Tango Dive 3D Model Walkthrough

Another example of future tech that will arrive sooner than you think, via Paracosm - combining a Project Tango 3D scanner tablet with a head mounted case to view and explore your 3D captures:

We set up stereoscopic view for Google’s Project Tango tablet for use with the Dive 7 Headset. This video shows one of our Keets walking around in one of our 3D models. The picture in picture view shows you what he’s seeing inside the headset.


The Age of the Tablet will soon come to pass.

okay, so, technically my tablet works fine, but the mouse is whack. Everything double-clicks or doesn’t click at all. The pen is getting kinda poor too. Anyway, this thing is literally 6 or 7 years old at this point. (I remember buying it with my own two tiny hands as a teenager! D’aw.) I think it’s time for an upgrade. 

What are your recommendations? Experiences? Damnations?

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My first drawing with my new tablet! I love Steven Universe! Malachite’s design is so cool. I just wish we could have seen her fight, so I decided to draw it. Haha. I plan to continue posting new art every Friday, so follow me if you want updates.

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