Recommended Tablets?

My Wacom Bamboo Fun I’m pretty sure is on its last legs.  With me constantly reinstalling the driver only to have it crash sudden while working on art, figured its time to get a new one.  Think this baby is going on 6 or 7 years old now so its no surprised its acting up.

What tablets do you folks have and what would you recommend?  I’m trying to stay with Wacom but looking to stay in a good price range.  


I worked on something quite different than usual :)
I’m happy with the result. It reminds me of those old school comics(lines and colors).

I want to thank heterotopian for being so kind and open on letting me use one of his photographs as a reference for this scenery ^_^
You can check the picture in this link : heiko’s photograph

please check heterotopian‘s tumblr page for more of his work :)

p.s. Heiko, I hope you like what I did with your piece. I tried my best!

futureprism asked:

hey guys! so do you know how safe it is to put a drawing tablet in your backpack? i know its really sensitive, but if i travel with it will it ruin the tablet? thanks!

Hi there! 

I’ve travelled with my tablet for school a lot, and while there’s always a chance something will go wrong, I have some tips that have kept my baby safe over the course of an entire semester, commuting through rain, snow, sleet, two trains, and a bus !! (Please keep in mind I’m speaking from my own experience. I have an Intuos 4, for reference) 

  1. Firstly, keep your tablet in a protective computer case, if you have it. I have a laptop bag for my computer, and a simpler one like this for my tablet. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend traveling with your tablet unless you have something to keep it in, especially if you have a lot of other stuff in your backpack. 
  2. My tablet is an intuos 4 wireless, so I’m able to fold up the charging cable separately for travel. This is extremely helpful as it prevents any unnecessary bending of the cable. If your tablet doesn’t have a cord that disconnects, I would suggest keeping the cord pointing upward, toward the top of your backpack, so it isn’t crushed against the bottom. Also, when you wrap up your tablet for travel, make sure the part of the cable that connects to the tablet is a little slack, again to prevent bending. This step is really important as I’ve broken other tablets before because the cable bent where it connects itself to the tablet. Since the cable wasn’t removable, the damage was impossible to rectify. So keep your cables safe!
  3. Keep your tablet pen in a protective pencil case! I keep the tablet and the pen separate, just to keep the pen safe. I have a cheap pencil case that I stuffed with tissues, and I usually keep my pen in that for travel. 
  4. Keep your tablet towards the back of your backpack, where it’ll rest against your back. I do this to ensure my tablet wont be curving or bending or pressing against anything. 

And that’s about all of the tablet safety I can offer! If anyone else has any tips feel free to reblog this post and let us know :) 


Wacom Driver pressure problem

Don’t know who or where to ask (Wacom supports are very quiet). 

So here’s a problem: was bought new wacom intuos 5 pro and installed newest driver - 

“Hey wow! What a cool sketch i’m getting her.. wait wut”

And it happens ALL. THAT. FREAKING. TIME.

It’s like getting pokes with a needle every time stroke lose his pressure. Ugh.
Already tried to install the previous driver version and it’s useless. And new driver has a nice function to customize buttons on tablet - very useful.

Already crying as hell.

So somebody knows how to fix that shet?
Wacom Quick Fix
This tool aims to quickly recover from most issues that plague Wacom tablets.

This is my new and HIGHLY improved Wacom Quick Fix (formerly Universal Wacom Tablet Fix). Not only is it incomprehensibly faster, but it also looks a hell of a lot better, is way smaller in file size than previously, was made from scratch instead of being based on old code, and is now open source!

What does that mean for you?

It means that you can fix a lot more Wacom issues and you can fix them a lot faster. Not only that, but since it’s licensed under the GPL (v2), the source code can be viewed at any time to ensure its trustworthiness.

The main reason I made it open source was because the program DOES need administrative rights to run, but that’s because it interfaces directly with Windows services and modifies either one or two System32 files (only Wintab32.dll associated files, the number of files depending on configuration). Again, these are all legitimate and safe, and you can verify that by viewing the source code. <3

If you like this program, all I ask is that you give feedback about how it works for ya!~

Art questions?

Hey, guys! A certain company just reached out asking if I’d be interested in making a tutorial with them about how I use their products, and I’m thinking I want to take them up on it. :)

Question: if I gave a tutorial on anything related to drawing, but particularly how I use Photoshop + Manga Studio to draw digitally, what questions might you like to see answered?  Thank you in advance for any replies! :D