The Surface Pro 2 I ordered 2 months ago finally arrived, I honestly was expecting a more lenient usage adaptation curve, I’ve spent 3 days customizing apps and OS settings, installing/reinstalling drivers, new and old apps, adapting my workflow and dealing with compatibility issues.

Because of this I barely had any actual draw time this weekend, somehow I managed to make the top sketch based on Velazquez’ Meninas and the Bridgman hand. 

I decided to buy the SP2 instead of the SP3 because the Wacom digitizer and stylus, the aggressive throttling  that seems to affect every SP3 and of course the price.

Anyway, I feel a bit conflicted regarding this purchase since my expectation is to replace my agonizing laptop and so far I can’t even make my bamboo tablet and the surface digitizer coexist (the first one that gets used always disables the other one)

I’m hoping I can iron out the remaining issues and get used to the minor ones. I would write a review but I guess it would not be too relevant by then. :P

If anyone has any tip/advice regarding the SP2 please let me know.


Picture done for a Japanese compilation.

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okay but

AU where oiks is a model and iwa is his neighbor and “I know you’re some fashion icon but I see you when you take your dog out in the morning in your pajamas and you wear nothing but alien-themed clothing and I’ve concluded that you’re actually a massive dweeb and you’re only fashionable because people pick your clothes for you” 



Kickstarter campaign from Matter and Form is an affordable 3D photography attachment for mobile devices:

Bevel is the world’s first attachment capable of capturing real 3D photographs on any smartphone or tablet. Other 3D attachments create the illusion of 3D by enhancing the depth of an image, but fail to capture a file that you can actually use. You can even use Bevel for 3D printing.

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speed drawing process of the pinup i did for Prophet: Strikefile #1 a while back.

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Looking for a tablet on a budget?

This is a Monoprice tablet! Mesureing at 8x6 its very big

It’s also VERY durrable.

- Ive dropped this thing so many times with no problems. 

- The pen nib NEVER wears down.

- Only need to replace it every 3+ years!

- It’s only 53$ (with FREE SHIPPING!) 

This is NOT like that turcom tablet post (i bought it and the drivers never worked)

 Ive been using this model for 6+ years and completely recommend it for artists that dont want to spend 80$ or 100$ for a tablet that they dont know anything about. 

You can also find the updated drivers with a simple google search.

Get it here!!!

App "SHU-Vergleich" erfolgreich gestartet - AMEXPool AG zieht erste positive Bilanz

App “SHU-Vergleich” erfolgreich gestartet – AMEXPool AG zieht erste positive Bilanz

Vor fünf Monaten hat der Maklerpool und Deckungskonzeptmakler AMEXPool AG mit “SHU-Vergleich” eine eigene Vergleichs-App auf den Markt gebracht und hochzufrieden eine erste Bilanz gezogen. “Ich bin überrascht wie gut die App von unseren Maklern angenommen wurde. In den ersten Tagen konnten wir schon mehr Downloads verzeichnen als wir erhofft hatten. Es ging nicht lange und schon kam der erste…

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sped up video of an old color study painting

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mortemer that i worked forever on!