Folding - tableware

With the gravity flow of elements as the inspiration Taking geometric elements as the presentation, the inner introverted tension of lines is molded. Each single bowl is shown in 20 soft curves, and the 5 bowls are combined into 100 curves. They are stacked up from top to bottom, flowing with aesthetic feeling. Lines are made up of 1:2:3 ratios, in geometric progression.


Espresso Cup by Lukas Bast Design

This nice little Espresso Cup is a combination of latest technology and Nature. The porcelain part is 3D-printed with food save  ceramics, with two holes at the handle to be finished with some little branches, to make it an eye-catcher as well as a minimalistic coffee cup that connects you with the Nature your coffee comes from. It is a creation of Vienna based designer Lukas Bast.


Folding Tableware by Zhou Buyi of FangCun Design

The Folding Tableware is a set of five ceramic bowls, that are uniquely crafted in a way that, when they are stacked on top of each other, the create a tumblr like object, that darkens gradually into a dark green, while every bowl has 20 soft curves that expand seamlessly over the different bowls forming flowing waves. The creator of this interesting collection is Zhou Buyi of the Hangzhou based FangCun Design company.


HuskeeCup by Huskee Tech

The HuskeeCup is the invention of a Barrista and a coffee producer. Their idea was it to give the unused coffee husks a purpose and therefore founded the Huskee Tech company. So they came up with this ceramic alternative, made of coffee husks. The cup is completely recyclable and sustainable. The ribbons on the outside give you a secure grip and keep your hands away from the hot exterior of the cup at the same time.

Menelaus (left) and Hector fight over the body of the Trojan hero Euphorbus.  Ancient Greek plate in the “Middle Wild Goat” style, artist unknown; ca. 600 BCE.  Found at Camirus, Rhodes; now in the British Museum.