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Everyone is getting ready, so I decided to make the official post early.

                       The 2nd annual bd/daily Winter Ball will be from
                             ✨December 29th to January 13th!✨

For this event, you will dress up your muse for the ball, and participate in ball-related activities like dancing, raiding the buffet table, jamming to some good tunes, etc!

There’s also going to be the return of the King/Queen contest along with a brand new best-dressed contest!

As for pre-ball activities, you can start looking for dates for your muses (don’t be shy, message the person you want to go with!) and designing your ball-outfits!

If you’re too shy to get a date but still want one, I will be providing a date set-up service a week before the ball

If anyone has any issues with anyone during the ball, please message me and we’ll take care of it maturely

The tag for this event is bdwinterball, if you want to see how the event went last year, check that tag

                                            Have fun everyone~!

Fiddle Fingers

Companions react to the Inquisitor playing the fiddle in front of them for the first time (+ Krem Brûlée) I thought I would use the fiddle as it’s more lore friendly in a way? Idk I just like fiddles they be cute

Cassandra: She was always confused by the rough callouses on their finger, they were too small to be from weapon use. However now, as the sweet harmonies flew through the tavern air, she finally understood. She never took the Inquisitor for a musician or a talented one for that, but she was glad to be wrong. The fiddle became an extension of their being as they danced and hopped, creating splendid tunes that the inquisition soldiers into merry jigs. She sat back on the bar stool and watched, completely content.

Varric: He chuckled as he watched the Inquisitor hop from table to table, tuning out a fine Orlesian on their little wooden fiddle. He made a mental note to get them a fine quality instrument as he listened to the staccato medley. He just wondered what else this tiny ruffian could pull out from their sleeve.

Solas: It was late, but he never minded the da'len’s company. Especially when they broke out their fantastic fiddle, playing serenely haunting melodies for him as he read. The inquisitor wished to keep in practice and they Solas would be the only one to listen quietly and appreciate it. That he did, but more importantly he enjoyed the fact that young Herald wished to share their superb talent with him.

Blackwall: He loved it, especially when on warm summer afternoons when he was carving and the sweet tones of their fiddle wafted though the air of Skyhold. Sometimes they would visit him and ask his opinion on songs they composed, accompanying him throughout the day. He would laugh deeply when they cursed as they skipped a note, playfully reprimanding them. It was times like those which reminded him of much more innocent times…

Iron Bull: Under the Quan, music wasn’t a thing to be celebrated or really shared. But he would be damned if he didn’t join some deep bellowed singing to whatever the Inquisitor played. He loved seeing the squirt happy and full of life, as if nothing mattered. Not to mention they knew how to play a mean tune, swaying this way and that as the tavern cheered. He liked seeing this side of the little Herald, just being carefree like kids should be.

Dorian: Now mind you, he was a man of impeccable taste and decorum. Therefore a tiny fiddle would not reduce him to pronounce the musical genius of a said teenager. However, there may have been a few incidents, after too much wine, where he may or may not have cried at the beautiful Tevinter children’s songs the Herald learnt to play for him. According the Varric, he blubbed like a baby who got his ass spanked.

Vivienne: She did all she could to get the Inquisitor to give her private shows (A/N that’s not meant to sound dodgy…). She loved the Orlesian ballads and of course a few classics here and there were welcome. She often found it quite soothing, made her feel like she was back home at a ball held at the Palace.

Sera: The Inquisitor fiddle skills were not something to turn a tit at, honestly she loved it. Sera tried picking up a fiddle when she was younger but then found out nobles played an instrument like it and then dropped it. Literally…. she dropped it on a noble kid. Yet the Herald was no rich tit and she loved the tunes she picked up from the Ferelden, especially when she was feeling in a dancing mood!

Cole: Like a bird song but not, just as sweet yet rougher around the edges. Merry legs revisiting and turning, weaving in and out of merry men and women who forgot they were fighting for their lives. He liked when the Inquisitor played, cause it helped. Everyone in Skyhold would release tension and stop what they were doing just to close their eyes and listen to the youngest hero of Thedas, practising a childhood hobby.

