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Are there any pictures of the interior of the Klebold's house? I've seen lots of exterior pics but none of the interior. Always been curious as to what it looked like.

No, there are no interior shots of the enigmatic Klebold household.  Though here are a few glimpses inside it per the new photos that Sue released along with her book:

The dining room black table with chairs and (probably Sue’s) artwork hanging on the wall:

What is probably the Klebold’s den..where they spent a lot of time watching movies

Part of the kitchen behind a punkin carving bb Dyl.

What is likely the family room near the fireplace area:


Mabel Dining Room by ArtVitalex (The Sims 3)

All objects are recolorable
- Mabel Asymmetric Double Mirrors
- Mabel Console Table
- Mabel Showcase
- Mabel Dining Table
- Mabel Dining Chair
- Mabel Stool
- Mabel Wavy Giant Painting
- Mabel Vase Dual Curve
- Mabel Vase Sole Curve
- Mabel Rug
- Mabel Ceiling Lamp Small Drop
- Mabel Ceiling Lamp Middle Drop

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I've recently found your blog, and I love it. Keep up the good work! 😁💕 Assuming requests are open, here's a silly request. Can I ask for Ace, Sabo and Sanji's reaction (hcs) when their shy crush suddenly confesses to them (maybe by interrupting the conversation), merely saying, "Shhh... Did you hear that? ... It was my heart, saying 'I love you'."? ((I'm in a fluff mood which isn't normally???))

I hope you like!

• his face would be so red.
• he’d be a stuttering mess.
• “w-what-what did you say. C-can you repeat that?!” He’d say loudly, clutching a chair or table in complete shock.
• he’s so happy you confessed to him.
• he wanted to confess to you but you beat him so it!

•his face turns red instantly. He’s in complete and utter shock.
• he gulps and stares at you.
• he hugs you and pulls you close to his chest and breathes deep.
•he is so happy, and his heart is at peace.
• he asks you on a date.

• he falls in love with you all over again.
• “oh Y/N MY SWEET BELOVED Y/N! MY DEAR MY LOVE!” He would scream and tell the world about you.
• he’d hug you and try to kiss you but that would probably be too soon.
• he’d jump up and dance around, hugging you.

Hey y'all! As you know, I’m moving to Denver in a few days to start my new job and be closer to friends and family!! I’m super excited, and while I have enough to cover the essentials, because of the high security deposit of this place, I’m struggling to pull together another major apartment component: furniture.

My current place is between 200-300 square feet, and the place I’m looking to move in to is (thankfully!) much bigger! But that means I need to have enough furniture to cover the essentials.

So, as I frantically hunt for missing furniture items at local resale stores, I would love it if y'all could donate to help me out! Any money donated will go to furniture essentials I’m missing (kitchen table, chairs, couch, coffee table, etc.), as well as the cost of stocking up my new fridge for the first time, and helping me and my amazing moving buddy afford to crash at motels the two nights we are on the road.

Thank y'all so much!!!! (And if you can’t donate, sharing this post is just as good!)

To Donate: Please send donations via PayPal to email

Introducing Aggie Christie

This is the introduction to Aggie Christie, the stunt woman and friend of Jane Marple, and the MC for the storyline(s) @cinnamonteaandbiscuits and I have been working on.

Jane took a step back to take in her set up.  The laptop was poised on her table to face the chair at the perfect distance.  The camera would catch her and a little bit of the table, the evening sun setting a nice warm glow about her apartment for her background, and the tea was just about finished.  

She was just waiting for word that Aggie was ready on her end to start this video call.  

An apology to the boys at 221B would be needed later after how she had rushed home to set this all up.  With how Aggie’s schedule lined up with her own there were very few windows of opportunity to talk, outside of text messages that could go hours without answers.  They had a lot to talk about.  Although leaving John and Mikah to do the dishes after she had finished eating with them and Sherlock left guilt gnawing at the pit of her stomach.  However, the topic for today’s conversation brought a small mischievous smile to her face.

The timer went of letting her know the tea had steeped long enough, it was a very lovely blend, perfect thing to sip while chatting with a friend, and not keep her up for a long time afterwards. Jane poured her cup and waited excitedly, she barely took a sip before she got the text message, ‘ready when you are!’

Jane quickly hit the button for the video call to start.  

