>>>>Hey Asterl, fuck up someones day.

»»You had been out in his neck of the savanna collecting certain herbs that you needed for a requested medicine and you decided to skid by as say ‘hi’ on stingray dads back. Of course after doing this,(and kicking up copious amounts of dust through his windows) you decided that you didn’t quite think that place you chose to land stingray dad would be a comfortable place for him to rest, and being the considerate troll that you were, you decided to bring him around again, and again, and once more for good measure, until coming to terms with that being the best spot of choice. You hop off and pat your lusus and start to head over to knock on the door to your kismesis’ hive only to find him hopping angrily towards you. You step up to meet him, your own mechanical ray tail swaying in a serpentine manner behind you.

"Hey there Kleine, I was just coming over to know on your door." You feign innocence, "You look upset, are you alright?"

It was hot, but it was a dense,temperate heat unlike the extreme dryness of her desert. Everywhere she looked she saw green, everything around her was alive and the troll found herself jumping often at the cracking of twigs or the call of some beast off in the distance  somewhere. Despist the moisture in the air, she was thirst. She had yet to find a water source fit for drinking and she had run through all of her stores of water and wine before she got lost.

==> Kierna, uncatalogued your scythe.
You pull your harvesting scythe out of your sylladex after a particularly loud crunch from behind you, you had a knife on your thigh incase it came to close quarters, but that was a last resort. You turn towards the noise, placing your back at a tree so you couldn’t be snuck up on. 
(sorry i took so long, I had things to do and got carried away with my distraction.) 

((It’s fine. Sorry I took so long to respond))

Flaire’s eyes widened when he saw the weapon similar to his own. He cursed a bit to himself realizing he had been heard. The troll was simply seeing who she was and what she was doing near his moirail’s hive. He’d actually been about to head back hive. Now that he’d been spotted, he revealed himself and waved a bit, smiling pleasantly.

"Hello there."

> Quality time with your.. Kismesis?

Time to bother a tealblood, you guess. Even if your relationship with her isn’t official, you don’t mind giving it a shot. You’ve saddled up your Lusus and it’s carried you swiftly through the city and made its way miles and miles to get to the coordinates she had given you. Though by the time you get there and stop at the front of it, you peer up to view a large, massive tower that looms over you and your Custodian. You tilt your head back to get a better look, which slows the movement you give to slide off of your lusiis back and you smack it on one of its hips as it dashes off somewhere in the desert. You have a whistle in your pocket that would just summon it back if needed and it never really goes off too far away from your current location unless you bind it somewhere.

Walking up to the double door, you kick up a little sand with the toes of your shoes and grumble as you reach the oasis and knock on the doors. You question why ever the doors were so.. Large, possibly for keeping a lusus inside or something, and now you became sort of wary on how big the creature is. Probably nothing too dangerous. As you wait, you turn and lean your back against the wall next to the doors, folding your arms and tilting your head down to keep the bright moonlight out of your eyes.

==>Kierna, do the thing.

Its been probably about a million years by your estimation(which were grossly over exaggerated  you would be a fossil if it had been that long,) since you had seen your closer friends. A lot has happened over that time, and you’ve changed, she might not recognize you, you hope she does, you still have some very distinctive features; for example, your hair, your horns, and the scar on the right side of your face.

You dismount your lusus, she’s become easier to ride since you grew physically as well, you hope your friend hasnt grown to much, but its safe to say that you’re probably still shorter then her; not that you care.

You casually stride up to the front of her hive, you made sure where she was by double checking with your mate, and knock on the door more then a little obnoxiously; creating a stupid beat until someone comes to the door.

> Visit Asterl. (AU.)

The heat of the desert was always nice- it was better than the chillier sides of Alternia which nipped your ashen skin and had you shivering. It especially nipped at the tips of your fins and made your jewelry feel like ice to your already cold flesh. Well, you’re treading through sand and a bit of wind at the moment, the warmth that travels through your body being a nice add on to cover up your cold chills. Upon traveling for a while, arms folded over your chest, you reach a hive in the midst of all the sand and dusted wing- taking a glance inside considering the whole hive might as well be a green house. The herbs inside from what you remember on previous visits tickle your nose and make you sneeze, or ‘made’, since by now you’re quite used to the odd scents that you pick up whenever you come here. Usually, you come here for medicines or some ingredients for your poisons- though as a client, you don’t like the troll who serves you too much.

You’re here for a different reason this time.

Upon reaching the door, you ponder knocking and making your arrival obvious, or just opening it and strolling in- but either way, it would be somewhat of a surprise, seeing as you didn’t alert this troll that you were coming over beforehand. You decide to be a little polite and extend your hand to lightly knock on the door- destroying your usual rude nature. Afterwards, you slip both hands behind your back and rock on the balls of your feet while you wait, shoes making a clack on the wood below. It echos in your ears and you click your tongue on the roof of your mouth, flaring your fins and twitching your pointed ears to listen for the sounds of him coming to the door.

> Spend time with your Matesprit.

Your newly found matesprit, Naicah, had accepted your red feelings to the fullest, and since you two are official, you both decided that after such a long time, it would be wise to meet up again. For the most part, you missed her, and inside you’re probably screaming and jumping up and down over the fact that she felt the same for you as you felt for her. Except Zerelts don’t show their excitement, so you decide to keep it bottled up- the only signs showing being the flare of your fins on your face and the ones on your arms. You were still curious how she’d react to your missing dorsal fin, but maybe she wouldn’t notice. Your cape hid it well enough before and the fins on your legs usually kept themselves hidden anyways because of your boots. Giving a sigh through your nose, you make it to the beach after a while of thinking.

The second you both decided to meet up though, you were right on it, and you’re already tracing back and forth at the shoreline, the heels of your boots somewhat sinking into the sand as you walk aimlessly in a line- back and forth, back and forth. Where is she? Well, probably lost somewhere? That could be it, considering that you have knowledge that you and her both never left the ocean too often and she was probably sleeping somewhere off in the water. It could have always carried her somewhere.

After a while, you just turn and plop down onto the sand, staring out into the water and listening to the waves crashing against the shoreline. You lean back, pressing your hands against the surface of the sand and wrinkling your nose- enjoying the salty scent of the water, although.

You had to just play the waiting game.

> 'Chill' with your 'Kismesis.'

If it could even be called that. At the moment, your relationship is a little bit complicated. Sure, you feel black for her, and at first it might have just been a little crush that seemed to roll off soon after, but now you’re pretty sure it’s stuck with you. Leaving on a bad note previously, you bring a hand up and press your index finger to your nose as you walk, wiggling it against it- and taking note it’s still a little bit sore and somewhat stuffy. She had broken it before you left and that was when you just happened to ‘accidentally’ spill some wine onto her clothing. But, she DID dump a whole bottle into your hair and it also splashed onto your clothing. It stained, so you sort of had to pay someone to make you some new duds. You don’t have an outfit that looks exactly like the one you wear most of the time.

After hissing behind your teeth and pausing before you walk right into her hive door, you sigh and pause for a moment before extending a hand and lightly knocking on the door, before realizing; Why the fuck did you knock LIGHTLY? It’s not like you’re visiting royalty or anything so it’s not that big of a deal- plus maybe it’d rile her up. You ball your hand into a fist once again and bang it on the door, curling your lips into a smirk of which distorts the piercings along with them.

Hopefully she’s here, or you might have to deal with a rambunctious lusus.