Krem: He would never admit that he blushed when the teen approached him excitedly with news that they composed a song for him. Even more so flustered when he found out Maryll wrote lyrics to go with it. He could practically feel the Chiefs smirk, but nevertheless he was deeply touched the Herald did that for him. Even after finding out he was different, even though he was no one special and especially since he was a Vint. He thanked them profusely and drew them into a bone crushing hug, of course Maryll got a flustered thank you too. ;)

sometimes I like to look at my life and remind myself that I have two cats named Merlin and Mordred, and three chickens called Lancelot, Percival and Gwaine. We’re still waiting for an Arthur.

Pure Love

Hey Guys!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s regardless of being single or whatnot. Please enjoy this Valentine special starring Momo~

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Pure Love

- Momo Focus

Word Count: 1885

The air filled with the fragrance of expensive wines, savoury dishes, and the delicate smell of scented candles that lied on the smooth jet black onyx table. A series of instrumental tunes complimented the background, and a lighting that resembled the soft glow of a sunset completed the perfect atmosphere for the dinner date that you had prepared for Momo and yourself. You had made a reservation at this restaurant two full weeks ahead in preparation. After all, it was Valentine’s Day, the day where the feeling of love clung to the air everywhere. And also, the Italian restaurant that you picked out was completely filled with customers every night regardless of a holiday or not. You scouted out your table almost a month ago and made sure that everything was perfect for the both of you. Now, with Momo, wearing a shoulderless silky black dress, sitting gracefully across from you, you grew more and more anxious. You, wearing your black tuxedo, started to sweat from your palms. Perhaps it was the fact that many other couples were also here that you started to compare you and Momo with them. Everyone here either wore an elegant dress or a fancy suit that seemed to magically bond them to their partners.

Shaking off that subtle feeling, you looked affectionately towards your date, Momo. Her dress hugged at her in all of the right places, and her selection of jewelry enhanced her beauty by tenfold. Yet despite her beautiful appearance, her blond hair was kept in a wavy fashion that seemed to remind you that she was still Momo. As you found yourself staring at her, Momo looked up from the menu, only to smile at your expression. She dropped the menu and stared back into your eyes.

“Are you ready to order?” She asked as she touched your face gently as to wake you from your daydream.
“Huh. Hm. Oh yeah, yes, I’m ready.” You quickly responded before you made a fool of yourself.

Momo raised her hand to attract the attention of a nearby waiter.

“Excuse me? We’re ready here.”

Momo smiled back to you as the waiter approached.

“I’d like to have… the special Fettuccine please.” Momo said to the waiter.
“And I’ll have the special Tagliatelle please.” You addressed to the waiter.

He nodded briefly and smiled as he took the menus away. Just then, a quiet yet romantic tune started to flow through the air, turning heads, you and Momo turned to see what was going on. A man was holding an extravagant bouquet and a violinist was playing the music piece. His significant other immediately embraced him closely and tightly, getting awehs from the rest of the customers in the restaurant. You peeked at Momo’s face to see what her reaction was, and sure enough, she was thoroughly impressed as she tilted her head slightly. Just then a woman shrieked from across the room, and she stood up excitedly while holding her wine glass. Upon close inspection, the wine glass had a diamond ring inside on the bottom. She pulled it out as her man kneeled in front of her. This time, several staff came out bearing the man’s gifts; necklaces, earrings, dresses, and even a car key.

“Aweh…” Momo softly said.

You expected something of these sorts to happen tonight, and while you enjoyed public affection, you yourself would always become embarrassed when with Momo in public. Over time, Momo knew your limits and she never imposed anything onto you, always sticking with your comforts. After the commotion was all over, the food arrived for you and Momo. It smelled Divine.

“So, do you want anything in particular? Since it is Valentine’s Day.” You casually asked as you digged into your food.
“Hmm… nothing really comes to mind. I’m content.” Momo replied as she twirled her noodles with her fork.
“Really? I mean that guy got his girlfriend, or wife now, lots of gifts. I’m pretty sure I saw dresses, jewelry, and even a new car!”

Momo stopped eating, and reached over to grasp your hand. She looked into your eyes and smiled cutely.

