“Not your fault”

A couple of things

a) you can bet your damned ass Sherlock would compose a hymn in Mary’s honour

b) if you think Molly wouldn’t see right away that Mary’s death left Sherlock more heart broken than she’d ever seen him, step directly to left so i can elbow you in the stomach

The World’s First Female Author, Enhedu’anna

This ancient clay tablet from Babylonia is inscribed in Sumerian cuneiform and dates to the 20th-17th centuries BC. It mentions King Sargon’s daughter Enhedu'anna as the author of a hymn to the goddess Inanna. The tablet has lines written first by the teacher in the first column, with 2 students repeating the hymn in columns 2 and 3.

Enhedu’anna was the daughter of King Sargon of Akkad (2334-2279 BC), founder of the first documented empire in Asia. Enhedu’anna emerges as a genuine creative talent, a poetess as well as a princess, a priestess and a prophetess. She is, in fact, the first named, non-legendary author in history. As such she has found her way into contemporary anthologies, especially of women’s literature.


I got a NEW DRAWING TABLET and I’m giving away my old one (Ugee 1910b) details in the vid

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