“Hey Janie!” Aggie’s voice croaked through the speakers.  The room behind her dimly lit with the curtains still partially closed.  Jane took a long drink from her cup trying to keep herself from laughing.  Course Aggie still had bed hair, the usually shoulder length hair was a few shades of a dark brown than Jane’s own, stuck out in various directions.  The loose shirt she was wearing was most likely her pajamas from the night before.  The only evidence that she had even been awake was the mug she held in her hand.  Wait.

“Is that the mug I sent you?!”  Jane’s cup clattered against the tray as she broke into a large grin.  

“Yes it is.”  Aggie gave her a solemn head nod, but a small smirk disrupted it quickly.  “It is holding my coffee, and it is glorious.”  She held up the happily coloured mug that proudly proclaimed ‘morning person’.  Even Jane’s manager, Simon, had laughed when she heard that Jane had bought that for Aggie.  

“I’m betting you’re only drinking out of it because we’re chatting, right?”  

Aggie’s eyed grew wide, her entire body visibly stiffening at the question, “oh yep, yep, that’s it.  Totes not my favorite mug.  I am not a morning person, course I wouldn’t… usually… use-use this mug.”

“Wait, so you do use it often?!”  Jane grinned wide.  The mental image that Aggie is trudging around her family’s house surrounded by her brothers, grumbling at them, while holding a cup like that was instantly hilarious and made the cost of sending it internationally worth it.  Aggie floundered with various sputtering noises as she searched for what to say next, “your cup is a better liar than you are.”  Jane chided with a tiny grin.

Aggie instantly relaxed, ruffling her hair with a sigh.  “Yeah, I just like it, it’s the only mug the boys aren’t allowed to touch.”

“How are your brothers doing?” The next few minutes had Jane rolling as Aggie caught her up on the misdeeds of those five, somehow leading into the latest scar story of when someone was trying to pick a fight with her brother Hunter and Aggie sneak attacked him from behind.  “Did you really think that was the best course of action Aggie?  I bet if you had just gotten them to calm down they could have resolved it.”

“Pfft- yeah okay.  I resolved it.  Only a tiny little scar out of it from the joker trying to stab me with a pen.  It’ll probably be there a little while and then fade.”  Aggie smirked triumphantly, “never heard a guy scream that loudly before though.”

“Did… did you really hurt him?”

“Don’t worry about it sugarpop, I got him in a hold really quickly and that was the end of that.”

Jane hesitated, watching Aggie for a moment before smiling, “okay.  Well I’m glad to see you’re taking care of yourself over there.”

“Yep, loving it so much.  I really miss being at home when I’m away.  It’s cooling down outside though, stupid October.  So how’s it over there?”

“Well it’s no California sunshine, but it’s alright over here.  Been keeping busy with some friends.”  Jane smiled down into her cup.


“I can’t wait for you to meet them when you get in, just a few days and you’ll be back here in London.  I can’t wait!  Okay so I might not be in any plays right now, but we got to go see one for my birthday.”  

“If you want to hun, I’m still so excited to see you and Simon.  How’s she doing?”

“Well Simon’s been great…”  Which wasn’t far from the truth, she gave Aggie her best smile, trying to push the memory of how tired and puffy Simon’s eyes had looked the last time she had seen her.  No need to worry Aggie about it right then.  “I just been surrounded by such great friends and I just… I look forward to you meeting them.”

“Okay.”  Aggie yawned before take a deep drink from her cup.

“Aggie’s it’s probably like 11 in the morning over there.  Why are you so tired?”  Jane watched as Aggie bit her bottom lip in a moment of contemplation before she answered.

“I was helping a friend.”  A moment passed as both of them stared into the cameras in their computers before Jane broke into a smile.

“That’s really sweet of you!  What did they need help with?”

“Just getting some things, no b-big deal.”  Aggie muttered the last bit into her cup.

Jane was about to press matters when she heard Aggie’s door open, “mom said you took the last of the coffee from the coffee pot.  You know the rules, go make the next pot.”  A grumbly voice had Aggie rolling her eyes at them.  

“I’ll take care of it after I’m done talking to Jane.”

“Jane?” The gruff voice was followed by the sound of heavy thuds.  It wasn’t long before Aggie had splashed the cooling coffee down her shirt as Clayton threw himself over her, and placing himself in front of the camera. The middle child of the family if she recalled correctly, and sharing a lot of resemblance with Aggie, minus the visible scars.  Instead he looked almost babyface, especially when he was so bubbly and smiling like that.  “Hey Jane!  When are you coming over again?”