“I’m happy as long as I’m with you. I don’t need any of that. I don’t really care for all of that stuff. While it is nice, you are my irreplaceable gift, and likewise I, am yours.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle a little as Momo laughed along with you. The least you could do was feed her some of your noodles, and vice versa, Momo fed you as well. The rest of the dinner was uneventful, and you both ate your meals in silence. Although the both of you loved each other deeply, an invisible barrier grew between the two of you, possibly because of your social awkwardness. That fear that gripped you when you were with Momo in public, that fear that prevented you from displaying your love. After paying the bill, you took off your suit jacket to rest it over Momo’s bare shoulders as you opened the door to the outside. Even on this chilly night, when the snow from winter has finally began to melt a little, the temperature felt ever so warm, perfect for a lover’s night out. Momo walked out first, her heels clacking against the pavement. She tugged tightly at your suit jacket as the temperature was still a tad bit cold for her bare shoulders. The night was still young but you had nothing else in mind and so you and Momo began to walk back to your vehicle. That’s what Momo thought at least.

“The snow’s finally melting. Looks like love is in the air.” Momo sighed as she walked next to you.
“Yea, it sure is.” You responded as you glanced around to see many other couples walking closely next to each other.
“Hey Momo, since it’s not that cold yet, why don’t we take a walk around that park nearby? It’ll help with the food that we just ate.”
“Good idea, and don’t worry about me, I don’t feel cold at all. At least not with you.” She replied.

Momo was being especially considerate tonight as she almost kept her distance on purpose. You pulled her closer by softly holding her waist, and she grinned in response. And as the both of you made your way into the park that many other couples were also heading into, it seemed like everyone thought that this was a bright idea. But you had an ace up your sleeve. You were going to prove yourself to Momo tonight and you had the perfect plan.

“Oh, I think I forgot something at the restaurant,” You exclaimed as Momo had finally reached the spot in the park where you wanted her to be. By this point, the both of you had made it into a secluded area of the park where the distant streetlights were the only light sources.
“Really? Let’s head back and check then.” Momo said, concerned.
“No, no. I’ll run there and check quickly. I don’t want you to walk so much in those heels, there’s still a bit of ice on the ground. Not to mention, it’s pretty dark out here. Wait for me here, okay?”
“Alright…” Momo said, a little saddened.

You traced your way back using the park’s path, and then gathered the fireworks from the trunk of your vehicle. You took them and brought them to an area near Momo’s location, but since it was so dark, she couldn’t possibly have seen you. Practicing lighting these fireworks at a friend’s house earlier, you prayed that these fireworks wouldn’t defect and would shoot up into the sky, as high as they could. You had various types of fireworks at your disposal, from Willows to Girandolas, you were as ready as you’ll ever be. Lighting them in quick succession, you ran for safety as the fireworks began to shoot off into the dark night sky. Momo definitely noticed the fireworks as you saw her head shoot up to the direction of the explosions. Then, carefully finding your way back to Momo, you noticed that nearby bystanders have noticed your fireworks as well. They pulled out their phones and began to record the scene. This wasn’t supposed to happen, these people weren’t supposed to be here. Feeling that anxiety resurface, you felt tense and bunched up again. However, you’ve come too far to just give up now. Thus, you slowly approached Momo from behind and when you placed yourself at a distance where Momo would be able to hear you over the explosion of the fireworks, you stopped. You closed your eyes, and paid close attention to all of the surrounding noises. One by one, you shut off the voice of a stranger and the sound of an explosion, until you finally found Momo’s voice. Her soft wahs and ahs that echoed through your mind.

“If only (Y/N) could be here to see this with me…”

Just then, a grand firework shot up to reveal the image of a peach that fizzled out into the smoky night sky. You could hear Momo’s shock as she finally caught onto what was going on. That was your cue.

“Momo!” You shouted as loud as you can.

She turned her head around quickly, and you could see the tears that began to well up in her eyes. You gave her a smile, before taking a deep breath. Even though there were people all around you and Momo, admiring your display of fireworks, you shut them all out in your head. Momo was the only person you saw. She was the only one.

“I love you!” You finally yelled out.

By now, Momo had completely turned around, and her fragile tears fell delicately down her cheeks. The colourful glows from the fireworks in the sky shined upon your faces. She couldn’t believe her ears, she couldn’t believe that you had finally got over your fear. Although tears rolled down her cheeks, she smiled with a burning passion as she gazed straight into your eyes. She ran towards you, your suit jacket flying through the air and onto the ground, just like how you shed your fear. You met her halfway and brought her in for a passionate kiss, then, embraced her tightly. After this moment, the fireworks all fizzled out into their smoky cloud forms.

“This is what I wanted…” Momo muttered as she spoke into your shoulder.

