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Earth Day Crafts and Creations: Goddess Garden

Before starting your Goddess Garden you need to pick a Goddess. Don’t pick one at random, bad idea. Do though pick one you have a connection with or would like to learn more about. If your path follows a certain pantheon this should be easy enough (well, easier). 

Step 1: Pick A Spot

Choosing a spot can prove difficult because the Goddess needs to feel at home. For example, the Goddess Diana, you might want to choose somewhere vibrant and most likely outdoors. Where ever you happen to choose you need to make sure your plants grow. If you are limited on space you can still create a Goddess Garden. You can create by using containers and placing it on a patio or you can create a tabletop garden by using a large planter. 

Step 2: Flower Picking

Choose flowers that are associated with the Goddess you've chosen to honor with this garden. For example, my own garden honors two goddesses.  Renenutet, an Egyptian snake goddess that was seen as the protector of harvest because snakes were seen in the fields hunting mice and other rodents, so during the harvest season I have root vegetables as well as peppers and tomatoes. My other Goddess is Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess or the protection goddess. I have a little separate area where I've planted cat-nip, lilies, mint, lavender, plants that are seen as playful and protective as well as pet/animal friendly. 

Be aware that every plant, fruit, vegetable has a peek season to be seen or harvested. Do your research! 

Step 3: Decorations

Add decorative items like wind chimes if you are honoring a wind goddess or a fire bowl or candle for a fire goddess. Add pretty stones, crystals, statuary (maybe you can find one of the goddess you are honoring, I have a simple cat statue in my Bast garden). Use your imagination and be creative, find garden ornaments that are connected with your goddess’ attributes. 

Step 4: Connecting

Work on your garden a little everyday to connect with your goddess you have chosen to honor. Especially if you have chosen a harvest goddess, be attentive when it’s time to start harvesting your fruits and vegetables every plant has a peek season so be aware.

(Picture from Pinterest) 

Gift Idea: Tabletop Zen Garden

by  Saṃsāran

A gift idea for the meditator in your life is a miniature Zen Garden. The image above is a sampling of  Himalayan salt lamps  with white Christmas type lights underneath them. You can buy these online very inexpensively with or without the lights included or at retailers like Wal-Mart or Target. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes and range in price from $9.95  - $39.95 depending on size and lighting..

Now, take an inexpensive but “deep” picture frame (you will be covering some cords) and lay it on its back and put in a layer of sand:

Now place the salt stone or stones.. Finish your  tabletop Zen garden by using a bamboo back scratcher as a rake and even adding a small bonsai tree (real or artificial).

At night the gentle glow is beautiful and peaceful. Perfect subtle lighting for your loved one’s meditation session.