I had to laugh at this… But the undeniable whiff of cliquishness / underlying mean-spiritedness of the thing does rankle me a little bit.

I mean, SPX is definitely about celebrating the best work in indie comics.

We do it through our Ignatz Awards, our slate of invited guests and our unprecedented preservation program with the Library of Congress. We’re also fortunate to have many, many exceptional artists who make SPX a priority on their annual calendar (Thank you).

But the show is about more than that… It is crucially important that SPX remains a place where folks just starting out or still honing their voice can sit right next to acknowledged masters of the craft and get treated with the same respect as a part of a common community.

We’re all equal under the benevolent, velvety penumbra of the chocolate fountain, if you know what I am saying. And I think you do.

I’m endlessly amazed at the quality of work that we see from unheralded artists and the idea that SPX is - or ever has been - overrun with poor work could only be hazarded by someone who has never attended the show.

Indignation aside, this is pretty goddamn funny right?


via - image uploaded by @TheJenya