tablet usage


I came up with this one in the shower. I know, original.

Happy birthday @hasuyawwn! I know you’ve been wanting a dose of crack lately so I aim to deliver. Speaking of deliver…your other present is coming soon. :^) 

The abysmally derp artwork is courtesy of my lack of time, poor planning, and adjusting to tablet usage with a new screen, but also cuz I just really didn’t see this comic coming to existence any other way. Enjoy~


Get a lot of people asking what programs/tools i use so i guess it’s time again: 

I use paintdotnet (older version, newer version trades slicker gui for clumsy interactions. Has very good pixel placing) for most/all CLEAN pixel art (the second image.) 

I use photoshop (cc/sub adobe package, has jittery pixel placing making it less comfortable for cleaner art, but the power of adjustment layers and allowing usage of tablet (i use a cintiq companion 2) that paintdotnet doesn’t properly work with)) for most/all PAINTERLY pixel art (the first image). Also using ps for most painting.

I use blender (by choice, a wonder to work with) and 3dsmax(forced to use trough school) for 3D, as well as making things i then bring into paintdotnet to finalize. (last image is a few minutes in blender to create using a lot of mirror surfaces, a minute in paintdotnet to finalize the colour palette).

I also sometimes use alchemy, verve, sculptgl, and somtimes pen & paper (usually the pentel pocket brush which is actual magic). 

Myst, one of the most popular PC games ever, is about to make a comeback on television and computer screens. Legendary TV & Digital Media — the smaller-screen arm of Legendary Pictures, which has co-produced big-screen trilogies like The Hangover and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies — has signed a deal to make a dramatic series with Cyan Worlds, the company behind the beloved point-and-click adventure game from the 1990s.

The deal also includes plans to create a new video game that will accompany the story told in the show, and considering that Myst was followed by multiple successful sequels and novels, there should be plenty of material to pull from. Cyan told Deadline that the company sees this as an opportunity to use the multimedia approach to “express in a visual linear medium the rich story that the Myst franchise is dripping with,” and cited the prevalence of tablet usage during television viewing.