More utterly soppy post-Seine Valvert domesticity.

[Click through for full-size, non-blurry pic.]

(Valjean, I apologise unreservedly for inadvertently depicting you with a rather bruised arm there. That’s what happens when a dozy artist suddenly changes a background colour without paying sufficient attention to the results. Let’s just pretend you’ve been enjoying an invigorating session of Extreme Gardening and wrestling with a rosebush a few hours prior.)


Good Advice: Don’t draw references for characters you haven’t draw a lot because things could change in their design that you decide look better.
Me: I don’t know I can’t read suddenly.


Here’s what I was gonna post last night at 3AM before I remembered I had things to do very early today.
Meet Mimi Cry! (I think I’m clever.) She can’t speak besides only mimicking song lyrics. I’ve had her a day and a half and she’s already climbed my fav list


when you procrastinate on a piece for so long your art style changes….

well this was fun! I made lots of other backgrounds for these, but these two are my favorites. If you’d like to see another version, would like to use them, or have any questions, message me here.