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Vlogger Confessions

Youtuber AU where Simon is a daily vlogger and Baz has no idea what his roommate is always filming.

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Part 1

Classes are about to start next week and since I didn’t like the idea of living in the dorm, I’ve been looking at flats the whole morning. I’m hoping this one will be better than the previous two, since it’s close to the university, close enough that I can walk there.

I arrive and knock at the door. It takes a while but suddenly the door opens, and I can’t seem to be able to breath.

The guy standing at the door has soft curls and few moles on his face, he’s beautiful. He also has a questioning look on his face, like he doesn’t know why I’m here.

“Uh…hello, can I help you?” Fuck, he really doesn’t know. I called him two days ago.

“Simon Snow right? I came to check the room that you want to rent?” Moron.

He’s looking really embarrassed now “Oh…it’s already 11am? I’m so sorry, I lost track of time” I roll my eyes at that.

He lets me in, he’s blushing and saying some excuse, but I am not really listening. The living room is a mess, there are some boxes in the table, and a tripod with a camera in front of the couch, I want to ask what he’s been doing with that but I decide not to.

When Snow shows me the room, he’s still blushing for some reason and it looks great on him.


Two days before classes start, Fiona helps me bring my stuff up, and Snow insists on helping. She’s telling him a ridiculous story that happened a few years ago, and I just roll my eyes, of course she had to embarrass me in front of him, he’s laughing now and I realize a few seconds later that I’m staring.

Fiona gives me a knowing look, before she leaves.

When I’m bringing my last box from the living room, Snow comes from his door too and he’s talking, and at first I think he’s talking to someone on the phone, but he’s holding a camera and pointing it at himself. I raise one eyebrow, do I really want to ask what he’s doing?

When he notices me looking, he stops and starts blushing. “Sorry… Didn’t know you were here” and just leaves in a rush.

A few days pass and I barely see him in the flat. Sometimes one of his friends comes to fetch him, and he doesn’t come back until night, like today. I’m sitting, reading a book on the couch, when he arrives.

He’s holding a camera with his mouth, and has grocery bags in his arms. Perhaps I should help him, but I prefer to watch the stupid face he’s doing, like he’s surprised to see me here, again.

He drops everything in the counter and does something to his camera, wait was that recording? “Baz! How you’ve been? Didn’t know you were here.”

I roll my eyes, “You do know that I live here now, right?”

“Sorry, I just had so much to do today, had a project that took way longer to film than I was expecting.”


A few weeks have passed and Snow is still a mystery to me, he spends a lot of time outside of the house, so I think he goes to classes somewhere, and where he goes his camera goes too. I’m pretty sure he filmed me a few times now.

I think that today he’s doing something in the living room, there’s a tripod in there just like the first day I came here, and he kept asking me if I was going to the library, like I usually do every week on Saturday.

Snow wants me out of the apartment, and I’m determined to see why, so instead of staying in the library, I decide to just go and get my books.

I’m at the door and I can hear him talking, so I try to open the door as quietly as I can.

Snow has is laptop in the coffee table and he’s talking to his camera again, and his face is in the computer too. I realize that I can see myself in the background, the moment he stops in the middle of a sentence, frowning at the screen “You want to know who that is? Oh yeah thats Baz” and freezes.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I ask him, because he’s talking about me, and there seems to be a chat going on the screen.

“Sorry guys, gotta go for today, see you all soon!” and shuts down the chat thing.

“What was that?” He’s looking really embarrassed, and I should stop admiring the way he’s looking right now, with his eyes closed.

He takes a deep breath “I’m… a youtuber, I’m sorry I should have told you sooner.”

Oh. Of course. That explains the cameras, ”Why didn’t you?”

“People don’t really like it, they think it’s weird that I’m talking to a camera.”

“Well, It does look weird.” It really does, but at least now everything is starting to make sense.

“I tried to film as much as I can outside the house, so I wouldn’t bother you, but I really needed to film inside today” He’s looking sadly at his hands.

“Look Snow, if that’s your thing it’s fine, I don’t mind it as long as you don’t leave those tripods all over the place” because he keeps stumbling on them.

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Jane Austen’s writing table, Hampshire, England

An early 18th century walnut tripod table is on display at the Jane Austen house museum

Only the table top is original as noted on the handwritten note attached to its underside when it was given to the Jane Austen Society by Brigadier B C Bradford. The note was written by Bradford’s great uncle, Montague G. Knight, and reads: “This table was bought by Montague G. Knight of Chawton House, from a grandson of James Goodchild, who lived in Chawton village in Jane Austen’s time.”  Goodchild’s brother-in-law, William Littleworth, had been a servant for Mrs Austen, Jane’s mother, and when he was too old for work she furnished a cottage for him. Amongst the furniture was the little table at which Littleworth claimed he “often saw Jane Austen writing”.

