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New Tyranid Codex Rumors

Some of the rumors about the current Tyranid Playtest. So gain of salt on most of these as GW is still in super early stages, these are just some things they are considering.

  • Some royal court type stuff with warrior primes. 
  • Point reduction on the little bugs. 
  • Some interesting FoC rearranges. 
  • Several new bugs (not all will make it). 
  • The ability to tailor make your bugs and “evolve them” into being very specific, or keep them cheap and generalized. 
  • Better ways to help close with the enemy. 
  • Feels very “overwhelming” to play against them. 
  • No new transport options, but a couple new deployment options.
  • Carnifexes are in the elite and heavy support sections (but have different options) 
  • While broods are the same base cost as the current codex, additional Termagaunts are dirt cheap. So if you want to horde it up, you can. 
  • Rippers are cheaper. 
  • Ability to build around “free” units coming in from reserve throughout the game (from different sources, but it’s the same special rule), but they do not score. 
  • Can go the other route and bugzilla it up and have all (including scoring) monstrous creatures. 
  • The goal is to go mass or massive or anything in between.
  • The big text on the design board (figuratively speaking) is “Every Unit Viable. Every unit desirable." 
  • And on the topic of evolutions - these are just upgrades and options that can make a bug very finite in it’s role, but awesome at it. Not mid game changes. Only one special creature can do that.
New Caster from Privateer Press

Axism The Harmonic Enforcer

Privateer Press has created a new faction I am totally stoked for: The Convergence of Cyriss. The faction is made up of people whom value machines and metal over flesh and bone. If you get own with tech priests in 40k, the Borg in Star Trek, or Cyber Men in Dr. Who you will love this faction. The first announced caster outside of the starter box is going to be Axis, The Harmonic Enforcer. By the looks of his hammers I would guess we will be seeing serious MAT potential out of his battle groups with far less subtlety than we would see out of Forge master Syntherion.  A very cool game mechanic of The Convergence is that all jacks, or vectors as they are called by the faction, share the same RAT and MAT of their caster.  He looks to clearly be a MAT heavy caster, and with a sculpt like that one I bet he can go toe to toe with the best of them.

Eldar Codex Author Revealed

Rumors on the new Eldar codex are starting to come into view as we get closer to the book’s official reveal. It looks like Phil Kelly will be the person taking the helm of the new codex. I like Phil, he did the last Eldar codex so he has experience with the army and will have an idea of what works and what doesn’t. He also did the last Dark Eldar codex which, when it came out, was fabulous and really captured the flavor of the army and still made them competitive. I think he is a better choice than Matt Ward because Matt’s books tend to be better for Marine Equivalent armies which the Eldar certifiably are not, and should not be played that way.