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te felicito por tu tablet y tu pc!, el día que me dieron la mi chille MUCHO y no paraba de chillar, de dibujar como idiota, te entiendo que estés MUY emocionada, y me siento mas que feliz de que mejoras con cada dibujo en la tablet uwu

Hahahaha yo solo le dije ´´ mi bebe´´ XD pero si estaba algo emocionada… no soy mucho de emocionarme de saltar a menos si es algo que me haga fangirler XD

Pero es genial cuando uno se emociona asi por algo como eso!! X3

Hehehe muchoas gracias c:  La verdad, no es nada dificil, me recuerda un poco cuando lo hacia con el mouse hehehe


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It was fun doing it~ I used as example the virtual singer Miss Monochrome c:
Unfortunately this isn’t my first tablet, the first one was “killed” by my new computer ^^“ sigh, it was a gift TwT but fortunately this new tablet didn’t cost too much, I wanted to buy the same tablet I had but uhm…it was professional so I found it at like…500 euros(?) what a shame…but whatever~

I tag @twinklephoenix and @missladytale :3

You aren’t obbligated to do it c: just if you want uwu


BIRTHDAY STUFFFF!!!!! SO as some of you noticied day 2 was my birthday, and as the year before it i had like… 1 gift I wasn’t expecting much except for the things I bought myself, BUT I got a bunch of cool stuff, it made me so happy ;w; Ah please don’t get me wrong, it’s not only about the gifts, I was also nervous because my mom had invited a bunch of people over and I thought it would suck cuz I’m bad at dealing with so much people plus all the attentions to me, but instead the party was very nice and sweet, everyone had fun ♡♡♡ I’m glad! So I got 2 mugs, a bunch of chocolate, a pack of mini marshmallows!! (There isn’t those here [ there is but it’s expensive as heck] ) soooocks (it’s not a bad gift, those last forever!) A tree abajur ♡♡♡ a mew and a pokemon poster For the stuff I bought myself (and used all my money lol) a welcome to night Vale novel, a DIY music box (dog song it’s on its way!!) And a pen to draw on tablet and my celphone UwU I also wanna thanks everyone that wished me happy birthday, or drew me something ♡♡♡♡♡ brigadão I luv you all! This was BEST BURDAY

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