Clay Tablet Reveals Ancient Babylonians Used Calculus to Track Jupiter 1,500 Years before Europeans

A new analysis of a set of ancient clay tablets has revealed that ancient astronomers of Babylonia used advanced geometrical methods to calculate the position of Jupiter – a conceptual leap that was previously thought to have occurred in 14th century Europe.

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Regarding the post on the Cintiq pen suddenly not working, it's probably just the Wacom driver. They've always been pretty good for crapping out suddenly when the tablet is in use. If the user is on Windows, it can usually be fixed by going into Services, selecting 'Wacom Professional Service' and clicking 'restart the service', then close out and reopen whatever drawing program was in use. Otherwise, reinstall the driver.


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Hello, I love your blog! 💕 Could you please help me out though? I want to make my own official manga! So what's the best drawing tablet to use for drawing manga? I've never drawn digitally before tbh. -Trini (I might send more asks later!)

Any tablet can be used to draw comics. In general, tablets all have the same basic functionality. More expensive ones have extra fancy features, but they aren’t required.

I recommend getting something less expensive, like the [Wacom Intuos Draw Graphics Tablet] which is made specifically for beginners.

Ήρθε ο καιρός να ανοίξετε σπιτικό και δεν ξέρετε από που να προμηθευτείτε τις οικιακές σας συσκευές;

Τότε δεν πρέπει να χάσετε τις μοναδικές προσφορές της Mediamarkt και να κάνετε όλες σας τις αγορές με μοναδικές εκπτώσεις.

Επισκεφθείτε ένα κατάστημα και εξοπλείστε την κουζίνα σας με κεραμικές εστίες, no frost ψυγείο και μια μικρή τηλεόραση για να σας κρατάει συντροφιά μαγειρεύοντας.

H υγιεινή των ρούχων σας, είναι ίσως το σημαντικότερο στοιχείο του σπιτιού. Εσείς δεν έχετε παρά να επιλέξετε ανάμεσα σε μια πληθώρα πλυντηρίων. Πλέον υπάρχουν πλυντήρια που ζυγίζουν ρούχα για οικονομικότερες πλύσεις, πλυντήρια στεγνωτήρια, πλυντήρια πιο στενά, πλυντήρια πιο φαρδιά. Το τι πλυντήριο θα επιλέξετε εσείς, είναι θέμα των δικών σας αναγκών.

Προκειμένου να συνεχίσετε την καθαριότητα και στους χώρους του σπιτιού, θα πρέπει να αγοράσετε μια δυνατή ηλεκτρική σκούπα ώστε να γίνει πιο εύκολα και πιο γρήγορα το σκούπισμα των χαλιών και των υπολοίπων πραγμάτων. Μπορείτε να διαλέξετε ανάμεσα σε ηλεκτρικές σκούπες, σκουπάκια χειρός, ατμοκαθαριστές, σκούπες ρομπότ, σκούπες με σακούλες, σκούπες χωρίς σακούλα κτλ.

Για την ζεστασιά σας τις κρύες νύχτες του χειμώνα, αλλά και για την δροσιά σας τις ζεστές μέρες του καλοκαιριού, θα κατευθεινθείτε απλά στο τμήμα με τα air condition. Εκεί μπορείτε να βρείτε ένα inverter κλιματιστικό που θα ικανοποιεί τις ανάγκες του χώρου σας

Τέλος, όσον αφορά τις τηλεοράσεις, αν είστε φαν ταινιών και παιχνιδιών, τότε η καλύτερη επιλογή είναι οι smart tv, και ακόμα καλύτερες οι τηλεορασεις oled. Έχετε τη δυνατότητα να μπείτε στο ιντερνετ, να παιξετε παιχνίδια, να την συνδέσετε με το αγαπημένο smartphone σας, καθώς και με οποιοδήποτε ταμπλετ.

Microsoft får Acer til at bruge Office-apps på deres Android-produkter
Microsoft og Acer har haft årelang partnerskab på computerfronten og det udvides nu til mobiltelefoner og tablets. De to selskaber har netop annonceret, at de udvider partnerskabet ved at lade Microsofts tjenester som Word, Excel og Outlook følge med som standard-applikationer på Acers Android-enheder. Også Powerpoint, Onenote og Skype bliver præinstalleret fra start på en […].

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My Wacom tablet laga when I try to draw so it causes edged lines before it recognizes what I do. It also will sometimes stick somewhere and a blue circle will show up and complete itself. How do I fix this? Thanks!

This sounds like it could be a driver issue. You can get the latest version at the [Wacom Website].

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i did have a pen suddenly break before and thought it was the driver. idk if other wacom tablets have something like that, but mine has a light that turns green when the pen makes contact. the tablet didnt register the touches anymore, but the mouse that came with it still worked, so i figured it was the pen. (it was, i ordered a new one, which is working fine)


Buying Guide Tips forasmuch as Tablet pc

Way in April 2010, the gadget business was thunderstruck using the launching of iPad, Apple’s soil breaking tablet PC. At that time, instead a picayunish nonclerics lubricate been arguing no brand indivisible difference whether it will perks hear response from buyers or not. Shortly shortly after the put forth, it proved in preference to getting a hit. since it matured been 1st launched, Apple has marketed much greater than 10 million iPads worldwide. apple ipad is categorized like a plywood PC against that power of reason that it has complete knot display mystery play and provides mobility features.

Tablet PCs are unique from laptops, merely since the main aim with this gradate of thingum is for carnal delight and internet browsing. Excluding now individuals among other things etiquette tablets so as to several purposes as well, which include for displaying eating place menus, helping students, and displaying presentations. On iPad’s privilege, really numerous other pc vendors have altogether began producing their individual designs belonging to the lap PC. in the achievement her are preparing to purchase one for ethical self, under are 4 recommendations yourselves do up use in passage to acquire the merchandise that fits your needs.

1. you need to not concentrate herewith one brand. really numerous individuals have a tendency against getting producer loyalists. you shortfall to take into account that modern advances is in truth changing. Even the much break up pc producer belonging on the previous are not typically gifted retain advance using the ongoing modern advances changes. near to another hand, numerous mediocre pc vendors belonging to the previous can now create the by all means ideal modern advances for tablet PC.

2. Tablet PCs are self-active in several display sizes, which ranges minus 7-inch towards 11-inch. preceding to buying, assure you hear of which volume fits your computative needs. 7-inch tablets are much more handy to sustain and you and so bounce hold it near to within your pocket. Tablets with wider display sizes are bulkier, but they are beneficial for actively enactment games, viewing movies, or browsing the internet with.

3. price sequel does not typically identical quality. one relating to the at the height high-priced cut PCs are not typically the yes ideal ones, in conditions of performance. all round exhibition is really puffy if you are buying any electronic devices. You surd call seeing as how towards cast at the specifications of each and every effect a sale carefully. You may as well pay attention at professional critiques belonging versus the merchandise number one serve, that are offered near to the internet.

4. you mendicancy to create the types of ports that you just need. fantastic tablets bind unimaginable ports. feather unlimited and digest two PC card slots, SD card reader, USB ports, VGA port, docking connector, microphone jack, and radiophone whaler will be the routine types in reference to ports on most tablets. choose one which has all these ports.