table of contents

Table of Contents:

Part One: The Right Way to Build Worlds
Part Two: Intuition and Logic
Part Three: Study –and Ask Why?
Part Four: How to Begin Building Your World
Part Five: Growing Out
Part Six: Growing Out World
Part Seven: Growing Out People
Part Eight: Growing Out Living
Part Nine: Growing Out the Little Things
Part Ten: The Effect of More
Part Eleven: Stop World Building Already
Part Twelve: Trust Your Readers
Part Thirteen: Stay Limber, Writers
Part Fourteen: Navigating Stereotypes
Part Fifteen: World Building Through Description: Using Context Clues
Part Sixteen: Types of Context Clues to Build With
Part Seventeen: Applying a Level Hand
Part Eighteen: Building Scene Sets With Narrative

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Table of Contents:

Part One: A New Standard
Part Two: Types of Parents
Part Three: Parents in Literature
Part Four: Parents on the Page
A Diversion: Reuniting Children With Changed Parents
Part Five: Sibling Scenarios
Part Six: Sibling Perception
Part Seven: Writing Siblings
A Diversion: Myths About Writing Close Sibling Relationships
A Diversion: Siblings With Age Differences
A Diversion: Writing Twins
A Diversion: Making Siblings Important
Part Eight: Knowing the Outer Family
Part Nine: Piblings :: The Cool Extended Parents
Part Ten: Qualifying Cousins
Part Eleven: Cousin Appearances
Part Twelve: Writing Cousins
Part Thirteen: The Roots of Friendship
Part Fourteen: The Definition of Friend
Part Fifteen: Layers of Friendship
Part Sixteen: Writing the Best Friend
A Diversion: Writing Close Groups of Friends
Part Seventeen: Surely Antagonistic
Part Eighteen: Evil Manifests as Villain
Part Nineteen: Protagonist in the Way
Part Twenty: Conversations with Antagonists
A Diversion: Writing the Rival to Friend Relationship
A Diversion: Writing the Enemy to Grudging Respect Arc
Part Twenty-One: Deepened Friendship
Part Twenty-Two: Influences of Individual History
Part Twenty-Three: Crafting Dates
Part Twenty-Four: Expectations
Part Twenty-Five: Healthy Relationships
Part Twenty-Six: Unhealthy Relationships
A Diversion: Writing the Supportive Friend
Part Twenty-Seven: When Relationships Unravel
Part Twenty-Eight: Mentors, Teachers, and Advisers
Part Twenty-Nine: Wise Old Tropes

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 Altean Plance Content Page

So considering that so far there are 3 writers with different stories and a lot more content from others, I’m just going to link everything nice and neatly together so it’s easy to find :-)

The Wedding (1K follower special thank you)

Art by @honestlyprettychill

Fic by @hushman

New Assignment

aka the beginning of it all

Chapter One - First Encounters

Chapter Two - First Encounters (From Lance’s POV)

Chapter Three - Elements

Chapter Four - Secret

Chapter Five - Realization

Chapter Six - Loose Ends Part 1


aka the one where Allura’s second cousin and Hunk decide that those two really need to stop being so damn dense, taking place a while after the first fic.

Chapter One - Meeting in the Library

Chapter Two - Scheming

Learning Curve:

One shots poking at the little side adventures from New Assignment as Pidge and Lance get to know each other and the others in the Castle. by @hushman

Pillow Fort

Baking Cookies


aka all the amazing art drawn by AdminChilly (@honestlyprettychill) that began this au

The Beginning (The blessed first art)

Whose protecting who?

First meeting (inspired by Chapter One of New Assignment)

Head Canons

aka first actual established rules of this au, provided by the amazing AdminHush

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Admin introductions

self-explanatory, we’re just introducing ourselves





Fan Content

A collection of additional stories/headcanons/art from you! Not necessarily the same continuity the admins are writing, but continue the cycle of inspiration and make the AU even richer. Thank you!


Pidge Headcannons From @tcirya

A collection of head cannons and thoughts of Pidge’s role in the au\


Never Ending Written by @cgf-kat

Part 1 of Message in a Bottle (follow up to Never Ending)

Part 2

Part 3

A story taking place just before Altea is destroyed, sequel is 10,000 years later and Voltron has been reformed…

Basic Training Series Written by @aknazer

Chapter1: I Must Have Gotten on the Wrong Ship

Chapter 2: How to Train Your Recruit

Lance arrives for military training. Shiro finds him an outlet.

