Schooling Pride- Part 29

Angst Warning

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“I can’t…breathe!  Ellie!”

The squall of protest was loud, and the toes kicking at her shins were rather pointy, but Ellie didn’t exactly care at the moment.  Breathing in, she closed her eyes and hung on for dear life, listening to the faint sound of Velanna ordering her mom around in the hall.  Mira squirmed again, and she finally relinquished some of her hold, letting her little sister slide down to land on her feet.  Not as far of a drop as it used to be.

She’d rushed in after cursory thanks, both to Cass and the guy she was pretty sure was one of Solas’ frat brothers.  Odd, that.  She sort of was wondering if they’d been on a date, but had shelved the question for later.  She kinda hoped so. Chaz was really nice, and she sort of thought Cassandra could do with a little romance and less work.  But no.

No, that was for later.

“You’re safe.  Nothing happened to you?”  She demanded, pulling her sister back by her shoulders and staring into her face searchingly.  No signs of tears, no bruises or bumps, just a smear of chocolate on her cheek.  "Nothing, you’re not hurt?“

"I’m fine!”  Mira protested, frown deepening.  "Ellie, don’t cry.“

"You stupid little idiot!” She snapped, not bothering to blink back the tears that blurred her vision.  "I’m crying because you could have gotten killed!  You could have been kidnapped, you could have ended up lost in the middle of nowhere!  How could you do this?!“

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Anon asked: Why do you have so many tarot decks?

Each deck has its strengths
of printed symbolic wisdom
I shuffle my destiny
within a seventy-eight card system.

Do you see what I see?
Each deck is an extension of me.

My Kings, Queens, Pages and Knights,
They have my heart
Each deck has something to give,
Each card plays its part. 

Every deck and I have a bond.
Each with its place, use, reason of why it belongs.
I see nothing wrong.
My heart is big enough to love them all.

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Title: Why Do You Have So Many Tarot Decks?
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2016
Deck: Floriography Tarot by Ana
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PHP 2016 6月号を失効楽天ポイント対策で電子書籍を勧められた。「おなかをさするだけで痩せる」今すぐ出来るという記事が目次に。ダウンロードしたけど、試すかな。

Was recommended e-books in the revocation Rakuten point measures the PHP 2016 June issue. Article “just lose weight rub the tummy,” right now it is in the table of contents. I’ve downloaded, how try.

Table of Content



All updated PDFs can be found located @ the “library” link.

Below is the Table of Contents for the Paranoid’s bible. This version of the PB, being hosted on the blog itself, is a “Dirty version” yet to be cleaned and corrected by the editors. It’s being posted as a means to offer a wider audience to test it out before its made into a PDF for download. We like to offer any and all people the chance to try out the PB and tell us what they think.

We also wish to remind people that the Paranoid’s bible is but the core book–a basic guide to help you find and clean most of your information off of the internet. This was shortened quite a bit and a lot of content removed. The removed content will most likely be reconstructed into a testament, which is the PB’s various supplementary guides.

We also extend a hand to people who’re willing to give us feedback, too.

NOTE:  Chapters 7, 14, 16 and 17 have not been updated.

  1. Preface
  2. A History of Doxing
  3. Weaponizing Dox
  4. Why You Should Fear Doxing
  5. Why should you care?
  6. The Need for Privacy
  7. Day-to-day invasions of privacy
  8. Find your Digital Footprint – Introduction
  9. Find your Digital Footprint – Dossier
  10. Find your Digital Footprint—Resources
  11. Find your Digital Footprint – Tactics
  12. Find your Digital Foot print–Things you should know and do
  13. The Paranoid’s Rules
  14. Opt-out Master-list
  15. What to do if doxed
  16. Resources and references
  17. Questions and Answers

anonymous asked:

Pidge, lance, and hunk have a weird friendship that is an enigma to everyone but them. Like hunk and lance pretty much platonicly adopted pidge at the garison and now one minute pidge and lance will be arguing over a meme while hunk tries to (1/2)

(2/2) to stop them and the next they’ll be chilling and using hunk as a pillow. Just take how the 3 of them were in the first episode (before getting to shiro and keith) and apply it to any other situation.


I’m so into this, though, because I just remember when they were drinking their space capri suns and Hunk and Lance were just

so I mean it’s super easy to imagine Pidge doing the same thing with them? Like, Lance and Hunk seem like the type of people to just kinda be in constant physical contact with one another and with all the time Pidge was spending with them in the Garrison they probably just wrapped their arms around the small birb child and were like, “yep this is how it is sorry” and Pidge was just like *shrugs* cool. 

And it’s probably so ingrained into their behavior that they don’t realize they’re doing it?? Like I imagine Shiro or Allura or someone hearing shouting and arguing from a distance and running over to the castle’s common room, only to find the three of them spread out on one couch just kinda laying on each other. And they’d be arguing over something stupid like who has the most memes memorized and Hunk would just be grinning and rolling his eyes while Lance and Pidge tried to get him to pick a side and I just–

I need more people screaming about this friendship because it’s beautiful and pure and good. 