Interior by the Exchange Int: Jackie Ferrara´s Wallyard architectural sculpture (1981), Børge Svensson´s patinated iron sculpture (Denmark, c.1960s), Paavo Tynell model no.9224 table lamp and 9602 floor lamp (Taito Oy, c.1940s), Gunnar Nylund stoneware floor vase by Rörstrand Ab (c.1950s), cast iron urn Mikrokosmos by Olof Hult for Näfveqvarns Bruk (1928), flat-woven rug by Bohusslöjd (Sweden, c.1950s) and a Swedish Modern mahogany tripod low table (c.1930s). / Instagram

Request: Look Here, Buttmonkeys

Request: Could you write something where the reader is dating Charlie and is the winchesters sister(deans twin&exactly like him with some sam book stuff maybe?) and they’re hunting with Cas but the ghost facers show up and are pissing everyone off (boys protective, reader annoyed) by flirting with the reader so to shut them up Cas pops Charlie there so she can show that the reader is hers and like some super protective fluff from the Charlie and the boys or something please?

Word Count: 817

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks<3

“Guys. Guys!” You hiss, looking at the headlight pulling up outside, “Someone’s coming!”

“What?” Sam looks out of the cracked glass of the window pane, “It’s one in the morning!”

“More hunters?” You ask, looking around. You’re hunting a spirit that lured people into the grasp of the house and slit their throats- a young girl, you think, murdered by family for… well, that part’s missing.

“Cas?” You whisper, already looking for places to hide. “Dean?”

The pair emerge from the other hand of the room, looking considerably dusty.

“Something wrong?” Dean asks, looking around for threats.

Sam shakes his head, “There’s more people here.”

“What? This place is in the middle of nowhere!” He protests, but is cut off from voices downstairs, floating clearly from the cracked floor.

“Set up in here, you two, get cameras set up on every floor- not an inch uncovered! Ed, you with me?”

Dean curses below his breath, and starts for the door. You shoot a confused look at Sam, who rolls his eyes before mouthing the word, ‘Ghostfacers’.

Oh, no. Not these. You’ve never had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting the ‘team’ but you’ve sure as hell heard the stories. The three of you follow your twin downstairs, you leading, to see a small group of people seeming to be setting up a table, covered in laptops, tripods- like they’re shooting a TV show.

Aw, crap.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Dean storms in, pointing his finger at the ones who seem to be leading the group, “You know how dangerous this is!”

The taller of the two sighs, “We’re willing to go through that danger to appease our loyal fans.” He states. You groan, stepping up beside your twin brother- he’s older by four minutes, but never shuts up about it.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” When they don’t answer, you groan, “You were right, Dean, they’re total wackos.”

“Talk about it.” He mutters, but the guys on the other side of the room are just staring at you.

“Hey, you never told us you had a chick on the side.” The shorter mutters. Dean practically growls at him.

“She’s our sister, dumbass.”

“Lies, lies. Nothing that hot could come from your blood.” He chuckles, winking at you.

“Come any closer and I’ll remove your legs.” You hiss, folding your arms.

“Not to mention, she’s vicious when she gets mad.” Sam says, and you nod approvingly.

“I think we’re forgetting the fact that I’m…y’know, taken?” You roll your eyes. “Look, let’s just get this over with. But the promise still stands.” You say warningly, reaching for your salt.

“Fine.” Dean mutters, handing you a canister of salt, “You know what to do. Can you keep them put?”

You sigh irritably, but nod. “Alright. Whatever.”

“Hey, it won’t be so bad!” One of them chuckles. You send him a glare, your eyes glinting threateningly in the darkness, making him shut up.

You draw out the circle, warning them to stay within it, before pulling up a chair. You straddle it, leaning your elbows on the back.

“So, say… once we get out of here, you and me…?”


“Your brothers don’t have to know. Neither does your boyfriend.”


“Wai- what?”

You turn, nodding, “Problem?”

“No. No, definitely not. Are you sure?” He leans forward, as if about to tell you a secret, “I’m a hundred times better than she could be.”

“Leave me alone.”

“I didn’t think a Winchester could be so hot.” One of them muses. You hiss at him.

“Shut your mouth.”

You shoot a silent prayer to Cas- Please, save me from the torture that is the people in front of me. Smite them. Smite me. I don’t care. Please?

Nothing happens, though, and you go back to shooting down their suggestive comments. No, you won’t go look at their poster collection. No, you don’t want to see their special gun. You’re about to shoot them, literally, when you hear a flutter of wings.

“Y/N?” A female voice says. You grin widely, standing up to see Cas and Charlie standing behind you.

“Hey, Charlie.” She comes over and embraces you tightly. “Cas bring you?”

“Yeah, he said some ‘wackos’ were messing with you to the extent that you prayed to him.”

“He wasn’t wrong. Charlie, meet the Ghostfacers.” You say, with massively faked enthusiasm. She raises an eyebrow, and stalks over to them.

“You guys messing with my girl?” She asks- she’s genuinely terrifying when she’s angry.

“Uh… no.”

“Liar.” She glares at them, “Listen up, buttmonkeys. She’s mine, so keep your hands, eyes, and everything else, off.” She says coolly, taking a step back and kissing your cheek. “Capiche?

”Yes, ma’am.” They back off instantly, and you smile gratefully.

“Thanks, babe.”

“No problem. Thank Cas.”

“He’s gone to help my brothers. I think you scare him.” You say, and she laughs.