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Merry Christmas, @blizgori!

Title: Home for Christmas

Rating: T

Tags: Stilinski family feels, hurt!Sheriff, emotional hurt/comfort, fluff and angst, Christmas, pining


“Stiles, will you please go home and get some sleep?” his dad asked.

Stiles crossed his arms and parked his ass in the plastic chair. Well, he was already sitting, so it was more like he just wiggled his butt a little more. “No. I’m not leaving this hospital until you do.”

His dad wiped a hand over his face and sighed heavily. “Stiles. Please. You heard the doctors. It’s going to be at least a week before I’m out of here.”

Stiles popped his knuckles and stared out the window. It might be a week before the doctors would let his dad out of the hospital, but the idea of leaving him here alone, when he’d been so close to losing him…

Yeah. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Stiles grabbed his backpack and dragged it over. “I’m totally fine. One hundred percent. I’ll just sit here in this supremely comfortable chair and get some reading done, I’ll bring you loads of healthy food, and—”

His dad leveled a flat look in his direction. “No. You’re going to go home, sleep in an actual bed, get a shower, and be somewhere that you aren’t going to drive me crazy with that tapping.”

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A lot of you were asking what was featured in our @peoplemag appearance this week so I thought I would share! They featured this DIY reindeer sign that Jose & I made last year. This was in our historic downtown rental.. Raise your hand if you remember that house! 🙋🏻 [if not check out the #LMBrental hashtag for a glimpse] anyways we are so honored to have been featured & so grateful for all of your love & support you have shown us. You can find this project on the blog to see how you can make your own: - link in my profile or just google “DIY reindeer sign Liz Marie blog” to find it. Also, this tabletop tree? I simply hung Christmas tags on it for ornaments.. Cheap and easy idea! Thanks again for all your kind words on my announcement a few photos back.. Means a lot and I can’t say it enough, you guys are the best & all of your kind words motivate me to keep sharing. ❤️🎄 by lizmariegalvan


Last session, we had an air ship battle. Not a battle on an airship, but a battle on a ship that happened to be in the air. The session previous to this, we thought our DM was joking when he described our boat spontaneously rising into the air. It was no joke. 

The game began with a combat on our boat, which ascended into the sky and was enveloped by an arcane vortex. The cause was quickly explained as we were addressed in a booming voice by a powerful sorcerer we had tangled with previously. His minions appeared through portals and we rolled for initiative.

This fight had some interesting and intense mechanics. Because of the vortex engulfing the ship, any movement required a saving throw to not be pulled off the deck. A second saving throw was needed to grab onto the ship. Our assailants were imbued with a visible, black aura that made them immune to this effect.

I fashioned a harness out of my gnoll lederhosen (long story) and tether myself to the ship. Our warforged paladin had some major saving throw bonuses (which fit very well thematically) so he was able to walk around freely. The monk was stuck back on land, watching the fight from the ground. And the drow rogue promptly double crit missed. 

Our DM uses a simple critical miss severity system. Upon rolling a 1, you roll again to determine how bad the crit miss was. 1 being disastrous and 20 being a regular attack.

Our rogue rolled two 1′s in a row, so naturally, he went spiraling off into the vortex. Instead of plummeting to his death however, he found himself inside the vortex with the enemies we had already pushed off the ship. This made for a unique 2 front battle. The fight on the boat and the fight flying around in the vortex. 

Ultimately, we were victorious and the ship came crashing back down. It sank shortly after. We returned to the mainland and I had an excuse to use my newly acquired TableTop Props wagon and trees. We later discovered the wagon party was associated with a Raven Queen death cult that we are off to investigate.

thegamingcube  asked:

Hi - I was just wondering, do you know where I can get some christmas cc for ts2? My holiday ep unfortunately wont install as I've lost the key code and was wondering if there is just some cc I can get? Thanks

Hiya! I happen to keep a handy collection of Christmas-themed items so this is a pretty easy ask. :D

Whoa, I have more Christmas cc than I thought… Well, enjoy! And happy holidays! <3