Hey guys I went more in-depth on my Lumi Shade technique because people had expressed interest in more explanation. This video is broken up into multiple parts, so be sure to check out parts 2 and 3 here:

Lumi Shade Tutorial Part 2:
Lumi Shade Tutorial Part 3:

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Huion Graphics Tablet Contributing Tutorials: Blooming

Hardware: Huion Graphics Tablet

Software: PS          

This is the final effect.

Picture 1: Turn on PS and create an A4 size canvas with the resolution of 400dpi. Create a new layer and set the brush with 4px to sketch the outlines. The following picture is a small part of the whole picture and there are many hair lines which can be used to add shadow later.  

Picture 2: The next step is to spread color. At the beginning set the layer property to “Multiply” and then create a few layers under the outline layer such as skin layer and flower layer. It will be convenient to draw shadow if you put different colors in different layers.

Picture 3: This part is to refine the character’s face. Firstly, choose a color which is darker than skin and draw shadow on face and neck with airbrush. Secondly, draw eye shadow and eyebrow with the color of reddish brown. And lastly, draw lip with the color of orange. Choose “Color Balance” to adjust the lip color if necessary. Then the face part is almost finished.

Picture 4: This step is to add shadow on garland. In order to draw shadow on garland, you’d better lock the opacity on its background color and you can draw freely without worrying draw in other places.

Picture 5: Add shadow and highlights on hair. To enrich the color in hair, I choose deep yellow as shadow color and I choose to add yellow-green and pink in highlights.

Picture 6: Refine orchids around the waist of character by locking opacity pixels of the orchid layer. Then use airbrush to draw flower heart and add highlights in petals. And then set the brush to hard-edge and choose light blue color to sketch the textures on petals.

Picture 7: Draw orchid leaves on the back of the character and add highlights on light orchids. Those textures in followers are created by spread texture brush.

Picture 8: The following part is to draw the edge part of this picture. Sketch the outlines first and spread color to create the hollow texture.

Picture 9: Choose splatter brush and do it as the following picture shows. Draw lots of spots under orchid leaves to enrich the whole picture.

Picture 10: Execute “Color Balance” after emerging and duplicating layers.

Picture 11: Duplicate the layers again and execute “Level”. And you can refer to the number in the following picture.

Picture 12: After finishing “Level”, remember to set layer properties to “color filter” for that layer. And you can create the lightening effect in character’s skin and light flowers.

Picture 13: Duplicate the layer where execute “color filter” in last step and use “Gaussian Blur” to make the picture looks soft.

Hope this course will be helpful.

                                                                                     Contributed by HUION

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