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Many people treat The Word of God and the new covenant as though it were the law written on tablets of stone. “There they are now obey them in the power of the flesh” it’s impossible. We read the scriptures, we see these commands, we know it. How many husbands have declared “I know this is right but I can’t make it work, I know I’m supposed to love my wife this way but I just don’t have strength.” Of course you don’t, you have the strength to do nothing. So when you open that book and you see those commands you must realize that the only way you are going to be brought through this wilderness is through The Power of The Holy Spirit. Crying out as you read those commands “Oh God fill me” the constant cry of the believer. Although we are born-again and The Holy Spirit indwells in us we should constantly be crying out for greater and greater manifestations of His Power so that we might fulfill the commandments of God and live a godly life. In constant dependence upon The Work of The Holy Spirit.
—  Paul Washer // Pray and Be Alone With God

A stone tablet in Aneyoshi, Japan, warns residents not to build homes below it. Hundreds of these so-called tsunami stones, some more than six centuries old, dot the coast of Japan. Residents say this injunction from their ancestors kept their tiny village of 11 households safely out of reach of the deadly tsunami last month that wiped out hundreds of miles of Japanese coast and rose to record heights near here. The waves stopped just 300 feet below the stone. (Source)

In Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Anakaris can transform various opponents into various things. Mostly into objects or animals.

He turns Felicia into, well, a cat.

He turns John Talibain into a wiener dog, which I thought was hilarious.

He Turns Morrigan into a bat.

He turns Lord Raptor into an electric guitar.

He turns Bishamon into a…. I got no idea.

He turns Sasquatch into a snowman.

He turns Rikuo into a frog.

He turns Victor into his younger self.

He turns Demitri into a Vampire Bat, since he is a vampire.

And last but not least, He turns himself into an ancient stone tablet.

Things Dishonored 2 Revealed About The Outsider:

  • He remembers his own death.
  • He was sacrificed to the Void in a ceremony that involved tying him to a stone tablet and slitting his throat. He’s probably so pale because they drained him of his blood.
  • He was unwilling. He tried to fight it.
  • He was born to a lower class family too poor to even give him his own shoes.
  • His mother died when he was a child, and his father (referred to as a “monster”) was likely abusive.
  • Even once removed from his father, he was “caged and abused” by those who intended to sacrifice him.

Things Dishonored 2 Revealed About Me:

  • I’m weak.
  • I have a type. And it’s tortured, bloodless victims who have unwillingly become Void Monsters

Episode 85, part 3: the blimp is haunted by a jerk

(part 1 is here, part 2 is here)

Shadi has shown up in Yugi’s room to tell him the heartwarming story of unfounded trust and colonialist desecration that led to Pegasus and his buddies finding the ancient carvings of the God Cards upon which he would base the three most powerful cards in Duel Monsters. 

And they all lived happily ever after.


And then I was like “Shadi you absolute conniving piece of shit” and THEN I was like “I wonder how they died, probably like, just dropped dead mysteriously, right?” and then YGO was like…


This guy was developing photos (#theancientpast - how many of you remember having to have photos developed??) he took of the carved stone tablet and Obelisk just casually summons themselves and fucking fliNGS HIM OUT A FUCKING SKYSCRAPER WINDOW

meanwhile, in another skyscraper, yer man with the video camera gets a visit from THIS ASSHOLE


like DAMN what a way to go

But Shadi BROUGHT THEM THERE. He could SO EASILY have just brought Pegasus, they didn’t use or need the other two at all except to take some reference photos for Pegs to use later and Pegasus def knows how to operate a fucking camera. 

HOW HARD WOULD IT HAVE BEEN for Shadi to go “oh btw there is a chance that disturbing the rest of the ancient gods will rouse their vengeful and deadly wrath so, like, only come if you’re cool with that”??


Because Shadi’s objective would still have been completed since this idiot would have still come:

dude really fucking loves his card game

So yeah, after the string of mysterious and improbably violent deaths, Pegasus decides to complete the God Cards himself and heads off to his studio to paint the card art, making, I must say, some very astute guesses to so accurately represent the Gods forms from the fairly undetailed carvings…

Like look at his reference picture?? That’s just an angry chicken with hands. But, as his terrifying hallucination then proves, his renditions are really accurate!

What terrifying hallucination?

He dozes off while painting Ra and has a vision of a world burning in an orgy of destruction while the Gods wreak terrible destruction through the flames. 

It doesn’t deter him.

…. Is it ever explained why Pegasus is so stubbornly determined to create this fucking trading card game that he perseveres in the face of vivid visions of a hellish future of death, the actual deaths of multiple colleagues, and the loss of his own eyeball? Like?? At no point did he go, I think this unrelenting parade of loss and death might be a sign that the card game is a bad idea???

I mean, I know he was destined to do it and whatever, but jeez.

Anyway in a brief moment of sanity, Pegasus does get the idea that the God Cards might be a little bit fatal.

And somehow contacts Isis (or, more likely, is contacted by Isis) who I guess is out of the Tombkeepers now? This timeline is SO CONFUSED. Malik must have already killed his father, since Isis doesn’t take up the Necklace until he does. So did that happen, like, last week? Or did it happen BEFORE Pegasus showed up at Tombkeeper Village? Or did the production of the God Cards take like, a really long time? #so-many-questions #so-few-answers

Storytime over, Shadi goes to give Yugi a message for the Pharaoh, and Yami - never one to miss a dramatic entrance - dramatically appears in Yugi’s place.

lol good luck buddy. “Shadi” and “direct” aren’t exactly compatible concepts.

