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by Kalyn Nicholson




⁃ Tops
⁃ Bottoms
⁃ Dresses/Jumpers
⁃ Underwear/Bras
⁃ Sweater(s) / Sweatpants
⁃ Jacket
⁃ Socks
⁃ Bathing Suit(s)
⁃ PJs
⁃ Active Wear
⁃ Active Shoes
⁃ Fancy Shoes
⁃ Casual Shoes
⁃ Accessories (Jewerly, Watch, Belts)
⁃ Hat(s)
⁃ Laundry Bag

⁃ Hot Tools for Hair
⁃ Brushes
⁃ Hair Accessories (bobby pins & elastics)
⁃ Hair Products
⁃ Makeup/Makeup Bag
⁃ Makeup Brushes
⁃ Makeup Wipes/Remover
⁃ Nail Polish/File
⁃ Tweezers/Cotton Swabs/ Q-tips

⁃ Tooth Brush & Paste
⁃ Face Wash
⁃ Body Wash
⁃ Moisturizer
⁃ Body Lotion
⁃ Shampoo & Conditioner
⁃ Tampons/Pads/Midol
⁃ Razor
⁃ Deodorants
⁃ Body Spray/Perfume
⁃ Medications
⁃ Tanner
⁃ Other:

⁃ Laptop/Tablet
⁃ Phone
⁃ Laptop & Phone Chargers
⁃ Camera(s)
⁃ Camera Charger
⁃ Extra Battery
⁃ Memory Cards
⁃ Movies (or pre-download)
⁃ Camera Bag

⁃ Book(s)
⁃ Magazines
⁃ Phone
⁃ Sunglasses/Glasses
⁃ Sunglass Case
⁃ Wallet
⁃ Lip Balm
⁃ Headphones
⁃ Hair Band
⁃ Passport/I.D.
⁃ Water
⁃ Hand Sanitizer
⁃ Journal/Note Pad
⁃ Snacks
⁃ Keys
⁃ Pen
⁃ Tickets/Travel Info

broke & unemployed trans girl artist donation post

Hi everyone, I’m gearing up to drive across the country to the east coast and need to save up the money to do so. I lost my job and I’m currently living with my ex and things just aren’t great at all here so the sooner I save up the money needed to move the sooner I will be able to get out there and start my actual life. I’m doing yard work for my dad and babysitting for my sister to try to save up the money but any help would be appreciated so much. I know I had a donation post going around for a while but the donations dried up on that pretty much immediately.

My paypal email is:, anything helps

Thank you all so much! If you donate and want a comic let me know and I’ll put you on the top of the list for when I get my tablet pen charger back since I don’t have any comics commissions lined up.

Aaaaaaaaa v3 is SUPER CLOSE!! <3

This is a redraw of my first v3 doodle from September, when the designs were first shown! I still love these two a lot!

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SugAkaashi cuz they are both quiet so they love to just chill together but also Akaashi's sarcasm would make Suga laugh

thus begins the epic saga of nat vowing to draw every rarepair and make a zine outta it, i swear to god im gonna actually do it

For real tho akasuga is so cute,,,, they really complement each other well like a) aesthetically speaking they just look great together, pretty setter pairings are always my jam, b) suga is playful sassy and akaashi is deadpan sassy they would get along so well

How to give Not Today views while you’re asleep

So I don’t know if anyone’s thought of this yet, but here’s an easy way to get bts a lot of views. I’m not certain it works 100%, but it’s more views than none.

First of create a playlist with 2 or 3 songs, like this:

Replaying one song on repeat sometimes doesn’t give it all the views, while playing a few in between will. And if you’re too lazy to create a playlist, just use mine, HERE.

Make sure you’ve got the repeat playlist button on.

Then push on the mute button on your keyboard. Youtube will still register as having the sound on, so the views will count. Now just keep your laptop/computer/tablet running all night and generate views while you’re sleeping. Just make sure you’ve got your laptop/tablet on a charger, or it’ll run out of battery long before you wake up.

what to bring when you practice:

(for string players)

- to play on lol

- to play off of

- for your bow when you need it

- 1) in case you get sweaty and want it between your instrument and chin
2) for wiping rosin off your instrument

- with extra lead or a sharpener. Mark something every time you make the same mistake more then 2x.

- if you’re not using a metronome, it’s not practice

- drinking water prevents muscle cramps
(you can also bring Advil for this)

- 1) listen to your pieces when you’re taking breaks
2) listen to the pieces your working on if you’re looking for bowings, articulation, phrasing whatever
3) to record yourself and listen/watch it after to see what you’re doing well and what needs improvement

(this can be a digital journal)
- 1) if you have notes from your lesson of what to work on
2) a lot of ppl find it helpful to keep a log of what they practice for how long, In what order, etc so they can make their practice as efficient as possible.

- being a sweater or extra shirt or something in case you’re cold or if you need to keep muscles warm to prevent cramps.

If you bring all these things to your practice, you should be able to get in practice mode and stay there for hours with no excuse to leave.

Happy practicing 🎻

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Hi Sam! So question: I'm going to a comic con for the first time and I'm scared witless (I've never really shared my fan-ness before), do you have any dos and don'ts or have a resource with dos and don'ts. I'm sorry if this falls under Sam advises but I figured since you've gone to cons yourself a fellow fan might have the best answers.

Don’t be scared! Comic conventions are great fun! Or rather, you have my permission to be scared, but don’t let that prevent you from having a good time. :D

Sometimes advice about conventions can vary based on the size and how it’s being produced. Small fan-produced cons are different from large professionally-produced cons; they have different focuses and goals. Even regionally, cons can vary greatly. So this is general advice, but it’s mostly common-sense stuff. 

Before I even get into the list, though, just to address “I’ve never shared my fan-ness before” – you will not be alone, and nobody there will know that you’ve never been “out” about being a fan before. To them you’re just a fellow fan. EVERYONE is there because they love the fandom, so nobody is going to point and stare at you for Being A Fan; they’re busy Being Fans themselves. Some asshole may try to gatekeep you, but that is increasingly rare, and you don’t have to engage. You can just say “I need to go now” and walk away if that happens. 

(There is a readmore below!

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Quick drawings of Odd in his waiter uniform– ah… He ended up looking different from when I first drew him.  I showed my bf these sketches and he said that he thinks Odd is cute and that he’d give him a big tip. 8)))