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So I see a lot of ppl saying tony can understand groot (and I truly love the idea of that) but what if he can't? Bc I don't think tony would just calmly accept that. I think he would try to make some kind of tablet/interface thing that groot can use. Probably not something too advanced bc I don't think groot would understand but he would keep trying.

Sorry it took me so long to get to this I wanted to see GotG2 before writing for it. 

The Guardians had appeared in Tony’s life, unexpectedly. And by unexpectedly Tony means that they crash landed their space ship on his roof. 

It wasn’t a crash landing, trust me, I’ve crash landed before.

Shut up Quill you’re ruining my narration. Anyways, the Guardians arrived in their janky crash landed space ship to the sound of Spirit in the Sky. Because, they’re dramatic assholes. 

“So this is where Peter is from?” A bulky man says, voice slightly louder than necessary. The strange group looks around. Tony seizes up the tattooed stranger.

“I see you have your own Thor.” Tony says gesturing towards the loud alien as he takes in the group. There seems to be a small tree riding the the green woman’s shoulder, and a raccoon with a laser gun. At this point he’s seen weirder. 

“I am Groot.” The tree says, Tony raises an eyebrow when the raccoon nods. 

“My name is Drax, I do not know this Thor.” Drax says, crossing his arms over his chest. The woman shakes her head at Tony when he opens his mouth to explain.

“Whatever, who’s are you guys? I mean this sounds like the set up for a bad joke a muscle head, a tree, and a raccoon walk off of a space ship.” Tony says, gesturing to the group. There’s a soft noise as the raccoon levels a gun at Tony’s head and he closes the face plate before the blast goes off.

“I do not recommend calling him a raccoon.” The human looking one yells after him.  “He goes by Rocket.”

“Also we’re the Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m Gamora and this asshole is Starlord.” The green woman pitches in. 

“You can call me Peter.” He holds out a hand, Tony takes it smiling. 

“Well, my team is known as The Avengers, but you can call me Tony.” Tony says, Drax beams at him, dropping a heavy hand on Tony’s shoulder.

“That is adorable.” Drax informs him, Peter smiles apologetically at Tony.

“I am Groot.” The tree, presumably named Groot says. Rocket looks over at them.

“Yeah Peter is flirting with that Terran.” Rocket replies, Tony’s interest is immediately piqued. 

“Is that a language?” He asks, ignoring Peter’s blush. The tree nods. 

“I am Groot.” He says, Tony holds a hand out to him. 

“I can try and make a translator for you if you’d like.” He offers. Groot beams at him. 

“It won’t work. I tried.” Rocket says, Tony bristles at the challenge. “You can try of course just don’t get disappointed when it fails.” Tony scowls at him. 

“Watch me. Groot, do you want to come meet my bots?” Tony offers, gesturing to the elevator. “The rest of you are welcome to come.” 

“I am Groot.” Groot says, hopping onto Tony’s shoulder. The others follow them into the elevator. They arrive in the lab to be greeted by a group of over excited robots.

“Dum-E calm down.” Tony says, patting the robots arm soothingly. 

“I am Groot.” Groot says, waving at the robot. Dum-E beeps excitedly in response reaching for the little tree. Tony is ready to chastise the robot when Groot climbs into his grip, the two going back and forth. 

“Looks like one logarithm I wrote can understand Groot.” Tony smirks at Rocket, who glares angrily at him in response. “Give me and Dum-E a few days and I should have a basic translator working.” 

“I am Groot.” You shut the fuck up, asshole. The translator says, Groot shoving at Drax’s shoulder. Drax just laughs at the little tree. 

“Wow, he really does curse a lot.” Peter says, frowning at him. 

“I told you, it’s a problem!” Rocket throws up his hands and storms off. He’s been testy since Tony finished his translator.

Fuck you Stark I am not testy.

Stop ruining my narration, you guys are the actual worse. 

“I am Groot.”  Fuck yeah I curse. Got a problem with that Starbitch? Groot demands. Peter raises his hands in concession. “I am Groot.” You try being alive as long as I have and only being understood by one person. It’s frustrating as all fuck.

“Point.” Peter cedes.

Anyways, the point of this story is that Tony Stark is the best at science, and Rocket Raccoon can bite his ass.

And the other point of this story is fuck you Stark.

