Markiplier Eats breakfast and Ponders Life for 5 minutes- Subtitles

1.    Life as it ever was. A once truly beautiful moment; yet, in a blink of an eye, Markiplier, has to come forth with himself.

2.    As he sips from his glass of Hades, he takes a gander at the box of cornflakes in front of him.

3.    As he sets the cup down, Markiplier is ready to take the next steps to achieve totalitarianism.

4.    As Markiplier grabs the box of cornflakes, he gently, with care, pours the cornflakes into the bowl of wisdom.

5.    It’s taking quite a bit of time for the cereal to come out of the box

6.    With a face of pure enlightenment, Markiplier starts to shake the box, as if to just get a bit more out of it.

7.    With pure confidence within himself, Markiplier sets the box back down onto the table.

8.    Ah! The one true essence for the bowl of wisdom, Milk.

9.    Twist by twist. Inch by inch. Markiplier is steps away from reaching enlightenment.

10.  *Splash*

11.  Pourth, he does, into the Bowl of Wisdom. Markiplier spills some of the essence onto the table.

12.  Markiplier pours a good amount into the bowl of wisdom

13.  Ah! Now Markiplier has reached enlightenment

14.  With pure confidence within himself, he gives the pure essence a good look, a look of acknowledgment.

15.  Twist by twist. Turn by turn. He caps off the pure essence that we call milk.

16.  Markiplier has noticed the drop of the purest essence that landed upon the table.

17.  *Wipe wipe wipe*

18.  “Ah, forget it, I’ll let Karin the robot wife clean up the mess” He thinks to himself

19.  With a bit of confusion; it appears that markiplier is going to pour his cup of magma into the bowl of wisdom

20.  He moves the bowl of wisdom closer to himself for further inspection

21.  As he grabs the handles of hades, markiplier slowly lifts the handles up to the bowl

22.  Swoosh! The handle goes into the bowl to gather some of the material that was poured by the box of corn flakes

23.  Markiplier closes him eyes, lifts the handles closer to his mouth as he opens his mouth, ready to accept everything

24.  Mmmm! He thinks to himself, as his mind is being flourished by the bowl of wisdom

25.  “this is good” he thinks to himself

26.  Markiplier notices spider-man upon his ceiling

27.  He takes a big breath of air from his nostrils

28.  “Magnificent” he thinks to himself as watches spider-man climb across his ceiling

29.  Markiplier watches as spider-man does some feats of grace upon his ceiling

30.  “Hell yea” he thinks to himself, whilst he nods in acceptance

31.  Another bite from the bowl of wisdom. Markiplier truly wants it all

32.  “so good” he thinks to himself

33.  He shakes his head

34.  *Nothingness*

35.  “yes” Markiplier thinks to himself as he leans his head backwards, breathing in more of the wonderful air that circulates through his house

36.  “Aaah”

37.  “This is wondrous”

38.  In deep thought

39.  “Yes that’ll do”

40.  Another scoop has begun

41.  Nom, doeth the Markiplier go

42.  In deep thought yet again

43.  “The hell?” Markiplier thinks to himself as he hears a loud noise

44.  “Oh, its just spider-man again”

45.  “Very nice” he thinks, as spider-man does tricks

46.  *Scanning the ceiling*

47.  “Spider girl?” Markiplier thinks to himself

48.  “That posterior is wondrous”

49.  “Man, I wish I had spider powers”

50.  *Nothingness*

51.  Markiplier, slightly bored, taps his fingers upon table

52.  “Oh Schiße!”

53.  “Oh, it’s just mein koffee”

54.  Seductively, Markiplier picks up his cup, gently blowing it with the force of a thousand feathers.

55.  *Sipping noises*

56.  “Mmm”

57.  Audible “Aaah”

58.  He sets the cup back upon the table

59.  He grabs the spoon and moves the cereal around

60.  “Round two!” he expresses mentally

61.  *audible crunch*

62.  “Oh look, back at it again spidey”

63.  *Spider-man and spider girl does some interesting things*

64.  Markiplier laughs internally

65.  Still laughing, yet more accepting this time

66.  Markiplier watches the spidey duo do some interesting things

67.  “Spidey, you cant fit that in there” Markiplier thinks to himself

68.  “He did it”

69.  *Nothingness*

70.  *Slightly audible crunches*

71.  *Nothingness for quite some time now*

72.  “Gasp!” the narrator goes “Kids!” he expresses. “Look! Hes going to take another bite!”