“Oh my god you scumbrat,”  Aggie’s legs shifted to be visible as she wrapped them around her brother, just before she shifted her weight, falling out of the chair and taking her brother with her.  

“Aggie?”  Jane stood up as if that would help her peer over to see the confrontation she could hear.

“You venomous kumquat!” Clayton cried out and the desk was jostled.  

“You hormone filled tomato paste!”  Aggie’s voice cried out.  

“Scarface!” Clayton threw at his sister while Jane sputtered out her tea.

“Lemontoes!”  Aggie almost laughed out that last insult even as Jane wiped up the spilled tea.  She frowned deeply, Clayton tried to use that scar against his sister, it wasn’t a bad one, just old and noticeable along Aggie’s left side of her jaw.  Some of the crew members used to use that name when they talked about her bad attitude.  Jane made a mental note to talk to Clayton about it later after she checked with Aggie to see if she had minded it.  The grumbles and grunts mixed with the shaking of the camera gave her the impression that it was alright, because they were family.  The insults kept flying.

“Hey!”  The sharp chime of their mother could be heard somewhere off screen.  “You two better not be fighting in here!”

“We’re rough housing.”  Aggie sat up, her head barely visible in view of the camera.

“I heard yelling…”  their mother accused.

“We weren’t swearing.”  Aggie raised her hand, “I swear it… but I’m just trying to talk to Jane and Clay here is trying to fl- take-take over the conversation.”

“No I wasn’t!  I was telling her to go make the coffee, she drank the last of it.”

“More like you spilled the last of it on my shirt.”  

Jane couldn’t take anymore and burst out laughing.  It looked so fun, having siblings.  Though in ways she didn’t mind having her parents to herself.  However, when she saw the way Aggie brightened up just interacting with playing with her siblings, it made Jane feel warm.  

“Okay, that’s enough you two.  Agatha go to the laundry room and take care of that coffee stain before it sets.  Clayton, go make more coffee.  I’ve only have four this morning and need two more before lunch.  Go now, both of you!”  Holly Christie approached where her children were and bent down a little to wave at Jane.  “Jane dear, take care of our Agatha while she’s in town with you alright?  Maybe set her up with a nice young actor?”

“No, stop, nope.”  Aggie stood up quickly pushing her mother away from the computer.  “Janie-pop you erase that from your mind.  Okay pumpkin?”  She sighed, running her hands through her hair, “I’ll text you later, but don’t stay up too late, we’ll talk when you wake up okay?  It’s going to be another late night for me.”  Aggie gave the camera a crooked smile, and waited.

“Promise me Aggie we’ll talk more.”  Jane put on her best pout and watched Aggie relax her shoulders, biting back a chortle.

“Sure thing hun, talk to you later.”  Aggie reached out and ended the call.  

Jane giggled a little, it would be just a few days and she’d introduce her friend to her local friends.  It was exciting, Sherlock probably had scene through it already, though if he had, he didn’t say anything.  Either way, Jane could just feel that this visit was going to be one to remember.

Now that Bitty and Tater build a friendship around food and the roasting of Kent Parson,

,  I want to read the fics where Tater starts to date Parse and must hide his new relationship from Bitty-


Jack: Haha. I’m happy for you, guys.


And later, Bitty giving the deadliest sounding shovel talk to Parse while aggressively feeding him his best pie because ANYONE WHO MAKES TATER HAPPY IS A FRIEND OF BITTY, ALRIGHT?!? *forcefeeds pie*

(Kent gets the most mixed signals out of this. He thought it would be hard to tell Jack, but Jack is just laughing at him.)


집 - house
아파트 - apartment
기숙사 - dormitory
방 - room

🌼 방/거실 안에 : in the room/living room & more~
침대 - bed
이불/담요 - blanket
베개 - pillow
자명종 - alarm clock
시계 - clock
거울 - mirror
컴퓨터 - computer
책상 - desk
책장 - bookcase
창문 - window
의자 - chair
램프 - lamp
소파 - sofa
텔레비전 - television
전화기 - telephone

🌼 화장실 안에 : in the bathroom~
변기 - toilet
샤워실 - shower
수건 - towel
치약 - toothpaste
칫솔 - toothbrush
비누 - soap
샴푸 - shampoo

