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Here’s a drawing I did for @f-da-program ‘s fic Kicking Against the Goad. This is probably my favorite scene from Chapter 7 ?? I just love this story so much and I had a lot of fun drawing this!

Gon’s hair is all down because I am lazy, mostly. My excuse is he’s sweaty… really sweaty? His hair just kinda flopped when I drew him. Maybe I’ll redo it with Gon’s hair up tomorrow. It’s kind of annoying me now.

Director Orson Krennic x Reader Imagine II

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”Imagine to be a rebel and being captured by the Empire, Director Krennic is the one who interrogates you.” 
>Requested by @creative-chaos-in-my-head 💕 (waddup my fellow german !)<

tw: dubcon?

Being part of the Resistance and fighting against the Empire was dangerous and you always knew that it was only a matter of time until you get caught or die while fighting them.
Said time came faster than expected when you infiltrated one of the Empire‘s Stardestroyers, to be more exact - you infiltrated Director Orson Krennic’s personal Stardestroyer. You planned to blow the whole thing up but you got caught by some Stormtroopers who locked you up until someone who‘s authorized would arrive to interrogate you. The Troops who caught you talked on the way to your cell about the person who gave the command to keep you, it was Director Orson Krennic himself who stated that he wanted to have a word with you since he knew exactly who you were.
Director Orson Krennic… you hated the Empire and everyone who was a member or supporter of it but you had to admit to yourself that you had a thing for him. The way he fought, his imposing persona and appearance, his cape, he was an interesting and good looking person but the fact that he fought for the Empire ruined everything. You didn‘t even know that he took note of your existence but it made actually sense since you were one of the biggest troublemakers, always trying to make Krennic’s day a bad one.

Hours passed and finally some Death Troopers stepped into your cell to bring you to Krennic. You were just as scared as excited to meet him but you tried your best to maintain a poker face. They brought you to his office instead of an interrogation room which surprised you, but you didn‘t know if it was better or worse since Krennic seemed to have special plans with you.
The Director had his eyes on you since the moment you stepped in and he maintained eye contact with you until the Death Troopers placed you on a chair in front of his desk. You tried not to look away but his strong gaze with these wonderful blue eyes of his made you nervous and maybe a bit weak in the knees but you‘d never admit that, not even to yourself.
„Do you enjoy your stay on my Stardestroyer so far ? I don‘t have to explain what you did to deserve your stay, your face tells me that you know why you‘re here.“
Your gave Krennic a smug grin.
„Well, I tried to make your life as hard as possible and I guess I did a good job, otherwise you wouldn‘t give me this special treatment.“
„Oh, don‘t mistake this for a special treatment, many of your rebel friends sat on this chair before you. I may give you a special treatment later but this depends on how willing you are to tell me about the Resistance and how you behave.“
Your cheeks flushed red. You knew that he probably spoke about punishment if you refuse to tell him what he wanted to hear but the way how he said it made you blush.
„Do we understand each other ?“
You nodded at him and Krennic pulled out a tablet out of his drawer.
„Good girl. Now, tell me your full name so we can register you.“
„My name is Y/N, Y/L/N.“
He typed your name into the file on his tab and saw that you were already registered.
„Did you register yourself as Lieutenant on my Stardestroyer ?“
„No, my face is the face of innocence and I would never do something like that.“
Krennic looked up from his tab and pinched the bridge of his nose, he dealt with many annoying rebels in his life but you we‘re one of a kind.
„Such a lovely name wasted on such a naughty girl, what a shame.“
You looked down at the floor, you felt disrespected the way he talked to you.
„That‘s miss Y/L/N for you. Stop calling me just ‘girl’ all the time, Orson.“
Krennic laid down his tablet in disbelief.
„I‘ll call you whatever I want, don‘t you think that you‘re in the position to tell me how to call you. And for you it‘s Director Krennic or Sir ! Are we clear !?“
You remained to look down.
„It is, Orson, sadly I don‘t care.“
Krennic stood up and walked around his desk, over to you. He leaned down to you and lifted your chin with his hand.
„If you could see yourself now… you behave like scared dog, tail tucked between your legs and ears back, you try to provoke me but you can‘t even look at me, that‘s pathetic.“
You looked him straight in the eyes while pouting, you forgot that this was after all still an interrogation and not a meet and greet with your favorite member of the Empire.
Krennic moved his hand up to your cheek and caressed it with his thumb.
„It‘s truly a shame that you‘re so cheeky and part of the Resistance, you could fit so well into the Empire, believe me.“
Your face flushed red once again and you leaned slightly into his touch.
„S-sounds unbelievable but I thought the exact same thing about you. It‘s sad that you‘re part of the Empire.“
Krennic let go of your face and enjoyed seeing how your pout turned into a bite on your lower lip, surprised but gleeful what his touch seemed to cause.
He looked at his Death Troops and waved them away.
„You can leave now, I‘ll take care of our guest.“
The Death Troopers did as they were told and left you alone with Krennic. Your hands were still tied up but knowing that the armed Troops were gone now calmed you a bit.
Krennic sat on his table and took his tablet.
„So, miss Y/N… and now you‘ll tell me about the Resistance. If you do good I‘ll reward you with something pleasurable but if you lie to me, and don‘t think you can because I‘ll notice, then I‘ll punish you the way naughty and cheeky little girls deserve to be punished, I hope I‘m clear enough.“