73.  “He did it!” the narrator gleefully expresses

74.  “Oh no! Another one?!”

75.  “Madness!” says the narrator “He knows that you can only take a few bites before you dwell into madness!” the narrator exclaims

76.  *Preparation*

77.  With no care in the world, our hero, Markiplier, ferociously stirs the handle inside of the bowl

78.  Nawmeth, he doeth go

79.  *Nothingness, but with a tad bit more happiness*

80.  “You guys should do something today. I’ve been at this for 23 minutes so far” claims the narrator

81.  “Ah?” he thinks to himself

82.  “Awe yea” he thinks to himself

83.  More tapping as he watches goku outside his window

84.  “Oh w-“ Markiplier half heartedly expresses

85.  He survives

86.  He takes a breath of fresh air again, still watching goku

87.  “Whats on the back of this?”

88.  He reads the back of the box

89.  “Huh?” Markiplier thinks as he looks up

90.  “Aaah its just spider girl doing some tricks”

91.  “Those guys are silly” he laughs internally and reads the box

92.  *Wipes*

93.  Still reading

94.  “That’s good” he internally thinks


96.  He sets the box down as he chews again

97.  Another scoop

98.  Markiplier opens his mouth, ready to decimate the food

99.  Markiplier, throwing his power around, decimates the handle full of cereal

100.  “Lets get this out the shot” he thinks as he moves the pure essence

101.    “Aaah, wasser” the now Germanic Markiplier thinks to himself

102.   Lifting the glass, he pulls it close for a sip

103.   “Not too bad”

 104.   Markiplier now stares off into the distance as he takes more sips of wasser

105.    *inaudible noises*

106.   He puts the glass back down

107.    *Audible “Aaah!”*

108.     “Now its time for-“

109.     “Wait a minute, come here you sly devil you”

110.    Markiplier picks up the cup and sniffs it lightly

111.   *Sip*

112.    “Mmm”

113.   *Audible “Aaah”*

114.    *sound of cup on the marble counter top*

115.      *Stir stir stir*

116.   Markiplier goes in for another bite

117.    *Slightly audible crunches*

118.    Markiplier looks back up at the ceiling and watches Beast-boy imitate spider-man

119.  He laughs because Beast-boy farted

120.     *Still laughing, yet tapping again*

121.    Markiplier looks around in agreement, then goes in for another bite

122.     *Mouth opens*

123.   *Crunch*

124.   Markiplier nawns as he runs his handle inside the bowl

125.    He does this for a while

126.    “This has taken a lot longer than I originally thought” Goes the narrator

127.  Hes about to do something, wait for it

128.   “Oh nein! Did I upload today’s video?!” Markiplier expresses to himself

129.   “Pffft! Yea I did! Time for more food!”

130.      Markiplier ferociously eats his cereal

131.   *Crunch*

132.     Markiplier toys around with the handle for a while then stops

133.     *Shake shake shake*

134.   *Nawms*

135.     *Sip for a second*

136.       Markiplier enjoys himself

137.        “Oh wait…oh no!” expresses the narrator

138.     *Audible hand slapping against the countertop*

139.     *Thump!*

140.       Markiplier is well now

141.      *Rotates shoulders*

142.     Nothing for quite some time

143.   Pure unaltered bliss

144.    Markiplier looks up, recollecting on his past

145.     “Oh well, that was fun” He says to himself

146.     Ein more sip von die koffee

147.     Markiplier turns

148.     “Oh you!” Markiplier expresses internally

149.   *Hand movement*

150.  Markiplier begins to sip coffee

151.  Markiplier pauses, as he watches spider-man and spider-girl do some gnarly handstands

152.  “Wow I’ve been doing this for quite some time!” claims the narrator

153.  “I truly hope y’all have a wonderful April 1st today” says the narrator

154.  Markiplier glances back over at Goku

155.   With a smile, Markiplier puts his cup down with a face of excitement for what to come

156.   *Head shake*

157.    Will Markiplier find the Namekian Planet? Find out on the next episode of, Dragon ball Mark!

@cosmos-factor is this how you meant hun? it took about 3-4 hours to do it all Xxx hope this is what you wanted Xxx