Easy to use Bluetooth camera controller allows you to snap shots from up to thirty feet away.  Even more, it comes with a small tripod outfitted especially for smartphones to make sure your shots are clean and clear.

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his what tablet do you use? c:

I use a bamboo pen & touch by wacom, but i don’t think they sell those anymore.. Mine is 5 years old (my first and only tablet actually), it was one of the cheapest i found at the time (for wacom at least) and it’s really good for beginners ! Now it’s kinda old and it’s still useable but i don’t think it will last very long, i’m looking for another good one to buy tbh


Android Wear Update Unlocks Secret WiFi Function & Allows Emoji Drawing. 


  • Apps will remain visible when used, changing from color to black and white when you aren’t looking to save battery 
  • Connect to WiFi networks saved in your phone and operate independently from it as long as both are connected to the internet  
  • Flick your wrist to scroll through news and notification streams 
  • Bring up apps, contacts and send messages by tapping on the watch face
  • Draw emojis on the screen to add them to your messages 

The update is set to roll out in the coming weeks.