What do you guys think of Astropad? “Turn your iPad as a professional graphics tablet”

Surface Pro 3 24hr "Review"

I picked up a Surface pro 3 instead of waiting for the Wacom Companion 2. Here’s my initial review after the first day. Click the read more for the full review.

Nice device for doodling and web-surfing, after taking the time to set it up. Skip the “type cover”, get a bluetooth keyboard.

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I made these… technically not paintings but they are… I used a new app on my tablet that lets me mimic the color palette of a photo and alter it with brush strokes and shit. I’m kinda proud of these. They came out really cool. The Sharpe one is my favorite :D

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Pure Power Adapters AC Adapter Charger for Coby Kyros 7-Inch 10-Inch Android Tablet PC - Best Tablet News 2014

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Pure Power Adapters AC Adapter Charger for Coby Kyros 7-Inch 10-Inch Android Tablet PC

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Best Tablet 2014

Levin Sol-Wing – 13W Ultra-slim Portable Solar Mega Charger

So, just how serious are you about charging your dead phone? Because this, this is for seriously serious people in need of a good recharge! I mean really! Strap this on your backpack and electronic devices will start jumping out of peoples hands and pockets to follow you! Massive electro-sex appeal fo sho fo sho !

Here is your Croissant working for the very first time with this tablet monitor thingy!!!! So cool!!!!

Yo, pimps! yes that’s me! u can look but cannot touch :P no facy-nope nope

Tablet Questions

So my faithful Intuos 4 finally keeled over and died and I’m trying to figure out what to do. I’ve been meaning to get a Cintiq since Ive been making money now, but still, 1k is a whopping hefty price to pay….

Help me figure out a plan of action!?

1. Replacement parts: The cord is the part that finally killed it, so I considered getting a replacement cord. However, the amazon reviews for replacement cords are shady as hell and other parts of my tablet previously also suffer a bunch of problems, particularly the pen breaking into pieces periodically, and unreliable pen pressure. So I was thinking about getting a new pen, but that alone is 80 bucks+ when….

2. I could get a new, cheaper tablet (Wacom Bamboo Capture at $70) to hold me over until I’m 100% sure I want to get a cintiq. I’ve been hogging my roommate’s and it works ok. 

3. Shell out the $1000 for the Cintiq. However I’m concerned about space since I’m still living in a cramped, messy college apartment. I also want something portable. 

Suggestions would be appreciated! Im pretty indecisive about this…