tabloids are awesome

Senior year better be ready

Because I sure am! One more year before we’re the people we’re meant to be, set forth unto the world to do good or whatever! Everyone remember to enjoy every second, go to every tourney game and ball, and don’t take a single moment for granted! As one of the new photographers for yearbook, I’m looking for those awesome moments to memorialize forever - because honestly, we can only have so many pictures of Prince Ben and his girlfriend before it begins to feel like a tabloid. Stay awesome, Auradon, and remember, one more year! Let’s make it count.

anonymous asked:

Why does the tabloid description of DD gazing at GA with a "parental edge" squick me out? I can describe their interaction over the years as many things: disgruntled co-workers, sibling-esque, arranged marriage, goofy trolls, war buddies, gorgeous jerks ... even secret 'naked movie star game' partners (shout out to Syzygy's Principal Bob) on occasion if I'm being honest .. but "parental??" I'm not down with that yo.

We haven’t compared notes, but I love that this tabloid ‘body language expert’ is like, I’m not telling just you what you want to hear. This is SCIENCE. “Parental”!