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It’s okay, I miss home too.

“smile for the camera!”

Boys day out! Genos has downloaded all sales information in gratitude for his teacher! :)

“Sensei. I know that my staying has brought you much trouble, and I greatly appreciate that you allow me to live under your roof and learn from your ways. I have learned many things since coming here, so as a token of my appreciation– ”

“Hey Genos, you don’t have to–”

“I have browsed online and compiled a database of all the sales and discounts around the area, downloaded the times they are available, and have timetabled a route allowing us to reach every single one by the end of the day.”

“So… when do we begin?”


Dylan surprised me with a gift using some of his tax return- I am so excited I stayed up till 6am learning all the things! He woke up and was not shocked to see the first thing I went to work on was Hannibal related. *grins*

No more mechanical pencils and smudgy paper!

It’s an XP-Pen 22" HD tablet, and lord it is AWESOME. My eyes are burning from sleep deprivation so- here, a slightly Cuban-tanned Will Graham with his lovely face wounds, after 67,000 redraws.

My first digital art post!

Not that I posted much of my dog-chewed sketchbook before~ *shrugs*


school has been keeping me busy so i havent had the time to do much more than doodle lately TT ___TT

i dont feel like crying into assignments just yet though so!! hq dump from twitter!!!!

beautiful space daughter