tabletop props


For inktober this year I’m designing & drawing random magic items from the d&d 5E DM Guide! I’m posting them on twitter and instagram every day as I finish them, and I’ll announce on there when I’m selling the originals!

Still figuring out how/whether I’ll distribute these designs once they’re all complete, so for now, please don’t use them in your own homebrew campaigns- thank you!

For today’s game I made a handout prop - the classic “distressed note”. I made it by typing the note up and printing it then crumpling it up with my hands. Then I took it and put it in a ziploc bag along with a handful of potting soil, sealed it, and mixed the two together but just rubbing the outside of the bag. This tore the paper naturally and weathered it decently enough.

The potting soil made the paper wet a bit so I left it outside in direct sunlight for about 30mins and it crisped right up ready to go.

- Mo!