or “sick”
shoutout to autistics who get in trouble for talking about their si’s
shoutout to autistics who are afraid their si’s make them a bad person
you’re cool and your si’s don’t have anything to do with your worth or morality