when you procrastinate on a piece for so long your art style changes….

well this was fun! I made lots of other backgrounds for these, but these two are my favorites. If you’d like to see another version, would like to use them, or have any questions, message me here.

Bad Planning - another installment of the Aluminium Falcon adventures!  My tablet and I weren’t getting along there for a bit so I haven’t been able to do any pictures and my star wars chibi’s have sort of piled up there, so I’ll be posting a bunch for a bit as I get them out of my inbox.

Yes, these are all things that actually happened in game…our Chiss are not good at planning things.  In Jazzy’s defense, she’s a terrible chiss and admits it.

Niu’s Tablet adventures with Wacom Intous:

- Paint Tool SAI doesn’t work well with tablet, but the pen pressure is a way too sensitive. 
-> Installing Japanese Paint Tools Sai 2 Beta. Pen pressure works like a miracle, just like it should! …Can’t save any files with beta version.
- > Reinstalling old Sai. Pen pressure is still oddly sensitive, not like in Japanese Beta version.
-> Reinstalling Intuous drivers and checking the pen pressure settings multiple times. No use.
-> Checking out if tablet is sensitive in Photoshop. The pen works in line art wise like a miracle - doesn’t have pen pressure… Can’t reinstall Photoshop.

So. My options now are
a) look for the older SAI installation and try that with finger crossed
b) learn to draw with the super sensitive tablet which gives you messy lines
c) go back to draw with the old tablet and use Wacom for painting only (and cry in the corner for wasting your sis’s money 100 euro)
d) wait for the PTSAI 2 and fingers crossed


Just thought I’d do a little comic to show my love for Animal Crossing in general. I know my art skills aren’t great, but I am happy with how this little comic turned out!

Please like and reblog, let’s spread the love, let’s show everyone why we love Animal Crossing!

(Done using FireAlpaca and a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Tablet)