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What do you recommend to use to draw digital art with a 0.00 budget

aa ok let’s see 
Imma  start from your cheapest options and work my way up 

Note: almost all of these require a laptop/ computer so i can’t help you there 

A mouse

contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a fancy tablet or anything like that to do digital art
i started off with a plain mouse and laptop and even though i was still learning at that time some of the stuff i made is pretty good (at least i think so)

if you are using SAI and a mouse there’s a type of layer that u can use called the linework layer and it basically makes u able to manipulate lines 

Cheap Tablet 

But if you are already set on buying a tablet than for a beginner i recommend getting the cheapest and simplest one
There’s no need to buy an expensive tablet and than realize art isn’t what you wanna do.
Start simple 

Try this

It’s a GENIOUS easy pen tablet and it was the first tablet i ever had.
It did the job and was very good at it.
the only downsides are that the pen need a battery and it is a bit heavier than most 
but you get used to it 


This ties in with the mouse kinda but listen for a sec 
if you are already used to traditional art and just wanna spice your drawings up a bit than i recommend getting a scanner

They are cheap and affordable and get the job done.
@glamist-art had a scanner for a while and she would finish her drawings with a mouse and they turned out amazing.

That’s all i gotta say about that.


I think that’s all the advice i got 

Just remember that you don’t need some high class expensive tablet to make your art good.
You make your art good not the machine.

Good luck!

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Hello, so I have badly wanted to get ino digital art but I can never find the right program for getting started... Any suggestions?

Hey there! [ And I hope you don’t mind me posting this, but I get this question a lot. :D

So, program wise, it really depends on what kind of art you like to do, or would like to do. Because different programs have different types of interfaces and target audiences. Here are some examples of programs i’ve used, personally:

Photoshop is designed for photo editing and manipulating. The program is widely used for digital art as well, but is better suited for those working with photo-realistic styles or heavily rendered work. It’s well known for it’s excellent filters, though, and I personally like to pop some of my finished work from Manga Studio into Photoshop to do final edits. Many artists who work with Photoshop suggest making your own brushes/import brushes to suit your needs. There is also some disconnect between tablet pen pressure and tilt sensitivities. There have been many reports of it not being as responsive as other programs. Photoshop also allows you to animate, and export it as either video or GIFs, so that’s pretty cool. 

[ Art by tincek-marincek ] 

Paint Tool SAI is designed with artists in mind. I’ve heard so many good things about SAI and i’ve seen the quality work that comes from artists who use it. It varies in styles, because SAI is targeted for artists who like to work with different techniques. You can get the same heavily rendered quality as Photoshop, something more painterly, or even simple pencil sketches. SAI has a lot of brush/pen/pencil options that other programs don’t have, and allows you to import/modify brushes as well. SAI also is said to work very well with tablets, but is also only available for those with Windows computers. [**If you have an IMAC computer, you can find weird copies of SAI that are supposed to work if you download things like WINE to help connect your tablet. The problem is, they never work very well. It’s just not worth it.] I’ve heard a few downsides are tablet glitches, the interface can be confusing for a while, and that you can’t make certain shapes? *I’m not sure if that one’s a current issue still or not??

[ Art by Z-Pico ] 

Manga Studio [Now know as CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX  or five or whatever] is also targeted for artists, but is centered around comics and animation. It has a lot of tools for setting up comic pages, speech bubbles, screentones, etc. But it also has an extensive realistic brush, pencil, crayon section that is also customizable. You can import brushes, or create your own, and there’s also pattern options and texture brushes. Like SAI, you can do super-rendered work, or sketchy stuff. You are also provided with some kind of inaccurate 3D posable bodies to work with, if you wish. But, as an artist, i’d like to warn you that they can be seriously anatomically inaccurate, so be careful. 

Manga studio also allows you to import certain 3D things, and also provides you with a perspective ruler for those times you just can’t figure out where the hell that line of perspective really goes. [I literally just found that yesterday. You have no idea how loudly I howled in rage/relief/goddmndfn ] 

**I believe that the newest CSP EX has an animation feature, but I have yet to test that. 

[Art by Me ] 

So, in the end, it really depends on what you’re looking for. I would probably suggest one of the artist-targeted programs, if only because you can get the same effects and quality as photoshop as well as a more expansive toolkit to work with.

Dragon’s Crown – The Game

As you, the dragon Lord of a once thriving Kingdom, finally come back home after a long journey, the only things you can see are death and destruction. Someone or something seems to have taken over your lands, your people, and your crown. Will you manage to take back control, and find your missing beloved ones?

Explore areas and solve mysteries in your human form – switch to your dragon form and use your powers to blow your enemies up! But beware: mighty creatures may be hiding in the shadow… waiting for you.

Sorry if Ed looks a bit weird? I got a new PC for Christmas and I finally got a chance to test it out… SAI is acting a bit weird with the tablet interface but overall, I like it. It’s gonna take some time to get used to a smaller display, newer system, etc., but I really love the portability since I’m always on the go. (The only problem will be to emotionally let go of my old 7-year computer T^T)


Can I use your art for an icon/phone background/blog background/header/etc?

Sure thing, all non-commercial use is fine, just be sure to credit me!

