It’s crucial you identify people who have ‘victim complex’ and are too comfortable manipulating you emotionally by turning the tables on you immediately after being confronted on something they’ve done wrong.They’re people that know how to hurt you and will play everyone against you by playing the innocent one.

Highlights from two simulations of The Asylum Games

Game 1:


It’d be pretty ironic if this took out Sharknado, but instead…

Sharknado placed third; Android Cop emerged the victor after Mega Shark died of an infection.

Game 2:

Well, natural that the literary monsters would do that to spend the time.

Guess they weren’t very good stories?


Snakes on a Train won this one.

Here Again

Let me count… 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5..
I can’t remember exactly, but when did the last time I feel the hot and cold deep down one soul?
I’m feeling good and I got fever, again and again I say the same things over and over again
Baby, sweetheart, darling, honey, sugar, whatever you wanna hear me calling but I prefer your real name
I don’t know what it means but I can explain, I think love has finally let me pass through the opened door
It’s bright and shimmering, everyday at night I give you all I got through silver words
I know how it feels to be alone within fake laughter and temporary crowd
It don’t matter no more, I’m ready and so are you, I’ll be alright
Actually I’m better, I never wanna lose the chance because I know I guess I never been this lucky since the last time I was here
Table turns, high end of low becomes the peak of the mountain and I can move the mountain
This changes my life drastically, this is gonna be a new round for happiness and faithfulness
Girl, I’m here because of you, I don’t wanna miss a single thing, I don’t wanna lose you, I can get through to you



It’s not news that a decent percentage of heterosexual men find no problem checking out, cat calling or, sexualizing a female in any way but, when the tables are turned on them it’s practically a crime in their eyes. Instead of taking another man checking them out or sexualizing them as a compliment, they see it as offensive. Can’t we all just go around saying how attractive we think one another are without it being the end of the world? Is it really that offensive that I think you’re good looking? Did you not do all those squats so people would look at that nice booty? 

Think about it. Spread the love. You’re all beautiful regardless of your sexual preference.

One of Nick and Ahk’s most popular vines is Nick dropping a beat at the turn tables and Ahk freestyling in Egyptian (and he’s shirtless)
And he’s literally saying “I’m the queen bee, you all suck”
And everyone’s revising and commenting “ayy yass” and they gave no idea what the hell he’s saying.

Ok but guys, like… Tauriel, ending up in a prison cell in Erebor guarded by half the Company. And Kili saunters past all “oh how the tables have turned” and Tauriel’s just like “yeah ok puppy-dwarf nice try but you’re too sunshiney to pull off that sinister look ALSO LET ME OUT OF THIS CELL YOU ABSOLUTE KNOBS.” Of course Fili and Dwalin are endlessly amused. And Nori’s the one that locked her up in the first place.

No one actually bothers to tell Thorin she’s down there which is better in the long run bc he doesn’t have to feign ignorance when Thranduil comes calling looking for his guard captain.