cherrylolitalove asked:

does the quality of your work depend on the kind of tablet you have?

No. Not directly, anyway.

Getting the most expensive tablet on the market will not magically make you into a master artist, nor will getting the cheapest one available suck out every bit of talent you possess.

A defective or badly made tablet can make digital art frustrating. It can slow you down, and make you not want to put forth the effort, which can make the quality of the work suffer. But it does not change what you are capable of. You can create great digital art even without a tablet, using just a mouse.

I got a question for all you digital  artists/animators

I’m currently looking into getting an Intuos tablet. Nothing special just their small simple one because I’ve never own a tablet before. I don’t need it anytime soon, I just thought it’s be a nice Christmas present for myself.  Would this be a good first tablet or are there any other suggestions you have?

If you could help out at all that’d be very much appreciated. Please?


Samsung develops  —>16TB<— SSD that still fits in a 2.5-inch drive bay!

It’s actually not quite 16TB. But even at 15.3TB it’s far and away the most storage-dense drive on the market, solid state or rotational. All that capacity was made possible by Samsung’s new 48-layer, 256-bit vertical NAND chips. That’s also what enabled Samsung to jam it into a standard 2.5-inch drive. You know, the same kind of enclosure you’d find wrapped around the measly 500GB inside your laptop.

Stack a bunch of them together, and you can fit a mind-blowing 700TB in a skinny 2U chassis — and that should give you a pretty good idea where these drives are going to end up. They’ll be rolling out in data centers, where square footage is at a premium and the ability to jam approximately 15 petabytes into a single rackmount enclosure is a huge win.

Eventually, the technology Samsung’s using to pull off this insanely storage-dense beast will trickle down to devices like notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, too. When it finally does, you won’t have to be so concerned when a manufacturer’s claimed storage doesn’t line up with what’s available for you to use. You’ll have so much space at your disposal that you probably won’t care… unless, of course, manufacturers start using all the extra gigabytes to cram in a bunch of bloatware.


hebaheree asked:

Hey I really appreciate your blog Here's the thing I want to know the absolute basics What software? What device? I just do simple portraits and architecture drawings on paper &amp; I'd love to learn digital art Help me out here thanks!

Thanks so much! We’re glad you liked our blog!

Honestly there’s countless of software you can try out! One of the most popular ones out there is Paint Tool Sai. I highly suggest you try out Paint Tool Sai because it’s a very simple and easy program to understand. On how to get this program is answered though here! If your not interested with SAI, there’s also a whole list of other different programs (that are free) that you can check out here! 

As of what device you should use; In one of our last asks I’ve written about what types of tablets would best be of use. I’d usually suggest Wacom drawing tablets with prices that ranges around from 100 to 500 dollars. Specifically speaking an Intuos Pen & Touch small with the price of $99.99. You can also check out their website here. There was also an anonymous that suggested a Turcom TS-6580B  tablet with the price of 40 dollars If you’re looking for a cheaper tablet to save money for any reason. (you can find that ask here)

So in short! I suggest you start out with Paint Tool Sai as your first art program! As for the device, I’d suggest one of the newer Wacom tablet versions. but it all depends on how you feel about the prices! If you have anymore questions concerning about this feel free to send us another ask!

I wish you the best of luck with digital art!! 

-mod kateecloud/mpkc

anonymous asked:

Hey, I have a quick question for you. I'm getting into graphic design and I think I want to buy a graphics tablet soon. I know you use the bamboo fun pen and touch wacom tablet for your drawings, but can you recommend a tablet for a beginner? Just something not too expensive and not too complicated but also actually worth buying? It's really confusing of what's good and what's not. I love your work, it's so awesome and cute (I really like the hands). Keep it up! And thanks for the help!

My tablet is actually just a mark above a beginner tablet haha. Its also the only one I’ve ever had so I’m afraid I don’t know much about what’s on the market. My friend recommended the bamboo line of Wacom tablets to me when I was looking for a starter tablet and I just chose the one which was within my price range and that had all the specs I needed. The bamboo range is now not in production anymore, but the intuos range is pretty much the new and updated version of the bamboo range so have a look at those :) x

exclusivetuna asked:

I might be buying a tablet soon but I'm really worried it wont work for linux. Do you know any tablet brands(I think they're brands) that would work with linux?

I never even considered that this could be an issue.

I don’t really have much Linux experience, so I wouldn’t know. And Google is giving me forum threads from the ancient intarwebs :\ (For what it’s worth, [this thread] from 2008 is on this very topic…)

Does anyone have any more recent information regarding tablet-linux compatibility?

Wanting a new tablet! Any suggestions?

I currently own a nice ole’ iPad 2, which still works fairly well, but I can no longer produce proper speedpaint videos on Youtube because the amount of times it crashes out of my drawing app causes too much video data to be lost. It has also become slow and has difficulty connecting to the internet at times. It lasted me a good three or four years, but the small amount of memory it has won’t last too much longer, and I’d like to get a new digital tablet.
However, I would much rather get a laptop / tablet hybrid, so that I might make better art and speedpaint videos, and perhaps get more features and better quality overall.

I was thinking about a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which I’ve heard is good, but I know for sure that there are other laptop hybrids out there, and I will look up any suggestions of laptop hybrids I can get from you guys. Hybrids under $900 USD are what I’m looking for price-wise. Suggestions on what I should get are very much appreciated!

Οι νέες τηλεοράσεις smart της SONY και όχι μόνο, είναι πλέον γεγονός. Με αναλύσεις που αγγίζουν τα 4K και δυνατότητα σύνδεσης της τηλεόρασης με smart devices όπως smartphones ή tables προσφέρουν εντυπωσιακή ποιότητα εικόνας με απίστευτη λεπτομέρεια και εντυπωσιακά χρώματα. Εξερεύνησε εύκολα εφαρμογές, παιχνίδια και μια ταχύτατα αυξανόμενη ποικιλία τηλεοπτικού και διαδικτυακού περιεχόμενου 4Κ. Ανακάλυψε ένα πλήθος τηλεοράσεων νέας τεχνολογίας, τηλεορασεις oled και μαγέψου με την τεχνολογία των 3d τηλεορασεων, κυρτές, με ανάλυση 4K,  που σε περιμένουν σε μοναδικές τιμές μόνο στα MediaMarkt!