Can I dub your comics?

Go right ahead, have fun! I’d love to see the finished thing! Again, no commercial use - please don’t use them in stuff you’re selling.

When will the next chapter/comic/etc be posted?

When it’s done! This stuff takes a back seat to the stuff that, y’know, pays my bills, so update schedules are a lil hard to pin down right now.

Where can I watch Miraculous Ladybug?

If you have cable, on Nickelodeon or If you don’t, Amazon and iTunes can hook you up. And the season 1 DVDs are slated for release in May, with French and English audio. Beyond official releases, I’m afraid you’ll have to do some sleuthing on your own. ;)

Here’s my idea for your story! (Or a comic!)

I appreciate the thought, but I try to stick to ideas I’ve come up with, for a couple reasons:

- I learn more if I challenge myself to execute an idea from start to finish

- I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings if I pass on using an idea

- I also don’t want to ruffle feathers if I only use one part of an idea, or interpret it another way

Fact is, it’s just easier and simpler for me to stick to the trash in my own noggin! But I encourage you to explore these ideas yourself!

Can you draw my OC/idea?

I can when I open for commissions! So, not for free, I can’t. BUT you can draw them yourself for free! Even if you think you can’t draw now, just remember, I couldn’t really draw when I first started either.

How many comics have you drawn, and where can I find them?

Infinite. My house is built on a foundation of trash comics, they are many and legion. You can check my comics tag for just about everything (hypothetically. I will try to clean that up.)

Will you reblog this thing?

IDK! Will you be okay if I say no? If you won’t, then maybe think about why you’re asking in the first place. Sure, that may seem harsh, but my tumblr, my rules.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why are you ignoring me?

Because in the last month I’ve gotten 200k notes and nearly 5000 new followers. Which is fantastic, and I am hugely grateful for all of you and your support. It is also a little like drinking from a firehose!

Right now I am trying to keep up with awesome things people want me to see by checking my Ask box (which got something like 50 notes in the last week), my messages (currently three or four on a slow day, a couple dozen on a busy one), and stuff that has recently been tagged for me. If I can’t find the post you want me to see one of those ways, I’m probably not gonna see it. Sorry! But I’m trying to keep this all simple so I have time to make the garbage y’all are here for. So I’m not trying to ignore anyone, but I think you can see how stuff falls through the cracks.

UPDATE 4/17/2016:

What do you use to draw?

My own bloodthirsty ambition. Oh, you mean like materials? Okay.

Digital: I use Adobe Photoshop on the subscription model. It runs on a Wacom Companion 2, which is a tablet computer with a Cintiq screen. I would not recommend it to people looking to get into art as a career; I would recommend it to people already doing art as a career. Or who have similar experience with digital art and various tablet interfaces. You can get the biggest advantage (portability) with something half the price, like an iPad Pro or a Surface. 


Inks - I use Microns for most detail work, brushes + speedball ink for fancy line-weight stuff, and a variety of Kuretake pens for… well, anything. If you cantrack down Kuretakes, buy them, they’re cheap and fabulous. (There’s a your mom joke there but I’ll spare us all.)

Colors - this varies a lot. I use anything from Sharpies blended with rubbing alcohol, to crayons and colored pencils blended both traditionally and with turpenoid solvent. I haven’t used watercolors in a while but when I do I like to lay down lines with colored pencils, then use watercolors and watercolor pencils to paint with. I should do more watercolors. Dang.

Paper - whatever’s appropriate? Like I’ll use the Strathmore sketchbooks for just about anything it can take, but I’ve ripped through pages in them with my burning enthusiasm before. Wet media tends to be their Multi-media books or Bristol. I have some real nice watercolor paper that I haven’t cracked yet out of sheer intimidation.

Misc - sometimes I shade with Tombow Grays or an ink wash. For most pencil stuff I just use a Bic 7mm mechanical pencil. I also use blue or red Col-Erase pencils for pictures I want to finish in pencil or ink. Oh, and water-soluble graphite is a wonderful and terrible medium and everyone should try it at least once.

Basically I collect art supplies like a hermit crab collects crap to put on its shell, so take this all with a hefty grain of salt.

UPDATE 4/27/2016:

Can I translate your comics and post them?

Sure, as long as you link back to the original(s), and aren’t using them to make money.  


Joke’s on you, sucker! My socks don’t match, I’m a broke artist, and my mom has lupus! (The one time it actually WAS lupus!) Anyway yeah I don’t do chain messages, my condolences.

UPDATE 4/29/2016:

Will you do more Relive the Magic? When?

I am going to try to go through each episode, yes! And I try to do about 1 per week as time/life allows. They will continue until either the hiatus ends or I run out of episodes.

If your question isn’t covered here, please feel free to hit me up!