To Note:

This is how I study literature and it works for me( my lit exams marks are typically 70/75 sometimes higher or in the high sixties( 60’s) but everyone is different and it is important that you use what works for you! I hope this helps you in any way big or small!

1: Read the novel. Just read it with no stopping to take notes or highlight, if possible try to enjoy it. This gives you a general idea of all the themes, plots,characters and others.

2: Get a notebook  or leaflets of paper binder/folder to keep it all in one place. I prefer a notebook. What I have in this notebook:

  • I tend to leave the first page blank and later paste a quote on it.
  • table of contents.
  • summary of full book.
  • any research on particular topics (this was homework but i would recommend researching a little if the book mentions a lot of like historical stuff or things you just don’t know).
  • the main character’s family tree.
  • a page each for the main characters then I put a page for important families in the book (examples Radley and Ewells family in To Kill A Mockingbird). As well as one or two pages titled ‘minor characters’ where any little detail about these characters can be jotted down here. More on what these pages contain later on.
  • chapter summaries in order, with beginning and ending page numbers along with a short analysis (on a post-it). I also add a quote that I i liked or felt was important but that isn’t necessary as quotes are covered later down. These summaries are written after I reread that particular chapter, where I underline words I don’t know the meaning of and you can highlight important thing if you want,preferably to a colour code system. here’s a nice little guide to annotating by @mildstudies

3: So what I usually have on these main characters’ pages are:

  • basic character information (name, age, race.
  • character sketch (basically the qualities of the person like bravery and kindness).
  • character growth (more so for the protagonist).
  • an important quote or two that was said by the character but again that’s not necessary.
  • my thoughts on the character which I think is really important.

4: Quotes are very important in literature and most if not all teachers will encourage you to use them in your essays so these are two things you can do:

  • just write quotes that each person said on their character’s page and quotes from the narrative itself on a separate page.
  • or the second way which I prefer is to arrange these quotes by chapter, highlighting which character said it and then writing a brief analysis on it. You can also arrange them by person and highlight the chapter and page number. I love either ways.

5: Vocabulary is also important ( my teacher once told me about a question asking for the meaning of 'spittoon’ in To Kill A Mockingbird.) When reading over the novel I underline words I don’t know and transfer them onto a separate sheet of paper (arrange by chapter) and write down the meanings. You can use two columns to do this, one with word and the other definition. You can also use studyign’s summary foldables method and make (online) flashcards to test yourself.

6: Reviewing for exams can be hard, especially if you don’t have the time to reread the entire books. But that’s okay because you have the chapter summaries and analysis and all your other information although I do recommend reading or simply skimming the really important chapters. Here are some other tips:

  • know your exam format and the type of questions. My exam typically gives us two choices for the novel, each of which gives us a particular topic (one example is Jem’s punishment for what he did to Mrs. Dubose) and then three to four things they’d like us to include (example: why did he do that to Mrs. Dubose.) We are to write these in essay formats.
  • write essays on the book to review later (for TKAM I’m writing an essay on the theme racism using references from the book as well as I wrote a view on Scout’s character and Atticus’ parenting style.) This is really good to read before an exam.
  • do mock papers, preferably within the usual time period of your exams.
  • get a good night sleep, eat a good breakfast and believe in yourself. You’ve put in the work, you’ll reap the benefits.


I guess this can be considered hardcore because I’m probably the only one in my class that does this much work but the main reason is that I am being tested on this at the end of the term for probably three terms in all as well as in 2018, two years after we started doing this novel, I will be tested on it for an exam that the entire region (i believe it’s similar to gcse) so all this work is in preparation for that so do adjust it to fit your needs. I’m also very open to ways to improve this!

Summer is ending.
The flowers are losing their hue.
I can feel the chill of Autumn approaching.
This unforeseen coldness reminds me of you.

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Title: Summer Is Ending
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2016
Decks: Illusori Tarot, Tarot Of The Holy Light, Rosetta Tarot
Challenge: TarotPerspective
Day: Twenty-Five | Five of Wands
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Big Bang 2014 - Final Post

It’s been an amazing ride– a little bumpy at times, but we managed to find our way. Below, you’ll find a Table of Contents for the Big Bang offerings for 2014, in approximate order of submission. All links to fics direct to AO3, while artwork is linked to Tumblr. 

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Jeonghan: Are You My Mom Now? (pt 3)

[table of contents] I. II. III.

Summary: when was the last time I wrote something for jeonghan lmao uh rip (I’m only thinking of writing a couple more parts to this series jsyk)

“So,” He starts, pulling one of Chan’s many sippy cups from the cabinet above the sink. “My mom’s been asking when we’re going to get married.”

Jeonghan’s mom has been asking when you were going to get married since you moved in together, it’s not anything new. You shrug.

“And, your birthday is coming up, you know? What size ring do you wear?” He teases. You roll your eyes and elbow him in the ribs.

“Tell your mom that we don’t have time time or money to even be considering a wedding right now. And I am perfectly happy with where we are right now.” You say. You move to place your mug in the sink, but Jeonghan grabs your arm and stops you.

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