(also DAMN BOY how is he this attractive????)

Ooh, so Bakura’s still got the Eye in a pocket somewhere (#hygenic) and Shadi also brought everyone’s favourite least-memorable Item, the Scales.

Brilliant! The war will be over by Christmas, I’m sure! #WWIcallback #thosearerare #thosearealsogrim #idk #Ihadalongday

Then Shadi vanishes again, like a jerk. 

And goes to bother Isis, like a jerk.


He interrupts Isis’s angsty musing time, and without even saying hi, she tells him, apropos of nothing,


but also her eyes are so pretty damn girl


he was so cute in her bizarrely-coloured memories - I suppose her memories are coloured according to her emotions? this memory is bittersweet, so the flowers are still colourful, because at the time she was delighted with them, but Malik and her home are blue-grey because she’s currently sad and afraid about her family

(If you remember from episode 74, Kaiba’s memories were in full colour and “video”, but sharp and static-y, which I took to mean an eidetic memory. Yami’s (recent) memories were sepia toned and came in a series of still images with voice laid over, like his memory is focused on people and important details, with extraneous details lost)

Anyway Shadi fucks off to haunt somewhere else, checking in on his other Items while doing nothing to help anyone

… do you suppose we can read into the fact that Shadi’s normal day-to-day eyes are the same terrifying blank discs that possessed!Anzu’s eyes are? 

hey! so! what if Shadi isn’t a person but is just an empty simulacrum of a person, and the empty shell is actively possessed at all times by one or more of the Items? probably the Scales, let’s be honest, since he uses the Key and we never see the Scales. The Scales named themself after their ancient wielder, Shaada, and they have a driving need to push the destined events forward so they and their siblings can fulfill their fate and be laid to rest, but no understanding or compassion for actual people since they’re not a person but are, in fact, a semi-sentient lump of golden corpse dust. 

… Not sure if this helps to explain why/how Shadi is able to walk through walls. But I guess if he’s just a magic simulacrum of a person, the Items were under no compulsion to give him the common human weakness of being unable to phase out of reality at will.

Anyway speaking of his ability to freak people the fuck out, Honda and Otogi are telling Jou and Shizuka about their ghostly rescuer (records do not show whether or not they told the truth about why they needed to be rescued in the first place…)

Otogi is going cross-eyed with uncertainty about the identity of the “ghost” and guess who’s getting freaked out by mentions of potentially occult doings and who’s trolling her easily-spooked older brother?






You yourselves are our letter of recommendation, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all. And you show that you are a letter from Christ delivered by us, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts. (2 Corinthians 3:2-3)

You are a letter from Christ, written with the ink of the living Spirit. Indeed, God is the author, but he gives us a pen as well. As believers, each of us joins together with the Lord in writing our letter—telling the story of Christ’s redemptive power.Think of all the lives who are reading your letter.

Hello perfect daughter

Born to an imperfect son,

Far away from her mother

But her life is already done.

Tied tight with silk bows

And held fast in family blood

Written on stone tablets,

made before the flood.

Of harsh reality

Poured heavy on your heart

The end spelled out before you

Even began to start.

Goodnight perfect daughter

Little lamb led to slaughter.


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Imagine Kevin getting sick because he hasn’t eaten, drank or bathed for a while and you lock up the tablet, stating he’s grounded.

Your boots slapped against the hard wood of the bunkers’ steps. The young boy who sat in the library paid no attention though, and he made no acknowledgement to your presence. Pausing at the bottom of the steps, you looked over Kevin’s features.

He was pale, dark rings around his eyes accompanied with deep bags underneath. His cheeks were sunken and his hair looked flat. This wasn’t the Kevin you knew; this was not your best friend.

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I am gonna add ‘SPOILERS’ here just in case. Don’t hate me please.

Alright, so. After watching the Dark Side of Dimensions I’ve come to think Dark Magician is not exactly Mahad but a part of his soul still resting within his Ka and the rest of his Ba is with Atem in the afterlife. During the final duel in Duel Monsters, Mahad says that ‘I have transcended 3000 years of time so that once again I can serve your soul.” So ‘Mahad’, came back from the past? ( i hope i didn’t get this part wrong bc if i did……. hahahah hah. ) When Atem summons Mahad the Protector Priest, he summons him from the afterlife, yeah? He also did that in the final duel?? And we see Mahad as a priest and not as Dark Magician.  Also since his soul was in trapped in a stone tablet this explains why he is a card lmao.. 

And I want you to take note that Mahad is hella stronger than DM. That does not mean that him and DM are not connected though. On the contrary I believe Mahad is just waiting for the other part of his soul which is sleeping in Yugi’s deck ( atem also said that during the final duel, oh feels. ) to join him, until he makes sure that no harm reaches Yugi until he gets old and passes away because I believe there is also a special bond between him and Yugi. Though obviously it is not as strong as the one he has with Atem. I also believe Atem kinda asked him to watch over him too? But that’s just me. 

I have to wonder just what kind of a place is this ‘afterlife’ anyway.  Mahad gets more strong every time he comes back from there and im always left with questions..