You let go of her briefly to wipe away her tears. As you wiped away her tears, Momo just stared at you.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

You couldn’t help but smile as you heard your feelings being replicated, and so you brought her back into an embrace.

“I can’t believe you cried though.” You teased Momo.
“Shut up!” Momo exclaims, as she laughs and hits you on your chest.

The smoky remnants of the used up fireworks remained in the night sky, carried away in their own respective directions. People began to disperse as soon as the fireworks had stopped. Soon, the only people remaining were you and Momo. And that’s the way the both of you liked it. No materialistic things to distract you, or people to bother you. Just pure love between the two of you.

I hope you all enjoyed that Holiday special! Thanks for reading~

- itsmomorin

  • Elise: *plays puppets*
  • Me: Yes okay I'm fine
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  • Me: Well that is extremely adorable but I am handling this well
  • Elise: *lets her glorious golden mane down while dancing to Taylor Swift*
  • Elise: Thanks for tuning in guys! My work here is done.

Okay so a while ago someone sent me a prompt about Victoria being a Queen and Max being a sell sword in medieval times. I started this quite some time ago and I was finally able to finish it (well, the first part). Watching Game of Thrones really helped me out. Anyway, hope y’all like it. Feedback is always appreciated!

The Queen paced back in forth in her room, occasionally stopping in front of her vanity table mirror to fine-tune her appearance. Her handmaidens stood attentively by her door, watching her carefully.

“Lady Victoria, would you like us to fetch you a drink from the kitchen?” The handmaiden, Taylor, spoke quietly.

Queen Victoria jumped slightly. She had completely forgotten about the company in her room. She turned to her handmaidens and saw a look of worry on their faces.

“Forgive me. I’ve seemed to have gotten lost within my thoughts.” She took a deep breath and sat at the edge of her bed, running her fingers through her short, blonde hair. “I am a bit nervous about today.”

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Merry Christmas, and happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate Christmas!! Need another webseries to watch? Severe Chill Studios brings you REX, a literary web series inspired by the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Tune in January 2nd!

But TODAY: Get to know Merlin, Arthur, Vera, Lance, Sunny, Gareth, Morgan, Mordred, and the rest through their social media!

Gareth’s Tumblr HERE!

Sunny’s Tumblr HERE!

A convenient compilation of all Twitter accounts HERE!

Watch the trailer again HERE!

Happy holidays!



All the Power in the World! ||| open rp

Nat decided to have a little fun. He was bored, so with his special powers, he lifted the coffee table. Boredom was getting the best of him. He had a song stuck in his head and swayed the table with the tune. When it got to the best part, he swayed his arms to the point of breaking his apartment wall. His neighbor was there. “Oh god, I’m so sorry!” No one knew of his powers. Until now.

The dreamy firebender himself, Mako! I really wanted him to mirror Bolin’s pose because I really wanted these two brothers to look really good together in the print set. This set was just so much fun to do! I’m so happy that so many people requested it. Prints will be available FIRST at my Artist Alley booth at Phoenix Comic Con this weekend, table AA317! Stay tuned for more!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, Lynn @lynslogic!!!! I really hope you enjoy reading your gift as much as I enjoyed writing it and I hope it’s okay that it wasn’t xmas-related. I had a ton of fun stalking you, uhm, I mean researching you and going through your tumblr, and hope to get a chance to talk to you once the holidays are over ;) Again, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! @briaroundtheworld

Without You (I’m Incomplete)

Why do you rub me up the wrong way?
Why do you say the things that you say?
Sometimes I wonder how we ever came to be
But without you I’m incomplete

Felicity wipes down the last table, whistling the tune of one of those catchy pop songs that she’d heard on the radio earlier. Her gaze drifts over the almost empty diner and lands on the oversized clock over the door: 1.49am. Only a little over two hours until Dig and Lyla come in to take over for the morning shift.

She moves back behind the counter after checking that the two customers that are currently occupying one booth still have enough coffee.

“I’m stepping out for a smoke,” Ted, their nightshift cook, lets her know through the little opening in the wall that connects the kitchen with the counter.

She barely gives him a nod of acknowledgement. It’s not like they’re busy anyway.

Checking one more time with a quick glance that the two customers are still happy, she digs into her purse and takes out her tablet, ready to get some more coding done for her class project.

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