Ugh, museums.

(Anon’s request for: Can I have an Ahkmenrah imagine were y/n goes to the exhibit for school. But it’s were she think that they are acting like the character. But Ahkmenrah takes an interest in her. And when he tells her she doesn’t believe him so he gets all dark. Thank you!)



“Why are we here?” You whined. “You know I hate museums.”


You best friend rolled her eyes at you. “Because we need to do a paper for history class, remember? The assignment was to come to the museum and do a report on one of the exhibits. Don’t you ever pay attention?”


“Not when it’s boring.” You answered groaning. “Seriously why can’t we just do this online?”


Your friend turned to face you. Her face started to flush with anger, she narrowed her eyes at you. “Wow, really? You did not hear one word I said earlier. We need the receipt to prove that we actually came. To turn in with the paper. Ugh, for crying out loud Y/N. Come on.”


She led you up the stairs and into the American Museum of Natural History. Sighing heavily you pushed the through the revolving doors and walked into the museum. It was busier than you would have expected. Museums were drab and mundane, according to you. You never understood why people wanted to come here. Staring at creepy stuffed animals and weird wax figures was not your idea of fun.


“So what part of the museum do you want to see first?” You friend said, grabbing your arm and pulling you further into the museum. “There’s the Roman or Mayan miniatures. We can do the Lewis and Clark thing. The Huns would be cool…”


You stopped dead in your tracks, staring mouth opened toward the stairs.


“What are you doing?” She asked annoyed.


“Whoa.” Was your only response. You pointed towards a young male dressed in a long orange robe and golden crown.   


“Ancient Egypt it is then.” Your friend whispered.


You walked over toward the small group gathered in front of the pharaoh. You both stood at the back of the crowd and waited for them to move along to the next exhibit. He was still turned to toward the group, watching them leave. Hearing you two approach he started talking again, turning slowly to face you.


“Hello. I am Ahkmenrah. Fourth King of the Fourth King. Ruler of the land of my fathers. This is the Tablet of Ahkmen….” His voice trailed off as he noticed you.


You nodded at him. “Hello. Awk men rah?”


Ahkmenrah said nothing, he just stared at you.


“Umm hi? Pharaoh, guy.” You said waving your hand in his face, trying to break him from his obvious trance. “Hello?”


He finally blinked and smiled at you. His face blushed ever so slightly. “I am sorry. I – where was I?”


“Your tablet of, you.” You told him.


“Oh right. This tablet is my people’s most prized possession. It was given to me by my father.”


You shrugged after a few moments of silence. “And?”


“And it’s made of gold?” He replied his eyes darting between the two of you.


“It looks cool. And stuff.” You said dryly. “So do you just hang it on the wall and look at it or…”


“What she means is, why is it your most prized possession?” Your friend interjected, giving you the evil eye.


“Actually it is not just a decoration.” He hesitated for a moment. “This tablet possesses special powers.”


“Like what kind of powers?” You asked, readying your pen to write his answer.


Ahkmenrah’s look at the two of you and his eyes started to shine. He smiled. “Well, it brings all the inhabitants of this museum to life every night.”


You looked up from your notebook, clearly annoyed. “Seriously?”


“Well, Yes. I am serious. Its magic grants us all the ability.” He answered.


“Uh-huh. Riiiight.”