Connections by @canadiantardis

Princess Katie Holt has been a prisoner of Emperor Zarkon’s since he destroyed Altea. One day, ten thousand years after the start of the Galra Expansion, she finally escapes when the Green Lion comes to her aid.

Avenger of Altea by @lions-in-hats

The destruction of Altea as passed down through generations to Romelle.


Childhood Version! From @amourfangirl1

Message in a Bottle by @cgf-kat

Reflections by @msderpington

Post Magic Practice Pidge … and an accompanying Lance by @nicollini

Arc One: Chapter List

Table of Contents:

Part One: A Glimpse Ahead
Part Two: An Appropriate Creature
Part Three: Ability Checklist
Part Four: Writing Travel With Non-Humans
Part Five: Putting A Companion To Use
Part Six: A Creature Who Is A Character
Part Seven: Managing Talking Creatures
Part Eight: Team-building With Creatures
Part Nine: What’s the Point?
Part Ten: Tracking Growth For Your Creatures
Part Eleven: Companions From Myth
Part Twelve: Two Rooms & A Stable Stall

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Creating an Index/Table of Contents Journal

This is something for new witches and old alike, and may or may not come in useful to many of you at some point in your practice. I work with a lot of herbs and oils in my practice, and scouring through my cabinets to see if I have a certain herb left, or shuffling through drawers to see if I still had moon oil left for a certain recipe was getting to be more time consuming then beneficial. So I made an index of everything I have in stock!

You can use whatever you like to do this, depending on what your practice is like, but I used an empty journal I had laying around. You can also really lay this out however you like, but I set this up as lists.

Things I Listed In My Index:

  • Herbs I have in stock
  • Different magical salts I have in stock
  • Different herb mixes I have in stock
  • Smoke cleansing herbs I have
  • Incense I keep in stock
  • Custom mixed oil blends
  • Different room sprays I have
  • Essential oils I have
  • Essential oil mixes I have (that I ordered directly from the company, not custom mixed)

Several of these sections take up several pages. I also left additional pages between each section to allow for growth. You can also include where each item is located, if you like. I am not quite that organized, but I might add it later.

Another thing you can add in here is an index of your journals, books of shadows, or grimoires. If you are like me, you have many of them. This is something I am planning on doing soon, because I have room in the index journal for this. I am planning a page where I basically list out all of the grimoires I have, and then on the consecutive pages I will have the name of the grimoire or a description of what it looks like, and then a basic table of contents of everything that is in that grimoire. 

For an example of what I have done so far, see below. This isn’t everything, just a few pages from my index journal!

Something to keep in mind for new witches: I have been doing this a long time. A lot of this is stuff I have collected over the years, or use on a regular basis in my own craft. None of this is needed. Only yourself and intent!

I hope this helps some of you!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

 *updated September 2, 2018*



Summary: You’re a young successful actress, in an attempt to gain your independence from your overbearing stage mother, your manager suggests you join a USO show heading over to Europe. While on the tour you meet two men that will change your life (Steve Rogers x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Summary: Bucky decides that waking up with you in his arms is the closest that he’ll ever get to heaven. What happens when he learns the truth and what does that mean for your relationship?



Summary: Reader mysteriously wakes up in the 18th century and tries to use her skills & knowledge to navigate and survive the Revolution and hopefully beyond.

Summary: John Graves Simcoe becomes interested in a seemingly normal girl in Townsend’s tavern, he sets out to learn more about her before deciding on his next move.

Summary: When everyone around Edmund is trying to push him into finding his soulmate, Edmund has instead decided to let the universe decide when he is ready to meet her. 

Separate imagines/drabbles of how the different men of Turn would react to the death of the reader

Separate imagines/drabbles of waking up next to the Turn characters

  • Lady In Waiting (On Hiatus, I dunno)

A young Alexander meets a mysterious woman at a terrible time in his life and becomes a lifelong friend. 

Part One |


Separate imagines/drabbles of the Turn Squad with an artist S/O. (Benjamin Tallmadge x Reader, Caleb Brewster x Reader, Alexander Hamilton x Reader, Lafayette x Reader and Edmund Hewlett x Reader)

Reader and vamp!Caleb go through a break up and the reader does the unthinkable to break their bond.

Reader goes against her family wish to remain neutral by supporting America’s cause for independence and falling for a British soldier. (Ensign Baker x Reader)

I Have No Idea

Summary: Not all happily ever afters are guaranteed (Alexander x Reader)

Summary: Reader deals with Alex letting go. Kind of a presequel to Too Late. 


