How They React When You Ask Them To Eat You Out (GOT7)

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Author: Taebaby

JB: mmmm. MMMM YUP. Yes, he would most def 100% agree and wouldn’t waste a minute pinning you down to get at ya. Pure aggression and dominance, no doubt. He’d prob leave bruises, but he wouldn’t apologize for it, knowing full well how much pleasure came with the pain.

JR: He’d be a tiny bit surprised (but not much) and he’d immediately say yes. Being the first time doing this for you both, he’d be the complete opposite of Jaebum and would want to be really gentle and sweet. He’d be constantly making sure your comfortable and enjoying yourself. Absolute care package.

YOUNGJAE: This baby boy, he would be IMMEDIATELY down once you asked him. Like, immediately, he’d be super excited and turned on. He would’ve been wanting to put his mouth to better use.

JACKSON: “Why didn’t you ask me sooner, baby?” would prob be something he’d say honestly. He would’ve wanted to offer it to you from the start but wasn’t sure if you’d be down for it or not, so when you’d ask him he’d be like fuck yeah I’ll eat ya baby get up on that dinner table

MARK: He’d be excited AF, not even low-key. He’d be kinda like JB and pin ya ass down (not as aggressive though, I think) looooves to take his time, so you’d have to clear your whole schedule for that week day.

BAMBAM: Mmm hmm the dab king would def be into it. I could also see him trying to fuck with you though, trying to make a deal out of it (even though he would most definitely do it for nothing in return) and even see if your willing to 69 (can you imagine)

YUGYEOM: Precious, precious maknae, I see you. He doesn’t fool me for a second, you’d prob think this would be his first time doing something like this, so you wouldn’t expect much. BOYYY would he prove you wrong. He would show you just how much of an expert he is between your thighs.

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