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Hey Ursula! I'm a traditional artist but I'm not really satisfied with the outcome of it. I think I wanna start using an art tablet. What do you think is a good art tablet for beginners?

Hi  ^ U ^! I just made a video on my YouTube to help with this, it’s me talking about  what tablets I’ve used and whats good for beginners I talk price and pro’s and cons <3 good luck to any body just starting out  and I will be doing more videos on getting started in digital art, next video will be on art programs


My fav part of the nerdy nummies video was when Phil dripped his icing on Dan and he didn’t notice :)

Oh Phiiiiil.

Watch the video here!



Sorry for sucking at everything.

This is mostly just an overview of how I use one particular app. Stay tuned for a video to come of a couple different app options for Android tablets or phones, as well as pros and cons to each.

For today’s video I tried something new, which included no recording of myself, and only recording the screen of my tablet instead. Not sure how much I like it, so I’ll try to go back to the other style soon. Mostly I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things.

For this video I used:

Keep an eye out for upcoming videos including

  • Lecture notes on a tablet
  • What else to use a tablet for in school
  • A review of my tablet and my stylus
  • How I organize my paper notes
  • Class binders
  • And more!!!!!