>>>>Hey Asterl, fuck up someones day.

>>>>You had been out in his neck of the savanna collecting certain herbs that you needed for a requested medicine and you decided to skid by as say ‘hi’ on stingray dads back. Of course after doing this,(and kicking up copious amounts of dust through his windows) you decided that you didn’t quite think that place you chose to land stingray dad would be a comfortable place for him to rest, and being the considerate troll that you were, you decided to bring him around again, and again, and once more for good measure, until coming to terms with that being the best spot of choice. You hop off and pat your lusus and start to head over to knock on the door to your kismesis’ hive only to find him hopping angrily towards you. You step up to meet him, your own mechanical ray tail swaying in a serpentine manner behind you.

“Hey there Kleine, I was just coming over to know on your door.” You feign innocence, “You look upset, are you alright?”

It was hot, but it was a dense,temperate heat unlike the extreme dryness of her desert. Everywhere she looked she saw green, everything around her was alive and the troll found herself jumping often at the cracking of twigs or the call of some beast off in the distance  somewhere. Despist the moisture in the air, she was thirst. She had yet to find a water source fit for drinking and she had run through all of her stores of water and wine before she got lost.

==> Kierna, uncatalogued your scythe.
You pull your harvesting scythe out of your sylladex after a particularly loud crunch from behind you, you had a knife on your thigh incase it came to close quarters, but that was a last resort. You turn towards the noise, placing your back at a tree so you couldn’t be snuck up on. 
(sorry i took so long, I had things to do and got carried away with my distraction.) 

((It’s fine. Sorry I took so long to respond))

Flaire’s eyes widened when he saw the weapon similar to his own. He cursed a bit to himself realizing he had been heard. The troll was simply seeing who she was and what she was doing near his moirail’s hive. He’d actually been about to head back hive. Now that he’d been spotted, he revealed himself and waved a bit, smiling pleasantly.

“Hello there.”

==>Kierna, do the thing.

Its been probably about a million years by your estimation(which were grossly over exaggerated  you would be a fossil if it had been that long,) since you had seen your closer friends. A lot has happened over that time, and you’ve changed, she might not recognize you, you hope she does, you still have some very distinctive features; for example, your hair, your horns, and the scar on the right side of your face.

You dismount your lusus, she’s become easier to ride since you grew physically as well, you hope your friend hasnt grown to much, but its safe to say that you’re probably still shorter then her; not that you care.

You casually stride up to the front of her hive, you made sure where she was by double checking with your mate, and knock on the door more then a little obnoxiously; creating a stupid beat until someone comes to the door.