“You do not believe me?” Ahkmenrah asked you, eyeing you sideways.




“Well, it is true.” He insisted. “Everything does come to life. Each and every night.”


“Sure, sure it does. You know, it’s cute. Your devotion to your role and all. But you don’t have to pretend for us. We aren’t children. Thanks.” You told him, waving your hand in the air indignantly.


“I am not pretending.” Ahkmenrah snapped at you.


Your friend hissed. “OMG Y/N. Would you shut up.”


 “Okay. Sure, whatever you say.” You rolled your eyes.


“You are so embarrassing sometimes.” She groaned.


Ahkmenrah's eyes flickered for a second then went dark, forming into unnerving slits.  He glared at you, his jaw clenched.  “That is quite enough from you. I am a pharaoh of old. Descendant of Ra himself. I have slaughtered my enemies and vanquished all those who would oppose me. I have ruled over tens of thousands of subjects. I have not walked this earth for 3,000 years to be talked to by an insignificant girl as yourself. You insolent, juvenile female. You will show me respect for I am a king and…”


“Look I understand why you got the role here. You being all super smoking hot.” You told him, unfazed by his dark and ominous demeanor. “But like I said you don’t have to do this acting stuff with us. Seriously it’s fine.”


“Wait, what?” Ahkmenrah said, caught off guard with your remark. He took a moment to digest your words. “You think I’m hot?”


“Um yeah. Hello? Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Nice body, muscles. Gorgeous eyes. Shy, yet sweet smile. I get it, you’re the hot one that pulls our age group in. As well as some of the older ladies I see.” You turned around to point to a few older women staring at him. “But seriously enough with the ‘we are real thing’. It’s kind of weird. Although the whole dark and scary pharaoh part is hot. Like really hot. You actually should go with that more often. Not around the little kids of course.”


“Um, I – don’t. I – didn’t.” He stuttered, completely confused. “Alright.”


“Ok, so, anyway. Do you get like a break? I need to write some stupid paper for school and I decided I’m going to do it about you. Or Egypt or something. Can I ask you some questions later?”


“Ummm, yes?” Ahkmenrah said, completely unsure.


“Cool, cool. Ok so we are going to go and find something for my friend here to write about. Then we will be back in like an hour. Is that good?” You asked him.


“Ummm, yes?” He echoed.


“Ok then. Bye.” You smiled at him and walked away.


“You are unreal sometimes. You know that.” You friend was shaking her head and laughing. “But for real, how hot was that whole I am a pharaoh of old thing?”


You turned to her and grabbed her hands. “Oh wow. I know right. I swear I melted. Like shivers down my spine hot.”


You two laughed as you passed an older security guard. He glanced at you, then the pharaoh and smirked. He continued on his way over to Ahkmenrah and stood next to him.


“I don’t know what just happened.” Ahkmenrah said to him. “Is that normal?”


“Yeah, kinda, sort of. Sometimes.” The guard replied.


You watched the older night guard slap the pharaoh on his back. Maybe the museum wasn’t so bad after all.

inikig808  asked:

Dude, I really want you to put more timers on your app. I love your app and use it daily, but it would be cool if you could set your own (or just have more variation with) timer. I love 20/10 but sometimes 40/20 works better for me. Is it possible to do that for the app? Not only would people love you if you did that, but it would entice a more diverse population to purchase your a app

So, making an app is, in general, a pretty cool thing. It’s awesome to see months (or years!) of hard work come together in an interactive thing that all kinds of people can put on their phones and tablets and use. But here’s the really annoying thing about making an app: every time you try to add or change a feature, twelve hundred other things break. Also, coding is pretty hard (I’m assuming this by the amount of swearing from the coder during the development process).

So, while different types of timers are on the startlingly long and constantly growing list of features that I would like to add/people have asked for/people have told me the app is total garbage without/people have left one-star reviews and bafflingly insulting asks and support emails about/I think would be awesome to have but technically difficult to achieve, I don’t want to make any promises that it’s something I can definitely do.

If I were a real app development company and not one person on her laptop with a team of two incredibly talented designers/coders, and if even one of us worked fewer than 60 hours a week at our day jobs, I’d be more optimistic about being able to add more timers. I am, however, all about encouraging people to embrace the realities of their lives and work from that point instead of an impossible ideal, so the best I can do is say I’ll try.