🌼 부억 안에 : in the kitchen~
오븐 - oven
냉장고 - refrigerator
식탁 - dinner Table
의자 - chair
접시 - plate
컵 - cup

하다 - to do
요리하다 - to cook
먹다 - to eat
마시다 - to drink
읽다 - to read
자다 - to sleep
일어나다 - to get up
청소하다 - to clean
샤워를 하다 - to take a shower
놀다 - to play
숙제하다 - to do homework
공부하다 - to study

sometime at granny's diner probably
  • Henry: hey, where's mom?
  • Regina: hang on, i've got this. someone say something mean to me.
  • Zelena: you'll never get your happy end–
  • Emma, whipping the door open, shoving various family members aside, knocking over tables and chairs, disturbing her sleeping baby brother, and pushing Hook out of the way: bitch what the FUCK did you just say i'll fuck you up regina deserves her happy ending and i'll do whatever it takes to get her that so you better back off–
  • Regina: there she is

This is cliche and short but I actually finished it so



"I need another word for ‘cleansed’." 

"Do I look like a Thesaurus to you, Nurse?" 

"Chill, dude." 

”… Purified.“ 

Nursey looked up before he could stop himself, shock on his features for barely half a second before switching to… Pleased? Content. No, chuffed. (God, Nursey wanted to use that word in a poem one day. Chuffed.) 


Dex, however, didn’t look up. The keys on his thick black laptop clicked almost continuously, and Nursey did not debate internally on whether he was writing an essay or lines of code, because he had poetry assignments to finish for tomorrow. While not procrastinating, he shifted his mind to the whirring machine- it was really fucking old, but the thing was, Dex was the kind of person to repair his own electronics instead of upgrading them. (Like, with pliers and everything. He’s seen it happen.) The thing was in really good shape. Similar to the way that Hugh Jackman was by no means a spry twenty year old, yet looked like it would take nothing short of a battering ram to knock him over. A nice, solid, dependable- 

"What the hell are you muttering about now?” Dex muttered, the hypocrite.

“Aw, nothing.” (Hugh Jackman) “The next line.” (Hugh Jackman as a laptop)

“What’ve you got?" 

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Sunday Morning

Summary: A young man and a young woman run into one another on a Sunday morning at a coffee shop, both of them heartbroken, and rediscover what it means to love and be loved. Bucky x Reader 

 Author’s Note: I’ve been working on this one for a bit. It’s basically the feel-good romance no one ever expected me to write (me included) 

 Words: ~2900

Originally posted by writingandcoffeehouse

Bucky used to love Sunday mornings. They were meant for sleeping in, for curling against the soft, tender body that slept next to him.

They’d had five years of Sunday mornings, of her soft sighs in his ear as she stirred from her sleep, bright green eyes blinking sleepily up at him as he kissed her plush, pink lips. Five years of Sunday mornings, of making coffee in a pair of boxers; of her arms wrapping around him from behind, a soft cheek against his bare back. Five years of Sunday mornings, of sitting at the breakfast bar in their pajamas, her thumb wiping jelly off the corners of his mouth.

Five years of Sunday mornings, wasted.

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mafia BTS reaction to their s/o running away from them

ilook-soperfectstandinghere14 schrieb an btsmafiablog: 

Hey hey! I think I’ve already sent a request but not sure if you’ve got it! So could I kinda re-request it? It’s like when you run away from them and they find you again or how they meet the reader who is like aware of them in the mafia but not involved in any mafia business (that makes no sense sorry)! Thank you xx            

i didn’t really get the part of the mafia but without being involved part haha, but i hope you like it! ♡

Jin: He’d be so worried as soon as he found out you ran away, he’d have his men scour all the nearer cities for you, driving around himself in a rush to find you. So when he did find you, he’d probably pull you close before staring into your eyes with hurt and guilt in his face, telling you to “Never ever do that again.”

Originally posted by princesseok

Hoseok: Starting from the moment he came home to a 3am empty apartment, he wouldn’t rest until he went to all of the places you could’ve been hiding in, eventually finding you at the abandoned gas station the two of you had found when your car broke down in the middle of the highway. He’d practically choke you by hugging you so so hard, have a breakdown as he saw the tears in your eyes and apologise over and over for not telling you what kind of business he was in.

