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Nathalie: Chat Noir's Biggest Fan

Just imagine here. She K N O W S. And she just.

Subtly showing her support. Adrien sees a Chat Noir paw print sticker on her tablet. Her phone background is Chat. She subtly works in Chat-related stuff into her outfit.

She has a mug with a green paw print that says “pawsitively miraculous” on it.

She switches out the tablet to a black one.

She sneaks Adrien cheese and he’s confused by glad. She sneaks him pastries from Mari’s parents’ bakery after really hard akuma battles.

She verbally strings up a reporter by the guys at a fashion event when he made rude remarks about Chat Noir. (Adrien had trouble getting his jaw off the floor for the rest of the day).

One time, after a really hard akuma, she ruffles Adrien’s hair and tells him “good job, kitten.”


OY VEY! This took a long time. XD I started it at like 1 AM this morning, stopped after a few hours, slept, woke up, kept working. I recorded it for a speedpaint, and I had about three and a half hours of footage. I did take a few breaks between recordings though, so I probably spent more like four and a half hours in total working on this. Anyway I don’t know if they still celebrate Christmas in Vegas in 2281, or where they got that tree, or where Tess got that dress, but its Christmas so let me have my fun. :B The Lucky 38 is going to look FESTIVE as HECK.

Also Rex is a reindeer. What a cute doggo.


Mechanic Pearl au feat. a very flustered Amethyst.

Amethyst would no longer hate going to get her car fixed heh.

(This is also a Thank You for 600+ followers! :D You are all amazing!)

TWELVE FOREVER IS AWEEEESOMEEE. /my lines suck i’m sorry imma tired potato/

All I can say is… uh………… Rikki hann er bestur.