Project Echo: Master Content List

As I simply mass-posted the trilogy here, I highly recommend bookmarking, liking, or reblogging this post for future reference. All chapters have the same tags, and though all are in perfect order if you simply want to scroll down and read that way, this might make it easier to follow the story.

Unlike with my “A Court of Thorns and Roses” series, there are no links to the next chapter within each chapter. This post is all you’ve got in terms of links.

Project Echo, Part 1

Part 1 Summary: A long-buried Hydra disaster, a monster in the shadows, a missing child. Eight months after the events of “The Winter Soldier”, Bucky turns himself in to the Avengers on one condition: They must help him find a girl snatched off the streets by Hydra seven years ago. In their quest, the Avengers accidentally unleash a horrifying creature of darkness and shadow, intent on making their quarry its prey.

Project Echo, Part 2

Part 2 Summary: A new enemy surfaces with a team of the Avengers’ greatest foes, hand-picked for their destruction. Meanwhile, Inessa’s pre-Hydra past begins to surface, casting doubt on where her loyalties truly lie.

Project Echo, Part 3

Part 3 Summary: Seven years after the events of “Part 2”, Avengers Tower explodes, fulfilling Bucky’s vision. All evidence points to Avengers Shadow-Ops leader Inessa Ryker, who is forced to seek out Bucky in hiding. Together they must determine who the traitor is in their ranks and if their friends are still alive- all while trying to survive deadly ambushes orchestrated by Sam Wilson and his hand-picked army.

Table of Contents

Part One: A Note To Get Started
Part Two: Manifestation :: Source
Part Three: Manifestation :: Performance
Part Four: Transformative Magic
Part Five: Manifestation :: Permanent Reminders
Part Six: Manifestation :: Temporary Reminders
Part Seven: Catalyzing Spells
Part Eight: Magic in Writing
Part Nine: Cultural Magic
Part Ten: World Integration
Part Eleven: Using Real-World Elements
Part Twelve: A Questionnaire For Building Magic Systems
Part Thirteen: Practitioner Tropes :: Eyes Wide Open
Part Fourteen: Practitioner Tropes :: Witches and Wizards
Part Fifteen: Practitioner Tropes :: Sorcerer and Warlock
Part Sixteen: Practitioner Tropes :: Shaman
Part Seventeen: Practitioner Tropes :: Druids
Part Eighteen: Practitioner Tropes :: Witch Doctors
Part Nineteen: Practitioner Tropes :: Magical Girls
Part Twenty: Practitioner Tropes :: Necromancers
Part Twenty-One: Practitioner Tropes :: Conjurers & Summoners
Part Twenty-Two: Practitioner Tropes :: Seers, Oracles, & Visionaries

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Idyllwild Master Post

The Premise: FLUFF. Just fluff. Each “chapter” is stand alone, without an over arching plot to the fic other than 1. Jamie and Claire meet, 2. Jamie and Claire marry, and 3. Jamie and Claire have an abundance of children and live happily ever after together in the modern world. No one’s dead or dies. (both sets of parents are alive, Faith lives, HAPPILY EVER AFTER PEOPLE) You can read the chapters in any order you’d like, but if you’d like to read them in chronological order HERE YOU GO:

The One With Claire’s First Gathering (07/03/2008)
> Pt2 The One With S’mores
> Pt3 The One With Their First Time

The One With A Promised Bloom (04/04/2010)

The One With The Broon Coo (June 2010)

The One Where Faith Is A Pumpkin (10/31/2010)

The One Where Its Official (04/08/2011)

The One With A Throw Pillow (11/7/2012)

The One With Goliath And Betsy (12/7/2012)

The One That Comes With Directions (Spring 2014)

The One With Faith’s First Concert (12/15/15)

The One As Certain As The Sun (Early September, 2016)

The One With A Blizzard And A Birth (01/12/16)

The One With Ralphie the Elephant (Sept. 2024)

The One With Claire’s Obituary. (Nov 22, 2082)

Arc 2: Chapter List

Table of Contents:

Part One: Speaking of Which
Part Two: Key Formatting Points
Part Three: Everyone on the Same Page
Part Four: Enriching the World Through Dialogue
Part Five: Culture, the World, and Speech
Part Six: Shapeshifting Dialogue
Part Seven: Don’t Neglect Action
Part Eight: More Than Tags
Part Nine: Realistic Dialogue
Part Ten: Talking Past Each Other
Part Eleven: Truth or Lies?
Part Twelve: The Tag Talk
Part Thirteen: Foreign Languages and Research
Part Fourteen: The Root of the Argument
A Diversion: The Grammar of Dialogue Punctuation

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