Originally posted by jimint-condition

Namjoon: He’d notice you were gone as he woke up in the middle of the night, the side of the bed you’d usually sleep one cold and empty, immediately get up to go look for you. Little did he know you’d find out about his gang affiliation sooner or later and he wanted to tell you about it, but as he found you crying in the suburbs he knew he had messed up, big time. Guilt’d explode in his chest and express itself through a single tear running down his face before he embraced you and buried his head in your neck.

Originally posted by cuddly-snake

Yoongi: The anger, hurt, guilt and pain would be reflected in the mess he’d left his office in as he pushed tables and chairs over, frustration being his accompanist as he rushed to his car, driving to where he knew he’d find you. He’d push you against the nearest wall, brush your tears away before breaking down and telling you “I thought I’d lost you.”, apologising to you over and over that he didn’t tell you earlier.

Originally posted by nvmyg

Jimin: There was no way to hide his pain and guilt as he found you after searching for days, he’d weakly walk to you, whispering “I’m sorry.”. He’d be so relieved when you told him you’d forgive him and carefully wrap his arms around you, pecking you all over the face, all the way while promising himself that from now on, he’d tell you everything.

Originally posted by daffodiltae

Taehyung: Just as Yoongi, he’d probably destroy something in his frustration, shouting at everyone to tell him where you were. He wouldn’t calm down until he found you; once he tracked your phone he thought of an apology on his way to your location, jumping out of the car to throw his arms around you. The pain would be visible in both your and his eyes so he’d lean his forehead against yours, entertwining hands with you as he told you he loved you.

Originally posted by bang-sayang

Jungkook: He’d probably shout at the guy who had told him you were missing, search for you for hours. He’d be down and depressed when he identified someone hugging themselves at the beach as you, walk up behind you and press your back against his body. When you didn’t push him away, he’d kiss you on the top of your head. “I would have told you, but I didn’t want you to be scared of me. I couldn’t risk losing you.” he’d say, then just stand there watching the reflection of the night sky in the waves.

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- admin cini

The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2

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When to Fight ToG Characters

Aelin/Celaena - NEVER. DO NOT. Like actually, don’t even look her in the eye. Not unless you want to be burned alive, or beat or skewered by a sword. She will kill you. I’m serious. You will die.

Nehemia - I guess you could go at her. But beware that she has some mean psychological warfare up her sleeve, plus she knows a demon language and how to wield a stick. That hurts. A lot.

Lysandra - Ha Ha Ha. If you thought going after Nehemia was a good idea think again. This bitch can shape shift. Like actually SHAPE SHIFT. And her favorite form, is a snow leopard. A form she has disemboweled demons in.

Rowan - Bad idea. Abort mission. He will kill you. Maybe with his magic. Maybe with a sword. Maybe with his Fae swiftness. Or maybe even a table or chair. Either way, you will end up dead.

Chaol - He would probably be the easiest to fight. But keep in mind he was the captain of the guard. And survived a battle with the demon possessed king of Adarlan.

Dorian - He has raw magic. Need I say more?

Aedion - Cool, go ahead. Get pummeled to your death by General Aedion Ashryver of the Bane who has studied almost every way of fighting.

Manon - She may be beautiful, but she is deadly. Both with her blade, her teeth, her nails and her wyvern. Besides Aelin or her grandmother I don’t think anyone has lived to tell the tale.

Elide - Um I guess. But your an asshole to go after someone who has a limp. As well as an idiot because if she doesn’t kill you, you can bet your ass Manon, Aelin, Aedion and Lorcan will.

Arobynn - PLEASE DO. He deserves any form of pain. But he also may kill you in the process. (Another name for him is Arobynn Hamel, king of the Assassins)

Maeve - KILL THE BITCH. But she might kill you first. Beware.

Errowan - HE NEEDS TO BE DEAD. Just be prepared to die.


Sam - WHY HURT THE CINIMONROLL !!! Also, if you fight him, be ready to fight me.


Theo x Reader

Requested by Anon

Proof reading done by the awesome @joeynihil

“Theo?” You asked when you stopped next to him as he slyly rubbed up against you. “What’re you doing?” 

 “Nothing!” He almost squeaked which naturally had you suspicious that something was wrong worsening. 

 “Sure, I need to go and get my books from Stiles’ jeep I left them in there this morning.” You groaned and jumped when Theo grabbed you by the shoulders and shook you slightly. 

 “I can get them, I’m big and I’m bigger than Stiles so I can carry all the books you’ll ever own!” With that he let go of you and hurtled out of the building. 

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