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I cannot express how much I hate using my phone for absolutely everything.

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It's 5:15 pm on Sunday, the store has been closed for 15 minutes already, and there was this lady in electronics that was screaming at all the employees that had punched out and walked past her (the door leading to the punch in the backroom is right after the electronics dept) because none of us had keys to give her a tablet. BECAUSE THE STORE IS CLOSED, IDIOT. She then kicked the window in the display, broke it, grabbed a tablet and tossed it at the MoD's head. Cops were called. Fuck that lady.


not terribly pleased with this, but i haven’t been able to make any kind of headway, so here ya go.

also, if you folks could check out my redbubble store, my tablet is finally starting to fall apart after 6 years (it’s literally falling apart, i’ve got it held together with duck tape right now), so i’m gonna be making more stickers and stuff for you guys to buy so i can afford a new one.

“I wonder if it will rain today.”

So, despite having been gone on a trip for the week and having no access to any of my digital art stuff, I found a cute old tablet at a thrift store that I ended up buying and playing around with. It’s strange to say, but the lack of sensitivity due to the model being much crappier older and cheaper actually made it feel kinda… good… to paint.

For any fellow travelers out there, I hope you’ve had a nice and safe journey wherever you are!

So while going travelling is supposed to be a relaxing time to explore and meet new people, it’s not an excuse to not do homework or study - especially if you know that you have an upcoming test after the hols.

Travel Essentials:

phone + earphones +charger; you can use your phone for more then just social media or listening to music - download some ebooks or audio books, saving you from having to lug books around

wallet + i.d/passport; this should be a no brainer + you’ve got to buy food duh

hygiene bag: tissues (for your sniffle issues), feminime products, bandaids and hand sanitiser

beauty bag: makeup optional!!!, lip balm, cleansing wipes, face cream and hand cream

pencil case: DO NOT BRING YOU ENTIRE PENCIL CASE - choose your essentials and put them into a small pouch i.e pacer, eraser, fav. pens and a highlighter

travel journal; obviously optional but travel journals/bullet journals/planners are a good way to treasure and store things from your trip like tickets

laptop/tablet + charger; you can store all your textbooks onto your device and be saved from their weight - i know some people like to highlight their textbooks manually to make notes off of but trust me your back and shoulders we thank you

binder + loose-leaf paper; instead of bringing a notebook for every subject you plan on studying for, make notes on the loose-leaf paper and when you get back home you can organise the notes into whatever subject they belong in

snacks!!! + water: this is probably the most important tbh since i love food but yeah essential 

These are just some general essentials that can apply to pretty much everyone - make sure to add in your own essentials to this list

psst: yes i love that marble

T: *dead on the inside* 


T: Whoever has exams, assignments, projects, etc, please remember to take care of yourself. Good luck. 


(OOC: Hello all. I have come to say that I will be sadly storing my tablet away until the 20th because I must study for my exams … Just my luck to have three in a row … and then two on the same day. SIGHH. I will miss drawing and reading your tags and comments ;-; They always make my day. 

Suffering aside, I enjoyed colouring Law’s skin in ~ Anyway, see you guys again on the 20th!!) 

So my psychiatrist asked me…

What I would do, if I could do anything, to provide better services to the autistic community.

So I am opening this question up to the whole autistic community. Name one thing you’d do to provide better services to the autistic community.

I’m demolishing A$ and using their advertising budget to buy iPads/Tablets for nonverbal autistics with $100 gift cards to the tablet’s respective App Store so they can get the AAC and other apps they need to tell their own stories and communicate their own needs.

I finally had the time to bring my tablet to the Samsung store to get it fixed, and then @firstwelive discovered this awesome app to draw, Medibang Paint, so now I’m able to sketch again and I’m playing around with Kylo Ren because yes :3

It’s not the most original composition, but I wanted to exercise the two colours light effect and I love the juxtaposition of the lightsaber-red and the snow-lighting-blue :D maybe next time I’ll try something more dynamic :P

Hope you like it anyway!

By Saška Ithiur


Some pending commissions I finished today. OC on top’s name is Ambrose, and the OC at the middle is Shady Indigo, and the OC at the bottom is Fox-san. :3

I still don’t have my tablet but the store I ordered from was kind enough to loan me a tablet till my new tablet gets here. Silver lining. :3

Can finally move on with my work and comics will be easier to make. Huzzah! XD