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I Thought You Were Different: Book 3 (Part 6/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Part 5

You weren’t sure if you would ever find a way to repay Wanda and Vision for all that they had done for your trio and all of the things that they had already taught them in such a short time, but you couldn’t help but watch them in action, standing back and out of the way as to not interfere. Anthony was still looking at you with a strange expression, almost as if it pained him to see you after the scene in the kitchen only a few hours ago.  You worried that he would be the one to give you away to the others, knowing that he was too young to be able to control what he felt and said around you yet. You would never choose one of your children as your favorite, but you and Anthony seemed to already have a special bond between you; it was a bond that you feared would now become your downfall.

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til the sirens sound, i’m safe

Hi! So, I haven’t written anything in awhile but I was talking to my friends about what Stephen said about 3x20 at Paley and everyone immediately thought sex. I won’t complain if it is lol but this is what i thought it could be or just what popped into my head. So, yeah…i hope you like it. (also the title is from the song earth by sleeping at last. idk you can listen to it if you want)

Felicity hates planes. (They make her nervous with the turbulence. The minor fact that she’s 30,000 feet in the air makes her want to throw up.) She’s glad that Diggle acquired a jet that didn’t look like a metal death trap this time. With a few taps on her tablet, she lets the pilot know the drop off location and the rendezvous point. She’s still nervous flying in this plane. In fact, she might vomit all over the pilot. Clutching her tablet, she turns her head back quickly, her ponytail whipping her cheek. She looks at each of her friends gearing up, strapping parachutes to their backs, and preparing to jump.

 She hates this part: sitting and waiting. This isn’t a new feeling. She has felt this feeling every night. Every night Oliver and Roy walk up those stairs in green and red leather. Every night John straps a gun to his side. Nights when Laurel comes back with a wound. It’s a feeling that creeps up, settling in her stomach, and rising to her throat. It makes it hard for her to breathe and to speak; words on the tip of her tongue she can’t say. 

She hates feeling hopeless, feeling like she has done all she can for the plan to be set in motion. She hates sitting on the sidelines wondering if one of them won’t come back. What if they don’t come back, she thinks to herself. I don’t want to be alone. I’m tired of being alone. With tears threatening to surface, she looks at each of her friends. She wishes she could say something. She wants so bad to tell them to be safe, that if they die she will not be happy. But that feeling is spreading, clenching down on her throat.

 Her heart begins to race when Digg looks at her. He smiles and nods at her. He waits for her to smile back before jumping. Roy and Laurel step up to where Digg once stood. Her heart speeds up faster and her palms begin to sweat.  Laurel can see Felicity is crying now. She moves to grab Felicity’s hand and gives it a firm squeeze. Felicity squeezes her hand back, not wanting to let it go. 

 “It’s only a couple thousand feet. Nothing to be afraid of right?” Roy jokes.  Felicity cracks a smile, looking at him with watery eyes. He gives her a wink and then jumps. Laurel follows. 

 Felicity won’t look Oliver in the eyes. She knows if she does, nothing would stop her from begging to call the plan off. He’s facing Ra’s Al Ghul again and he may not come back for real this time. She’s so scared for him, for all of them, and she knows he’s scared too. If she looks him in the eyes, nothing would stop her from throwing herself into his arms, begging for him to stay. So, she keeps her head down and stares at her lap. Oliver gets up from his seat and stands by the door. 

 “I’ll see you at the rendezvous point,” he says with a scratchiness in his voice. She doesn’t look back at him. She can feel him waiting for her to say something but she remained silent. She wants to tell him everything she felt in this moment. I am scared. Don’t leave me again. I believe in you. I love you. But nothing would come out. She choked on her tears. 

 “Oliver!” she cried out. She feels like she can’t breathe. She can feel that feeling wrapping around her body, squeezing. She tries forcing all the words out but all she says is, “Please…………please. Be careful.” 

 Oliver walks over to her and bends down to drop his bow. His hand caresses her cheeks as he studies her face. Like he might not see her again so he’s making sure he’s getting a good look at her. He wipes away a tear running down her cheek.  Then, with both hands, he brings her face to his and presses his lips to hers. As their lips move together, all Felicity wants is to melt into him and to not let him go. She can feel her lips tingle and the warmth spreading throughout her body. For a few seconds, all their worries seemed to fade away. Nothing mattered except them.

 She wanted to remember how good this felt and so did he. Felicity had to stop her self from whimpering when Oliver pulled away. He presses his forehead to hers and whispers, “Always,” and kissed her once more. He drew in a sharp breath, hesitating before drawing away from her completely. He grabbed his bow and lifted himself from the floor. When he reached the open door, he turned to her.  She held his gaze, not wanting to look away this time. He opened his mouth as if to say something once more but he snapped it shut. Instead, he jumped. A piece of her heart went with him too. A piece of her heart went with all of them. All she can do now is sit and wait and ignore the aching feeling in her chest.